10 Easy Online Typing Jobs to Work from Home ($20 Per Hour)

Online typing jobs are the best ways to make $20 per hour and work from the comfort of your home.

Nowadays, almost everyone knows typing. That’s because we use PCs and laptops that come with a keyboard. As a result, most of us are at fair ease when it comes to typing something.

In some cases, it might be that you lack the necessary speed while typing. However, this isn’t a major problem since speed comes automatically when we increase our efforts on the keyboard.

No Need for Extra Skills

Typing Jobs from home for beginners

Since people like you and I acquire typing skills at a young age and continue using them in our daily lives, here’s something important that I must tell you about. And that is, they’re as many as superb 10 typing jobs for beginners.

Yes, I said beginners because you needn’t be a professional typist or keyboard operator or anything like that to get these jobs.

Just your ordinary typing skills that you would have learned at home, school, college, or even at work are enough.

By using these skills, you can make a lot of money, either full-time or part-time, that too, from the comfort of your home. Now surely, I’ve got your interest and attention.

Read further if you’re interested in using these skills and making some money. I will be discussing the best 10 typing jobs for beginners.

Who Can Take Typing Jobs for Beginners?

Surely, you might wonder whether you qualify for any of these typing jobs for beginners. Therefore, let me assure you that anyone who can use a keyboard and type an ordinary email easily can qualify.

However, here’re some people who should actually try and get any of these 10 typing jobs for beginners. That’s because these typing jobs can get you some good money.

  • Students
  • Home Makers
  • Seniors
  • Unemployed Persons
  • Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Freelancers
  • Anyone Looking for Part-Time Jobs
  • Persons With Disabilities

It’s not really necessary that you belong to any of these categories I mention above. As I said, almost anyone with some typing skills qualifies for these jobs.

10 Best Typing Jobs from home for Beginners

Now that we have a clear idea about who can apply for these jobs and the type of typing skills you need. Let’s move further to discuss the top 15 typing jobs for beginners.

These are available easily across the USA. In fact, you can find them on a full-time, part-time, or even seasonal basis.

1. Live Chat Agents


Nowadays, most businesses use Artificial Intelligence to chat with their customers. However, there’s not much that AI can do because customers have different needs. That’s where human intelligence such as yours and mine matter a lot.

This provides ample scope for us to work as Live Chat Agents, either from home or customer care centers. We have to take questions from customers and type our responses. You can find such new typing work on various special websites.

2. Closed Captioning Jobs

It might sound like something very specialized or technical. It’s not. Basically, closed captioning means giving what’s often known as subtitles for videos.

If you love watching videos such as movies, serials, documentaries, and ads, you’ll find this job interesting. They pay well too. Furthermore, you stand to earn more money if you can provide captions or subtitles in a foreign language.

3. Virtual Assistant


In simple words, Virtual Assistants work as a secretary for someone. The only difference is that they work from homes instead of offices. This is a superb typing job for beginners.

You’ll be typing lots of things such as email for your boss, typing letters for mailing, accounts, and other such stuff. Working as a remote Virtual Assistant is a superb option for students and homemakers, who wish to make extra money during seasons or earn their daily expenses.

4. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry jobs are the most common form of typing jobs for beginners. You can get these jobs almost anywhere. As a data entry operator or data entry clerk, your task is to take raw data from various sources that your employer will provide.

You have to key in that data on templates or formats given by the employer. This is basically a very easy job that requires only typing skills and some speed.

The reason I say speed is because data entry jobs usually come with a daily target. Meaning you’ll have to complete a specific number of data entries during the day.

  • Facebook Jobs
  • LinkedIn

5. Rewriter


As the term says, a Rewriter is a person that rewrites documents such as news, press releases, and other copies. They’re the medium between a writer and the editor. Usually, rewriters also serve as sort of proofreaders.

The editor or writer gives them a corrected copy. As a Rewriter, your job is to rephrase sentences so that they convey what the writer wishes to say without changing their overall manner. At times, you might have to rewrite entire documents, if necessary.

6. Transcriptions

The most common job for everyone in this vast field of typing is transcription jobs. There’re various kinds of transcription jobs. These are in the field of medicine, entertainment, business, and finance, as well as technology.

However, medical transcriptions are the easiest and most common among all categories of people that I mention above. You have to listen to audio files of talks between a doctor and their patient, take the relevant information, and type it to make a concise transcript.

7. Translator


And if you’ve native-level fluency in English and a foreign language, you can easily work as a translator. In fact, translators earn a lot of money, depending on the demand for the foreign language they know.

As a translator, you also have the option of working full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer and online or offline. There are many companies that hire translators to translate all sorts of documents for their customers.

8. Content Writer

A content writer’s job isn’t merely a typing job. That’s because it pays a lot of money too. Should you have excellent writing skills and a lot of passion for writing about various subjects of your interest, this is an excellent job that you could try.

As a matter of fact, content writers are always in demand. This is shown by the fact that even during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the demand for content grew by 23 percent while other professions saw a decline in employment.

9. Online Bookkeeper


Online bookkeeping is nothing but accounting. And I mean, keeping accounts of large sums of money. Generally, high-net-worth individuals and business owners hire online bookkeepers to maintain their accounts.

Therefore, you will require some superb math skills to keep an account of how much money comes in and goes out on a daily basis. You have to clearly type these accounts in the format or an Excel or other software given by your employer.

10. Moderator

Moderators are necessary to check and respond to comments by readers, followers, and visitors to social media pages, websites, and blogs.

This is a job where your skills to deal with people come into play. You have to respond to comments in a manner that people are happy while your employer does not feel harmed in any way.

That’s because there’re some people that can also post negative comments or even useless comments on social media pages and websites or blogs.

Closing Thoughts

There’re a few other jobs, too, such as proofreaders and editors. However, these aren’t strictly typing jobs and would require some experience in the field. The jobs I mention above are plenty and easy to find.

Another advantage is that these 10 jobs I mentioned above can be taken full-time, part-time, or even freelance. This depends on your need for an income.

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