20 Best Summer Jobs for Teens

As summer approaches, most teenagers wonder about how they’ll spend their spare time. Some would definitely consider a short summer camp while others would be spending time at home or at a dorm.

In any case, summer is also an ideal time for every teen to find jobs and make some good money.

But making money isn’t the only reason why you should take a summer job as teenager. In fact, a summer job helps you in many ways, now and for the future too.

What are these benefits you get from a summer job? I’m listing some of these for you.

summer jobs for teens

Benefits of Summer Jobs for Teens

If you take a summer job as teenager, here’re some magnificent benefits you’ll get. In fact, there’re many more advantages. But I’ll list only a few main ones.

  • An opportunity to become financially independent from your parents.
  • You learn life skills vital that always come handy.
  • Finance your higher education or learn investing.
  • Convert your passion or hobby into a money-spinner.
  • Gain self-confidence and self-respect.
  • Learn how to handle various responsibilities.

In fact, most self-made millionaires and billionaires took best summer jobs and got skills that are responsible for their success. In fact, these skills can go a long way to decide your success at any career as well.

If these facts convince you to take the best summer jobs as a teen, continue reading. Because now I’ll list 20 best summer jobs for teens that require little or no experience and some that actually help you develop own hobbies.

20 Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Some of these summer jobs I’m listing can be done from the comfort of your home or dorm.  

And some of them are offline jobs you can easily find nearer you or dorm. In any case, you can take an excellent summer job as a teen.

1. Camp Leader

As a teen, you might have definitely attended some summer camps while at school or even college.

If you’ve some experience in handling a group of students, working as a camp leader is the best summer job for teens.

You get to attend a camp for free, teach your skills to newcomers and get paid. Ask any company that conducts camps for vacancies.

2. Nature Photographer

The summer is an excellent time to take pictures, especially those of nature. The season provides fantastic light conditions and you’ll have flowers, trees, shrubs and all other flora in full bloom.

You can work as a nature photographer. Sell your pictures online on any best stock photo website.

You needn’t have a professional camera for this summer job. The camera on your smartphone would be enough if you have some basic photography skills.

3. Party and Store Mascot

Stores, restaurants, personal and corporate parties require mascots round the year. However, during summer, the demand is higher since most people are on holiday.

And stores and restaurants want to attract customers. Working as a party or store mascot is another best summer job for teens.

It doesn’t require any special skills. All you need to do is dress like the mascot and attract or play with people.

4. Supermarket Attendant

Supermarkets require help during summer. They hire teens to stock their shelves, take proper inventory, create and fix labels and monitor CCTV cameras, among other tasks.

In some cases, they also hire teens to pack and gift wrap stuff or process home delivery orders. Usually, supermarket attendants are college students in their teens. You too can ask your local store and get this summer job.

5. Rented Friend

To rent your friendship, you’ll have to be at least 18 years old. Renting your friendship means spending time with someone and getting paid for it.

Your “friend” might take you for a movie or an expensive restaurant, shopping spree of just for a drive around your place.

You get paid by the hour for your companionship. Check out friend rental websites if this summer job interests you.

6. Food Delivery

Food delivery is something that never goes out of season. However, in summer, restaurants find it difficult to deliver food to customers because nobody wants to venture outdoors in the sun and heat.

If you have a motorbike or car, take this best summer job for teens. You get paid for every delivery.

And usually, the customer gives you some tips as well, either as cash when you deliver or by adding it to the bill while paying online.

7. Party Assistant

Surely you love parties. If that’s the case and you have a pleasant, outgoing and friendly nature, work as party assistant for a catering company or event organizer.

This is a fun job in every manner. Your job is to perform small, odd tasks during the party such as helping with decorations, ushering people, playing with kids, passing drinks around or just helping with the buffet.

And you get to enjoy the party too. This is the favourite summer jobs for teens.

8. Catering Assistant

Catering assistant is another best summer job for teens, especially if food is something you’re crazy about. This is a non-hazardous job.

As a catering assistant, your duties would usually include scraping fruits and vegetables, fetching stuff from the fridge, helping in chopping, slicing and cutting foodstuff and arranging plates, among others. Caterers offer this job for teens during summers.

9. Bookseller

Founder & CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, began his multi-billion Dollar enterprise by selling used books from a garage.

You too can work as bookseller during summers, but in a different manner. Large bookstores require helpers to guide customers and help them shop around.

You’ll get some basic training on how to promote or sell a book from the store owner. Such training would usually include familiarizing yourself with bestsellers of the year and pricing policies.

10. Facebook Specialist

With the trend of people and businesses opening Facebook pages going almost viral, there’s an urgent need for Facebook Specialists.

It’s not at all a complicated job for teens. In fact, all you have to do is post memes, pictures, news clips, videos and other stuff that your employer wants.

You can also schedule the timings of these posts using specialized software that’s available free or for a small fee.

11. Brand Promoter

A brand promoter’s job is to visit public places wearing a T-shirt and caps that display a certain brand name and where necessary, distribute pamphlets or other promotional material.

They also work at pharmacies, supermarkets and malls to create awareness about their employer’s brand. Generally, companies look for teens for this best summer job.

That’s because people aren’t wary of speaking with teens. If you love talking with people and discussing new things, this is the best summer job for you. These jobs pay on an assignment basis.

12. Sales Associate

A sales associate can make enough money online or offline. It involves handling some simple processes of a sale such as convincing a customer, helping with emails or even processing an order.

This is the best summer job for teens that wish to develop interpersonal skills and make a few contacts.

Usually, sales associates get a salary with some allowances and a commission too on every successful sale you record.

13. Online Translator

For teens that are fluent in English and a foreign language, working as online translator is one of the best summer jobs for teens too.

As a teenager, you won’t be translating any complex documents or material. Instead, you’ll simply be translating what people say in English and a foreign or local language.

There’re several online companies where you can find such jobs. Or you can advertise your services on Craigslist and other free classifieds websites.

14. Online Instructor

An online instructor’s job is very prestigious and can help you make a lot of money as a teen.

It involves training other teenagers and younger folk how to play computer games, crack puzzles or make something using Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits or even teaching how to use a computer and its basic software.

You’ll find lots of children in your neighbourhood who would be willing to pay you for online lessons during summer.

15. Computer Remote Assistant

Should you have enough knowledge about how computers and various software operates, work as a remote assistant.

This means, you can fix software related glitches for people using a computer from the comfort of your home or dorm. You can find these jobs from classifieds websites or online.

In fact, several small companies provide remote assistance service to elderly citizens.

This is a superb summer job that helps you earn a lot of money and learn several new things about software and computer technology.

16. App Tester

App testing can be taken as fulltime or even part-time summer job by any teen. This is a very enjoyable job provided you have some basic knowledge about how apps work.

Usually, software developers want ordinary people to try their apps and write reviews. And they’ll pay you for honest reviews.

In fact, there’re companies that will enlist your services as an app tester. You can easily earn up to $50 per day if your reviews are excellent and serve the purpose of their developers.

17. Website Moderator

Bloggers and website owners require people that can moderate comments and write appropriate answers to questions on their websites and blogs.

Bloggers and website owners require such engagement of their followers because it indicates they care for their visitors and are proactive to their comments, suggestions and questions.

You can get this job from any freelancing website such as Upwork.com or FlexJobs.com. The pay is very good if you know how to respond to criticism and negative comments tactfully.

18. Photoshop Editor

What if you could make mangoes purple and apples blue? Or morph somebody’s picture for fun- of course, with proper permission. And what if you can make someone look better on their pictures?

These are very simple online and offline good summer jobs for teens that have creative skills and some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop software.

You can work as a freelancer or for a photography company.

19. Microtasker

There’re no clear definitions about what a microtasker’s job can be. It could be anything from simple tasks such as checking for duplicate pictures to proofreading online.

Or offline tasks such as running errands, collecting or delivering mail and many others. Basically, microtasking jobs are simple to work that takes about an hour.

And these are very easy to find almost everywhere. You can also check apps such as Clickworker.com to find such jobs online.

20. Restaurant Helper

Restaurant helper is an excellent summer job where you can learn several skills- from washing and cleaning food stuff to learning to cook.

Summer jobs at restaurants can vary according to location. If you’re residing in an area popular among tourists, it’s easier to get these jobs.

However, in other parts of the country, they might not be available as easily. They pay you on an hourly basis.

Now that you’re aware about 20 best summer jobs for teens, here’re some important points to remember.

Teens, Labor Laws & Other Details

Usually, labor laws in USA, Europe and most other countries of the world do not permit people less than 13-years of age to work unless the employer takes special permission from various authorities.

However, there’re no such limitations for a lot of online jobs. Therefore, find if an employer has the necessary permission to hire younger teenagers.

If you’re above 16 years of age, there should be no major hurdles. And teens above 18 years age are usually permitted to work without any special clearances.

Secondly, you might also have to pay taxes or at least file your returns for any income you get from a summer job.

Visit your local tax office or check their website for laws regarding such taxes. Paying taxes may seem undesirable but it’s worth the money in the longer run.

It brings you into the mainstream economy. Actually, there’s not much of a tax that teenagers need to pay unless your income is gigantic.

And thirdly, be careful while looking for best summer jobs for teens online. There’re several scammers waiting to get your personal details for identity theft.

Usually, legit companies do not charge money for a summer job for teens. Therefore, apply through popular websites and known places only.

Offline jobs are a bit safer since you’ll be meeting the employer. Online jobs are excellent if the employer is a known company.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks to the Internet and online job portals, it’s fairly easy to find the best summer jobs for teens nowadays. In fact, you have a wide range of good summer jobs to choose from.

Select the ones that match your passion and future career goals. And take ones that allow you to work on flexible hours, if possible.

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