20 No Experience Online Jobs For Everyone

Whether you’re employed or jobseeker, this is the perfect time to look for no experience online jobs.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and its fallout will most likely have long-term impact on the global economy and industry.

Hence, it’s better to apply now for an online job that requires no experience.

Why Apply Now?

The Coronavirus global pandemic is forcing countless people to work from home, mainly for their employers.

With social distancing, self-quarantine and self-isolation in place, practically no employer is hiring people at the moment.

With the global economy running into unprecedented doldrums, there’s every possibility that companies could resort to large scale retrenchments and lay-offs.

All of us have bills to pay. And we also need to spend on basics including food, clothing and shelter.

These aren’t going to materialize from the skies above. Therefore, it’s high time to look for best online jobs, including those where we have no experience.

If you’re wondering what are these 20 top no experience online jobs, continue reading.

20 Best No Experience Online Jobs

No Experience Online Jobs

There’re several advantages of online jobs with no experience. Firstly, you can work with flexible hours. Secondly, there’re no upper limits on how much money you can make.

Thirdly, they dispense with the need to commute. Therefore, if you’re interested in such jobs, here’s my list of top 20 no experience online jobs.

1. Online Translations

If you’ve expert level fluency in English and a foreign or regional language, online translations jobs are the best. They require no experience jobs too.

You’ll be translating documents and text of various kinds to English or the other language.

If you’re a lawyer or have medical or engineering qualifications, it’s possible to go for specialized online translations that pay more.

2. Blogging

If you are looking for work from home jobs no experience then Blogging is best for you. It doesn’t cost much- just about $99 per year to open your own website and start blogging.

This is a very affordable price when we consider that blogging offers unlimited earnings, if done properly.

You can blog about anything- from your school or college curriculum to your passions, issues of social interest, entertainment and hobbies or a cause that’s close to your heart.

Once you get the traffic on your blog, you can apply for Google Adsense and then place ads on your website after approval. You will earn money from this Google online job from every click you receive from your visitor.

3. Mystery Shopping

Unfortunately, few people know about mystery shopping and even fewer actually register for this wonderful easy jobs that pay well without experience.

In fact, mystery shopping companies look for ordinary persons like you and I who don’t have any past experience in the field.

As mystery shopper, you’ll have to visit various online retailers, check their selection of goods, make purchases and find ease of payment, compare prices and rate your overall experience.

In some cases, mystery shoppers also visit brick-and-mortar stores. The mystery shopping company picks up the tabs for your purchases.

You have to write an honest review to get money. Often, the mystery shopping company allows you to keep the stuff you buy.

4. Graphic Designing

You might wonder who’ll ask for graphic designs online. Everyone wants to meet the designer, discuss their specifications, check previous work and ask for quotations before giving the assignment.

But you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that a system known as crowdsourcing actually allows you to work as team with other graphic designers online.

There’re several websites where you can sign-up as graphic designer and bid for contracts from large companies.

You’ll be working online as a team to create corporate logos, brand identities and other interesting graphic designs for some of the top companies of the world.

5. Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Topmost companies including Tupperware and Avon cosmetics among others credit their success to this wonderful online job and entrepreneurship model that Multilevel Marketing or MLM, also known as network marketing offers.

After a lot of debate involving courts in various countries, it was agreed that MLM associates can be allowed to market goods online as long as they adhere to various commercial laws, rules and regulations.

You can sign-up with one or more MLM companies, open a website or online marketplace and start making a lot of money.

6. Remote Surveillance

Remote surveillance is yet another excellent online job that requires no previous experience. There’re countless organizations that have vital installations at various distant locations.

Since these installations are vital to their operations, they’re under 24-hour monitoring with several CCTV cameras.

Since the location makes it impossible to maintain staff at these installations, companies hire people who can monitor the live CCTV feed from their homes and alert the concerned departments, if there’s any emergency or security breach.

7. Resume & CV Writer

Top recruitment portals offer professional Resume and CV writing services for fresher and veteran jobseekers.

That’s because writing an excellent cover letter with a job-winning Resume or CV isn’t quite possible for most of us. This is also no experience online job.

However, your writing and presentation skills matter a lot here. As online Resume and CV writer, the recruitment portal will like LinkedIn assign you clients.

And you can also offer freelance Resume and CV writing services, if possible. This is a high-demand profession.

8. Online Tutor

And if you’ve that special way to teach children or teenagers of even adults, work as an online tutor for any of these large websites that offer electronic or online learning.

This is one of the fastest growing industries of the world. Students in various countries, especially China, wish to learn subjects from the American school curriculum.

And most of them are interested in learning English the way natives speak this language so you can work as an English tutor.

You needn’t be an experienced teacher to become an online tutor. All you require is excellent knowledge of a subject and superb teaching skills.

9. YouTuber

A YouTuber is a person that makes own videos and posts them on YouTube. Countless people are becoming rich and famous by creating own videos and posting them for the public.

You don’t require any experience or expensive equipment to become a YouTuber. All you require is a passion for something and a video camera such as the one on your smartphone.

People have become millionaires by teaching people everything from doing make-up to playing games, best ways to cook food to excellent tips for healthcare.

There’re no dearth of subjects on which you can open a YouTube channel.

10. Web Designer

Nowadays, everyone from individuals to largest corporations mark their online presence with a website.

In fact, owning a website has become fairly inexpensive, with prices starting at $9.99 per year onwards. Of course, a good domain name and hosting will cost higher, but this is the basic price.

While it’s easy to buy a domain name and host a website, designing one isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. It needs creativity as well as technical skills.

And people are willing to pay you for designing their website. This is another fabulous online job you can take as freelancer or for some website designing company.

11. Online Subtitling

Cinema and documentary producers as well as YouTubers want their productions to reach the highest number of people. Hence, they wish to present these videos languages.

If you know how to translate and can create proper subtitles, you can take these jobs that require no experience but pay well.

Your task is to understand what’s being said, translate to another language, type and insert the appropriate subtitle.

Sometimes, subtitling is also done in English to help people with hearing impairment to enjoy a movie or video.

12. Bookkeeping

For those of us that are good at math and can perform astute calculations, online bookkeeping is yet another high paying no experience job.

You can work from home as bookkeeper for a small business or a high net-worth individual, elderly citizen or a charity. Tasks involve keeping tabs on cash inflows and outgoes.

Alerting the employer whenever there’s a spike in spending for any reason and arranging expenses and income under proper heads are also some tasks you’ll perform.

Your accounts should be clear and above board- meaning every penny should be accounted for on your statements.

13. Online Faculty

An online faculty member differs from an online tutor in one single aspect. Online tutors aren’t affiliated with a school, college, university or educational institution.

Online faculty members have affiliations and work only for their employee. A lot of vocational training institutes around the world are facing acute shortage of faculty members to train their students.

This is an excellent job for a fresher. You can start by assisting veteran faculty members and graduate as a full member upon getting adequate exposure to this job.

14. Ecommerce Associate

Most online retailers don’t have and cannot afford a large infrastructure and thousands of employees such as Amazon or eBay, among others.

To overcome this handicap, they hire eCommerce associates that have some basic skills in accounting and bookkeeping, email, proofreading and other tasks.

Basically, you’ll be helping the online business owner with back-office services such as data entry, tracking income and expense, sending email to customers and responding to questions.

Though you need no experience for this online job, some knowledge of the Internet and eCommerce is necessary.

15. Digital Marketing

By no yardstick is digital marketing a very easy or entry level online jobs. It needs a lot of skills that you can easily acquire online or by attending a superb digital marketing course.

And a brief three to six-month internship somewhere to fine-tune these skills would be enough. Digital marketing companies and bloggers hire no experience digital marketers to work online from home.

You have several options. Two among these are working for an employer while second is freelancing as a digital marketer.

16. Social Media Manager

For those of us that love social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and other platforms, working as Social Media Manager is an ideal no experience online job.

All you have to do is post memes and other stuff given by your employer on their social media accounts. And field questions or criticism if any.

In fact, several individuals also look for social media managers merely to entertain their friends, relatives and contacts.

If you’re lucky, a large corporation could hire you as their social media manager or assistant.

17. Online Spiritual Teacher

You might laugh at this online job known as Spiritual Teacher. It doesn’t need any experience.

However, you would definitely need good knowledge about the scriptures and other teachings of your specific faith.

In fact, a lot of spiritual teachers began emerging during the Covid-19 pandemic when people scared of contracting the Coronavirus would seek spiritual help.

Actually, online spiritual teachers aren’t freelancers. Instead, they work for religious organizations and conduct online classes about faith and its tenets.

18. Email Marketer

Online as well as brick-and-mortar businesses small and large use email marketing as an effective resource to reach their existing clients while generating brand awareness in the market.

Therefore, they hire email marketers. You don’t need any special skills or experience for this amazing online job. Usually, the employer will provide the email templates and other essentials.

All you need to do is personalize the email to address the receiver and respond to any feedback where necessary. Or, pass the response to your employer for further action.

19. Online Journalist

Most people believe that journalism requires lots of degrees from renowned universities and tremendous skills.

I do not believe in this myth since I’ve been also working as a journalist for over 28 years.

All that journalism requires is that keen sense of news, ability to get the facts and presenting them in a proper manner, without distorting details or the truth.

This is the single most respectable and best online job without experience you can get if you know what is news, have ways to get it and know proper presentation in a manner that doesn’t hurt or harm others.

20. Web Editor

A web editor sounds very complicated or tough job. On the contrary, this is a job that anyone without experience but having a superb sense of news can perform online from home.

Your task is to go through countless headlines that a news agency would send on a platform the employer provides.

Identify the news that’s relevant to your reader, copy and paste it with the proper headline on the news company’s website under proper heads.

You’ll also have to check for grammatical errors and insert the right picture to accompany every news story.

Closing Thoughts

Personally I believe that asking experience for certain types of jobs is an unhealthy practice. That’s because everyone needs to start somewhere. In fact, I’ve seen a fresher doing better than a veteran at some jobs.

However, as work-from-home gathers momentum and the Coronavirus changing the way we work forever, I would strongly recommend you find an online job. Find one even though you may have no experience.

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