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Job Acceptance Email
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How to Accept a Job Offer – Job Acceptance Email

If you’ve just got a job offer from a new employer- congrats. That’s because your job offer signifies a successful end to several days or even weeks of preparation for an interview. A job offer means that you’re being given an opportunity to serve an employer of your choice and progress further in your career. ... Read more
Address a Letter
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How to Write and Address a Letter (Best Tips in 2022)

The need to write a letter arises frequently in our lives. Though email is now the preferred way to communicate over postal mail, the format of letters remains the same. Meaning, we need to use the same etiquette and language to address a letter for any reason. Therefore, if you’ve to write one for yourself ... Read more
what makes you ineligible for rehire
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What Makes You Ineligible for Rehire (10 Strong Reasons)

All of us have a right to work to earn a source of livelihood. In fact, the US Constitution also states that every individual has a right to work without discrimination of any sorts.  Furthermore, various American states have their own definition of “Right to Work” in relation to labor unions and other circumstances. This ... Read more
jobs for lazy people
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10 Best Jobs For Lazy People

Countless people ask me this question: “Which are the best jobs for lazy people?” And my response is simple. I ask them, how lazy are they to begin with. That’s because nobody is really lazy, if we examine the term in its truest sense. Actually, ‘Lazy’ is a relative term that we apply rather loosely ... Read more
unemployed parents
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5 Tips to Help Unemployed Parents to Get New Job Skills

Countless parents across America that lost their jobs during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic are finding it difficult to get new employment. There’s just one reason for this unfortunate situation: the lack of new job skills to find employment in the post-Covid-19 world, and adapt themselves to the new normal. Skills Gap in American ... Read more
Digital Marketing Jobs
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Top 15 Digital Marketing Jobs for Specialists & Managers (with High Salary)

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry. The digitalization of the world has made it possible for all businesses to expand their reach through digital platforms. As technology advances, so does the popularity of this field.  You can now use specific tools to create targeted messages that are being delivered worldwide in seconds using social ... Read more
quitting a job
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Top 12 Things To Consider Before Quitting A Job

There’re several reasons why people quit their jobs. Quitting a job is fine as long as you know what you’re walking into while taking up new employment. Often, things go wrong or not as planned when we leave the present employment to take a new one. That dream job we always wanted could prove to ... Read more