50 Best Job Search Sites & List Of Top Job Boards In The World

Where do we go while looking for jobs? Earlier, we would approach a recruitment agency located in a brick-and-mortar office.

And nowadays, we visit any reputed job search website or job boards, as they’re commonly known among recruiters and candidates.

As an employer, you’d definitely want to attract topmost talent locally or within the country or even from foreign countries.

The best way to make people aware about a vacancy is through job search sites because they have a global reach.

In fact, job websites are extremely important for every organization and individual jobseekers nowadays for various reasons.

Importance of Job Search Sites

job search sites

Job search sites or job boards aren’t merely there to help you search jobs or post vacancies.

Instead, they play a very vital role in the lives of people that’re eager to make a career. The following points would aptly highlight the importance of job websites.

  • Job websites help lower recruitment costs.
  • They allow you to publish multiple vacancies that’re visible worldwide and can help attract best talent.
  • There’re job boards that cater to specific professions, which makes it easier for candidates to search for work within their profession.
  • A good job website also carries company profiles including reviews about working conditions, based upon feedback from its employees.
  • You can find median salary listings on job portals which helps understand how much your services are worth.
  • Some job search sites provide services such as Employee Background Screening and Resume and CV writing services.
  • Jobseekers need to create a profile only once to attract employers. Later, only updates are necessary.
  • Once a profile is made, candidates can get alerts whenever a matching job is posted by an employer.
  • Online job websites enable candidates to apply for a job with just one click of the mouse or smartphone screen.
  • Most job boards provide free services to candidates; they charge only employers.
  • Millions of small recruitment agencies also advertise vacancies with the clients through large job boards.
  • Employers of all sizes and industries can advertise on job search sites.
  • Companies can elaborate skills, qualifications, responsibilities and other elements they seek from candidates.
  • Specialized recruitment portals are available for fulltime, part-time and freelance jobs.
  • All job portals automate the candidate selection process. Some also offer employers the facility to pay on basis of number of jobseekers they hire.

With these are more advantages, job sites are something that nobody can ignore, whether they’re candidate or employer or even educational institute that help students to get jobs.

Top 50 Job Search Sites

Therefore, if you’re a jobseeker or recruitment agency, small or large business, posting jobs and finding employment on topmost hiring portals of the world is something essential.

Though there’re countless job websites in the world, not all of them provide superb services.

To help you find that dream job or find a superb employee, try any of these top 50 recruitment portals in the world. You’ll surely find them worth the time, effort and also money.

1. National Labor Exchange

I rank National Labor Exchange, a website operated by the Federal government as the topmost job board in USA.

Unlike other state-run websites, the NLx aims at providing job opportunities for all Americans, regardless of educational qualifications, location and other considerations.

Hence, they list jobs from verified, legit employers of all sizes across the US, especially from the private sector. This is the best place to find jobs in a hurry because NLx always has something that someone can work on.

2. Indeed.com

Indeed.com is a US-based job search website that ranks among the topmost in the world. Founded in 2004 in Texas as Connecticut, this popular employment search engine now operates in 60 countries with 28 languages.

The company has acquired several job boards across the world to emerge as job website of choice among employers and candidates.

3. Glassdoor.com

Established in 2008, Glassdoor.com began as a portal where employees and managers could post anonymous reviews about a workplace.

Today it ranks as one of the largest recruitment portals in the world, with 50 million unique visitors per month, one million employers providing 10 million job listings and over 60 million workplace and salary reviews.

4. Monster.com

Monster.com ranks among the pioneers of online job search websites. It is around since 1998 and continues to help millions of people worldwide to find their dream careers.

Monster is owned by Dutch group, Randstad Holdings from the Netherlands. The company has also acquired several smaller job board around the world.

In 2019, it signed a deal with All India Council for Technical Education to list job opportunities under Skills India program.

5. CareerBuilder.com

CareerBuilder.com was founded in 1995 and now operates in some 25 countries offering recruitment services to employers and jobseekers in 60 international markets.

Soon after inception, CareerBuilder was the topmost recruitment portal though its dream run was cut short by other competitors.

For several reasons such as ease of use and sheer number of job listings, CareerBuilder remains a hot favorite among employers and candidates in most parts of the world.

6. ZipRecruiter.com

Over 25 million jobseekers visit ZipRecruiter every month while the portal has helped more than 1.8 million businesses of all sizes to find suitable employees, says their website.

In fact, ZipRecruiter is one of the most famous job boards in the world, though its main market lies in the US and Canada.

In recent years, ZipRecruiter also offers services in South America, Asia and Europe. Employers that list their jobs on ZipRecruiter usually find the best talent on the first day itself, the website claims.

7. SimplyHired.com

SimplyHired.com is owned by the parent organization that also owns another famous job portal, Indeed.com. Though the two websites compete, they also complement each other in different ways.

Since founding in California in 2003, SimplyHired.com has spread across the world.

It now offers recruitment services and other facilities in various languages including Putonghua or Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Russian, to name a few. The website has global operations.

8. LinkedIn.com

Operating in 200 countries, LinkedIn claims that one candidate gets a job every 10 seconds through the professionals networking portal. And rightly so.

For every jobseeker and employer, LinkedIn is a very valuable resource. It allows recruiters to discreetly view profiles and make job offers.

They can also find references of a candidate. Jobseeker can also find some of the best jobs in their industry and actually ask for a reference, if necessary.

LinkedIn Resources –

9. Facebook.com

This might come as surprise to many, but Facebook is also a favorite among small and large businesses to advertise their jobs.

There’re two main resources, Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Business where you can post these vacancies.

With over 2.45 billion users across the world, no business can afford to neglect Facebook as a place to hunt for best talent. Facebook can be found in countries where other job boards are yet to mark a presence.

10. Expatriates.com

If you’re an expatriate living in some foreign country and need to find jobs quickly, Expariatees.com is the best place. They list jobs in different countries that are suitable for foreigners only.

However, most of these jobs require you hold permanent residency or work permit or are allowed to work during stay in a foreign country. They have operations around  the world.

11. Amazon.com

No. Amazon doesn’t really sell or list job vacancies for other companies. Instead, the company has thousands of job posts for its own operations.

As the single largest online store in the world, Amazon requires thousands of employees at different levels.

Furthermore, Amazon also has Amazon Web Service or AWS which offers Cloud and other solutions to clients. Their job board is always full of vacancies in US and elsewhere.

12. Naukri.com

Owned by leading IT company, Info Edge (India) Ltd, this is one of the busiest job search sites anywhere in the world. Naukri.com has anything between 60 million to 100 million jobs for all positions listed at any given time.

It also serves as a meeting point for recruiters and jobseekers. Here an employer and candidate can avail various paid facilities such as Employee Background Screening or CV and Resume writing services.

The company also runs NaukriGulf.com for people looking for jobs in the Middle East region and FirstNaukri.com, a dedicated website for fresher applicants and career changers.

13. Shine.com

Founded in 2008 by the Hindustan Times media group in New Delhi, India, this job site has helped over 340 million people to find new jobs and launch careers in various fields.

Shine.com primarily operates in India but also lists jobs from countries in the Middle East, South East Asia and the Far East among other places.

The job site contains lots of resources for candidates such as tutorials on how to crack interviews as well as study guides for competitive exams.

14. TimesJobs.com

TimesJobs.com is also one of the biggest recruitment portals in the world listing tens of thousands of assorted vacancies in India and abroad.

The job site is owned by Times Internet, a division of The Times of India media group. In fact, this is the first choice among Indians and foreigners who wish to launch a career or find new jobs in India and elsewhere.

The website lists jobs from multinational companies as well as various governments and other organization. And you’ll also find lots of online free resources for both employers and jobseeker on this website.

15. Craigslist.com

Strictly speaking, Craigslist is a classifieds website where people post lots of stuff for free. But if you’re living in America and want to find local jobs, it would be worth checking Craigslist.

Since the website is widely used in the US, one can find lots of posts for vacancies in relatively smaller businesses or for individual and personal help.

Though a few ads that were actually job scams appeared on Craigslist, the website itself is legit. You can post a vacancy or even look for a job by posting a free ad on Craigslist.

16. GulfTalent.com

Established in Dubai, UAE in 2005, this website is now the mainstay for more than 10,000 topmost recruiters from Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to find talent from around the world.

The website is used by over nine million professionals who wish to make a career in the Middle East or work there for short periods for any reason.

A lot of regional recruiters also post vacancies for their clients on GulfTalent.com.

17. JournalismJobs.com

If you’re fresher, aspiring or professional journalist, then JournalismJobs.com is a website like none other.

They list various kinds of journalism jobs- from senior editors to freelancers, reporters and correspondents, subeditors and proofreaders as well as superb jobs for TV, radio and online media.

A few media advertising jobs can also be found on this website. JournalismJobs.com lists jobs across US and in other parts of the world.

They also list telecommute jobs for various positions. Additionally, you can view salary structures for different kinds of jobs in journalism.

18. Bayt.com

Bayt.com is based in the United Arab Emirates and is one of the portals where you can land a superb job in any of the petrodollar rich countries of the Arabian Gulf.

Though topmost positions in these countries are now held by citizens of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, you can find superb senior, mid-level and junior positions here.

They also list jobs in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt, among other Middle East and North African countries.

19. FlexJobs.com

Planning to freelance? There’re countless freelance jobs available for almost every skill and educational qualification on FlexJobs.com.

In fact, this is one of the few highly respected and trustable job websites where freelancers can bag attractive work contracts.

FlexJobs.com works on membership: you’ll need to subscribe for one month, three months or annual membership to find freelance work here.

20. Upwork.com

Some of the choicest freelance jobs are available on Upwork.com. In fact, this is a very popular website among freelancers of all kinds.

Making a profile on Upwork is free. However, you’ll need to compete with other freelancers while bidding for work.

Upwork charges between five percent and 20 percent of your earnings as their commission. They accept payments from buyers and pay you after deducting their commissions.

21. Fiverr.com

Fiverr started as a website where you could get and complete simple task for maximum payment of $5 only. Over the years, it’s evolved as a superb venue for freelancers to get amazing jobs.

While you still have to offer a basic service for $5, it’s now possible to include add-on services for a higher price.

Creating a profile and different kinds of services on Fiverr is a bit complicated. Nowadays, they also have Fiverr Pro, which allows you to offer professional services for higher prices.

22. Toptal.com

For professionals in most fields, Toptal.com is another freelancing website. They allow only professionals who can successfully complete a test to post their profiles online.

The Toptal.com website claims that top three percent of professionals from various fields are the only ones they list on the portal.

Nevertheless, Toptal.com allows professional freelancers to get prized assignments at lucrative rates. They charge a commission from freelancers, depending upon your income levels.

23. Freelancer.com

As the name suggests, Freelancer is also for freelancing. They offer various kinds of work for variety of professions. Freelancer.com operates in most countries around the world.

Hence, you can get superb assignments from foreign buyers too. The job site also includes several resources for freelancers that could help in pitching their skills and bids correctly to get the best out of freelancing.

24. Eurojob.com

Eurojobs.com aims at providing jobs to highly qualified and skilled persons within Europe and those from other countries who wish to take short and mid-term jobs on the continent.

This website doesn’t have tens of thousands of listings as one would believe. Instead, it caters to specific needs of companies and residents of European Union member states.

Generally, jobs here are meant for EU residents but some are available to foreigners too.

25. Graduateland.com

Graduateland.com lives upto its name. It’s a small but superb website that helps fresh graduates from all fields to find their first job and launch a career.

It serves as a gateway that connects universities with employers so that students can get offers for internships while studying and job offers when they’re about to graduate.

Graduateland.com claims itself to be Europe’s largest portal for a fresher to find jobs, though the company also has presence in the US and select other locations.

26. Europeanjobdays.eu

Europeanjobdays.eu is a European recruitment portal with a difference. Instead of listing jobs, this website helps you identify job opportunities at various hiring events held by employers.

Once you register, they’ll send you alerts about upcoming hiring events that match your profile. They also have resources that help you reach employers before they actually conduct a job day or hiring event.

27. Teachanywhere.com

With the Covid-19 pandemic playing havoc on school and college education, this website is rapidly becoming popular in US and elsewhere.

Teachanywhere.com allows qualified and experienced teachers to get teaching job.

You have the option of signing up as regular teacher and conduct classrooms or go for a more personalized teaching solution that’s for one or two students only.

If you’re a teacher that also wants a part-time job, this is a website that’s useful.

28. Hays.com

UK-based Hays.com is a very specialized website for specialized jobs only. Meaning, this is a website where only highly qualified professionals around the world can get superb, high paying jobs.  

The company website claims, Hays.com has 10,000 staff working from 265 offices across 33 countries to find right employment solutions for 20 specialties only.

In 2019 Hays.com placed 81,000 candidates on permanent jobs with more than 254,000 people on temporary work.

29. USAJob.gov

If you’re looking for a Federal job, USAJobs.gov is the only place you need to look at. They list jobs for every department and organization of the US government.

Generally, only American citizens can apply for jobs through this portal, due to hiring policies of the US government, though motley vacancies are also available for non-US nationals. This portal lists only non-military Federal jobs.

30. Ec.Europea.eu

Ec.Europea.eu is the official employment portal for the European Union and its member states.

Though this job site is primarily for citizens of the EU member countries, people from other nationalities can also apply for short-term and specialized positions here.

Occasionally, they also list freelance and work-from-home jobs since a lot of EU offices are located in Brussels, Belgium. Your educational qualifications and skills have to be compatible to EU standards to get jobs from this website.

31. NCS.gov.in

National Career Service is the official website of the Indian government that aims at providing employment in state-owned and state-run organizations, departments and ministries.

This website targets Indian citizens to fill various vacancies. However, with the upswing in the Indian economy, you can also find some superb jobs for citizens of other countries.

These jobs for foreign nationals can be found in various core sectors. Foreign nationals can also find jobs here as trainers in various fields.

32. Tutor.com

Tutor.com is a website exclusively for teachers, trainers and instructors, especially in school and university subjects.

To find jobs as online tutor, you’ll require a teaching degree from a reputed university and some experience as well as expertise in some subjects of the school or university curriculum.

That’s because most learners at Tutor.com are from foreign countries that’re interested in learning subjects from the US school and college curriculum.

33. Jobsearch.gov.au

Australia is a land that’s welcoming highly skilled migrants from around the world. And a lot of nationalities can work in Australia by completing just minimal formalities without applying for permanent migration.

Jobsearch.gov.au aims at bridging the skills gap in the continent. They list jobs with the Australian government as well as quite a few from the private sector.

If you’ve a skill that Australia needs and you’d like to stay there permanently or for short-term, apply on this website.

34. Jobbank.gc.ca

Jobbank.gc.ca is very popular among US citizens that wish to find government jobs in Canada which mainly depends upon indigenous and migrant skills to fulfil its manpower needs.

The website is operated by the government of Canada. Hence, you’ll find only legit and reputed employers listed on this job site.

The website lists vacancies with the Canadian government as well as few private firms. This is the first website that most migrants to Canada visit.

35. Snagajob.com

Snagajob.com makes it to this list of 50 top job search sites for a specific reason. This website also lists legit jobs for teenagers above 13 years age, who otherwise find it difficult to find suitable work due to labor laws.

And for teenagers of legal working age, it’s easy to find jobs nearer home or college to earn money from a side-gig.

This is the perfect website for every teenager to find jobs during holidays and festive seasons. A teenager can find several temporary and seasonal jobs here.

36. CollegeRecruiter.com

CollegeRecruiter.com serves two purposes. It’s a job site where college students can find both online and offline part-time jobs and internships or look for first job to launch a career after graduation.

This website works with various colleges and universities as well as all kinds of legit businesses to enable college students to find work and make some money.

Registration on CollegeRecruiter.com is free and they don’t charge students for placements.

37. Women for Hire

This is a website dedicated to helping women to find high-paying jobs that match their academic qualifications and skills.

The website also aims at bridging the gender income divide by helping women find work with employers that enforce the gender equality rule at workplace.

Here it’s possible for women of all ages to find fulltime and part-time jobs across the US and select other countries. Some of the topmost employers of America also advertise their vacancies for women on Womenforhire.com.

38. Women’s Job List

Over the years, quite a few websites that exclusively work as job boards for women are springing up. Womensjoblist.com is one such an upcoming and popular website that finds its mention in several publications for women.

Stay at home and single moms can find superb jobs here that match their skills. In fact, they also list side-gigs for women. On this website, women can find online as well as offline and freelance jobs.

39. Hireteen.com

If you’re a high school or college student between 13 and 19 years of age, check for excellent job listings on Hireteen.com.

In fact, most major Quick Service Restaurants, reputed superstores and boutiques publish their fulltime, part-time and seasonal vacancies for teenagers on this website.

Usually, all jobs for teens are legit and the employer has to ensure that they have permission to hire teen workers, according to existing American labor laws.

40. Freshersworld.com

A fresher usually finds it hard to choose a career or decide on what job they would love to work at for all their life. That’s where Freshersworld.com plays a role.

They list jobs for school and college fresher, who wish to find their first work or are looking for paid internships to gain experience.

The range of jobs on Fresherworld.com would suit any academic qualifications. Generally, jobs listed on this website don’t require experience of any sort.

41. Tata SCIP

Though this is a strictly Indian job portal owned by the giant industrial group Tata, the website finds mention for one main reason.

It is a unique initiative that aims at opening second career opportunities for women who’ve had to give up jobs due to family considerations after marriage or any other reason.

The website offers superb opportunities for women to restart their careers once again in any of the companies owned by the Tata Group.

This initiative aims at eliminating gender wage and gender employment disparities among Indian women.

42. Virtual Vocations

As the demand for online work grows due to need for social distancing brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Virtual Vocations is an ideal place to look for jobs.

They mainly specialize in fulltime and part-time online jobs only. Therefore, you can work for an employer from any remote location by finding a job with this website.

People with any kind f online skill can create a profile and apply for jobs through Virtual Vocations.

43. 99Designs.com

One of the topmost places where graphic designers can compete and get design jobs is 99designs.com.

This is a superb crowdsourcing website patronized by some of the largest companies in the world for designing everything from product literatures and brochures, packaging to logos and other paraphernalia. 99designs.com has members from various countries.

Hence, most projects are assigned on crowdsourcing basis but individual payments run into thousands of Dollars. Check this out if you’re an artist or graphic designer.

44. Crowdspring.com

Mainly for graphic designers and artists, Crowdspring.com helps them find superb crowdsourced designing jobs from around the world.

This is a crowdsourcing website meaning you’ll be working as part of a team of designers from various locations selected by the buyer.

Here you can also participate in competitions for designing held by various employers. The winning design gets the prize and the contract for further designs, if necessary.

45. Jobs.Boeing.com

The name Boeing brings to our mind the vision of all sorts of aircraft. And that’s exactly what Boeing does and more. This large corporation is one of the favorite places in USA and elsewhere to look for jobs.

Of course, they list jobs only within the organization for US and foreign locations. Boeing is one of the best companies to work for anywhere in the world.

They also have campus hiring programs that’re regularly held at colleges and universities. Also check their internships for various positions.

46. Lockheedmartinjobs.com

Love to work for a company that designs some of the best fighter aircraft in the world? Visit the careers portal of Lockheed Martin, one of the foremost companies in the world of civilian and military aviation.

In fact, Lockheed Martin also recruits campus hires college and university students during events.

Their dedicated career portal, Lockheedmartinjobs.com is a fabulous website for all sorts of skills to find excellent jobs. The company is an employer of choice.

47. USPS

United States Postal Service (USPS) ranks among the largest postal systems of the world, though it lags behind in services compared over some of its foreign counterparts.

It is also one of the oldest postal systems in the world. As part of its ongoing drive to improve efficiency in all services, the USPS has a large careers website.

You can find part-time as well as fulltime postal jobs here. The USPS hires only US citizens who hold the right educational qualifications.

48. Guru

Writing, translation, design, art, software programming, accounts and bookkeeping jobs on part time basis are something you can find easily on Guru.com.

This is a fast growing marketplace for buyer to meet freelancers. Check their fees and commissions before signing up.

Ideally, the best way to find freelance jobs on Guru.com is by creating a superb profile and highlighting your skills.

Don’t forget to highlight the skills you’ve mastered since most jobs are given here on skills basis only.

49. Recruiter.com

Recruiter.com positions itself as a leading employment portal that leverages latest technologies including Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence to connect companies and jobseekers.

The website is used by some of the top companies of America, including those from the Fortune and Forbes lists. Generally, you’ll find jobs for highly qualified professionals on this website.

You can create a free profile, if you’ve several years of experience in any field and post on the website to find jobs and apply.

50. Careerjet.co.za

If you’re living in Africa or would love to work on this continent and make best use of your skills, visit Careerket.co.za. This website is based out of South Africa but lists jobs across several countries in that region.

Understandably, you won’t find jobs across Africa on this website due to various reasons such as lack of opportunities or economic conditions.

However, it can prove a gateway for countless residents of Africa and elsewhere to launch their careers on that continent.

Scams Affecting Online Job Boards

While the job boards or job search websites that made it to the list, a jobseeker also needs to be on the lookout for scams and frauds while applying. 

Lot of scammers use otherwise highly reputed recruitment portals to post fake vacancies from top employers.

While these top job boards take extra precautions to ensure that fraudsters don’t gain entry, some scammers disguise themselves as recruitment agencies offering high paying jobs with top employers.

The most common scam is asking candidates to pay for getting a job in various ways such as EBS checks, workplace insurance, health checks, travel expenses or interview costs, among others.

The other is by asking for your CV or Resume, sending a fake employment letter and seeking your personal information for identity theft.

If you come across such employers, alert the local authorities and the job search website immediately. You could help thousands of others from falling victim to these frauds.

Also be cautious when looking for work in foreign countries. Legit employers don’t charge any recruitment fees from employees.

Instead, they charge a fee from the employer for providing the service of advertising a vacancy and gathering applications for forwarding them to the employer.

In Conclusion

The above list of top 50 job search sites in the world could help you find work in any country and continent. Using this list, it’s also possible to find part-time and full-time jobs as well as serious jobs as freelancer or occasional side-gigs to help tide over any financial crises.

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