20 Online Jobs for Teens (For 13 to 16 Year Old)

Online jobs are the most popular ways today to make some extra income on the side. 20 Best & legit online jobs for teens & students in 2022.

Nowadays, it is quite common for younger teens to work online. For one, child labor laws don’t apply to most online jobs for teens.

And secondly, the teenager can work from the comfort of their dorm or home.

As a parent or teenager aged between 13 years and 16 years, you might wonder what kinds of online jobs for teens are available. Actually, there’re quite a few.

And secondly, you might ask why should someone as young as 13 to 16-years old even work? Is it fair or how would it benefit them?

Therefore, let’s explore some of the benefits of working for teens as young as 13 to 16-year olds.

Online jobs are the best ways today to make some extra income on the side. 20 legit online jobs for teens (10, 12, 13, 16, 17 years old) & college students

Benefits for 13 to 16-Year Olds from Work

Before any teen between 13 and 16-years old takes a job, it’s necessary to understand the labor laws in brief.

Labor Laws

Usually, labor laws do not allow teenagers between this age group to take physical jobs at brick-and-mortar businesses.

However, there’re few exceptions to this rule. Any employer wanting to hire younger teenagers needs special permits and clearances from relevant authorities.

In stark contrast, online jobs for teens generally don’t come under the ambit of labor laws since they do not put a child’s health or life at risk and are non-hazardous.

As a result, employers don’t usually require a special clearance or permit before hiring 13 to 16-year olds.

Learning Life Skills

Taking an online- or for that matter- an offline job as a teenager helps them learn essential life skills.

These include a high sense of responsibility, understanding the value of money, developing savings and investment habits, independence from parents for funding education and other needs and also building an excellent sense of self-confidence.

These life skills play a major role in shaping the future of a teenager.

Therefore, an online job is also essential for learning for young teenagers.

If we see histories of some of the wealthiest people in the world, you’ll find that most of them took some job as teenagers.

If this sounds interesting enough, you might consider encouraging a 13- year old to 16-year old teenager to work.

And here’re some best online jobs for teens. I’m listing top 20 such online jobs.

20 Online Jobs for 13-Year to 16-Year Olds

These online jobs I’m listing don’t really require many skills. Therefore, any young teenager can safely apply and take them. However, remember to check eligibility before applying.

1. Online Surveys

These are the simplest online jobs any teenager above the age of 12 can do. There’re countless websites that offer online surveys.

They award points for every successful survey. These points can be redeemed for cash or shopping vouchers.

2. Online Games Testing

If you’re a teenager that loves online gaming, here’s your opportunity to make some money too. Game developers and companies want to test them before commercial release.

You can find game testing jobs easily online. And they also award points that you can exchange for cash.

3. App Testing

Similar to game testing is app testing. Here you’ll test apps from various companies small and large and see whether they’re easy to use. And detect glitches if any.

App testing websites also hire teenagers above the age of 12 as testers. All you need to do is write an honest review about your experience.

4. Blogging

Are you passionate about something? Try blogging. You needn’t invest on a website to start blogging.

Instead, open a free blog on websites such as Blogger.com and you’re in business already. Excellent writing skills are necessary.

You can make money by subscribing to Google AdSense once you get a certain number of followers. Read an any good online tutorial on how to open a blog.

Refer: 6 Best Google Online Jobs that Pay $20 per hour

5. Content Writing

Surely you’ll have written essays, compositions and short stories at school as part of your studies. Put these skills to use to become an online content writer.

There’s a huge demand for excellent content from blog owners, websites and other organizations. They pay well too. You can find excellent content writing jobs easily.

6. YouTube Videos

The world’s most famous YouTuber, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg of Sweden was also the youngest millionaire.

He began making excellent YouTube videos on how to play and crack Minecraft games with excellent and amusing commentaries.

His YouTube channel, PewDiePie is the topmost in its category around the world. You too can open a free YouTube channel and upload excellent videos.

7. Online Coaching

Are you good at playing any game? Try online coaching. You’ll be amazed at the number of students of your age that want to learn that game and are willing to pay for it.

Here, you’ll need superb knowledge about the game and some good teaching skills. Everyone wants to be on their school and high-school team and you can help them while making money.

8. Proofreading

This isn’t as complex as it sounds. Instead, proofreading is fairly simple. It comes under the category of microtasks.

You’ll have to check proofs of invitation cards, business cards, stationery and other simple material.

Your job is to detect any spelling errors and correct them. And you need to also provide proper punctuation where necessary.

9. Online Journalist

It’s possible to take a shot at online journalism by writing for your school newsletter or community radio station.

All it requires is a nose for news and the ability to present it properly. You don’t need a degree in journalism.

This job can be taken by anyone that’s 13 years old or more. In fact, this online job can make your way to a superb career.

10. Remote Assistance

Countless senior citizens and elderly folk around America and other parts of the world require online assistance to fix their computer software glitches.

As a teenager aged between 13 years and 16 years, use your knowledge about the software of all sorts to use.

You can offer remote assistance either as a freelancer or by signing up with countless small groups that provide the service. This job can fetch you as much as $50 per day or even more.

11. Reviewing Songs & Videos

Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana are some teenage stars that became very famous because of the fantastic reviews they got from teenagers.

You too can make money by reviewing songs and videos from a budding talent and upcoming young stars.

Recording companies require such reviews to push an album up the charts and they’re willing to pay you for these reviews.

12. Jobs on Fiverr.com

As the name of this website suggests, Fiverr offers motley, small tasks that pay you up to $5 only.

These are very simple jobs such as checking pictures, graphics, testing advertisements and several others that are suitable for teenagers of 13 years to 16 years age.

However, check the age eligibility criteria before bidding for a job online.

13. Jobs on Upwork.com

Upwork is an excellent website where any teenager can find suitable freelance jobs depending upon your skills.

Upwork.com charges a small fee to open your account. However, you can also opt for the seven-day free trial and make some money before going in for a monthly or annual account.

You can get enough online jobs for every skill. You’ll need a PayPal account for online jobs from Upwork.com

14. Online Order Processing

If you’re wondering how Amazon, eBay or other online sellers get your order right and deliver it on time, here’s the answer.

They hire young teenagers such as you to work online from home or dorm and process these orders.

Tasks include verifying that adequate stocks are available at the nearest order fulfilment location and delivery time.

You may have to respond to order updates also to keep the customer informed.

15. Self-Publishing on Amazon

Can you write stories based on real-life experiences or fiction? If so, then go for self-publishing on Amazon. Here you can publish your own book and sell it too.

It’s also possible for you to create and sell how-to manuals, guides, joke books and lots more. Ensure that you don’t charge too much for your book while starting.

You can be a teenage celebrity author if your book becomes a bestseller. It’s also possible to write and sell books about school and high-school subjects with Amazon Self Publish.

16. Website User Testing

Website and search engine testing is another excellent online job for teens between 13 years and 16 years of age.

In fact, this is a trend that’s been growing over the last few years. All of us know that Google is the largest search engine in the world. But not everyone uses Google.

Some companies launch own search engines and want you to test whether or not it’s working properly.

Similarly, companies want people to use and review their websites before they go for commercial launch.

17. Online Voiceover

Animation and cartoon film producers want people of your age to give voice to their cartoon characters. And they pay extremely well if your voice can suit any of these characters.

Lending your voice to someone is known as a voiceover. There’re studios and animation creators who require your service.

As anime gets popular, the demand for teen voiceovers also will witness a boom.

18. Social Media Assistant

This is a fairly simple work-from-home online job for every teenager. You will be reporting to a social media manager.

Your tasks include posting content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media accounts of the employer.

And sometimes, responding to comments they get from subscribers. Since you’re only assisting a remote working social media manager, there’s not much to do.

19. Selling Handcrafted Stuff Online

Use your spare time to create handcrafted stuff such as costume jewellery with beads, paintings and other art objects to sell on Etsy.com.

This website allows teenagers to open own marketplace and sell handcrafted stuff online.

You can get customers from all across the USA and even foreign countries by selling through Etsy.com.

20. Micro Influencing

And if you’re very popular at school or high-school and people love you a lot, work online as micro-influencer.

This means, you’ll promote brands, products, services or a cause through your social media pages and tempt people to become customers or subscribers.

Nowadays, a lot of large companies hire micro-influencers of all ages. That’s because it works cheaper than conventional advertising and appeals to the people.

Closing Thoughts

Before concluding, I also suggest you check the median pay for all these 20 best online jobs for teenagers. The pay may differ according to your location and work.

And finally, remember to pay your taxes if you make a large amount of money. Teenagers aren’t exempt from paying taxes.

While some jobs won’t pay that much to bring you taxable income, other online work such as blogging and YouTubing can send your bank balance soaring.

Additionally, always disclose your true age while applying to avoid getting disqualified from an online job and loosing money.

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