10 amazing High Paying Jobs for Teens with No Experience

Can teenagers really work? Of course they can, as long as the work complies with the rules and regulations of the US Department of Labor.

In fact, there’re 10 easy and high paying jobs for teens with no experience. And the best part: these jobs are available for 14-year to 19-year olds.

If you’re a parent who’d like their teenager to work or a teen that wants to make some money or gain work experience, continue reading.

Because I’ll be speaking briefly about American labor laws for teenagers and 10 jobs for teens with no experience.

High Paying Jobs For Teens

US Labor Laws for Teens

Before we speak about jobs for teens with no experience, it’s important to understand what the American labor law says.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) permits teens between 14-year to 16-years to work only on specific, non-hazardous easy jobs for teens. In some states, teens below 14 years age can also work, if the place has taken special permission to hire 13-year olds.

There’re not many restrictions for teens between 16-years and 19-years to work, though in some states and industries, specific jobs cannot go to teenagers.

At the same time, there’re special laws for teenagers to pay taxes on money they make from their work. It’s worth remembering that working teenagers also need to file tax returns, either alone or jointly with parents, as the case may be.

Some employers can ask for a written permission from parents allowing their teenage child to work. Labor and other laws also clearly say how many hours a week a teenager of any particular age can work.

If you’ve any doubts, I suggest you check the DOL and IRS websites for more details or call your local labor and tax offices to get answers to any questions.

10 High Paying Jobs for Teens with No Experience

Now that you’ve some idea about labor laws and taxation rules for teens to work, let’s check the top 10 highest paying jobs for teens that don’t need experience.

I’m also including the average pay. However, the pay might be slightly lower or higher depending upon your location and seasons.

1. Cinema Usher

Median Pay: $9.75 per hour

Working as a cinema usher doesn’t require experience. These easy jobs for teens are available at all cinema halls across America. Anyone above 14 years age can take this job.

However, work after 7 pm is not permitted in some states. The job requires you to guide cinema viewers to their seats, according to numbers shown on tickets.

2. Bakery Assistant

Median Pay: $9.45 per hour

Use creativity to arrange cookies, bread, pastries and cakes and other stuff, weigh and pack them for buyers or simply help a baker decorate a cake.

This job is perfect for teens that have no experience but have an artistic mind. A bakery assistant job is fairly easy and available year-round.

3. Mail Sorter

Median Pay $12.99 per hour

The pay for a mail sorter’s job sounds very attractive. However, this job for teens with no experience is available only in large cities.

United States Postal Service (USPS) requires bulk mailers to sort their mail according to states and ZIP codes.

Courier companies also require package handlers. The job is fairly easy and you’ll work with a young team of other teens.

4. Amazon Delivers

Median Pay $15 per hour

Amazon pays $15 per hour or more for teenagers that work at warehouse and delivery facilities and shoppers under its Amazon Delivers program.

You don’t require previous experience. Only teenagers above 18-years of age can apply. As the largest online store in America and the world, they always have the high paying jobs for teens with no experience.

5. Blogger

Median Pay: Unlimited Income

Blogging isn’t rocket science. Anyone can be a blogger, as long as you have a passion for something and good writing skills. Start writing wonderful articles that people will like and post them on your blog.

You can also take free excellent online tutorials by successful bloggers. And also watch videos on YouTube or do free courses on Udemy. Google AdSense helps you make money from a blog.

6. Golf Caddy

Median Pay: $35 to $60 per hour

If there’s a golf course in your place, look for golf caddy jobs. For teens with no experience, this is the highest paying job.

However, you’ll need to work on weekends and during holidays, though for a few hours only. Learn a bit about how to work as a golf caddy and a bit about the sport itself.

7. Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins Jobs

Median Pay: $9.99 per hour

Surely you love donuts and that wonderful coffee that Dunkin Donuts is famous for. And Baskin Robbins ice creams too. Actually, this global chain of donuts and ice cream also hires teens without experience at various locations.

Jobs are very simple such as arranging donuts for display, packing donuts for buyers or serving coffee, scooping ice cream, and others. Send an application on the Dunkin Donuts website.

They’ll hire if they have a vacancy in your area. Generally, they offer summer vacancies for teens. So, you can join this as a summer vacation job.

8. Restaurant Hostess/ Host

Median Pay: $11.45 per hour (+ Tips)

Another excellent job for teens without experience is that of a restaurant hostess or host. Actually, this is the simplest job for any teen.

All you need to do is stand at the restaurant entrance, welcome diners, and lead them to appropriate seats.

You’ll need to talk for a minute or so till the serving staff takes over. Some guests also give tips for finding them a good spot.

9. Party Assistant

Median Pay: $12.99 per hour (+Tips)

It doesn’t need any experience or special skills to decorate home, offices or stores for parties. There’re lots of freelance event arrangers that require party assistants round the year.

And they hire teens for the job. Your work involves decorating the place and helping around with other simple tasks before, after, and during the party. You also get to enjoy the party.

10. Mascot

Median Pay $8.45 per hour

Mascot jobs are easily available for teens round the year and at every location in America.

Restaurants and hotels, party halls, party arrangers, childcare homes, senior homes, and almost everyone require a mascot either to entertain guests or attract customers, bring cheers to a party or advertise a brand.

This is also a teen job without experience. Mostly, mascot jobs are available for weekends.

Wrap Up

As you can see from my above list, these high paying jobs for teens require absolutely no work experience or even special skills. And these jobs are available round the year, though the demand may drop in some areas during winters.

The median pay scales that I mention clearly show how much money you can make every month. Try any of these high paying jobs for teens with no experience to make money and get rid of boredom during free time.

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