25 Most Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” With this famous, the ancient Chinese philosopher and cult figure sums up the importance of choosing a profession that closely matches our interests and hobbies.

Because, when we love to do something, we’re never bored. Instead, we think outside the proverbial box and strike new, innovative ideas. And we seldom feel tired, despite exerting exert extra effort.

I broadly define these kinds of jobs as ‘fun jobs’. You enjoy so much that it never strikes as some boring duty and you will have least stress with these jobs.

Finding Fun Jobs That Pay Well

fun jobs

Most of us have some clue about the kind of fun job we’d love to have. It depends upon our interests and passions. Therefore, the best way to find a fun job is identifying what interests you.

And finding out whether you’ll be happy doing that all life. Because a career is something that defines your entire life and lifestyle.

Second, find whether the job you believe would be fun pays well. If not, you could shelve it as pastime or a hobby and work on it during spare hours as freelancer. That way, the fun job can become a profitable side-gig.

And finally, check the future scope of your fun job. This means finding whether a large demand for the job will continue over your working life. Unless there’s ample scope for growth and possibilities to make a lifelong career, you might be forced to change careers midway in life.

25 Top Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Once you follow the above steps, here’s a list of 25 top fun jobs that pay well. These easy and low stress jobs are time-tested and proven.

They’ll continue to be relevant and in demand through your lifetime. That’s because these jobs are irreplaceable.

The salaries are purely indicate and based upon latest information available from various reliable sources such as Payscale.com, Salary.com, US Bureau of Labor Statistics and job portals, among others.

1. Brew Master (Median Pay: $47,890/ year)

A brew master’s job is real fun. They play with grains, fruits and other stuff to create superb liquor such as whisky, brandy, rum and gin among others that fetch very high prices in the local and foreign market.

They also maintain consistency in the taste and aroma of every single batch of booze they prepare. Ever wondered why your Scotch tastes and smells the same bottle after bottle? That’s the work of superb brew master.

2. Craft Brewer (Median Pay: $46,967/year)

We’re fed up with those traditional beers aren’t we? That’s why we see those craft breweries or mini breweries cropping all over the country.

The offer unique beers available on their premises and made with lots of unusual or exotic stuff.

In fact, craft beers are the latest trend and craft brewing is a fun job. A craft brewer can use their creativity to make wonderful beers that people haven’t ever tasted before.

3. Winemaker (Median Pay: $46,192)

Imagine making that perfect wine which everyone wants? Actually, that’s the dream of every winemaker.

Every wine lover wants to try their hand at creating a fabulous wine that would make waves worldwide.

If that’s your passion and would love to showcase your winemaking skills to the world, check out this fun job: as winemaker. You might end up winning a world class award for the wines.

4. Wine Taster (Median Pay: $65,000/year)

Wine taster or sommelier isn’t a career someone builds with just a degree. Instead, it requires a great deal of interest and understanding about all different kinds of wines that exist in the world.

A good sommelier that can curate wines and classify them on basis of taste, vintage and other details can even earn as much as $160,000 per year or more, says the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

5. Chocolatier (Median Pay: $40,118/ year)

I love chocolates even now. And nothing makes us gladder than getting a box of superb and sometimes imported chocolate as gift.

Surely you’ve heard about brands such as Ritter, Suchard, Toblerone, Van Houten, Lindt & Sprungli among others.

These are either the names of famous chocolatiers or their creations. This is one of the dream jobs of most people but few actually pursue.

6. Confectioner (Median Pay: $41,500)

As bookworm, I once read a fabulous essay by British poet and author Walt Whitman about how a child loves sweets and confectionery during childhood but grows away from them during later years.

Indeed, I too was fascinated by those different types of confectionery at stores while a kid. Though it didn’t strike me to pursue confecting as a career, you could bring smiles to millions of children by making wonderful sweets as a confectioner.

7. Pastry Chef (Median Pay: $47,102/ year)

Star-rated hotels and resorts as well as top-of-the range bakeries in America hire pastry chefs.

This is a profession where you can make a career either working for a world-class chain of hotels and resorts of with your own patisserie. This is a profession that doesn’t even have a retirement date. Above all, it’s fun.

8. Food Critic (Median Pay: $50,004/ year)

This one is for food lovers and connoisseurs who can provide perfect reviews about what they eat and drink.

Food critics are hired by newspapers, magazines, TV channels, travel guides and of course, restaurant rating agencies.

This job is all about appreciating food and writing honest reviews that would help other diners. You get to dine free at some of the priciest restaurants in the world.

9. Cruise Director (Median Pay: $63,185/ year)

Anyone that loves the sea, traveling to distant land and enjoying all the best that life has to offer will find the job of a cruise director very enjoyable.

Of course, like any other job, a cruise director also has her or his own share of woes.

You’ll be around a cruise liner arranging shore trips, entertainment and other events for guests. And you’ll definitely be visiting quite a few exotic places and countries.

10. Personal Shopper (Median Pay: $47,798/ year)

Personal shoppers don’t really shop for anyone. Instead, they motivate people to buy something that a company or store or boutique wants to promote.

They make a lot of money by means of commissions on every sale too. This is a job you’ll love since it’s fairly easy.

All you need to do is subtly convince someone to buy something without sounding like a salesperson.

11. Travel Writer (Median Pay: $73,250/ year)

This is one of my favorite jobs. Travel writer. Though I’ve worked briefly as a travel writer, I can surely testify it’s full of fun.

The job took me around the world, to some of the most exotic destinations and meet wonderful people from cultures as diverse as South America to Far East.

And the company that wants you to write about the destination pays for your trip. This is for ones bitten by the travel bug and the adventurous.

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12. Flight Stewardess/ Steward (Median Pay: $41,881/ year)

For those who love serving people and are bitten by the travel bug, I would suggest working as a flight attendant or flight stewardess or flight steward.

The designations are different but the nature of job is the same. You welcome flyers, serve them and make them comfortable, help in emergencies and enjoy at the destination, if you have a layover.

Most people take this job to satisfy their travel bug.

13. Online Advise Columnist (Median Pay: $53,000/ year)

All of us love to give advice, don’t we? Then this is just the right profession for all of us. But not really.

Online advice columnists are mostly women and sometimes men that’ve superb emotional intelligence and hold a degree in human psychology. They give advice on steering through tough situations in life.

OACs, as they’re called, work as independent consultants or write columns for newspapers. They’re also known as Agony Aunt or Agony Uncle, depending on the gender.

14. Sugar Baby (Median Pay: $33,600/ year)

Imagine having a wealthy woman or man spend a fortune on you, pamper you with expensive gifts and take to the costliest places in town.

And pay you a salary too? That’s what sugar babies do and get. The job requires no educational qualifications as such.

But you need to be charming and stylish and willing to spend a lot of time with your sugar daddy or sugar momma.

15. Interior Designer (Median Pay: $61,618/ year)

Have fun designing offices, homes, shopping malls and other interiors for people to earn more than $60,000 per year.

Interior designing is a rewarding career, though it requires a degree and your own creativity.

There’s no shortage of work for the right person. And this is the best job for women who have superb creativity and refined taste when it comes to home or office interiors.

16. Perfumer (Median Pay: $162,462/year)

Did you know that some people have a well-defined and superior sense of smell than others? Literally speaking, they can sniff things out.

If you’re among such fortunate humans, surely you’ll love the job of a perfumer. They make those divine smelling fragrances that we all rush to possess.

This job pays whopping $162,462 per year. You’ll be smelling all kinds of fragrant stuff all your life to create perfumes.

17. Personal Fashion Advisor (Median Pay: $57,960/ year)

They’re also known as Personal Stylists, Personal Groomers or Image Consultants. They work for celebrities and wealthy folk.

This is a job for those who love fashion and personal grooming. It involves advising the client on what to wear, make-up and other essentials that ensure the person looks good while making public appearances and at various events.

This is a great job for women and you’ll be meeting quite a few influential people around town.

18. Astronaut (Median Pay: $104,898)

With private companies now engaged in space tourism and exploration, there’s another job that’s going to become very popular.

That of an astronaut. So far, the only astronauts in the US came from the US Air Force and other military services and worked exclusively for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

All that is set to change gradually, though this isn’t really a job for the faint hearted.

19. Mystery Shopper (Median Pay: $41,611/ year)

Who doesn’t love shopping? And what if someone actually pays you to shop? That’s why a lot of people find this job as a mystery shopper as full of fun.

They get to visit top stores and boutiques or even shop online. However, they’re shoppers with a difference.

Instead of focusing on what they’re buying, their eyes and ears are swiftly recording various features of the place such as ambience, customer friendliness, service efficiency and other elements.

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20. Casino Director (Median Pay: $48, 840/ year)

This is a high-pressure job where you meet celebrities and some of the wealthiest people in the country that want to try their hand at gaming.

They may not be there to win money but merely for entertainment. And they’ll expect the best service and pay for it.

The job involves everything from checking machines to ensuring superb hospitality.

21. Event Manager (Median Pay: $53,053/ year)

With creativity and some training, event management is yet another career you could consider.

To become a successful event manager, you’ll need to know what’s trending, people’s likes and dislikes and how to regale invitees to any event.

It requires an outgoing and tireless personality, especially one who loves meeting and interacting with lots of people.

22. Park Ranger (Median Pay: $39,218/ year)

Give wings to your love for wildlife and exotic flora and fauna by working as a park ranger. In fact, the Federal government as well as private organizations hire lots of park rangers every year.

You’ll also learn how to use tranquilizer darts to sedate wild animals if necessary, jungle survival skills and lots of fun stuff that few people dare, when you take this job.

You need a strong heart, mind and body for this superb, exciting job.

23. Video Game Creator (Median Pay: $65,264/ year)

As a child I loved video games. And even till date, I’m thrilled at the prospect of playing one online or offline.

Video games are a big business because they’re popular among people of all ages.

And if you have some ideas about what games people around the world would like, become a video game designer.

24. Private Investigator (Median Pay: $57,100/ year).

A private investigator is more than merely playing hide-n-seek with the bad guys.

It might involve looking into someone’s past life or uncovering murky secrets about some ancestor, finding stashed away money or legacy or even investigating a crime like Sherlock Holmes.

A private investigator’s an exciting and fun job, provided you’re willing to accept the risks that come along with.

25. Robotics Engineer (Median Pay: $85,000/ year)

Do you dream of making landers for unmanned exploration missions to Mars and other planets? Or making life easier for humans by building robots?

Then robotics engineer is your profession. You’ll learn how to create machines that can take over a lot of tasks that humans aren’t quite yet capable of doing or don’t wish to do.

Remember, robots are spraying disinfectants and patrolling streets of Japan to help the war against Covid-19.

Closing Thoughts

These 25 fun jobs that pay well will suit people of almost every interest and age. They’re fairly easy to find if you hold the correct qualifications and above all, an interest in that field.

As the focus worldwide moves from traditional jobs such as engineering, medicine and management to interest and hobby oriented ones, you will definitely be able to find matching study courses and jobs.

There’s another superb advantage of taking these fun jobs: there’s usually no retirement age and the skills are in demand worldwide. And these are low stress jobs. Try one of these fun jobs for your career.

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