20 Entry Level Data Entry Jobs from Home that Pay $15 Per Hour

After the pandemic (COVID -2019) people have started looking out for a job that guarantees them two things

#1 they can work from their home

#2 they can earn well over $15 an hour

You might be asking do we have such jobs in our country.

Well my answer is Yes!

In this article we will talk specifically about professionals who are looking for a career in the field of data entry. Especially for newcomers who are focusing on entry level data entry jobs.

In the following article, you will read about 20 such entry level data entry jobs from home that pay you $15 an hour.

20 Best Entry Level Data Entry Jobs From Home

Entry Level Data Entry Jobs

1. File Clerk

File clerk is one of the best entry level data entry jobs from home. You don’t need any experience or college degree but should have a high school diploma.

A file clerk is responsible for complete organization of files in a company. The main responsibilities of a file clerk are filing paperwork, retrieving requested documents, updating records and double checking all the paperwork.

File clerks have to ensure that the company has access to all the necessary paperwork at any given time.

Skills that File clerks require are great attention to details, knowledge of Microsoft office, knowledge of filing systems and lots of patience.

Entry level file clerks can earn $12 – $14 per hour.

2. Data Entry – Registrar

A typical registrar in office takes care of the processing, posting and distribution of data. Whether it is a college or hospital the basic work is same.

They also perform audits and accounting services if needed.

As an entry level registrar your responsibilities includes

  • Maintaining records of students, patients, employees etc
  • Maintaining schedules and inventories and update database/catalogues.
  • Generating reports, transcripts and storing information.

A registrar can be an experienced candidate as well as entry level. Entry level registrar requires high school diploma and some prior experience in records management.  

On an average entry level registrar can earn $12 – $14 an hour however experienced candidates earn even more.

3. Administrative Support Clerk

The job of administrative support clerk is very basic and straightforward. Hence, candidates with lesser experience can apply for administrative support clerk.

Their responsibilities involves

  • Perform routine clerical functions like data entry, record keeping, filing, scheduling, mail drop off etc.
  • Provide basic customer service like serving, advising and referring customers to appropriate department.
  • Helping HR (Human Resource) department in recruiting new employees, leave management etc.
  • Helping financial and administrative operations by preparing reports and other documents.
  • Accept payments, compliance letters and other receivables.

Candidates with high school diploma and college graduates both can apply for this entry level data entry jobs. You must have excellent time management skills, communication skills and knowledge of MS Office.

You can expect $10 – $12 an hour.

4. Data Entry Keyers

There is always an opening for entry level Data Entry Keyers. Data entry keyers are responsible for

  • Accurately retrieving data from different types of documents like academic papers, legal and medical documents, business papers etc.
  • Typing data into Excel spreadsheet or in-house database software of the company.
  • Once requested they deliver data to customers.
  • Data Keyers are also responsible for quality control where they have to identify errors in the data and rectify them.

Data keyers must have high school diploma and a typing speed of at least 50 words per minute. Accuracy is very important here hence they require great attention to details.

Data keyers can expect $12 – $14 an hour. 

5. Data Entry Clerks

For entry level Data entry clerks have very basic responsibilities like

  • Maintaining a database by entering latest and updated customer’s data.
  • Creating source data by compiling and sorting data.
  • Processes customer documents by reviewing data, correcting erroneous data, deleting duplicate data and reentering data.
  • Securing information by performing database backups.
  • Always maintain data entry requirements by following procedures and specified techniques.
  • Returning incomplete documents to the team leader.

You need high school diploma and great typing skills with attention to details.

Data entry clerks usually earn $10 – $12 an hour.

6. Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialist jobs for entry level data entry candidates are readily available in the market.

As a data entry specialist your prime responsibility includes

  • Inputting new and updated into customer inventories
  • Manage incoming data input process
  • Acknowledging orders with customers and closing the work order.
  • Verifying all information keyed is accurate and on time.
  • Closing the work order includes managing destruction data input process
  • Update customer’s contract information and resolve any issues.
  • Assist customer service if needed.

You must have high school diploma and familiarity with Windows MS DOS and word processing software.

You can earn $14 – $16 per hour.

7. Entry Level Accounting Data Entry Specialist

If you have an accounting background then you can apply for accounting data entry specialist.

As an accounting data entry specialist your work includes

  • Maintenance of high volume of data using different software like Microsoft Excel and company’s in-house software.
  • Communicating with accounting team to successfully setup projects and also project managers to gain more information.
  • Maintaining accounts receivable documentation and backup by updating databases.
  • Assisting in accuracy of data entered.
  • Efficient and accurate processing of billing
  • Assisting other day to day operations.

You must have high school diploma with some accounting background. Knowledge of MS Office suite with great interpersonal skills.

You are paid $12 – $15 an hour.  

8. Data Entry Processor

A data entry processor’s key role is to transfer data from paper format and digital format into company specific in-house database software.

They are also asked to retrieve data from the database or electronic files. 

Data processors also check over paperwork to verify the correct information by comparing it to source documents and identify any missing information.

Skills required for a data entry processor is fast typing speed, basic understanding of databases, good knowledge of English both oral and written and some accounting background.

As far as educational qualification is concerned then you must have a high school degree. Companies are more than ready to pay $15 – $18 per hour for entry level data entry processors.

9. Order Processor

Order Processor is one of the basic entry level data entry jobs from home. Order processor’s job includes

  • Maintenance and processing of orders from customers
  • Manage and update daily transportation log and coordinate with dispatcher
  • Read emails sent by customers and notes on order
  • Process manual orders by customers and update order information
  • Quickly respond and resolve customer issues, also revise orders.  

High school degree is needed for order processor’s job. You must have excellent MS office skills. The job is very detail oriented and fast paced hence training is provided by the company.

 On an average order processor (because of great demand) are paid $16 – $18 an hour.

10. Clinical Data Processor

Whether you live in east coast cities like New York or west coast cities like LA or down south in Houston, there is no dearth of clinical data processors. Healthcare industry is always looking out for able clinical data processors.

Clinical data processors are responsible for preparing, processing and monitoring clinical data at an academic health center research facility.

Entry level clinical data processor will review, process and enter clinical trial data. You also have to ensure that all the process for data recording meet good clinical practice requirements.  

To find a job as clinical data processor you must have a bachelor’s degree in health related field. Full knowledge of Microsoft Office Software suite is essential.

You can work part time as well as full time. You will be paid $15 – $18 per hour.    

11. Claims Processor

Just like clinical data processor there is also no dearth of entry level Claims processor jobs. Healthcare industry across the country needs claims processor for performing various responsibilities like

  • Adjudication of Behavioral healthcare claims.  
  • Process claims meeting department performance standards.
  • You have to work with your supervisors to resolve issues.
  • Find client service improvement opportunities.

Candidates don’t need to be a graduate but must have high school diploma and excellent interpersonal skills.

Entry level claims processors must have at least 6 months of experience in healthcare or health insurance industry. 

Claims processors are paid around $12 – $15 per hour.

12. Cash Processor

Cash Processor or Cash logistics processor is also an entry level data entry job that pays you well over $15 per hour. Banks and other accounting firms need cash processors.

Your prime responsibility will be keeping an account of all the cash and valuables in a bank. You will count, verify and report currency inventory daily.

A cash processor has to process, verify and reconcile inbound and outbound currency transactions.

You will maintain a complete log of all the currency transactions.

Prepare outbound currency orders and replenishments.

College degree is not required here, you just need high school diploma and some experience in this line.

13. Image Support Typist

In simpler terms Image Support Typist enters different kind of data from imaged/scanned documents such as name, address, email, checks, credit cards etc.

The role of entry level image support typist involves

  • Perform basic keying functions like Check, Address, Credit Card Masking, OCR, Hand Print, MICR, Correspondence etc.
  • Organize tasks and resources and meet deadlines according to established norms of the company.
  • Also performing tasks in other departments if asked to.

You must have high school degree and knowledge of computers like MS Office. Your typing speed must be above 40 words per minute.

Companies are willing to pay $10 – $12 per hour to an entry level image support typist.

14. TV Analyst Data Entry

TV Analyst data entry job is one of the greatest opportunities for students who are just out of high school.

You will work closely with the TV analytics Management and learn various rules, creating inventory, estimating TV ratings, creating data visualization, and sales presentation.

Your job includes

  • Processing and Analyzing TV ratings data
  • Maintaining program schedules in the database
  • Creating data visualizations and presentation

You must have great verbal, written, analytical skills. Time management is very important here. For presentation you must know MS office software like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

High school graduates and college graduates both can apply for TV analyst data entry job.

You can expect $12 – $14 an hour.

15. Online Data Entry Clerk

Online data entry clerk is nothing new. It is a freelancing job. Here you help in creating content online.  Bloggers, website owners, web journals need online data entry clerks.

There prime responsibilities involves

  • Writing simple content, copywriting ads, writing product description etc
  • You also have to do keyword research where you find high volume keywords and create a list of them.
  • You post ads on various websites and also create ad copies. You have to keep improving the product page.
  • You have to read emails and respond to customers accordingly.   

Knowledge of English is must. You must be able to write decent English. Anyone can apply because the job is online.

You can earn $10 – $12 per hour initially but later you can earn more.

16. Amazon mTurk

US citizens from any state can join Amazon mTurk (Mechincal Turk). Amazon mTurk basically provides different types of data entry work on behalf of various companies and third-party clients.

At mTurk you have to complete various tasks also known as HITs (Human Intelligence Task). There are normally 3 types of HITs/Tasks

  1. Micro Data Entry Work – Like Captcha solving, captioning, form filling etc. 
  2. Surveys – You take up surveys and answer questions correctly.
  3. Transcription Jobs – Converting audio files into word documents.

Entry level data entry operators can ignore transcription tasks because you need experience for that but they can start with micro data entry work and then go to surveys.

Most of the money you will make is by taking surveys. For surveys you can earn $.5 – $3 per survey. New comers can earn $1500 – $2000 per month.

However you have to qualify for the work. Your client would like to test you whether you are fit for the job or not. It is very common to get rejected here.

17. Online Surveys

Many of you would surprise to know that there are professionals in this country who make their living completing surveys online. Taking surveys is there full time job.

You don’t need to have any particular educational qualification.

You get paid for taking surveys which are short, medium and long. Shorter surveys have 8 – 10 questionnaires and longer surveys can have up to 40 – 45 questions.   

First you have to sign up with an online survey company, complete your profile and start taking surveys. On an average they pay you $2 – $5 for each survey.

Longer the surveys more the money! However you have to qualify for each survey hence it is not a cake walk. But if you are serious then online surveys could be one of the best entry level data entry job.  

18. Converting Documents

As the name suggests you convert documents from one form to another. For example most of the time you will asked to convert image files into text document.

You will be given jpeg files with screenshots of content written in English. You will read from the image and type it down into a MS Word file.

The content in one file could be a paragraph (100 – 150 words) or full page (500 – 600 words). You have to convert dozens of files daily.  

For converting one such file (containing 100 – 150 words) you will earn $2 – $3. Hence to make $100 a day you have to convert 30+ files.

19. Copy, Paste and Formatting Jobs

In Copy & Paste jobs you copy data from one file and paste into another. It’s that simple!

You copy data such as name, address, phone no, email from one file and paste it into another such Excel spreadsheet. You also have to do some formatting like creating bullet list, indentation, padding, customizing fonts etc. 

Each company will give specific instructions and you just have to follow them.

No problem if you have no experience with data entry work.

20. Proofreading and Editing

You get paid for proofreading content and editing them. You will be asked to proofread various articles, documents and websites. You have to correct grammatical and spelling mistakes and also remove typos.

However, your knowledge of English must be excellent and also you will require a lot of patience to read dozens of documents daily.

You can find proofreading and editing jobs on freelancing sites like Fiverr.com, upwork.com, Toptal.com etc.

After reading the entire article you will get an idea there are a lot of options for individuals who are looking for entry level data entry jobs from home.

In post COVID 2019 world, for most the jobs given below recruiters will allow you to work from home.

These jobs are readily available across America irrespective of the city you live in. You just have to do basic search on Google by typing in the data entry position (given below) you are looking for.

In the search result you will come across all the America’s top job portals like

  1. Indeed.com
  2. Glassdoor.com
  3. Simplyhired.com
  4. Careerbuilder.com
  5. Ziprecruiter.com

where you can find openings for the following 15 entry level data entry positions.

You can choose a job according to your educational qualification and interest. Each job in the list pays you almost $15 an hour on average.   

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