50 Best Entry Level Work from Home Jobs in Part Time that Pay $18 per Hour

In the post COVID -19 world, our entire way of life has changed. Social distancing has become a new norm and socializing with each other has become a thing of past. People’s movement and freedom has come under attack.

 This has taken a heavy toll on just mental health of an individual but also on his/her livelihood. Companies are laying off their employees because there is no demand, thanks to lockdown.

People are losing their jobs. Unemployment rate is all time high in USA. Those who are still employed have being asked to work from their homes.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Still in this country you can make money and at the same time save yourself from the coronavirus. But how?

The answer is Work from Home jobs. There are entry level work from home jobs which you can do from your home and earn a decent income more than $18 per hour.

In this article we are mentioning such 50 best real and legit part time work from home jobs that not only you can do from your home but also earn a respectable income every month, year after year.

Entry Level Work from Home Jobs

50 Best Entry Level Work From Home Jobs

So, let us read about them one by one.

1. Blogging

Do you have passion for something? If yes then share it with rest of the world and at the same time make money.

Start a blog with an intention to make money and not for having your profile online.  

There are most profitable and popular niches like travelling, cooking, gaming, educational, health & wellness, new, politics …… So many niches to choose from.

To make your blog successful focus on two aspects Content and SEO.

Focus on Creating unique and quality content that people would love to read. Build a relationship with them.

Objectivity is very important. Subjective blogs always fail.

Remember content is king!

Just writing content is not enough, you also have to market it. Hence you also need to learn SEO in order to beat your competition and always rank on the first page of Google.

Then monetize with Google Adsense. For each click on your ads you can earn $0.5 – $5 (CPC or Cost Per Click). With a daily view of 1000 you can earn $35 per day and $1000 Monthly. If views are 2000 then $2000 monthly and with 5000 views daily $5000 per month from home.

Blogging is a great entry level work from home jobs. You can do it part time or full time. You can set up your blog in just 30 minutes and get your first pay check in just 3 months.

You need to buy a domain and WordPress hosting in order to start your blog. You can do it quickly and easily with Bluehost WordPress Hosting.

2. Affiliate Marketing aka Internet Marketing

Now with same blog make money selling products. Choose products which are close to niche of your blog. Do Not choose anything else.

Upselling is different than Adsense, you need a sales page or a landing page. A powerful sales pitch is required.

You’ve to spend more time on marketing. If blog’s content is good then you can sell more often.

Blend your sales pitch with the content of the blog. It shouldn’t look like that you are pushing products on to people.

Join an affiliate network that pays commission honestly.

You can earn 5 to 8 times of Adsense income!

3. Amazon Seller

Ecommerce is next big thing in Post COVID-19 world. More and more people are going to shop online because of the lockdown and fear of getting the virus.

You can sell all kinds of products on Amazon to the people online and make commission for each product you sell.

If you want to become more than an affiliate marketer then Amazon seller is the way forward. Earn as much as you can.

Commission rates depends on type of products you are selling. It could be 1% to 8%.

Become an Amazon seller in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Sign Up for an Amazon Seller Account

Step 2: List Your Products

Step 3: Manage Your Inventory

Step 4: Ship Your Products and Make Money 

4. YouTuber and Social Media Influencer

In blogging channel of communication is written content whereas in YouTube its videos.  You can become a YouTuber and work from home.

Are you an artist and love to entertain people or a teacher who like to educate people?  

People who have an extrovert personality and love coming on to camera can become a YouTuber. 

Few Popular YouTubers for your motivation are PewDiePie, Smosh, Jenna Marbles, Yuya etc. You can be one of them!  

Start your own channel by choosing a niche you will make videos on.

CPC per views is less than blogging. For per 1000 views you make $4 -$6. But getting views for your videos is easier than getting in blogging.

On an average a YouTuber can earn $1000 – $3000 monthly.

You can also become an influencer on Instagram and sell products through images you post.

5. Freelancer Writer

Blogging may not be your cup of tea. Either it is because of SEO or not being able to find a niche, whatever may be the reason, but you can always become a freelance writer.

Man, Woman, College Student, housewife, retiree anyone can start writing.

No need for an office, no need to commute, just work from home with a computer and Internet.

You can work for clients anywhere in the world.  There is no dearth of opportunities.

Certain types of Freelance writers are web content/article writer, copywriter, technical writer etc .

You are paid for each word you write. For 1000 words article the client is ready to pay you anything between $5 and $25 depending upon the subject and quality of the article.

Freelance writer can earn $35,000 – $60,000 annually.

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6. Product Reviewer and Mystery Shopper

Make use of your writing skills and earn money as you wish.

Charge Money for writing favorable product reviews for various companies especially eCommerce giants like Amazon, Wal Mart, eBay etc.

For writing one review you can be paid $100 – $1000. You also get paid for writing favorable comments on Yelp for restaurants and food joints like McDonalds, Chiptole, Burger King etc.

Mystery shoppers get paid for testing products by going to a restaurant or shopping malls.

You give review about the product and services in the restaurant. Mystery Shoppers are hired to know people’s opinion about a product. You collect all the data and jot down a review in the form of a 1000+ word article.

Mystery shoppers can make $25 – $100 for one review. In USA there 2 million mystery shoppers.

7. Writer

This is an entry level work from home job but is not for everyone. I’m talking about professional writers and Not Freelance Writers.

You write books which is going to be published by a publishing house like Random House, Penguin. Your book copies will be sold all over the country and world.

You write a novel, drama, fable etc depending upon you. The money is great here. Top writers in USA earns more than $150,000 annually.

Money and Fame if book is a hit. Also covered by mainstream media!

You can also write for mainstream newspapers columns and magazines. You get paid for each word. You are paid 20 to 30 times more than a freelance writer.

But only few people can become a writer. 

8. Proofreading and Editing

Proofreader and editors can earn up to $30 – $35 per hour, same as a freelancer writer. So don’t take it lightly it is a serious job.

People who have an eagle eye and can spot errors like grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes and wrong sentence formation can become proofreaders and editors.

Command over the language is very important here.

Proofreaders are wanted by publishing houses, websites, bloggers etc to read and edit their articles and other documents. 

You can easily do this job from home and later turn it into a big business. There is no shortage of clients.

9. Data Entry Jobs

This is the easiest form of data entry work. It is a better option if you can’t either become a blogger or a freelance writer.

Data Entry jobs Include

  1. Converting Image File into Text Document – Paid for converting per 1000 files.
  2. Audio to Text
  3. Copy & Paste Work and Formatting Word & Excel Files

You can search online (Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn etc.) for data entry jobs but beware of frauds. First confirm on phone, visit their office and then go ahead.

You can easily earn $20/hour. But it requires a lot of patience. Typing speed of 40 – 50 WPM is must.

You can do this work from home part time jobs just with a computer and internet.

10. Entry Level Work from Home Jobs with mTurk

People who are more serious about Data Entry jobs and want to work just with one company and not change every month. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is the answer.

At Amazon mTurk you will find various tasks given on behalf of companies and clients.

You got to complete the tasks and get paid for your work. At Amazon mTurk a task is called HIT and you have to complete these HITs.

Before a task is given you have to qualify for the task. The client would like to test and see if you are capable enough to undertake the task. There are high chances of getting rejected.

3 Types of HITs

  1. Data Entry Jobs – Regular Data entry work
  2. Completing Surveys
  3. Transcription Jobs

Each HIT pays you just 5 to 10 cents, with surveys you are paid more. Try to choose HITs which pays more.

1000 HITs can make you $15 – $18 in a day.

If you want to earn more than $18/hour then complete at least 5000 high paying HITs a day. mTurk is a serious data entry job. 

11. Medical Transcriptionist

Want something more than Data Entry Jobs? Medical transcriptionist is a difficult form of data entry work. Job’s are easily available in USA.

You will listen audio files and convert it into Word Documents.

Unlike Data Entry Work, here you need some training and hand-on experience for at least 2 years.

Audio is very tough to convert because nothing is clear to you. You type dictations from doctors who have different accent.

Audio files include voice mail messages, phone call recordings, conference calls, a conversation between a doctor and a client etc. It is quite difficult to convert.

Skills required are great listening skills, familiarity with medical jargons which comes only with experience and typing speed of above 60 wpm.

However, you can earn 4 to 5 times more than a regular data entry worker. Earn up to $60,000 annually if have some experience.

It can be done from home, all you need to set things up is a computer, internet and certain software given by the company.

12. Contracted Medical Coder

Medical Coder is also bit like Medical Transcriptionist but with a difference.

Medical coder reads the patient’s report, analyze his/her medical history like illness being diagnosed & treatment given, then based on charts and reports medical coder transcribes patient’s medical history.

Medical Coder will transcribe codes into a “Shorthand” style writing which is used by doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to know patient’s medical history easily.

As the job suggests it’s not for everyone, you need some sort of certificate in medical billing and coding if not a degree. Prior work experience is also required.

Medical coder earns same as Medical Transcriptionist. They are hired by hospitals and insurance companies. They give complete flexibility to work from home.  

13. Part Time Work from Home Jobs on Fiverr

Very popular site, just sign up, set up your gig, offer your work to a global audience, deliver your work and get paid by the client. Joining is free.

One project or task can pay you between $5 and $10,000.

All Types of work like Designer, Developer, Writer, Editor, Marketer, Artist etc are there. You can sell your work here!

It’s a great place to find work for people who are jack of all trades. Suppose you are a Social Media Marketer but also have a great knowledge of SEO then you can offer both services for a price of say $20 or $30.

If you are a coder and also a great musician then you can offer both services. People who are multi-talented can find right gigs and clients on Fiverr. You always get paid!

An Online and work from home job.

14. Online Survey Jobs / Taking Polls

Although Data Entry Jobs do include survey jobs but they are not what we are talking here.

There are individuals in this country who are professional survey-takers.  Their full-time job is to take surveys, answer the questionarie and give it back to the company.  

Polls are conducted by big survey companies like Neilson or Pew on different topics like politics, foreign affairs, consumer goods, religion, elections etc.

You will take up surveys with 10 to 20 questions depending upon length of the survey. Usually it will take 2 mins to 20 minutes to complete one survey.  Bigger the surveys more the money you make.

For one survey you get paid $1 – $25 depending upon the number of questions and complexity of those questions.

Full time professionals are making $25,000 – $45,000 annually taking polls.

15. Web and App Development

Website Development or App Development is for professionals who are very experienced in their field and have clienteles across the world.

You need an experience of 4 to 5 years (minimum) with web development skills and knowledge of software like Java, .NET, Python, PHP etc.

The challenge is not learning technical part but developing your business. You have to get clients so that you can offer your services to them. For that you have to be in this industry for 3 to 4 years.

Although you will need a team of developers at least 4 to 5 people but you can manage from your home

Money is great, you can make millions of $$$ but the job is not for everyone. 

16. Programming/ Coding Jobs

If you can’t start a Web or app development firm then you can do programming where you write codes for your clients.

You don’t have the burden of finding clients or dealing with any business aspect. You just have to be a programmer/developer and offer your services.

Whether your expertise is in Windows Application Development or Web Application Development or you are a system side programmer you just have to write codes and sometimes fix them. 

You must have coding skills in languages like C, C++, Java or .NET. Anyone of them! Some prior experience would be great.

You can find coding jobs which can be done from home on freelancing websites like upwork and Fiverr. 

17. Stock and Forex Trading

One unique aspect of Stock Trading is it can make you rich. No other work from home jobs mentioned in this list can do so.

Money is great so is the risk. If you have a fair bit of knowledge about the markets like equites, derivatives, commodities or currency market then you can try your fortune in financial market.

The returns are 10%, 30%, 50% and even 100% in just one day. If you invested $10, 000 then you can earn between $1000 and $10,000 profit in one day.

However, if you lose, your account gets cleaned up.

If you know markets how it behaves and ready to do research then this job is for you. Otherwise just let it go.

But the point is you can work from home. You just need one or two computers with high speed internet. 

18. Virtual Assistant

Next few jobs mentioned in the list are social media related.

To be honest virtual assistant jobs aren’t too many but they are growing in number over the years. Especially after coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown work from home has become a necessity.

So individuals, companies and other third party clients are now more interested in hiring assistants who can assist remotely sitting in their homes. Such assistants are known as virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant can be a hired employee or a freelancer who assists their clients via VOIP services like SKYPE, Zoom etc.

Their job typically includes daily chores like scheduling, organizing, sorting, planning and designing as per instructions given by their clients.

A virtual assistant can earn $20 per hour with some experience.

19. Social media Moderators

Social media moderators or managers are responsible for moderating comments and feedbacks given by people online on various social media platforms and online forums.

For example, if you are running a Facebook page on a controversial topic and don’t want any politically motivated bold comments then you can hire a social media moderator whose job will be reading all the comments and block those comments manually which are against their policy.

They moderate comments on not just social media platforms but also websites and threads in online forums.

Social media moderators can earn $15 – $18 per hour depending upon the company they are working with. Most of the jobs are freelance types.

20. Search Engine Evaluators and Website Tester

Search Engine Companies like Google, Bing etc are always in competition with each other to give best user experience to their customers.

Hence they keep modernizing their search engine algorithms every single day. But before going public they would like to test their new changes. And for testing they require search engine evaluators or testers.

You as an evaluator will perform searches and give feedback to the company regarding quality and accuracy of the search results. So that company can improvise.

Similarly a website tester tests a newly launched website for various parameters like user interface, site navigation, loading time, site performance etc and give them feedback.

Both can easily make above $15 an hour with some experience.

21. Internet or General Researcher

Internet researchers’ job is bit tough because a lot of research work is involved here. Your work involves gathering data and stats, identifying a trend, research about a particular product etc

You also have to answer questions asked by your clients online. The answer must be well researched and very accurate.

Top internet researchers can easily make above $30 per hour if they have some prior experience particularly in fields like marketing and finance.

However, the job is not for everybody because here you need great analytical skills to interpret data and stats. You also have to create detailed reports and submit to your clients.

22. Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. It is replacing the conventional form of marketing which is mainstream media like TV, Radio, Newspaper etc. In next 5 years digital is going to replace analog.

Hence there will be no dearth of digital marketing jobs. However what makes digital marketing great is it allows you to work from home which is not possible in traditional marketing.

Digital marketing jobs like on-page SEO, link building, social media marketing, content creation can be done from home. 

Digital marketing agencies are looking for digital marketers especially SEO executives. A competent SEO executive who can deliver results are in great demand by not just digital marketing agencies but also businesses and individuals who want to rank their website on the first page of Google. 

A newbie can make $15 – $18 per hour however an experienced SEO expert can earn up to $40 per hour.

23. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring Jobs is one of the best entry level work from home jobs. In this post coronavirus world, you can earn millions of dollars with online tutoring.

With total or partial shutdown children are definitely going to miss their schools and colleges. Due to the fear of the contagion they would be more willing to take classes online rather going schools and colleges.

No doubt this business is going to grow and you just have to tap into this market.

Tutors can teach children online via Skye or Zoom. You conduct classes which are 40 mins long and for each session you charge a fee. In one batch you teach a group of 10 – 15 students online.

You can teach online various subjects like English, Math, Physics, History, Accounting, Literature anything. However, English is the most lucrative subject because you get clients from all over the world.

Initially when you start your career you can join Tutor.com however with experience you can develop your own platform and get clients directly. You don’t have to depend upon someone else.

24. Offline Tutoring – Homework Tutoring/ Home Tuition

If you are not ambitious enough to teach online then you can go for offline tutoring. You don’t have to bother about getting clients/students from all over the country or setting up software on your computer. 

You just have to get them from your neighborhood.

In one batch you can enroll 10 to 15 students and teach them in your home. You don’t have to hire an office space you can teach them in your guest room. You can take 2 to 3 batches in a day.

So you will be teaching 30 to 45 students. Later you can expand and enroll more students per batch.

You can teach them basic subjects like high school math and science.

Offline tutoring can easily make you more than $20 per hour.

25. Develop Courses and Sell on Udemy

As I said earlier, in the post coronavirus world distant learning is going to be a new normal. When schools and colleges remain shut, children and their parents have no option but to go for distant learning.

Other than online tutoring they would also be interested in buying online courses. The most popular platform that has emerged in recent years is Udemy. Here students can buy whichever courses they like and learn the subject.

If you have being teaching a particular course for years and have become an expert then you can create a well-structured course and sell on Udemy. For example, you teach English then create a comprehensive course on this subject, join Udemy, set a price for the course, upload the course and start selling.

Your course must contain a series of 10 – 35 minutes long videos along with a number of articles written on the subject. Everything is digital & online. You don’t have to create any hard copy and worry about shipments .

26. Translator and Interpreter Jobs

Translator’s and interpreter’s job are to convert documents and videos from one language to another by either writing or speaking.

Bilingual translators have to know only two languages but multilingual translators have to know more than 2.

The more the language you know more the money you make. Some of the languages that are in great demand are Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Russian.

Educational institutions, MNCs, governmental organizations, embassies require translators and interpreters to perform their job in various capacities. Not all jobs can be done from home but certain jobs like translating documents and videos can be done from the comfort of your home.

Median income is really great and there is an opportunity to earn $45,000 – $60,000 annually. 

27. Call Center Jobs From Home

Call Center jobs are spread across industries whether they are food and beverage companies like Mac Donald’s, Burger King, Chipotle etc or technology companies like Microsoft, HP or Dell they all need Customer Care Agents.

Instead of taking calls from an office, agents take customer’s call from their homes and assist them.

Earlier American companies used to outsource this job to other countries but after Trump companies have started hiring people within USA.

Moreover, with lockdown in effect more and more companies want their employees to work from home.

You just need a computer, a calling software and few other equipment for answering calls from customers.

Although you earn $12 – 15$ an hour but the way things are going especially lockdown situation, in coming days the hourly pay can rise up to $20 – $25.  

28. Customer Support Via Email/Chat

For those of you who can’t get a job as a customer support agent can go for customer support via email and chat.

Here you help your customers through emails and online chat instead answering phone calls. Usually getting a call center job is tough because you need great communication skills but here you don’t need to talk just write an email and chat.

Email and chat support agents are allowed to work from their home. The job is less hectic and very easy as compared to a call center job. 

But the only downside is the money. You earn at best $8 – $10 an hour. Almost half of what a call center customer support agent earns. 

29. Telephone Nurse Jobs

Medical and Healthcare industry is very big in USA, it worth more than $3.5 trillion. So there is no dearth of jobs in this industry.

Earlier we talked about medical Transcriptionists and medical Coder but now I will tell you about telephone nurse.

Telephone Nurses work with their patients via phone. They assist them if they need any emergency medical treatment or if the situation is bad then encourage patients to meet the doctor in person.

They do it over the phone and not by going patient’s door to door.

Their prime job is to prevent patients from unnecessary visits to hospital or doctors’ office.

If you have a nursing degree and a cool temper then you must apply for this job.

On an average a telephone nurse can earn $25 per hour working from home.

30. Virtual HR or Online Recruiter

Although many Human Resource Managers (or HR) work from their homes but they do go to office at times. Freelance HRs have their own office.

HRs can absolutely work from their home without even visiting their clients for months. Their job is to recruit candidates as per their clients’ requirement. HR identifies candidate’s skillset needed for the job and hires them accordingly.

Whether a HR has to give recruitment ads in newspapers/websites (like monster.com) or run a marketing campaign, they can do it from their home.

HR recruiters have always worked from their home and there is nothing new about it.

You can also become a HR manager, hunt talent online and get paid by the company for each candidate you help them recruit.

31. Graphic Designer and Editor

Graphic Designing is a very creative job. Individuals who love creating graphics and designing beautiful visuals can become a graphics designer. Graphic designers know to work with software like Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator for creating great graphics.

Graphics designers design digital elements like websites, logos, photos, infographics as well as physical products like brochures, flyers etc.  

Graphic designing job gives you full freedom to work as a freelancer from the comfort of your home. You get to choose your clients whom you will work with and what types of projects you will take.

A graphic designer can earn $15 – $30 depending upon his/her creativity.

32. Animation Jobs

According to Labor Bureau Statistics almost half of the animators in USA are self-employed and work from their home.

Animating job needs great creativity and imagination. The job is bit tougher than the job of a graphic designer.

You have to create expressive characters, build a story around them and then using high quality software and motion data turn these characters into animations.

Animators can work for a company or as a freelancer and are free to choose their clients and projects. Animators can earn $20 – $40 an hour depending upon their talent and the quality of work they produce.

33. Selling Photography Online

You all know to take selfies. You can also learn how to take professional photographs from your smartphone. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone you can take professional photos and sell them online on websites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStock Photo and many more.

For each photo you are paid anything between $.25 – $50 depending upon the photos you have taken.

Professional photographers make their living by selling photos online. They also use Instagram to promote their photos and get new clients.

You don’t even have to buy a new camera. You can start taking photos from your smartphone.

For a professional photographer earning $3000 – $5000 per month by selling photos online is no big thing.

34. Voice Over Artists

I don’t think this job is for everyone, I just mentioned in the list because it is a creative job just like designing graphics and animation.

To become a successful voice over artist you need a right kind of training and a mentor very early on in your career.

Voice over artists can find voice acting jobs in various niches like cartoons & animations, TV commercials, TV documentaries, video games etc. You have to choose a niche where you can fit in.

 You can find all kinds of voice over work as a freelancer on fiverr.com. You can also join a group of voice over artists on companies like voices.com and earn as much as you like.

A voice over artists in USA earns $55 per hour (minimum) and there is no limit to maximum income. 

35. Musician and Lyrist

Another creative and artistic work from job is composing music. Musicians can compose original soundtrack for various clients and get paid handsomely for each composition.

You are not going to compose music for big media houses like Paramount Picture, Universal Studio, Disney but for small clients like TV ads, YouTube promos, presentations, trailer etc.

For each composition you can earn $100 – $1000 depending upon the soundtrack you compose and the client you are working with.

36. Consultant/Counsellor

In USA counsellors and consultants will never run out of business. Clients across the industries seek guidance and help from consultants to grow their business. Whether you are a HR consultant or a Financial Consultant or an IT Consultant or a Real Estate Consultant every startup needs them.

Similarly, whether you are a career counsellor or mental health counsellor clients are going to come to you for right guidance.

Most of the Consultants and Counsellors operate from the comfort of their home. In USA they earn up to $100,000 annually.    

37. Accountant and Auditor Jobs

Usually when accountants and auditors start their career, they work for different companies 9 to 5 to gain experience. But after few years when they have enough experience and expertise in their field, they start giving their services as a freelancer.

Some accountant chooses to rent an office space while others offer services from their home. There is nothing new to it.

Accountants earn $60,000 – $100,000 annually on an average.

38. Event Manager

As the name suggests you organize events and social functions like wedding, birthday parties, office parties, funerals etc.

You will be responsible for booking venues, handling logistics, managing budgets, invoices, guests and the smooth functioning of the entire event.

Although event managers can operate from their homes but they have to be at the venue on event’s date.

$35,000 – $50,000 annually.

39. PR Jobs from Home

PR or Public Relations job also gives you an opportunity to work from home. Most of the PR are freelancers and work either from their office or home.

Their job is maintaining a good image of their clients in the eyes of general public. Dealing with the media is their main business.

Their clients could be big corporations, celebrities, politicians and other powerful individuals.

Top PR specialists earns in millions $$$ every year because their clients are rich and powerful people of the society.

40. Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer to Lending is lending money to people for returns in the form of interest on the principal amount.

Usually banks don’t lend money easily to people who want to start a business. It is because their eligibility criteria for loans is very strict. But Peer to Peer lenders have relaxed rules for lending money.

However, to start this business you must have enough capital to lend and also means to recover money from your borrowers.

41. Mail Order Business

Mail Order Business is basically a cheapest form of marketing and anyone can start this business.

You promote a product through mass mailing to interested leads/people all over the country.  

You just need an envelope, stamps, brochures, flyers, pamphlets and few other stationery items.

You can easily earn $20 – $30 per hours with this business. 

42. MLM Business

Multi-Level Marketing is not a new business. It is basically a pyramid scheme where you join a health and wellness company like Amway, Herbalife, Avon etc become an associate/affiliate and start promoting their products.

You have to get new members under your network, more the member join under you more the money you make.

So get registered with a company and start promoting their products. A successful MLM marketer can earn $60,000 – $90,000 annually. 

43. Air BnB Host Jobs

I think I don’t need to tell you about this. You already know it!

You can rent your entire house or a room for few days to tourists and make some money out of it.

You just have to list your house on AirBnB and find out how much it worth. For one night you can earn $100 – $2500 depending upon the house and the city you live in.

No extra investment is required.

44. Personal Chef  

Instead of working 9 to 5 for a 5-star hotel or a big restaurant chain you can become a freelance chef and work only with clients you like.

You cater to very high-profile clients who are willing to pay any amount of money. You need great culinary skills and innovation for creating new recipes.

A personal chef easily earns $60,000 – $120,000 annually depending upon his/her experience and clienteles.

45. Childcare or Day Care Center

Working parents who can’t look after their little ones during office hours have to put them in a childcare center.

This business is very lucrative especially in all the metropolitan cities of the country. You don’t have to invest in buying an office for your day care center. You can turn your home into a childcare center.

If you take this as a full-time business then you can make well over $90,000 annually.

46. Pet Care or Pet Grooming Business

People in America love their pets. Have you ever thought of opening a parlor for pets only?

Pet care or pet grooming business involves cleaning the animal and styling them. You also have to groom them as per the demand of your clients. 

You have to hire people for this business but it can be started from your home.

You can earn $30,000 – $45,000 annually or even more if you take Pet care business seriously.

47. Beauty Parlor, Massage Parlor, Boutique Store etc

Massage parlor, beauty parlor or a boutique store is age old home-based business ideas. Women who want to work from home and have limited educational qualification can start such businesses.

With an initial investment of $35,000 – $50,000 you can start a beauty or a massage parlor from home. If your business flourishes then you can easily recover this money in just 2 years.

48. Nutritionist

Nutritionist consult their clients by telling them what they will eat in breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner. They also assist them in losing and gaining weight.

Nutritionists need to advertise themselves online and offline to get new clients and also stay in touch with other nutritionists. 

They can easily earn $30,000 – $60,000 annually depending upon their clients.

49. Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishers are always in demand for creating new designs and layouts for brochures, newspapers, pamphlets, bill board posters etc.

They just need the text, graphics and software suite like Adobe or Microsoft Publisher to create the finished products.

You can start this business from home because you need a high-speed computer, internet, different types of printers and a licensed software. 

50. Gadgets Repair Shop

You will be repairing smashed iPhones and iPads of people who can’t buy a new one. You will also repair desktop, laptops and other gadgets.

You can establish the shop in your basement or garage. You must be familiar with complex electronic circuitry in order to fix gadgets and their components.

You will require tools like circuit boards, soldering iron, sponge, magnifying glasses etc to start the repair shop.

With an initial investment of $10,000 you can earn $25,000 – $45,000 annually.

So these are 50 Best, real and legit entry level work from home jobs can definitely pay you well over $18 an hour. You got to choose anyone of them which suits you the most.

Finally, I would say in this post COVID -19 world work from home is a new reality and we have to adapt accordingly.

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