8 Best Entry Level Content Writing Jobs Online that Pay $20 per Hour

Most of us have written essays and short stories as part of school studies. Maybe some of us have also won prizes for such activities. If that’s your case, it’s high time you learn how to make money online with entry level writing jobs.

Actually, it’s fairly easy to put our writing skills to work and earn with content writing jobs. All you require is that flair for writing and a nose for getting fine details from research. And most of already possess these skills.

If you’re seriously considering writing jobs, let’s consider what types of work-from-home jobs on fulltime, part-time and freelance basis are available. And where can you find entry level writing jobs with fair ease.

Types of Entry-Level Content Writing Jobs

entry level content writing jobs

These are the jobs for writing articles that you can consider, depending upon your skills, passion or academic qualifications and profession.

  • Content Writer: A content writer provides articles for websites and blogs.
  • Feature Writer: This article writing jobs involves creating excellent content on anything that interests a large section of readers. This is a journalism job.
  • Travel Writer: If you enjoy traveling and exploring sights, sounds and smells of various countries, travel writer is an excellent way to make money with your articles.
  • Food Critique: As the term suggests, you’ll write articles on food available at various restaurants in your country and sometimes, abroad.
  • Book Reviewer: Bestseller novels and books get their rankings based upon your reviews.  This is another high paying way to make money writing articles.

There’re other types of content writing jobs as well but today I am going to show you entry level writing jobs. The five I’m listing above help you make lots of money and keeps you in demand always.

Should you fit into any of these five types of writers in the above list, here’s a list of places where you can find excellent fulltime, part-time and freelance work.

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Websites to Find Entry-Level Content Writing Jobs

Now let’s explore where you can make money writing articles and how to go about doing that. It’s worth remembering that you require excellent writing skills, decent vocabulary and some interest in research to find these writing jobs.

1. Upwork


Upwork is the best place to find content writing jobs for entry-level freelance writers. In fact, it ranks among one of the topmost websites for freelancers and part-timers to find article writing work. Upwork lists all kinds of assignments from the five types of writing jobs I mention.

To make money writing articles, create an account on Upwork.com and upload a wonderful profile. Mention areas on which you can write articles and provide details of your experience, work samples and other requirements. You can bid for assignments or look for online work to make money writing articles.

2. FlexJobs


FlexJobs.com is also a superb online resource to find freelance and part-time content writing jobs.

In fact, it’s the website of choice for most freelancers in America, Europe and elsewhere. You can find article writing assignments from all the five kinds of work that I’m mentioning above.

As with any freelancing website, you’ll need to create an account, make an amazing profile and upload samples of your work to attract buyers. You can also bid for work from buyers from the various postings that FlexJobs.com website features. There’s no shortage of article writing assignments you’ll find here.

3. Fiverr & Fiverr Pro


Fiverr is an excellent platform for entry-level writing jobs. For basic, small articles, you can charge $5 only on Fiverr. However, it’s possible to put add-on services and make extra money by writing articles.

For example, you can make money for adding more words to an article and editing, among others. You can charge $5 for 200 words to 250 words but you can charge $20 to $25 for 1000 words content

Fiverr Pro is for professionals and verified freelancers that have excellent references. You’ll have to take an online test to qualify for Fiverr Pro. Here, there’re no limits on how much money you can make with content writing jobs

However, this is a resource only if you have adequate experience and references that speak about the excellent quality of your article writing skills.

4. Toptal


Toptal.com actually means Top Talent. True to their brand image, Topptal.com hires only topmost talent for work that requires writing articles.

It’s not all that difficult to get yourself on the Toptal.com list. All you require is some experience and a few excellent references for your article writing work.

In fact, Toptal.com lists freelance and part-time assignments from some of the biggest buyers and companies in the world. You would require excellent article writing skills and a nose for in-depth research to qualify for getting such work.

However, the money you make from writing articles from Toptal.com assignments more than compensates for your extra efforts.

5. People Per Hour

people per hour

Get paid on hourly basis to make money writing articles from PeoplePerHour. I would recommend this website for every entry-level freelance writers that wants to make money writing articles.

Article writing work available from People Per Hour is fairly simple. In some cases, it might not involve any research too.

There’re also countless other article writing work available on People Per Hour. You can charge on an hourly basis only. Therefore, always provide a realistic estimate of the time that you’ll need to complete writing an article.

If you can’t finish the assignment on schedule, it’s quite likely you’ll not make any money.

6. JournalismJobs

Journalism jobs

Operating around the world is this special website for journalists. At JournalismJobs.com you can find excellent feature writing, travel writing, food critique and book reviewer jobs on fulltime or freelance basis.

The best part of Journalismjobs.com is their listing of such work from newspapers and media outlets around the world.

Often, JournalismJobs also advertises assignments for special skills such as online game reviews, articles on sports, healthcare and other topics that find wide coverage in the general media or specialized publications.

Create a profile and apply instantly or email the employer. Both these facilities are available on Journalismjobs.com.

7. Newspapers, TV and Online Media

Feature writers, product, book, cinema and entertainment reviewers, food critiques and travel writers are all necessary for every newspaper, TV channel and online media outlets.

They provide excellent ways to make money with online writing jobs, if you have proper skills. Usually, previous experience matters while looking at making money by writing these articles. However, media outlets also welcome freelancers.

A major advantage of working freelance, fulltime or part-time with any media company is that you get the highly desirable title as ‘journalist’.

Some media outlets will also issue you a press card and other credentials you’ll need to make money writing articles. These resources are usually given to help you meet people necessary for writing articles, by using press credentials.

8. Bloggers & Website Owners

Bloggers and website owners also provide superb opportunities for entry-level freelance content writers. In fact, you can find several bloggers who’re willing to pay fairly good amount of money for a well written article that’s relevant to the niche where they operate.

Additionally, some bloggers will buy your articles to provide as guest posts while making backlinks for their blogsite.

Companies nowadays also run successful blogs. That’s because of this growing trend of consumers reading blogs before making a purchase. Such consumers usually look for authentic information rather than getting swayed by traditional advertising.

There’re plenty of such companies who will hire to on freelance, fulltime or part-time online jobs basis and provide that opportunity to earn money with online content writing jobs.

Other Places for Online Writing Jobs

Not as a rule, but there’re a few other places where it’s possible to make money writing articles. These include banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies that require articles on their products and services or the domestic economy.

Sports clubs look for people that can write reviews of their victories and failures, team members and other details. And medical companies want people that can write articles about healthcare.

Closing Thoughts

There’re plenty of ways and places to make money writing articles. It all depends upon your interest and time you can give. In fact, the demand for articles is so vast that you’ll never finds a shortage of work.

This automatically translates as enough opportunities to make money by working online. You can also try posting classifieds ads on Craigslist and other websites advertising your services as a writer from any of the five categories I list above.

Indeed, you would be surprised at the number of individuals and companies that require your service. In fact, I’ll say that it’s very simple to find entry-level content writing jobs. You will find sufficient content writing jobs on these platforms.

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