15 Best Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

People’s ways of earning a living are constantly evolving. Every year, so many people are embracing online work in different way. If you want to break out of your mundane job routine or if you’ve been swept up in the global disaster induced by the pandemic, seeking online jobs that pay weekly could possibly be the suitable choice for you.

online jobs that pay weekly

A fast cash inrush will help pay for food, cover bills, or have some surplus money.  But one does not get paid immediately in their regular jobs. Most firms need you to sit tight for a month or even 3 until you receive your salary. 

With the inexorable advancement of technology in the modern world, it is not astonishing that an increasing number of people are discovering online jobs that pay.

These roles can be undertaken from home, and the majority of them do not require prior experience. This simplifies the earning process and also encourages you to work online from home and get paid for your work.

Some people have the opportunity and flexibility to perform a traditional desk job. Many that do not have that kind of liberty must not necessarily just sit back and do nothing. It is not arduous to find genuine online work that can compensate weekly.

I have compiled a list of legit online jobs that you can do to get paid immediately within 7 days. I have listed both part-time as well as full-time work-at-home opportunities here that you can start immediately. These are the most preferred online jobs that pay weekly.

How to Find Online Jobs that Pay Weekly?

Choosing which legitimate online occupation is suitable for you takes due analysis. Every job has its own plusses and minuses that you must weigh.

Usually, looking for online jobs entails filtering through websites. As work openings become more lucrative websites promising to have the ideal vacancies appear, it becomes tougher to locate legit online jobs that pay weekly. 

Examine the way to locate online jobs, comprising the top employers that recruit people to work at home, work at home jobs search information and assistance, and the easiest places to browse for fast paying jobs.

When it comes to applying for online jobs that p, there is a very easy guideline to follow. You must never pay a price on anything.

In several circumstances, you do not pay for job openings, register for positions, or pay a premium to be added to a company’s roster. You are paid a wage from the employer. You are not needed to give them money to recruit you.

Moreover, before applying, you should scrutinize the business to ensure that the position opening is genuine and not a fraud intended to steal your money or private info.

You must remember the fact that skills required for work-from-home jobs are different from those required for conventional office employment.

To do the work, you must have both experience and the requisite qualifications. But many of the times online jobs are also available with bare minimum requirements and entry level jobs.

Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

1. Become a Virtual Assistant 

The expression virtual assistant refers to a remote administrative service associate. You can begin by operating as an independent contractor for a business or you can seek clients locally through Craigslist or Indeed, or you can seek jobs on Upwork.

The job can vary depending on the client’s requirements, so you can expect to work on anything from social media posting to handling email or service and support requests to formatting.

It is typically consistent work and clients require someone to perform the same quotidian duties on a routine basis. When you master new skills and gain experience, VA has the ability to engender a higher salary. It pays $10 per hour.

But, it is less pliable than some positions which are described in this list and certain employers expect you to have set operating time.

2. Transcription

Transcription is the procedure of modifying audio and video data into text. Although there are several job sites that provide general transcription jobs, allowing you to seek compensation after your project is authorized, is a good place to start if you want to make money quickly. It takes about 4 to 5 days to get paid.

Transcriptionists are in high demand right now, due to the popularity of podcasts and streaming video. You can even schedule your custom hours. To begin, hardly any experience is needed.

Since you’re usually paid per job the quicker you transcribe, the more money you will earn. You can expect an hourly pay of $6

The benefits of transcription are minimal. The Income is below average. Many typists depend upon specialized software. Express Scribe charges about $79.99 and is the most common. 

Professional transcriptionists use Express Scribe in conjunction with a foot pedal to monitor playback so that they don’t have to take their fingers off the keyboard.

3. Freelance Writers

Freelance writing is a profession in which you can make a decent income in a year if you choose the proper niche suitable to you. 

The requirement for freelance authors is significant, and the earning opportunity grows rapidly. Professional writers who specialize in a particular field (such as childcare, health, or money management) will earn up to 30 cents per word. Hourly pay for freelance writing starts at $10 and can reach $100 per hour with expertise.

Since there is a high need for freelance authors, starting up is easy even if you are just a novice. It provides excellent schedule mobility as long as you comply with the deadline, when and where you work does not matter.

When you first start out, you will need to bid small if you don’t have a portfolio of published writing specimens. But trust me on this freelance writer position is the best job that pay weekly because here your work is reviewed the time you complete it.

Since you are normally compensated per word, your hourly pay rate is determined by your productivity. If you are a slow author, easily overwhelmed, or have difficulty handling your time, an assignment can take a whole day rather than a few hours.

Applying for writing positions on Upwork is your top pick as a novice. For pre-determined price jobs, Upwork pays promptly, and for hourly jobs, it pays every Thursday. this can prove to be a valuable platform for you to get paid online.

4. Online Tutor

Being an online teacher is a rewarding way to make money with an objective of making a difference in the lives of children. And for newcomers, the salary is above average. On average, an online tutor can earn between $10 and $30

Since most sites have a high demand for quality instructors, the job is very reliable. Most websites will prepare the course for you, allowing you to concentrate on coaching.

There are now hundreds of websites that can link you with eager students all across the globe if you want to mentor students from the comfort of your own residence. Topics can differ based on prior experience and education.

It does, however, take 14 days to register, get interviewed, and complete the necessary practice. The qualifications vary by site, but the majority demand a baccalaureate. If you’re dealing with students from other countries, you’ll need to change your timetable to their standard time.

Cambly employs people to interact online when educating Chinese students English from home. The starting hourly rate is $10. Cambly makes weekly payments through PayPal.

5. Upwork and Fiverr

When searching for online work, the two most popular sites to proceed with are Upwork and Fiverr. They have millions of customers in pursuit of nearly any service possible as the world’s two largest freelancing marketplaces. You can potentially monetize your ability on either or both of these websites if you have one.

The easiest way to get the first job is to pick a job that is extremely technical that suits your set of skills well. 

Clients post positions on Upwork, and freelancers upload proposals. All parties participate in an interview session before signing an online contract.

Clients post positions on Upwork, and freelancers upload proposals. All parties participate in an interview session before signing an online contract.

Fiverr allows freelancers to upload service packages at fixed rates that customers can order without taking an interview, and you might not even interact with the client.

Payments for pre-determined rate jobs are payable immediately after finishing the work on Upwork, while compensation for hourly assignments are available on the Thursday following the week in which they were performed.

6. Proofreading

Proofreading is a freelance job that is in high demand due to the rapid growth in online content. Being a proofreader, you would be responsible for testing other people’s assignments for spelling and punctuation errors. There is some space for advancement, such as progressing from proofreader to book or blog author.

With a few months of training, it will pay a respectable wage of about $20 an hour. Inside the field, there are high-paying niches. It is simple to get started and no qualifications or certificates are needed.

Most clients generate material on a continuous basis, so there is the possibility of a consistent income. Since the talent is widespread, increasing the earnings above a certain stage can be challenging.

The job demands a high level of precision towards detail which can become tedious.

7. Translation

If you are bilingual, work sites like LanguageLine enable you to make money by translating audio and text (both live and recorded). Hourly wage is expected to be $12.50.

If you’re fluent in a common language, this might be a pretty simple task.There may be opportunities to earn more as you gain experience and productivity

8. Websites Reviewing

UserTesting.com, allows you to win money by getting reviews on websites. This entails going to a website, doing a few basic activities, and capturing your thoughts on video or audio. You are compensated $10 for every 20 minutes of uploaded comments. The hourly wage is expected to be $15 and provides a good starting salary for entry-level jobs.

You will get started easily and all you need is a sample test. But this job is not always accessible. There are no benefits as only a few platforms provide this work, and the expertise isn’t immediately transferable to another platform.

9. Take and Evaluate Phone Calls

Taking inbound customer care calls and assessing customer service calls for accuracy are two common work from home job opportunities. One firm that is actively recruiting for call reviewing is Humanatic.

Before you apply, try out a place like FlexJobs to see if any related remote roles working directly with an organization are open. Pay scales for call center jobs are typically vile. It pays about $5 per hour.  

To get started, only a few hours of training are needed and the working hours are flexible.

10. Surveys

The most popular survey website on the market that pays via PayPal payments is Survey Junkie. When it comes to surveys, Survey Junkie has set the bar high. You have a dedicated dashboard where you can access your surveys and income.

It is officially open to residents of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, but the minimum limit is 13 years old. As a result, it’s a decent side hustle for teenagers looking to make money.

You can receive up to $50 per survey with Survey Junkie and cash out when you hit a minimum of $10. Swagbucks allows you to withdraw money every day through PayPal or E-gift cards.

11. Affiliate Marketing

If handled well, affiliate marketing is a very easy way to earn cash quickly. You may use social media to advertise a product and earn a fee online. You don’t have to leave your residence or make any investments to get started.

This may not provide you with a full-time salary, but they are a decent way to earn a few hundred dollars per month.

12. Pet Sitting

If you love animals, one fun way to raise money weekly is to look after other people’s dogs for a set amount of time.

This has become a popular niche, and more people are pursuing it as a source of income. The work would be pretty simple if you like caring for animals. You get to have a good time and still get paid.

One can quickly chat with a local pet owner who is looking for pet sitters using Rover. It also allows you to come up with your own set of rules and regulations.

You’ll usually ask for $25 or more, but this varies depending on the demographic and other factors.

13. Review Music

What if I told you that listening to music should be compensated? Doesn’t it sound a bit wild and far-fetched? After all, it does happen.

Slicethepie is a music review site that pays reviewers to listen to new albums and post depressing album reviews. The requirements are high, and the company expects you to have candid and insightful reviews so they will share with their audience.

Reviewers are compensated immediately by Paypal every Tuesday or Thursday – earn money for every review you leave!

14. Data Entry

Data entry positions can seem outdated, but they are one of the most effective ways to make money on the internet.

You can function from the convenience of your own home if you know how to type on a keyboard and have a basic understanding of how to operate it smoothly.

Keep an eye out for scams and get started with those legitimate data entry firms that don’t need any money from you.

15. Business Analyst 

This is not only a desk job but also one that you can do from home. If you have some limitations but have a lot of expertise as a market analyst, there are some fantastic prospects available to you.

Freelancing opportunities abound in this sector. Generally, you are billed on a monthly basis or, in some cases, on a lump sum after the contracts are completed. 


There are a huge number of options available, whether you need fast money or want to start a new profession. If you need to make cash fast, In my opinion you absolutely can and that too instantly.

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