25 Best Online Transcription Jobs from Home in 2021

Online transcription jobs are best way to make money from home. As the focus worldwide shifts from offline work at brick-and-mortar offices to online work from home due to the seemingly never ending Covid-19 pandemic, such best transcription jobs are superb to make money as a side gig or even main source of income.

25 Best Transcription Jobs From Home

Why Online Transcriptions?

If you’re wondering why I suggest work from home, online transcription jobs, there’re two strong reasons. Firstly, such jobs can be taken by anyone of legal working age in America. And secondly, there’s no shortage of online transcription jobs.

The only problem is finding the right place to work as an online transcriptionist.

However, there’re some basic requirements to do an online transcription jobs from home.

Basic Requirements to Work as Online Transcriptionist

Generally, most people in the US would be able to meet these rather simple requirements to work as an online transcriptionist. And most likely, you won’t have to invest anything except time, effort and some resources.

These basic requirements include:

  • High school or higher educational degree
  • Excellent hearing
  • An eye for detail
  • Expert or native level fluency in English. In some cases, native level fluency in a foreign language is also suitable for such jobs.
  • A good computer with a high quality sound card.
  • High quality headphones and foot pedal.
  • Reliable and high speed Internet connection.
  • A quiet place where you can work with none or little disturbance and distractions.

If you meet these requirements, let’s go to the next step. And that’s knowing about the 20 best places to work as an online transcriptionist.

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Top 25 Best Online Transcription Websites

The list of websites I’m providing here is of legit companies that have a proven track record in the field of online transcriptions. You can check out details of individual companies through their websites before deciding where to look for work.

1. Rev.com

Rev operates worldwide and is very popular among people of all ages, from teenage high school students to seniors.

They have a wide range of online transcription services such as entertainment, business, medical and general. They provide software for transcriptions. All their work is based on strict deadlines.

2. TranscribeMe.com

This company pays up to $20 per hour of audio transcriptions in various fields such as entertainment, business, medical or general.

However, you stand to make more money if you hold some specialized qualifications. They also promote you frequently, which helps increase your earnings a great deal.

TranscribeMe.com is very popular among college students and others who intend to take transcriptions as a side gig.

3. Casting Words

Casting Words generally deals with transcriptions for the entertainment industry. However, this is a superb website for stay-at-home-moms, seniors, and also college students to get part time or fulltime online transcription jobs. 

They pay between $15 and $25 per transcription depending upon your level of expertise in the field, speed, and other considerations. They pay weekly, though you can select fortnightly or monthly payments.

4. Quicktate.com

Quicktate.com is known for its short audio transcriptions. Therefore, you’ll have to do several transcriptions to earn a considerable amount of money.

But that’s fairly simple if we consider they pay one Cent for every four words of transcriptions. Quicktate.com has several short transcriptions.

At the rate of one Cent per four words, you can earn a lot of money working for four to eight hours. You may have to pass a skills test.

5. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is best known for its superb quality medical transcription jobs. They also offer an entire range of legal, business, entertainment, and other transcription services.

To maintain high quality transcriptions, you will have to pass their one-hour skills test that consists of transcribing an audio or audio-video file. They pay about $15 per hour for fresher and $25 or more for experienced transcriptionists.

6. 188typeitup.com

You can definitely find some amazing work from home online transcription jobs from 188typeitup.com. They hire everyone, from fresher to experienced transcribers, though all applicants have to undergo a skills test. You can select any field of transcriptions that’s suitable for your skills.

This is also one of the largest and most popular online transcription services providers in America. They prefer native English speakers only, though in some cases non-native and foreign language speakers are welcome.

7. Tigerfish.com

Tigerfish.com has been around since 1988 though it actively began offering work from home and online transcription jobs in 1989. They rank among the larger transcription services providers in the USA.

According to their website, Tigerfish.com has paid over $20 million to its transcriptionist community as wages and incentives. This is an ideal website to launch your fulltime or part time career as a transcriptionist.

8. SpeakWrite.com

SpeakWrite.com operates only in the US and Canada and are very choosy about the transcriptionists they hire. That’s because thousands of online, work from home transcriptionists earn at least $3,500 from this website.

The median yearly pay for online transcriptionists in the US stands at $40,000. This means you’ll earn at par with those others in the field and even more as incentives.

9. Ubiqus.com

Any mention of online transcription jobs is incomplete without the mention of this giant company known as Ubiqus.com

They have ready vacancies for all sorts of transcriptionists since they cater to various industries including medical, education, technical, finance and entertainment.

You will have to apply online through their careers portal and might have to pass the skills test to join their ever growing online transcription community.

As their name suggests, the company provides the vital link between verbal communications and data. They provide Artificial Intelligence based transcriptions for various industries.

However, they also hire human transcriptionists as editors to check AI based transcriptions and provide transcripts of highly complex data necessary for various important industries including engineering and financial services.

Generally, Verbalink.com hires only transcriptionists with some experience.

11. Athreon.com

Athreon.com is a very large organization where you can easily find online transcription work at any level. They also have special vacancies for women looking for online jobs from home.

This is a superb website for stay-at-home moms and seniors to find all sorts of fulltime freelance transcription work.

They generally welcome native English speaking fresher candidates too and provide the necessary software to do transcriptions online.

12. Scribie.com

Getting an online transcriptionist job at Scribie.com isn’t easy. They require all applicants to take a skills test and also ask for certifications or experience certificates from legit online transcription service providers.

However, Scribie.com is well known for paying $20 or more to its online transcriptionists. And if you’re a specialist in some field, it’s possible to make as much as $200 per transcription assignment too.

13. Nuance Transcriptions

If you’re a fresher or have even the basic transcription skills, look for online, work from home transcription jobs at Nuance Transcriptions.

Since they cater to almost every industry that requires transcriptions, finding a field of your choice is easier here. The company is well known in USA and abroad for its superior quality transcriptions.

Hence, Nuance Transcriptions enforces a very strict quality assurance policy for its transcriptionist teams across the world.

14. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcriptions operates across the US and Canada. However, they hire native English speakers only. To find work from home jobs as an online transcriptionist here, fill out and submit their online registration form.

Though they might not have immediate placements, Daily Transcriptions retains your applications in its database and contacts you whenever they have a suitable vacancy.

This is yet another wonderful place to launch a career as fulltime, part time or freelance online transcriptionist.

15. Precision Transcription Services

As their names suggest, Precision Transcription Services has a strong brand name and reputation for providing precise medical transcriptions that meet the 98 percent accuracy mark. 

They don’t advertise their vacancies for work from home online transcriptionists through job boards. If you’re serious about making a career in online transcriptions, visit and apply from their website only.

16. Birch Creek Communications

For people of legal working age and retirees, Birch Creek Communications offers a variety of work from home options for online transcriptions.

You can join as fresher or with some level of experience. I would recommend this website for seniors who have expertise in some field and would love to earn some extra money during their golden years, either as pastime work or for meeting daily needs.

17. Transchamp.com

Transchamp.com is an excellent website where you can earn double the pay if you know English and a foreign language. That’s because they also offer transcription with translation services for customers around the world.

They hire only persons who’re genuinely interested in making careers as online transcriptionists. Hence, I would suggest you read their terms and conditions before applying from their website.

18. Eight Crossings Transcriptions

This company has a presence in several parts of the world, including the USA. Eight Crossings is a very specialized online transcription company.

Its portfolio of clients includes some of the largest companies in the world. Therefore, it’s compulsory for every applicant to undergo a skills test before final selection.

Though it’s not necessary to be a native English speaker, you’ll require expert level fluency in the language to qualify.

19. Fast Chart Global

An upcoming online transcriptions company, Fast Chart welcomes fresher to experts in various fields, even if you don’t have previous experience.

This company is a superb training ground and launch pad for anyone that wants to work as an online transcriptionist from home.

Usually, their pay ranges between $10 and $20 per transcription. The company is very popular among both fulltime and part time online transcriptionists because of its flexible payment methods.

20. Transcription Hub

Transcription Hub is rapidly expanding its base of online, home-based transcriptionists across the USA. On average, any transcriptionist can expect between $15 and $18 per hour or assignment basis from this website.

They always have vacancies for novices and professionals in every field due to the wide scope of transcription services they offer.

The company also has a limited presence in some other countries. Pay scales however can differ according to the country.

21. LinkedIn.com

Though LinkedIn is a networking portal for all sorts of professionals, its role and popularity as the best job board in the world are expanding very rapidly.

They pride in stating that at least one candidate gets a job every 10 seconds through LinkedIn.

If you’re having a LinkedIn profile, update it to offer online transcription skills. They have hundreds of online, remote transcriptionist jobs on any given day.

22. Upwork.com

Upwork.com isn’t strictly an online transcriptions services provider. Instead, it’s a meeting point for freelancers and buyers.

If you’re looking at doing online transcriptions as a side gig or freelance basis, I would suggest creating a superb profile on Upwork.com.

However, bidding for freelance work online, work from home transcriptionists can prove a bit tricky here.

Therefore, read all their FAQs and learn about bidding for freelance work before registering. They charge between five and 20 percent of your earnings as commission.

23. Glassdoor.com

A distinct advantage with Glassdoor.com is they list vacancies for fresher to experienced transcriptionists from all sorts of industries.

Glassdoor.com is one of the biggest job websites in the world. And their job posts are usually from companies that require fulltime transcriptionists.

Usually, work from home, online transcriptionist vacancies you’ll find on Glassdoor.com can’t be found elsewhere.

24. FlexJobs.com

A topmost freelancer marketplace, FlexJob.com is a very reliable and trusted website where you could find some of the highest paying jobs as online transcriptions from home.

That’s because they have assignments for highly specialized skills for online transcriptions. This isn’t really a website where a fresher can look for an online transcriptionist job.

Instead, it’s best suited for women and men that have professional qualifications in any field.

25. Indeed.com

And finally, Indeed.com, which is one of the largest job boards in the world. They have at least a hundred listings of work from home, fulltime, online transcription jobs from a variety of industries.

Since this is a job website, you could create a killer profile highlighting your professional qualifications and experience as a transcriptionist, if any. These transcription jobs are usually with companies.

In Conclusion

By meeting the basic requirements that I mentioned earlier in this article, almost anyone of legal working age can earn a lot of money doing online transcriptions.

I suggest you read some good articles about the role of online transcriptionists to find out of the work is suitable for your needs.

Generally, most online transcriptionists begin as a novice in one specialized field and gain experience. As a result, these companies promote you and provide better pay and often, perks for fulltime employees.

Try any of these transcription companies or job boards to find such work.

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