10 Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Stay at home moms are very busy. And if you’re among millions of stay at home moms, surely you know what it means to juggle between various household chores and caring for children.

However, stay at home moms needn’t sacrifice their careers or depend upon low paying jobs to pay their bills while enjoying a superb lifestyle. In this article, I’ll be discussing 10 best jobs for stay at home moms, which would pay as much as a regular, full time and office going work would get.

10 Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

I’m listing the best 10 online jobs for stay at home moms. As you’ll see, these jobs are suitable for any woman. And you needn’t even leave the comfort of your home. What’s more? You can work at these jobs with flexible hours too.

So here’s my curated list of 10 best online jobs for work from home moms.

1. Online Tutor

Average Pay: $43,476/ year

In my humble opinion, online tutor is the topmost among best jobs for stay at home moms. There’re plenty of American and foreign websites that hire former school teachers as online tutors.

Check this simple guide on how to be an online tutor and find websites that offer online tutoring jobs.

2. Financial Advisor

Average Pay: $121,770

Though financial advisor is the highest paying work from home job for stay at home moms, I’m listing it at No-2 for a reason. And that is, the number of licenses you’ll require and educational qualifications.

If you hold a college degree, take online courses from Finance & Investment Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to apply for their certification.

Working as personal financial advisor is a freelance job that any stay at home mom can easily do online and offline.

3. Web Designer

Average Pay: $49,476/ year

If you have enough creativity and know how to design a superb website, the work from home job as web designer is something to definitely consider. Since this is an online job, you can work with flexible hours.

There’re excellent websites to register as freelance web designer. Also advertise your service as web designer through a LinkedIn profile and Facebook page, among other resources.

4. Life Coach

Average Salary: $48,078/ year

A life coach is someone that can patiently listen to people, understand their problems and needs and guide them to achieve goals. This is a very high-demand skill in America.

As stay at home mom, you can do quick course to get a life coach certification. This work can be done online or even offline by getting clients to visit your home for life coaching. Additionally, there’re organizations you could join and provide life coaching to their customers.

5. Online Advise Columnist

Average Income: $25 to $35/ hour

Have you ever heard about Agony Aunt? They are women who respond to questions on relationships and other personal issues. In America, such Agony Aunts are known as Online Advise Columnist.

This is yet another excellent job for stay at home moms, provided you have superb problem solving skills and high level of emotional intelligence.

You’ll need a website to offer these services and of course, a pair of headsets with mic to respond to callers.

6. Social Media Manager

Average Salary: $41,945

Are you passionate about social media? Usually, most stay at home moms spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube among other websites.

If you’re one of those who love to post amazing pictures, GIFs, news articles and other interesting stuff on Facebook, apply for a work from home job as Social Media Manager.

You’ll be handling the social media pages of an organization or even a celebrity and high net worth individual.

7. Health & Fitness Instructor

Average Income: $45,324/ year

As medical inflation crosses the 33 percent per annum mark since 2016, most Americans are increasingly turning to fitness. This presents an excellent opportunity for stay at home moms in 2020 and beyond.

Work as health and fitness instructor online. Generally, health clubs, spas and gyms require online health and fitness instructors.

In fact, the position is witnessing a heavy demand following the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns that’re forcing millions of people to stay indoors.

8. Ecommerce Merchandiser/ Online Merchandiser

Average Salary: $57,473/ year

Have good interpersonal skills? Know how to bargain? And good at convincing people? If yes, then ecommerce merchandiser or online merchandiser is a superb job for any stay at home mom that knows how to use a computer and handle telephone.

Job involves keeping track of inventories, placing orders, creating campaigns for sales and reaching out to people through blogs and social media. This is also a work from home job as most companies maintain computerized records of their inventories.

9. Blogger

Average Income: Unlimited

Are you genuinely passionate about anything and have excellent writing skills? If so, start your own blog and write about your passion. Though free blogging platforms are available, I would suggest you opt for a paid website.

That’s because you’re the only person in charge of the blog. Monetize your blog using digital marketing skills and accept money from people that will pay you to post their content on your website.

10. Bookkeeper

Average Salary: $45,498/ year

Bookkeeping or account assistant job is for stay at home moms that’re good at managing money and keeping precise accounts. Generally, businesses, seniors and high net worth individual hire bookkeepers, also known as account assistants.

You’ll be responsible for keeping track of how much money came in and where the cash is going. Bookkeepers also interact with banks to update their employer’s accounts and request for services, in some cases.

Closing Thoughts

You can see from my curated list of 10 best jobs for stay at home moms that it’s quite easy to get adequate pay and work at flexible hours. Most of these jobs require some basic skills.

Before you start looking for a work from home job as stay at home mom, make a list of your skills. Project these skills and market them through LinkedIn and other online resources.

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