50 Best Entry Level Jobs Near Me (Hiring Now)

When someone talks about entry level jobs near me, the first thing that comes to our mind are those odd tasks taken by teenagers to earn some money during holidays. However, entry level jobs have a more significant meaning.

If you’re among those millions of Americans looking for entry level jobs, continue reading.

Definition of Entry Level Jobs

Entry level jobs are those you take when you want to enter a profession or even change your career.

Broadly speaking, entry level jobs are those where might or not require any special qualifications. These are generally fresher jobs.

In some cases, you don’t require any educational degrees or even some work experience. All that you require is a will to work and excel at what you’re doing.

There’re two kinds of entry level jobs.

  • Online: where you can do everything from the comfort of your home or office using a computer connected to the Internet.
  • Offline: you could be working at an office, premises of the employer, home or any location.

Regardless of which type you choose, online or offline, there’re plenty of entry level jobs available near you.

entry level jobs

Reasons to Take Entry Level Job

You might hold superb academic qualifications, enviable skills and long work experience. Or you might have none of these. However, these aren’t reasons that should stop you from applying for an entry level job.

In fact, there’re strong reasons why anyone can apply for a wonderful entry level job.

  • The first job you take when entering any profession is an entry level job.
  • Professionals wanting to earn extra income from a side-gig in a new field also take some entry level job.
  • Or teenagers that wish to make some money by working on holidays.
  • Stay-at-home moms looking for a gainful pastime.
  • People wanting to gain some work experience in a new profession.
  • Retirees and seniors who want an income to avoid digging into savings.
  • For learning more about some hobby, passion or interest to become an expert.

Regardless of whatever your reason, there’re plenty of opportunities available for everyone if you simply look around for entry level jobs.

Top 50 Entry Level Jobs Near You

A lot of employers small to large also look for entry level employees. That’s because their jobs are simple.

Sometimes, they prefer a fresher mainly to save on payroll expenses. And yet more recruiters look for entry level job applicants because they have temporary vacancies only.

Therefore, here’s our curated list of the top 50 entry level jobs. These are a mix of online and offline, fulltime as well as part-time jobs. You can choose one or more that matches your interests.

I’m listing these entry level jobs by profession & sectors.

Sales & Marketing Jobs

Sales & Marketing Jobs

Entry level jobs in sales and marketing field are most easy to find. That’s because the sales and marketing function forms backbone of almost every major industry.

1. Sales Assistant (Median Pay: $9.95/ hour)

The simplest and fastest entry level job anyone can get almost anywhere is one of sales assistant. And this is a wonderful job that can also fetch you some commissions other than the average hourly pay. Sales assistants work fulltime or part-time, online or offline. The job can be at a store, office or even from home.

The entry level job of a sales assistant offers best flexibility. It’s ideal for almost anyone that loves talking with people. If you’ve that superb ability to convince people. Sales assistants mainly help the sales team. While they speak with customers, a sales assistant also helps prepare invoices, note correct delivery address and maintain sales records.

2. Marketing Coordinator (Median Pay: $23/ hour)

A marketing coordinator helps coordination between the marketing, sales, logistics and customer service departments seamless and easy. This is a wonderful entry level job for people that wish to make a career in marketing of all sorts. Every company on this planet requires marketing and hence, there’re no shortage of these jobs.

To work as marketing coordinator, you’ll require excellent communication skills as well as the ability to multitask tirelessly. These are superb entry jobs since they enable you to get vital insights into almost every other division of a company- from production to advertising, sales and exports, logistics and finance.

3. Account Coordinator (Median Pay: $19.25/ hour)

An account coordinator in sales and marketing job has little to do with managing finance. That’s because the term ‘account’ in marketing signifies a client. As account coordinator you’ll be in charge of one or more customers of the company.

Usually, these will be large customers that’ve been doing business with the employer since long and hence, enjoy specific privileges such as credit and priority. As an account coordinator, your job is to communicate with these clients, understand their requirements, follow-up payments and arrange for troubleshooting where necessary.

4. Advertising Sales Assistant (Median Pay $14.95/ hour)

Advertising sales assistant, as the term suggests, help the advertising team at a company or a media house to advertise or get advertisements. Generally, you’ll come across lots of these jobs with newspaper companies and TV channels.

Coordinating advertising schedules with an advertiser, getting artwork or videos approved for broadcast, proofreading advertisements, assisting in drawing advertising strategies, seasonal campaigns and follow-up of payments are also some of the tasks you’ll handle.

5. Outdoor Promoter (Median Pay: $22.50/ hour)

Outdoor promoter is an excellent entry level job if you love going to new places and have superb interpersonal skills. Event management and advertising companies hire outdoor promoters. The job is fairly exciting. You’ll be going to various places and events where an organization wants to promote its brand and products or services.

Usually, there’ll be stalls or kiosks of the company at events such as exhibitions, meetings, conferences, summits and public gatherings or even other smaller day-to-day events, as well as different venues. Tasks involve creating a brand awareness by distributing company literature, getting names and contact details of interested persons and giving details about the brand and its offerings.

6. Sales Trainee (Median Pay: $8.85/ hour)

Sales trainee is an entry level job to make a career in sale. Some organizations hire sales trainees as their first step towards creating or hiring for a sales force. Generally, sales trainees are given all the small tasks and back-office job that would need the attention of the main sales team. This helps them to learn a lot about the entire sales chain.

As entry level sales trainee, your tasks would be to maintain charts and details about all sales a team nets over a period of a month or a week, follow-up calls to leads and clients, sending emails, preparing reports for the sales force and lots more. Here, you’ll learn all the tricks and tweaks to succeed in a sales career.

7. Public Relations Executive (Median Pay: $15.55/ hour)

Working as public relations executive isn’t an easy job by any standard. It involves dealing with the public and the press. And provide the necessary results to your employer. Of course, as entry level PR executive, you won’t be bearing full burden of these tasks. Instead, you’ll be assisting the main PR team or a PR manager.

Tasks involve writing or help in drafting press releases, sending emails to the media and interested members of the public, monitoring publication of these press releases in the media, arranging interviews with company officials and follow-up for publication, among others.

8. Marketing Analyst (Median Pay: $28.20/ hour)

The entry level job of a marketing analyst can be online or even offline. That depends upon the employer. If it’s an online job, you’ll be coordinating with a team of data analysts.

Depending on the date they mine, you’ll have to identify geographical areas where the market lies, buying trends, preferences, spending patterns and other information that helps your employer to expand their operations. Though an entry level job, a marketing analyst is very important to every organization.

If you’re an offline marketing analyst, the tasks could be a bit simpler. You’ll have to go through reports from the marketing team, sales team, customer feedback and other data to find information useful for the employer to boost business in the market. This is a superb job for every fresher: as competition in the market becomes hotter, increasing number of companies are hiring marketing analysts.

9. Customer Care Executive (Median Pay: $14.35/ hour)

Have you ever called customer care center of any organization? Then your call would most likely have been answered by a customer care executive. Though this is a job for a fresher, customer care executives are the frontline of every major organization that offers products and services. This is also the job that provides you a stepping stone to make careers at call centers.

A customer care executive patiently listens to a client, notes down what they say and offers simple solutions to resolve any issue or pass the class further to more experienced team members. Sometimes, you may have to call customers and get their feedback about your company or its services and products.

10. Retail Assistant (Median Pay: $11.35 per hour)

Working as retail assistant is the first step to make a career in the field of retail sales and marketing. You’ll be working under highly qualified retail salespersons and managers. The main objectives of a retail assistant is to provide a pleasant customer experience. These are generally offline jobs. Meaning you’ll be working at a retail store or showroom or boutique.

Retail assistants help the experienced sales staff by performing small tasks such as leading customers to the right locations in the store, providing basic information about a product and keeping the client busy till a senior takes over.

Journalism & Media Jobs

Journalism & Media Jobs

Working as a journalist is superb. It can make you famous and also rich. Journalism by any yardstick, isn’t a casual job. It requires serious effort and dedication. You may have definitely heard about some topmost journalists. However, they all began with entry level jobs to reach this position today.

11. Cub Reporter (Median Pay $10.95/ hour)

Trainee reporters at newspapers and TV channels and nowadays news websites are known as cub reporters. Regardless whether you’re a graduate from a journalism college or not, every reporter begins as a trainee. That’s because your seniors have to judge your sense of news, writing style, speed of work, language skills and lots more. They’ll promote you as a reporter only if you meet the standards set by the media organization.

Generally, trainee reporters rewrite press releases, cover soft events that’re of importance to the public such as opening ceremonies and develop a network of contacts that would prove useful to themselves and the media house in day to day coverage of news. They also assist senior reporters by gathering information from archives and libraries, where necessary.

12. Trainee Subeditors (Median Pay: $11.95/  hour)

Trainee subeditors assist subeditors, department heads and editors to fine-tune news reports and features filed by the reporting team. Their main task is to read raw news reports coming from the reporting team and newswires. They highlight areas that could be important to readers and identify grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors on a news copy.

Additionally, trainee subeditors also assist their experienced seniors to select the right pictures, captions, headlines and subheads for a news copy. At some media houses, they also provide basic proofreading services to ensure that a copy doesn’t get broadcast with spelling and grammatical errors.

13.  Junior Scriptwriter (Median Pay: $10.65/ hour)

Junior scriptwriters is an entry level journalism job you can find with TV channels. The work is very interesting. It requires creativity above anything else. You’ll also be helping the team of scriptwriters to create excellent scripts that catch attention of viewers. Basically, junior scriptwriters have to create scripts from transcripts and videos sent in by the team of reporters and freelancers.

Usually, you’ll be given just basic information and a video of something newsworthy. You have to transcribe the audio and video data to create a script that a newsreader can use. As junior scriptwriter, you won’t be dealing with very serious news in the beginning. However, you’re expected to become a good scriptwriter upon completion of training period.

14. Assistant Proofreader (Median Pay $9.95 per hour)

If you have superb grammatical skills and are good at spelling and punctuations, the entry level job of an assistant proofreader is just for you. Assistant proofreaders usually read out a copy while their senior colleague corrects it for typos, spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Later, you have to read out the proofread copy to the senior, who crosschecks it with the original.

The job helps you develop advanced proofreading skills that advance your career as proofreader and onwards to assistant or trainee subeditor.  Assistant proofreaders also work with printing houses that publish books, printers and other organizations where such services are useful.

15. Photoshop Assistant (Median Pay: $13.95/ hour)

Photographers at newspapers and newswires generally shoot newsworthy pictures in a hurry. As a result, they might not get time or opportunities to wait for perfect lighting and other conditions. That’s where Photoshop Assistants and Photoshop Editors come in. Usually, a news organization hires only those who hold a photography degree for these beginner level vacancies.

Your tasks are to help the Photoshop Editor to create a copy using various software that would appear perfectly when printed. That’s because a print or digital copy looks much different when printed on newsprint or other paper or even when published online on a website. Sometimes, you may have to blur parts of an image to meet sensitivities.

16. Assistant Photographer (Median Pay $12.25/ hour)

Working as assistant photographer is the best way to kick-start your career as a photographer with any news outlet. You might have learned a lot of tricks and tweaks about photography at an arts college or course. However, everything changes when it comes to working for a news company.  That’s because you won’t get perfect conditions for taking pictures in a hurry.

When you work as assistant photographer, you’ll learn the vital ropes of this trade. In fact, news organization Associated Press (AP) has won Pulitzer prizes for its news pictures. And most of these Pulitzer winning pictures were taken by people that began working somewhere as assistant photographers.

17. Editorial Assistant (Median Pay: $14.65/ hour)

Editorial assistants are usually people that will coordinate between the editor and other departments of a news organization. When you begin a journalism career with this job, it’s possible to learn almost everything it needs to be a good journalist. You’ll be managing all sorts of editorial issues to ensure there’re no hurdles and obstacles in news coverage.

As beginner or fresher, you’ll also be able to discover your field of interest in the very wide world of journalism. This is a job where your journalistic and administrative skills will come into play. There’s a lot to learn from this entry level job if you’re serious about making career as a journalist.

Transport & Logistics Jobs

Transport & Logistics Jobs

Transport and logistics are most important for every economy. In simplest words, it involves sending and receiving freight by air, rail, road and water to and from different places and coordinating their smooth delivery to consignees.

18. Shipping Clerk

A relatively very simple job, it involves creating Bill of Lading and Airway Bills for people that send freight with your company. Freight charges are decided by various factors such as margins between the transporter’s price and your company’s profits, type of documentation and services as well as destination.

Working as shipping clerk opens up doors to a wonderful career with any large airfreight, shipping, railroad or land transporter. Alternatively, shipping clerks also graduate as business owners by offering freight forwarding services.

19. Warehouse Assistant (Median Pay: $17.55/ hour)

Warehousing is an integral part of transport and logistics. Warehousing plays an integral part in fleet management and faster deliveries. It helps prevent wastage of goods and ensures that buyers and sellers have peace of mind when they ship consignments. Warehouse assistant jobs are good if you wish to make a career in logistics, which is a rapidly growing sector worldwide.

Warehouse assistants keep track of arrival and departure of cargo and update the computer systems to provide latest tracking updates to shippers and consignees. Warehouse assistants also check temperatures at various facilities at the complex to ensure proper storage temperatures are maintained to ensure goods don’t get spoiled.

20. Fleet Handler (Median Pay: $27.55/ hour)

A fleet handler’s job can prove very exciting if you’re looking at a career where you can use all you know about math and geography. Fleet handlers assist fleet manager to keep records about where any vehicle is located at any given point of time. This helps warehouse assistants and other logistic professionals to calculate estimated time to delivery.

Fleet handlers maintain records such as latest position of vehicles, road conditions and estimated time of arrival, availability of different kinds of freighters and trucks, manpower to drive trucks, stock of cargo containers and warehouse facilities. This is a job similar to solving jigsaw puzzles.

21. C&F Assistants (Median Pay: $24.95/ hour)

C&F Assistants help consignees and companies to clear and forward freight from Customs departments at ports and airports and forward them onwards to the final destination. They are an important link in the entire transport and logistics chain that ensure compliance with import and export rules and regulations of a country.

Any college graduate or high school fresher can work as C&F Assistant. Usually, as beginner at the job, you’ll undergo some training on export and import rules and regulations, shipping and freight management. Again, with logistics gaining extreme importance in recent years, this is a wonderful job to launch a career in the field.

22. Stock Clerks (Median Pay $21.25 per hour)

Stock clerks maintain records about the number of shipping containers their employer has on any given day. Thus, whenever any shipper needs a container, they’re able to provide one to the sales and marketing team. It requires maintaining the container code and registration number of each one separately. That’s because containers are owned by giant shipping companies and are meant for use on select sea routes only.

Some logistics companies also task their stock clerks with the responsibility to check whether a freight container is damaged or requires any repairs. Because sending a faulty one to a shipper can cause losses worth thousands of Dollars due to issues such as leakage and contamination, among others.

23. Assistant Trailer Driver (Median Pay: $20.50/hour)

You may have seen those long trailers tagging one or more sea freight containers on highways. Actually, these giant trailers aren’t driven by a single person. Often, it needs at least two people to ensure timely delivery of freight and prevent any traffic accidents on the highway. Hence logistics companies recruit assistant trailer drivers.

24. Freighter Cleaner (Median Pay: $18.95/ hour)

Working as freighter cleaner is the first step to become an assistant trailer driver and graduate as trucker. While it’s not really essential to undergo this duty to become a trucker, the work experience you gain really helps. You can earn more as trucker if you know how to clean a freighter too. Because all shippers want a clean truck to send their goods to distant places.

25. Labeling Clerk (Median Pay: $13.65/ hour)

A relatively simple job for beginning your logistics career is one of a labeling clerk. The tasks are very simple. You need to key in information such as shipper’s details, consignee and other important information on a computer and print the labels. The information appears as barcode on labels. You have to affix these labels on the freight boxes and containers, where necessary. You may also have to scan and capture data from incoming and transit freight.

Healthcare & Medical Sector Jobs

Healthcare & Medical Sector Jobs

There’re countless entry level jobs in healthcare and medical sector. However, you would require a degree in the related fields if you’re planning on a career in this very high-paying field.

26. Ambulance Driver (Median Pay: $29.95/ hour)

Driving an ambulance is far different than driving a truck or car. You need to be very careful and at the same time, have superb traffic sense to get a patient to a hospital within the shortest time possible. Generally, paramedics start their careers by working as ambulance driver. Or you can graduate as paramedic with the experience and some education in the field.

27. Nursing Assistant (Median Pay: $35.25/ hour)

Nursing is a very wide and specialized field. To become a certified nurse, you need to undergo a rigorous course at some nursing college. And to become a full-fledged nurse, you have to work as a nursing assistant. With this entry level job, you gain all experience and knowledge about working at different types of clinics with various medical specialties.

28. Lab Technician (Median Pay: $27.75/ hour)

Hospitals and clinics have several labs where they test diagnostic samples, food, medicines and other stuff. As beginner in the field, it’s possible to find the job of a lab technician with some qualifications in the field. Lab technicians work under pathologists and other experts to acquire knowledge for progress in their respective careers.

29. Claims Clerk (Median Pay: $27.85/ hour)

With most patients coming armed with medical insurance, hospitals and clinics now provide the additional service of helping them file claims. The task can be quite complex since you’ll have to fill-up templates provided by the health insurance company with details of diagnoses, medical procedures and treatment. This helps your employer get the money faster from the insurer, with fewer hassles to the patient.

30. Caregiver/ Medical Attendant (Median Pay: $20.50/hour)

Hospitals provide caregivers or medical attendants to their patients at an extra cost. Generally, patients that’re unable to care for themselves due to their medical condition or require company and constant care avail such services from caregivers and medical attendants. Students of nursing colleges can take this job to embark on a career, before graduation.

Federal & State Government Jobs

Federal & State Government Jobs

The US government comes up with thousands of entry level jobs every year. And they help you to make a long career while earning all benefits of a Federal employee. Here’re some jobs you can consider to enter this field.

31. City Carrier Assistant (Median Pay: $18/ hour)

Your mailperson most likely began their career with United States Postal Service (USPS) as City Carrier Assistant or CCA. The job of a CCA is to deliver mail on foot or bicycles or any other vehicle the USPS provides for the service. Working as CCA provide excellent scope for a long career at USPS.

32. Rural Carrier Assistant (Median Pay: $20/ hour)

Also a mailperson’s job but with some major differences. An RCA delivers mail in rural parts of America. Hence, they drive around in USPS vehicles making deliveries. At some locations they also provide basic postal services since USPS doesn’t have any nearby branches. This is also a superb Federal job for anyone looking for a career with the US government.

33. Field Agent (Variable Pay)

Did you ever dream of becoming an American version of the legendary spy James Bond? Then apply for an entry job with the Central Intelligence Agency as Field Agent. Any US citizen can apply for this position and CIA always needs Field Agents. They also train you in different types of skills necessary to become an entry level James Bond and more.

34. Translators (Variable Pay)

And if you’re an expert in some foreign language, you can also join as a beginner to translate messages for the CIA. The intelligence agency records a lot of things such as communications between terrorists and enemies of America as well as those between friendly nations to watch for any threats. If you know a foreign language, you can join the entire team that defends US interests.

35. Junior Analyst (Variable Pay)

Department of Homeland Security that came into being after the 9-11 terror attacks on the US also hires beginners for various positions. The best one among these is of a Junior Analyst. It involves analyzing data available from radio and Internet chatter and collating it against intelligence from other sources. DHS also provides necessary training to every fresher.

36. Border Patrol Agent (Variable Pay)

DHS deploys Border Patrol Agents at America’s international borders including maritime frontiers and airports. Their job is to keep America and its people safe from terror and other threats. DHS hires fresh graduates as Border Patrol Agents. These are very respected jobs with the Federal government and have superb career prospects.

37. Air Interdiction Agent (Variable Pay)

Air Interdiction Agents fly aircraft to intercept drug smugglers, terrorists and stop other airborne threats from entering American airspace. The DHS deploys AIA across the US. Generally, AIA’s are hired directly from college during campus recruitment drives. They train you in the profession by teaching flying and other interdiction skills necessary midair.

38. Medical Staff (Variable Pay)

Food & Drug Administration, DHS, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and other organizations of the US government require medical and paramedical staff for various purposes. They hire fresh medical grads for these positions. Qualified physicians, surgeons, dentists, paramedics can easily get these prized jobs.

Travel & Tourism Jobs

Travel & Tourism Jobs

Who doesn’t love to travel? If you’re among those jobseekers looking for an entry level job that takes you places, try any of these superb ones. They help you see the world while earning a decent income.

39. Airline Cabin Crew ( Median Pay: $48,000/ year + perks)

There’re not many educational qualifications that you’ll require to work as cabin crew with any good airline. Women and men that’ve completed high school or some college and have pleasant personality and a will to serve others are sought after by airlines. Though an entry level job that has a high demand, passing tests to become a cabin crew can prove tough.

40. Airline Ground Crew (Median Pay: $36,000/year + perks)

Anyone that’s taken a flight or been to an airport will definitely have seen women and men dressed in airline uniforms helping passengers with their baggage or to check-in. These are ground crew members. Becoming ground crew with an airline is also fairly easy and an entry level job, if you like. It doesn’t need much educational qualifications or any experience. And it has a superb career scope too.

41. Airline Loader (Median Pay:$36,000/year)

Wondered where all those bags that’re check in by millions of air passengers vanish? They’re taken care of by airline loaders. Once you check-in a baggage and it’s properly tagged, airline loaders take over. The baggage is carefully place in pallets which is then organized properly in the cargo hold of the aircraft. This is an intricate job since baggage has to be placed in a manner to maintain aircraft balance when flying.

42. Cruise Crew (Median Pay: $51,000/ year + perks)

Every major cruise liner in the world always has vacancies for different types of crew. These include crew to serve meals, clean the decks, entertain guests, guide them at foreign ports and provide other services. These are all entry level jobs that can be taken by anyone. At the same time, they also offer career growth. Anyone with high school education or some college can join these jobs.

Engineering Jobs

Engineering Jobs

This might come as surprise to quite a few jobseekers. There’re several wonderful entry level jobs in various fields of engineering as well. And they also offer excellent career growth if you have the necessary skills and are willing to exert extra efforts.

43. Software Engineer (Median Pay:$72,000/ year)

With Silicon Valley witnessing a year-round boom, software engineers of all types easily find jobs there and at various locations across America. That’s because all software giants have presence at multiple locations in the country while smaller ones operate from various other cities too.

44. Site Supervisor (Median Pay: $66,000/ year)

Any qualified civil engineer can enter the field of construction as a site supervisor. Large construction companies and infrastructure developers require a civil engineer to guide workers on various elements of the work. Site supervisors also file reports on progress of a construction project.

45. Safety Engineer (Median Pay: $80,000/ year)

A safety engineer can be from any engineering field. Their main task is to create rules and regulations for observing workplace safety to eliminate accidents. They also look at various hazards at workplace and take measures to eliminate those. Though an entry level job, it requires a lot of skill and extra efforts to ensure safe working conditions.

46. Automobile Mechanic (Median Pay: $55,000/ year)

Generally, every engineer that works on development or building a vehicle of any sorts works as an automobile mechanic at the beginning of the career. Understandably, their work is far more complex than those of auto technicians whose valuable services we use frequently. Auto mechanics test newly made cars for manufacturing defects and other issues. They also help assemble vehicles at workshops.

Academic Jobs

Engineering jobs

There’re some entry level jobs that teachers and academicians. These depend upon knowledge of the topic and require some basic teaching skills. At the same time, these ae high value jobs that not everyone is cut for. You can try these.

47. Assistant Lecturer (Median Pay: $22,500/ year)

Assistant lecturers help the main faculty in conducting classes and workshops. Since they’re adept with the subject, the also assist in checking exam papers and allocating marks to students. Generally, anyone can become an assistant lecture even while studying for the course, if they have exceptionally high knowledge about the subject and some ability to teach students.

48. Online Tutor (Variable Pay)

Qualified teachers needn’t wait for a job with a school anymore. Instead, they can register for online tutoring jobs with any of the large e-learning portals in America and abroad and begin working immediately. There’re instances where online tutors have become millionaires due to their method of teaching. If you’re completing a teaching degree, look for these jobs.

49. Lab Demonstrator (Median Pay: $20,000/ year)

Colleges and universities that offer science subjects require lab demonstrators to help students learn how to conduct practical and live experiments. They hire fresher students in the field for these positions. Hence, as science student you might find a job quickly within your educational institute. Lab demonstrators are generally required for Physics and Chemistry fields.

50. Language Trainers (Median Pay: $33,000/year)

Language trainers don’t really require a degree in literature or languages. Instead, you can be graduate from any field but have superb command over English or a foreign tongue to become a language trainer. But knowing the language merely isn’t enough: you also need adequate knowledge to teach its grammar and other elements. These are online and offline entry-level jobs.

Things to Look for in Entry Level Jobs

There’re several things one should look for while applying for entry level jobs. That’s because an entry level job can launch you for the first time on an exciting career or help you make one of your choice.

  • Future Career Growth: this is the first and most important element to look for before taking an entry level job. Unless there’s adequate career growth in the field of your choice, an entry level job might not prove worth the time and effort or also the pay.
  • Sustainability: also check whether the career you’re planning on making with an entry level job is sustainable for lifetime. Due to rapid changes in technology, lots of professions are becoming redundant and outdated now.
  • Continuing Education: Means finding out whether you have ample training courses to upgrade your skills to meet job market demands in the future. These can be online or classroom courses but they should provide vital skills necessary for meeting future challenges.
  • Recession Proofing: Will the career you’re choosing be affected by economic recession such as the one that Covid-19 pandemic has caused? Nobody can predict economic crises and its impact on your career. Hence, it’s best to go for a career that would offer highest level of protection from economic downturns.
  • Opportunities to Relocate: A career that offers ample opportunities to relocate within the country or abroad for growth is always the best. Hence, choose entry level jobs for careers that offer this flexibility.
  • Possibilities of Own Enterprise: And finally, choose an entry level job where you can learn enough to start own enterprise at a later date. We live in a startup era. Lots of professionals in various fields are opening own startups. This makes you the proud owner of a business and opens opportunities to strike rich.

Pay for Entry Level Jobs

Generally, most employers will offer you modest pay when taking an entry level jobs. That’s because you’ll not have many skills to offer. The only thing that can attract an employer would be your academic qualifications and interest in the career.

Never undersell your work merely because you’re taking an entry level job. That’s because you might harm your future prospects. At the same time, look for employers where you can learn more.

Wrap Up

As we can see from this curated list, there’re no shortages of entry level jobs. You could have any reason to take one such a job. However make sure that an entry level job suits your interests and above all, your career prospects. Not many are fortunate enough and able to change careers midway in life.

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