25 Legit Online Work From Home Jobs For Moms

A major trend that’s emerging in 2020 is work from home jobs. With the Covid-19 pandemic showing no signs of abating anytime in the foreseeable future, online work from home jobs are the best bet for moms.

Because they also afford you adequate time for home-schooling your children while allowing work at flexible hours.

Work From Home Jobs For Moms

Reasons for Moms to Work from Home

There’re many reasons why moms should fine online work. In fact, you may have enough money. Yet, there’re reasons why you should think about finding such a job.

  • To maintain and upgrade skills you’ve gained through education and work.
  • Creating a fund to meet any financial emergencies.
  • Saving a little more for the future, especially those golden years of life. Unfortunately, most American don’t have enough money stashed away for retirement.
  • For investments on attractive plans that make your money grow.
  • Giving wings to your hobbies and interests despite staying at home.

You can find any reason to work online from home as a mom, if you’ve the inclination. And it’s not in the least as cumbersome as you might aver.

Therefore, let’s see the 25 best work from home online work opportunities that’re readily available for moms.

25 Best, Legit, Work from Home Jobs for Moms

Before I discuss these jobs briefly, here’s something important every mom should bear in mind. Firstly, take a job that matches your liking, skills and experience.

It could be anything from your educational qualifications, work experience, hobbies and interests.

And secondly, never take an online job only for the sake of money because you could end up overworking. This can upset the family balance and spoil your health.

Now let’s check and discuss the best 25 legit and online work from home jobs that you could try.

1. Blogger (Median Pay: Unlimited)

By any yardstick, blogging is the best online work from home job that every mom can take. Blogging isn’t something that requires a lot of skills or too much time.

In fact, blogging is your own personal gig and you can decide how much time you wish to spend invest daily. For starters, read an excellent guide on how to start blogging written by someone who’s very successful in this field.

Secondly, invest some money on buying a good domain name and web hosting. It costs only $9.99 per year or more, depending on the domain name.

There’re three different ways to make money from blogging. The first one is by affiliate marketing. It means you sell other’s products and services through your blog by providing honest reviews an affiliate link.

Second is by subscribing to Google AdSense, which will display ads on your blog for people to click.

And thirdly through sponsored posts which are issued by businesses or persons that like your blog and pay you to publish on your blogsite. You can also sell own products with a blog, if you like.

2. Multilevel Marketing (Median Pay: Unlimited)

Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel marketing or MLM wasn’t really an online business before the Covid-19 pandemic put a virtual halt to these activities and sent MLM companies in colossal losses.

Earlier, MLM was strictly dependent upon person-to-person contact. The pandemic has changed it all.

The need for self-isolation and social distancing now demands lesser person-to-person contact. Hence, MLM companies are now permitting their associates to market their products online, with some limitations.

That basically means promoting MLM products within your own social circle, without advertising and other promotions.

3. Vlogging (Median Pay: Unlimited)

Vlogging is blogging with videos. You can create superb videos about anything and upload them on YouTube, the world’s single largest video sharing platform for free.

In fact, YouTube allows you to open a free channel by the name you want. There’re different ways to make money from YouTube such as Google AdSense, serving as micro-influencer and affiliate marketing or even by creating sponsored videos.

It’s not necessary to invest on an expensive camera: your home camera or the one on your smartphone would be enough. Download some basic video editing software from the Internet and you’re all set to create videos.

Select a good niche that matches your personal interests and make short videos of about 10 minutes duration to post on your channel.

4. Online Tutoring (Median Pay: $25/ hour)

Online Tutoring

If you have a teaching degree or certificate and would like to start working again, register on any top online tutoring portal such as Tutor.com and VIPKID.com, to name a few.

You can teach simple subjects from the school curriculum such as English, Math and Science. With no guarantees about how schools would fare in this pandemic era, such online tutoring is in great demand.

However, to become an online tutor you’ll need proper certification. Because online tutoring portals are very strict about whom they hire.

But the good news is they always have vacancies for the right tutor. They conduct live classrooms online. Since a lot of their students are from foreign countries, you can work according to flexible hours.

5. Online Skills Trainer (Median Pay: $25/ hour)

But what if you aren’t a qualified teacher but can train people on some skill they would love to learn? That too isn’t a problem for a stay-at-home mom.

Because there’re several portals where you can register to train people on different types of skills such as creating wonderful crochet designs, cooking, make-up or any other thing that people simply love.

There’re two ways to become an online skills trainer. One is by setting up own website to promote your brand and a good webinar software to conduct live training sessions.

The second is by registering as online trainer on portals such as Udemy.com and others. Regardless of your skills, there’re always interested takers for the training.

6. Social Media Manager (Median Pay: $20/ hour)

As small and large businesses step up their online presence following the Covid-19 pandemic, there exists a lot of scope to work online from home as a social media manager.

You don’t require any specific skills to become an online social media manager. All it takes is an understanding of social media and various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others.

Nowadays, social media has also become a sales channel for many organizations. Others use social media to engage their customers and stakeholders.

You’ll be creating posts for the employer and responding to positive and negative comment. It also involves keeping followers on Twitter updated about latest developments in the business that’re of general interest.

7. Virtual Assistant (Median Pay: $20/ hour)

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant or VA is yet another work from home job that moms can consider. This allows flexible work hours with decent, hourly pay.

I would recommend a VA’s job to any woman who’s been a secretary or even handled some executive duties. That’s because a VA is actually a remote working secretary in most cases.

You’ll be handling phone calls, mail and email, engagements and appointments of the employer while working from home.

In some cases, you might also have to deal with specialized tasks such as reserving tickets and hotels for travel and money. Overall, this is one of the superb online jobs.

8. Phone Sex Operator (Median Pay:$50/ hour)

Understandably, this might sound outrageous to a woman but a lot of mom work from home as Phone Sex Operators because it pays very well.

And the job is relatively risk free because your identity, location and phone number remain a secret. There’re several companies that hire PSOs, as they’re called.

The job doesn’t require any special qualifications. Instead, it requires a charming voice and the ability to talk dirty. There’re also no psychological fallouts of working as PSO, regardless whether you’re married or single mom.

Thousands of women make as high as $200 to $500 per day simply by talking with unknown men, who’re clients of your PSO company.

9. Telemarketer (Median Pay: $15/ hour)

While still on the subject of phone calls, there’s another similar job but one where you needn’t speak steamy stuff. And that’s telemarketer.

With advertising spend taking a body blow as companies everywhere record lower profits due to the pandemic, the marketing focus is now shifting online and digital.

As a telemarketer, you’ll be making calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to leads and potential customers of your employer. Usually, the employer provides a list of leads and the VoIP software.

You have to promote the employer’s brand or product or service to these potential customers and make online notes about the conversation you had with them.

10. Online Bookkeeper  (Median Pay: $28/ hour) individuals

An online bookkeeper is an accountant that handles somebody else’s money from the comfort of their home. Any mom holding a degree in accounting such as Chartered Financial Analyst or other can work easily as online bookkeeper.

Women that don’t hold such degrees but have superb math and calculation skills and are great at money handling can also try their hand at online bookkeeping.

Online bookkeepers manage money of people that wish to remain anonymous, senior citizens, persons with debilities, small businesses and high net worth individuals, among others.

You’ll be keeping records of how much money came in and its source and expenses. You also have to alert an employer if they exceed spending under any particular head or there’re any financial irregularities that come to your notice.

 11. E-book Author (Median Pay: Unlimited)

E-book Author

Kindle Self-Publishing, a facility by the world’s largest online store Amazon allows you to publish and sell books instantly.

As stay-at-home mom, you might have a collection of recipes or self-care tips and tweaks, be an expert at writing stories from facts or fiction or even composing songs and poetry.

If you’re good at writing, create and sell an e-book on Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing.

There’re no limits on how many books or how many pages you need to write. Read the Kindle Self-Publishing FAQs to learn more about this service.

You can start making money instantly and become famous as an author or poet by publishing own book. Some authors and poets are making as much as $500,000 from Amazon every year. You could join this group too.

12. Medical Transcriptionist (Median Pay: $13.95/ hour)

Working as an online medical transcriptionist is an entry level job that doesn’t require any special academic qualifications. However, it does help if you’ve been a nurse or medical assistant or even a physician.

There’re plenty of companies that require medical transcriptionists to provide accurate transcriptions to their clients that include doctor, clinic, hospitals and Emergency Medical Service operators.

You’ll have to listen to raw audio and video recordings of talk between physicians and their patients or exchange of messages between EMS crew and a hospital, among others.

The task involves creating an online summary of this talk for future reference by the doctors, clinics and hospitals when necessary.

13. Data Entry Operator (Median Pay: $12.50/ hour)

Data entry is also an online yet entry level job for women with no specific academic qualifications. In fact, it’s the simplest online job you can find as stay-at-home mom.

It involves taking relevant information from raw data given by the employer and arranging it in a proper format on a template they provide.

However, speed is very important to become a data entry operator. That’s because companies that offer this simple work also assign daily targets.

This means, you’ve to complete the daily target to get the full pay and perks. Data entry jobs are very easy to find and can be done by anyone with basic working knowledge of computers.

14. Online Seller (Median Pay: Unlimited)

Online Seller

If you’re good at making something- from portraits to pickles- open your own online store and sell the stuff. There’re two main ways to sell your own handmade products. One of them is Amazon Handmade, a service from Amazon.

You can register as seller on Amazon Handmade and await order from customers in USA and abroad. Or you can open a marketplace on Etsy and Shopify to sell your handcrafted products.

An advantage with selling handmade product is that you don’t need to keep any stocks ready for sale. Hence, there’re no major investments and the worry of awaiting customers.

Instead, you’ll prepare the stuff only upon getting a confirmed order. Usually, customers have to pay at least part of the price before ordering handmade products.

15. Online Graphic Designer (Median Pay: $30/ hour)

There’s a growing trend in the world of graphic designs. And that is, most large companies nowadays outsource their designs from crowdsourced teams from reputed platforms.

This allows them to get the best designs made by a remote team of international graphic designers. Often, these companies float competitions where you can participate. The winner gets the graphic designing contract.

Since every organization requires graphic designs regularly, there’s no shortage of online work as graphic designer.

You can either join a crowdsourcing platform or open own website to advertise services and attract clients. In any case, graphic designing is a trending career that will remain relevant for years to come.

16. Online Content Writer (Median Pay: $25/ hour & Variable)

Have excellent writing skills and a nose for research? Find freelance content writing jobs online. Websites such as Upwork, FlexJobs.com and Fiverr, among others are the best places to get online content writing work.

There’re two ways to get online content writing jobs from these websites. One is by creating a project for the buyer and bidding for the work. The other is when a buyer specifically chooses you for their project.

Pricing your online content writing work however requires some expertise. Websites such as Upwork and Fiverr allow you to create a free profile but charge anything between five percent and 20 percent of your earnings as their commissions.

On the other hand, FlexJobs.com doesn’t charge any fees or commissions but you need to buy a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription to host your profile.

17. Online Feature Writer (Median Pay: $50/ hour & Variable)

A feature writer works for newspapers and magazines. They write excellent engaging and interesting articles on a variety of things such as places, people and things, among others.

And they also take pictures to go along with these articles. If you look for online journalism jobs, you’ll surely find a few postings for online feature writers.

Though a degree in journalism would help you get the job fast, excellent writing skills, especially descriptive writing in a manner that engages a reader, would also be sufficient.

There’re two ways an online feature writer works. One is by creating feature articles that a newspaper or magazine wants. The other is by creating a portfolio of such articles and showcasing them to media houses to buy.

The pay is good but you can also work on an hourly or word count basis to get higher pay. That depends on the deal between the media house and you.

18. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Median Pay: $16/65/ hour depending on job)

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing platform that Amazon offers to its retailers and other associates. There’re numerous stay-at-home jobs you can find on Amazon mTurk as a stay-at-home mom.

It features complex jobs such as data analysis and programming to simpler tasks such as proofreading and editing. You can apply for one on Amazon Mechanical Turk website.

The pay depends upon the nature of work you’ll do and of course, the number of hours you put. Amazon pays you twice a week for your efforts. The money comes to your PayPal account.

Amazon maintains perfect accounts of the money you get. Showcase several skills when you create an mTurk profile since it can help you get continuous work.

19. Photo Restoration Service (Median Pay: $35/ hour)

As woman, do you have an eye for details in pictures? Because that would open the doors for you to work online as photo restoration artist. Understandably, the term itself may sound confusing.

So I’ll explain briefly. Thanks to digitalization of images, it’s now possible to scan old pictures and touch them up. This removes all traces of fading and makes the picture look complete again. Mind you, I said complete and not new.

A lot of folk have old pictures that’re the only copy in the world. It could be family portraits and group pictures and other memories.

Over the years, these pictures fade. You can easily restore these pictures by scanning them and some touch-up where needed. And make prints of the new image to give a complete version of the otherwise faded picture.

20. Cybersecurity Expert (Median Pay: $75/ hour)

Cybersecurity Expert

Anyone that believes that cybersecurity is an all-male domain or requires work from office obviously doesn’t know the entire business and have the correct picture.

Countless women around the work are cybersecurity experts and work for companies that provide services in this field. In fact, it’s quite easy to do a cybersecurity course and join a company that operates in the field

Generally, cybersecurity experts don’t disclose their location and work from home behind secure Virtual Private Networks.

They test and monitor the client’s servers for abnormal traffic and ward off potential threats such as malware, viruses, hackers and ransom ware.

This is a very important work and hence, they pay is fairly high. However, you’ll require proper skills in cybersecurity to work from home.

21. Micro Tasks (Median Pay: $9.95/ month)

Micro tasking is the term that defines small jobs that you’ll perform online for a small amount of money.

However, these jobs don’t take more than a minute or two and hence, there’s a lot of scope to earn a lot of money by completing dozens or even hundreds of micro tasks.

And there’re several organizations online where you could easily find micro tasking assignments.

Basically, micro tasking involves correcting a sentence or two by checking for typos and spelling mistakes, assigning the right ZIP code, correcting a picture or rearranging a schedule copy and paste jobs or even checking for double sentences.

All these kinds of jobs are very simple and don’t require qualified persons. You can try your hand at these micro tasks.

22. Website & Blog Moderator (Median Pay: $15/ hour)

This takes me to the first job I’ve written about: blogging. There’s one more way to make money online from blogs and websites.

And that’s by serving as a moderator. You’ll have to go over hundreds or even thousands of comments posted by readers. Some would be spam, others would be posted by trolls.

You’ve to eliminate these and retain only genuine comments that speak about the post.

A website and blog moderator also responds to comments. This increases reader engagement and helps the website gain more followers to become popular. Moderating blogs and websites is fairly easy.

If you’re well versed with a specific topic the blog or website deals with, your work gets easier. You’ll immediately recognize different types of comments.

23. Online Proof Reader (Median Pay: $40/ hour)

Before writing about this work from home jobs, let me tell you that all online proof readers don’t make $40 or more per hour. Only highly skilled ones earn that much money.

The silver lining is that every proof reader starts as beginner and graduates as a professional after practice. Therefore, you can expect $16 to $18 per hour as the initial pay if you’re a fresher to proof reading.

Websites such as Upwork and FlexJobs.com have a lot of freelance proofreading assignments that’re yours for bidding.

Before you venture out to find jobs as online proof reader, I suggest you test yourself with any of those free online proof reading tests.

That would help you identify grey areas and patch them up before working as online proof reader.

24. Insurance Sub Broker (Median Pay: Unlimited)

Insurance is something that every American requires in some or the other form, as you’ll be well aware.

It’s possible for you to work as insurance sub broker by signing up with an insurer or insurance agency. There’s no fixed pay for this work but it does promise an unlimited income potential.

Here’s how it works. If you have a good standing in the society, an insurer will appoint you to promote their company and generate leads.

The broker or an agent will follow up on the lead to convert them as customer. And when this happens, you get a nice commission. You can represent one or more agencies or companies, provided it doesn’t clash.

25. Influencer for Women & Kid Products (Median Pay: Unlimited)

And finally, the online, home-based job as an influencer. You might wonder who would hire you as an influencer because most of them appear to be sleek models. But that’s where you’re mistaken.

A lot of companies for women and children’s products want you to work as their influencer or even micro-influencer. However, you need a good social media account with a large following to become one.

As influencer, you’re responsible for promoting the brand and their products for women and children. It could be anything from sanitary pads and diapers to chic make-ups and high end toys.

An influencer serves as a brand ambassador of sorts. Your social media followers should like the posts and buy the product.

In Conclusion

Thanks to the Internet, stay-at-home moms needn’t sacrifice their careers or hobbies and interests in favour of household duties. 

The Internet opens up countless opportunities for work from home moms and also attain financial stability and independence.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of working from home. And the trend is here to stay for a considerable number of years.

As businesses of all sorts and sizes move online, there aren’t expected to be any shortage of online jobs that a mom can perform from home or business ideas to pursue.

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