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Are you a mom Hunting for the best job you can do at home? Find great and flexible jobs for stay-at-home moms who can work online, offline, full-time, part-time, or remotely.
Stay at Home Jobs for Moms

Your kids are growing and you want to be with them but also have to pay bills and buy groceries?

Is there a way for stay-at-home moms to make money and afford to stay home with their kids?

The short answer is yes! With the advent of the internet, thousands of online job opportunities have opened up; you just have to explore them.

To cut the story short, in this article, you will come across 35 such jobs which allow moms to work from home while still being around their kids.

31 Great Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Today for moms has become possible to earn a good income from home with very low investment and minimum educational qualification.

1. Freelance Writing


Freelance writing is an excellent choice for moms with writing skills. Freelance writing is one of the most popular freelancing jobs among freelancers in the country.

As a freelance writer, you will write articles for your clients either as a ghost writer or under your name.

Usually a freelance writer is asked to create original, creative and informative for various websites, blogs and online publications.

If you are just starting then you will have to find clients and focus on building your portfolio. New freelance writers should stick to one topic or niche. An experienced one can be more versatile.

The money you can make depends upon your clients and experience. Usually, for per word you are paid anything between $.01 and $1.

But as you build your portfolio and testimonials, you can negotiate for higher rates with your clients.

After the pandemic (COVID – 2019), on average, a freelance writer in the USA earns $15 – $20 an hour.   






2. Mystery Shopper and Product Tester


>> Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping sounds like a dream come true! You get paid for shopping in a retail store or eating in a restaurant.

You pretend to be a customer and purchase something to provide feedback on things like how friendly the retail staffs were or how clean the restaurant was.

Various companies want to assess their products and customer service, so they need mystery shoppers.

It is like a survey, you are given all the questionnaires by the company ahead of time. You just have to create a report and submit it to the company and get paid.

You might be asking why mystery shopping is mentioned below in freelance writing. Well! Mystery shopping and writing skills are closely related.

If you are a great writer and write an excellent feedback (500-600 words article) then you can earn more and get high paying clients.

For one report, you can earn anything between $25 and $100.

However, finding a mystery shopping job could be a daunting task. If they ask you for money to join their company as a mystery shopper, then don’t. Genuine companies don’t ask for money.



>> Product Tester

Similarly, like mystery shopping here you test products like a new website, software, or an app.

You will test the product for days and give your genuine feedback. According to your feedback, the company will make necessary changes to their product.

In the USA, on average, a product tester earns up to $20 an hour.

Both mystery shoppers and product testers help companies to improve their products and user experience.





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3. Proofreader and Copyeditor


If you are not good at writing but have a knack for spotting spelling mistakes, punctuation mark and common grammatical errors then you can become a proofreader.

There are two types of proofreaders, the general type and who read transcripts. General type proofreading is very easy, but you are paid less.

Proofreading specific transcripts and documents pays you more.

Proofreaders have to read documents and correct very minute mistakes in the document like

  1. Whether you can use semicolon with ease or not
  2. Sentence structure is right or not
  3. What are the word choices?
  4.  The argument given in the document makes sense or not

Develop your skills in one area and build your clientele.

A proofreader has to work around 40 hours a week and can easily earn $25 per hour.






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4. Writer


If you are looking for a creative option and want to do more with your writing then become a writer.

Writers write books that get published by various publishing houses across the country. In America, writing books is a very lucrative career compared to other countries.

There are many writers in the country who earn well over $150,000 annually selling books. I would say more than what a doctor or a lawyer makes.    

You can write novels, dramas, short stories and biographies.

If you find writing books is not your cup of tea, then you can write columns for mainstream newspapers, magazines and e-journals.

Columns writers easily get 10X to 20X per word more than a freelance writer. 

But the reality is only a few people become a writer.

5. Technical Work


Another creative side is technical jobs like programming, web designing, graphic designing, etc.

I know stay-at-home moms, especially soccer moms will get agitated listening about a work which is technical and involves coding or designing something.

However, after COVID -19, programming/coding has become the first choice of people who are looking for creative work-from-jobs.

Hence they are more than willing to learn coding. Today coding or designing is no more for geeks or tech nerds, everyone is learning despite their background.

Moreover, there is no dearth of coding and designing jobs online. Initially, you might have to struggle a bit finding clients, but the payoff is really great later.   

Earning $45,000 – $65,000 annually is no biggie!





6. Online Data Entry Jobs


Our website is an authority on data entry jobs. We have written so many articles on a time to time basis to keep you abreast with all the latest development in this field.

So it would be an injustice to write about such a vast subject in just one paragraph. But here, I will give you a gist about online data entry jobs.

>> Classic Data Entry Jobs

These are mainly offline data entry jobs that are none of our concern.

>> Regular Online Data Entry Jobs


Regular online data entry jobs are the most common data entry jobs that stay at home moms can find online. Some of them are

  1. Converting Images to Text – You read from images (JPEG, PNG) and write it down in a MS word document.
  2. Converting Audio to Text – Here you reproduce audio files into text form.

You can easily earn $15 per hour.

>> Amazon mTurk


Amazon mTurk is a platform where it provides different types of data entry work (also known as HITs) like microdata entry jobs, surveys, and transcription jobs.

If you are serious about data entry jobs as a career then Amazon mTurk offers a great opportunity. With some effort, stay-at-home can easily earn up to $3000 – $4000 per month.


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>> Survey Jobs


Survey jobs alone can pay you a full time income. In USA a professional survey taker earn well over $45,000 per year.

We have a whole article written on this topic. For details, go here! 





>> Micro Data Entry Jobs


Microdata entry jobs are Captcha Solving, Captioning, Copy & Paste Job, etc. Micro jobs are good for generating passive income but not a full-time income.

So don’t expect much income from microdata entry jobs ($300 – $400 a month).

Just keep in mind in data entry jobs accuracy (99%) is very important.

7. Transcription Jobs and Translation Jobs


Transcription jobs usually fall under the category of data entry jobs. But you might be thinking about why I am mentioning it separately.

A transcription job requires more specialized skills than a regular data entry job. So it offers a chance to make more money than an online data entry operator.

The role of a transcriber is to listen from audio files and type out the script based on what an individual is dictating in the video.

You basically transcribe audio and video files in writings.

Other than fast typing speed and accuracy, you need great listening skills.

If you are going for more advanced transcriptionist jobs like medical and legal then you need to have great command over the jargons regularly used in these two professions.

You have to also buy a headphone, a good computer and word processing software. A foot pedal that regulates audio/video recording can also come in handy.

Regular transcriptionists can earn $15 – $20 an hour. But medical transcriptionist can earn $50,000 – $60,000 annually.    



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8. Fiverr Gigs


Every freelancer around the world who wants to work online on his/her terms knows Fiverr.

People who really hate 9 to 5 office job or want to start something on their own, then Fiverr is the platform of their choice.

You just have to join Fiverr as a seller and start offering your services.   

Whether you are a developer or a marketer or a musician in every 4 seconds a new gig is bought on Fiverr.

For one gig, sellers can earn $5 – $10,000. But realistically, on average sellers earn $25 – $40 per gig. It’s all about building your client base.

We have written a whole article on this titled “50 Fiverr Business Ideas for Sellers”. Read it and choose a gig that suits you the most.


9. Online Tutoring


After the pandemic COVID-19, Online Tutoring is has become one of the most lucrative job online. Online tutoring was always futuristic but after the pandemic, it has become a necessity.

In fact, for experienced tutors who have being in this line for more than 5 years online tutoring is more like a managing a small business than a job.

Novice tutors can start teaching online on platforms like https://www.chegg.com/ or https://www.tutor.com/.

Students from countries like China and Japan are interested in learning English. There is no dearth of students to teach online.

For one session (45 mins) you can easily make $30 – $40 and with experience, you earn even more.

You can teach other subjects too.  

10. Home Tutoring – STEM Classes


Home tutoring is much old fashioned and has nothing to do with technology. It is basically an offline business where you teach kids (4th grade – 8th grade) from your neighborhood.

The subjects you teach are traditional STEM subjects like science, technology, Math and English. The focus is on subjects like science and math.

You don’t need a computer or software like Zoom to connect to your students. You also don’t have to worry about getting new students.

They are in your neighborhood! 

You can teach students in batches, morning batch and evening batch. Each batch will have 6 – 8 students. Later, you increase the number of batches.

Moms can easily earn $25,000 – $35,000 annually tutoring kids at home.

11. Digital Marketing Jobs


Few years back marketers believed digital marketing is going to replace traditional marketing like TV, Radio, newspapers.

I didn’t think digital marketing will completely replace the conventional form of marketing, but it is going to eat its space.

After the pandemic companies are focusing even more on digital marketing than traditional marketing and hence they allocating budget accordingly.

In the coming year, Digital marketing is just going to grow exponentially, whether you want to become an SEO expert, social media marketer, social media moderator, content marketer, these jobs will always be available to you.

Stay-at-home moms should take this as a serious option. If you start now, in the next 2 years, you can easily earn $35,000 – $40,000 annually from home.     


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12. Virtual Assistant


Hiring a virtual assistant is a lot more cost effective solution for companies and business owners than recruiting real employees. Companies want to cut costs in Corona time; hence tasks that are very basic yet time-consuming are relegated to virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant’s tasks include handling emails, maintaining calendars, setting up appointments, arranging meetings and travel, planning events, some research work, etc.

Virtual assistant job is perfect for Stay-at-home moms with kids. They just have to buy a computer and start assisting via Zoom or Skype.

There is no dearth of virtual assistant job. IF you are not confident then you can also get training from professionals who are already in this line of work.

On an average a new VA earn $16/hour, but experienced can earn up to $25.     



13. Online Customer Support Representative

Online-Customer -Support-Representative

To provide 27 X 7 customer support and reduce manpower cost companies are hiring customer support representatives who can from home without compromising professionalism.

Inbound CSR agents just have to answer incoming calls and clarify all the customer queries. They will do this from their home.

You need a computer, a headphone, a dialer and software to get started. A company that is hiring you will surely give some training and assistance.

Not just CSR, you can also work as online chat agents, call center agents or technical support representatives.

CSR can easily earn anywhere from $17 – $20 per hour. Chat agents earn slightly less.




14. Freelance Recruiter (HR)


Employers have to do a lot of hiring for their company each month. After the pandemic, they are looking for employees who are more willing to work home.

So these companies turn to freelance and independent recruiters (HR) to get their job done.

A freelance recruiter identifies the candidate’s skill set needed for the job and hires him/her according to the company’s given requirement.

Even earlier, independent recruiters used to do work from home and meet clients once in a month, but now they don’t even have to do that.

Recruiters conduct interviews on the phone and suggest the candidate to go to the company for the final interview. They hardly have to go out.

Recruiters earn 20% of the candidate’s annual salary as a commission.        


15. Social Media Brand Ambassador


Can stay-at-home moms ever become brand ambassadors for social media (platforms like Instagram and TikTok)?

Earlier, Brand ambassadors used to be big celebrities like Hollywood stars, pop stars, sportsmen, and models only.

But with the advent of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, even ordinary souls like you and me have a shot at becoming a celebrity. 

Now big companies want you to become their brand ambassador on Instagram and TikTok instead of big celebrities.

Well, I’m not suggesting you have to become Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner but you can surely be a micro influencer on Instagram or Tiktok.

If you are a mom and love hair and makeup or cooking or travelling then you can post beautiful photos related to your niche on Instagram. Then build your followers who love to see your photos and expect them to be uploaded on a regular basis.

Once you have a decent number of dedicated followers, then a cosmetic brand or any other company in your niche will ask you to become their brand ambassador.

You sell their products to your followers and get paid. You can make $1000 – $10,000 monthly. 

But again, the job is not for everyone only for a selected few.



Following a few jobs need some prior experience and a level of intellect.

16. Amazon Seller


Ecommerce has become so big, especially after COVID – 19. People are buying online more and avoiding offline shopping.

The ecommerce industry is only going to grow in this country. Experienced marketers are tapping into this market and taking away their share of profit.  

You too have a share in this pie! Just become an Amazon associate and start selling Amazon’s products. Amazon pays commission depending upon the product you are selling. Usually, it is 1% to 8%.

Just take the following steps

  • Sign up for an Amazon Seller Account
  • List Your Products
  • Manage Your Inventory
  • Ship Products and Make Money


17. Selling Your Products Online


If you have products of your own, whether they are physical products like handicrafts, merchandise like clothes, paintings, photographs or e-products like eBooks, online courses or software programs, you can always sell them online. 

Once you are sure your product is damn good and you can sell it to customers, then no one can stop you from making thousands of dollars online.

Whether you are making a clay pot or drawing a painting or taking professional photographs, you can sell them on Etsy, Shutterstock and earn money.

Similarly, you can create a course on a subject like “playing guitar,” “training your dog,” etc and sell it on Udemy. The entire course will contain videos and eBooks.

You also have to market your product to beat the competition.     

It is more like a business than a job and not for every stay-at-home mom.




18. Stock Market


Stock Market or rags to riches! However, first, you have to gain the knowledge of the market.

If you know about the company and have being following its share regularly then probably by now you know ins and outs of how share price behave.

You can be a day trader, a swing trader or become a long term investor. It’s up to you. If you have knowledge about this field, then the money is really great. 

A computer with the internet is enough to get started. And of course, you would have initial capital to invest. It could be $1000, $5000, $10,000 depending on you. 



19. Air BnB


Airbnb is perhaps one of the best ways to make money without doing anything. You can make thousands of dollars each month, especially if you are living near the downtown area of a major city.

Business tourists who are coming to the city within the country and international, are looking for accommodation and if you have even one spare room with bathroom, then you can rent it to them.

You just have to go Airbnb site and list your house. While listing, always add nice photos of the room, bathroom, bed, interiors, etc.

You won’t believe there are couples in LA, SF who take Airbnb as their full time business and earn up to $6000/month.  


20. Accounting/Auditing


Now accounting and auditing companies are allowing their accountants and auditors to work from home.

Whether you are working with the company on full time basis, part time basis or on a contractual basis, you can always work from home.

However, stay-at-home mom must have years of experience in accounting/auditing to start this job from home. You can also work as a freelancer.

Accountants can earn $45,000 – $60,000 annually.

21. Bookkeeping


Stay-at-home moms who can’t become accountant because of educational qualification can definitely become a Bookkeeper.

A bookkeeper’s prime responsibilities are managing accounts payable and receivable, keeping records of inventory, filing accounting reports and maintaining a ledger.

The job is perfect stay at home jobs for moms because they don’t need a college degree.

What they need is a computer, internet connection and bookkeeping software.

Bookkeepers earn around $18 – $25 per hour.

22. Child Daycare


With your kids, you can also watch other people’s children in your neighborhood and earn an extra income.

You offer parents before and after-school care for older kids and full-time for younger kids.

You can run your business operations from the comfort of your home. However, you have to advertise your business on social media channels like Facebook, community bulletin boards and even by the word of mouth.

23. Baking Business


If you have a passion for baking and love to bake cookies or big size cakes then you won’t have any problem starting a baking business.

Your initial investment would be the procurement of ingredients that goes into the baking cake, cookies and one or two ovens. Initially, take small orders but later, you can scale up and run as a full time business.

24. Hair Salon/Beauty Parlor


I don’t think I have to tell about this business to any mom or housewives. They all know about the ins and outs of the business very well.

But only challenge you will face is the initial investment amount to get started and advertise your business. Keep in mind, it will take at least 1-2 years to break even.    

25. Sewing Business


This job is perfect for stay-at-home moms who are educationally less qualified.

As a seamstress, you can create gorgeous outfits for weddings, prom and even formal attire. As you know, how tricky and expensive is it to repair someone’s favorite item of clothing. 

So you can earn a nice income by doing just minor repairs and small altercations. 

26. Event Planner


Event planning is a much more sophisticated job than previously mentioned jobs.

Event planner organizes events and social functions like weddings, birthday parties, office parties, etc.

An event planner with least responsibilities will handle logistics, manage budget, guest lists, bills and ensure smooth functioning of the entire event.

Event planners normally are freelancers and earn $30,000 – $50,000 annually. 

27. Freelance Interior Designer


Stay-at-home moms with good aesthetic sense and a knack for home décor can try interior designing.

If you have some experience with designing home interiors for clients, then the job is perfect for you.

However, finding new clients would be a great challenge. You need to stay in contact with other designers in your network.

Earning $30,000 – $40,000 annually won’t be a problem.

28. PR


I must confess PR (Public Relations) job is for moms who are affluent and come from the upper strata of the society.

For PR jobs you need clients who are celebrities (national or local), businessmen, sportsperson, politicians and other famous people.

You must have some kind of contract with these people. PR specialists can earn thousands to millions in a year. 

29. Consultant and Counselor


A consultant is a professional who consults their clients and helps them grow; for example they consult about things like properties, business, finance, diet, health etc. 

If you have an experience in a particular industry then you can consult in that niche.

Similarly, a counselor guides their clients and shows them the right path whether it’s their career or mental health.

Both can earn $25,000 – $35,000 annually, depending upon the clients they acquire.

30. Match Maker


A Match Maker is someone who is always setting up their friends. They help friends to turn them into marriage partners.

This is an unusual business but people who have a passion for making love connections and strong communication skills can do this.

Your earning would depend upon your clients. 

31. Travel Agent


The main reason why we hire travel agents is they help us get the best travel deal. They are the middleman between the company and you.

You can consult your clients totally online or on the phone getting them the best deals.

We have one full dedicated article coming up on this topic.   

35 is a long list, it covers all kinds of jobs online, offline, highly qualified, low qualified, for middle class moms, rich and poor moms.

Stay-at-home across America, irrespective of their financial background can choose one job from the list which suits them the most and gets started! 

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