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work ethics
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Important Work Ethics for Your Professional Development

Regardless whether you’re a fresher applicant or an experienced jobseeker, there’re several qualities that any employer seeks. And one among these are strong work ethics and work rules. Indeed, having good work ethics is one of the fastest roads to your professional development in every career. In this article, I will explain what exactly is ... Read more
Conflict Management
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5 Best Proven Strategies for Conflict Management at Workplace

Conflicts are common in our everyday life. If we observe our lives closely, we’ve had or even continue having conflicts with people around us. And sometimes, we’re in conflict against various situations. However, conflicts assume a totally new meaning when they occur at workplace. Regardless whether you’re a business owner, top brass of a corporation ... Read more
how to turn down job offer
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5 Best tips to Turn Down a Job Offer Politely?

When you turn down a job offer politely, it sends a clear indicator of the high level of your business etiquette. But what remain as a big question is – “How to Turn Down a Job Offer politely?” When you do it with grace and politeness it doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste with a would-be ... Read more
What motivates you?
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Top 6 Tips to Answer What Motivates You?

What motivates you? This is a fairly common question at an interview. Regardless whether you’re a fresher or experienced job seeker, chances are that an interviewer might casually toss this question at you. And they want to hear a truthful and accurate answer. Reasons Interviewers Ask What Motivates You There’re various reasons why an interviewer ... Read more
How To Post A Job On LinkedIn
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How To Post A Job On LinkedIn and Standout

LinkedIn is a platform of choice for millions of companies to recruit highly qualified and well experienced employees. LinkedIn offers several distinct advantage compared over conventional job portals. If you post a job on LinkedIn, your job posts are visible only to other LinkedIn users and the pricing policy is very convenient for any recruiter. ... Read more