10 Best Online English Teaching Jobs that Pay $20+ per Hour

This Post will show you some of the amazing online English teaching jobs that pay up to $50 per hour to worldwide students.

If you’re living in a native English speaking country, this fact may come as a shocker: English ranks as the third widely spoken language in the world and not the first, as most people commonly believe. 

Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) and Spanish happen to rank as the first and second most widely spoken languages of the world respectively.

However, this ranking doesn’t diminish the importance of English language as we know it. Most websites on the Internet are in English. And study material for professional courses are also in English.

What This Means for You?

The above figures actually present an excellent opportunity for you and others that’re native English speakers or come from a country where the language is widely spoken. One among such opportunities is online English teaching jobs.

Online English Teaching Jobs

Globally, the online language learning industry is projected to cross the $20.21 billion mark by 2025. In fact, online language learning market is growing rapidly and currently shows Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of some 10.35 percent.

 And English ranks as the topmost language that people wish to learn online. As I mention earlier, English is the most common language on the Internet and most study material for all major courses are available in English only.

Therefore, there’s a huge demand for online English learning, especially from China, countries in East Asia and South America. A sizeable market for online English courses also exists from East European and Eurasian countries.

And given these figures, there’s also a superb demand for online English teachers. Almost every large online training website are offering online English teaching jobs. And the number of people they’re hiring is on the rise. 

Best Online English Teaching Jobs

If you’re good at English and can teach effectively, I would encourage you to take an online English teaching job. A lot of people worldwide have become millionaires by simply teaching English online to foreign students.

Now you might wonder, where to find such best teach English online teaching jobs? Therefore, here’s my curated list of 10 best online English teaching jobs that you can apply.

1. Tutors.com

An online English teaching job on Tutors.com ranks as the best in its category. You can opt to train a group of students or work as private or individual English tutor online. Tutors.com pay between $25 and $80 per hour, depending upon your expertise and needs of your online student.

Additionally, you have several options for online English teaching on Tutors.com. You can opt for teaching beginners or even native English speakers.

It’s possible to teach everyone from school students to those appearing for Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). For higher level online English teaching, you can make between $45 and $100 per hour from Tutors.com

2. VIPKid.com

Another best online English teaching job can be found on VIPKid.com. This is an online tutoring portal from China. They pay up to $22 per hour for online English teaching.

As the name suggests, your students will mainly be Chinese students, primary or secondary school kids in China that wish to learn English the way Americans speak. Hence, these students start learning English from a very early age.

There’s a strong reason why I rate an VIPKid.com as the best portal for online English teaching job. They also offer you opportunities to customize the online English teaching course.

Meaning, you can choose to work on a per minute rate too. They pay between $7 and $10 for a 25-minute class only. However, students can opt to extend their online English teaching, if you agree.

3. Magic Ears

Magic Ears is yet another excellent online learning portal where you can teach English. They pay up to $26 per hour. Magic Ears has a very flexible payment system for its online English teachers.

It depends upon your credentials as a teacher and the number of hours and minutes you teach. The base payment starts from $9 per hour to $11 per hour.

If you’re unsure whether you qualify for online English teaching, there’s nothing to worry: Magic Ears has an online test where you can check your skills and other criteria for free.

Once you pass that test, you can apply for online English teaching with this learning portal. Also remember to check their payment systems.

4. iTutorGroup.com

iTutorGroup.com offers excellent online English teaching jobs. This online teaching portal has more than 30,000 teachers in different topics on its payroll.

The operate in more than 135 countries and have a record of completing more than 180 million online training sessions. This is an online teaching portal that is suitable for qualified and experienced teachers holding necessary qualifications.

You can work fulltime or on assignment basis on iTutorGroup.com. However, you need to commit to teaching at least five hours per week to qualify for online English teaching on this portal.

Usually, iTutorGroup.com doesn’t pay a fixed or standard rate for your online English teaching. Instead, they decide your pay depending upon your qualifications and experience.

5. Twosigmas.com

Twosigmas.com is based in UK. And they operate in the US as well as select other native English speaking countries. Twosigmas.com provides excellent ways to teach English online jobs for people with necessary qualifications.

The basic requirement is that you should be eligible to work in the US or UK or Canada and certain other countries. 

Twosigmas.com is a very professional website for online English teaching. That’s because they provide online English teaching services for schools in the UK and US. This means, schools that don’t have adequate English teachers can enlist your help for online English teaching.

On Twosigmas.com, you’ll get a high-paying online English teaching job provided you commit to teach a fixed number of hours every month and have the necessary qualifications.

6. Qkids.com

Catering to Chinese, Korean and East Asian students is yet another online teaching portal, QKids.com. In fact, Qkids.com is one of the largest online learning systems for English language and is very popular in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and other countries.

They aren’t very particular about your nationality as far as you’re able to pass their online tests and interviews for online English teaching.

How much money can you expect from online English teaching at QKids.com? The amount can really differ vastly. However, on average you can earn up to $3.500 per month. That’s because QKids.com has a very complex system to calculate your pay.

All their payments are made on the 15th of every month. They are fairly generous with their incentives and bonuses. Qkids.com has a constant requirement for online English teachers. Hence, you can find a job easily if you possess all the necessary qualifications and skills.

7. Italki.com

Also ranking for best online English teaching jobs is Italki.com which hires tutors from all parts of the world. In fact, Italki.com regularly features on some of the topmost news channels of the world for their achievements.

They pay between $12 and $25 per hour for online English teaching jobs. This depends on your qualifications and experience, among other elements.

Applying for online English teaching jobs is a bit different than other websites. That’s because Italki.com lays emphasis on using videos for teaching. Hence, you’ll need to send them two videos along with your application.

However, working with Italki.com is very pleasurable. You get to interact directly with individual students and groups. And if they need extra lessons or more time, you get paid.

8. Cambly.com

What’s amazing about Cambly.com? They don’t pay you on an hourly basis. Instead, you can earn money depending upon the number of minutes you teach a student and standby time.

Plus, they pay incentives and bonuses when you log a certain number of teaching hours. The system works like a promotion. Cambly.com hires people for online English teaching from native English speaking countries. However, they also have a few vacancies for teachers from countries where English is a common language.

For online English teaching on Cambly.com you have to can take a free test and check your eligibility. If you pass this online test, you can proceed to their download their app and apply for teaching English online.

Or you can register online and await their response. They have various plans for online teachers. An advantage with Cambly.com is you can also teach through the app. Cambly.com works in more than 190 countries and has online teachers from various countries.

9. Landi English

If you’re looking at making more money and willing to exert some extra efforts, you can find best online English teaching jobs at Landi English. This website operates from China and has extensive presence across the world.

They hire online English teachers from native English speaking countries as well as a few non-native ones. Therefore, almost anyone with excellent fluency in English and superb teaching skills can apply easily on Landi English.

Landi English pays $12 per hour for online English language teaching. The amount can be higher too. That’s because Landi English allows you to train students of all levels.

This means, you can choose online English teaching for junior students or professionals such as engineers who wish to improve their English communications skills or even SAT applicants. In fact, you can opt for online English teaching jobs in more than one category on this portal.

10. Superprof.com

With a global community of over 10 million online teachers, Superprof.com is undoubtedly the best place to find best online English teaching jobs.

You can opt to teach individual students and private tutor or a group, depending upon your skills and how many hours you can teach daily. This is yet another ideal website to find best online English teaching jobs if you’re having proper qualifications and experience.

Superprof.com has a record of providing online training on various subjects to over 10 billion students across the globe. The company is based in Biarritz, France but recruits excellent online teachers from more than a hundred countries.

It has several superb landmarks to its credit including as the largest online training resource in India, France, USA, Japan, China and other countries.

Wrap Up 

The 10 websites I mention above provide the best online English teaching jobs in the US and around the world. And these are highly respectable organizations as well. Before concluding, I’ll give you one tip: you can also register on these websites for online teaching of other skills. 

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