Top 10 Pandemic-Proof Jobs & Careers Post Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have sent the global economy into slowdown and recession of sorts.

And this could affect your job and income too, which could have undesirable and possibly long-term impact on your wellbeing and life.

There’s only one way to protect yourself against such recession and job loss. That’s by taking or changing over to any of these 10 best future jobs & careers post Covid-19.

Careers Post Covid-19

Reasons for Other Careers Post Covid-19

Every day, we hear about businesses small and large biting the dust and closing shop or filing for bankruptcy. And some are trimming their operations. The greatest impact of such closures and downsizing is loss of employment.

Furthermore, governments around the world are witnessing record number of unemployment benefit requests.

For example, over 36 million Americans have filed for Covid-19 related unemployment benefit. Highly industrialized nations such as Japan are also witnessing a spike in joblessness and people filing for dole.

It’s well known that government handouts aren’t sufficient to continue our existing lifestyles. Hence, the only option is to change or launch any of these 10 best careers after lockdown.

10 Best Careers Post Covid-19

With social distancing, home quarantine and other such requirements to safeguard yourself against the Covid-19 contagion, the best careers would be those allowing you to work from home by avoiding unnecessary commutes and minimizing social contact.

Therefore, this curated list of 10 best future jobs after lockdown considers these vital factors while ensuring decent income.

1. Online Tutor

There’re countless success stories of otherwise ordinary people becoming millionaires through online tutoring. There’s a huge demand worldwide for superior and reliable online lessons in various subjects.

These range from basic, junior school English, Math and Science to advanced and specialized subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Neurology and Metallurgy, among others.

Join any respectable online learning management system to make a career as online tutor. As you know, educational institutions are worst hit by social distancing requirements.

Furthermore, there’re projections the online learning industry would cross the $325 billion mark within the next four to five years, by 2025. Hence, this is the right time to set foot in this career.

2. Financial Advisor

As global recession bites into everyone’s income s, people are now aware about the need to save and invest money to counter any exigencies.

Consequently, we’re witnessing a surge in demand for personal financial advisors around the world.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that freelance personal financial advisory industry will grow at a steady seven percent per annum rate till 2028.

And personal financial advisors make whopping $87.850 per year or $42.24 per hour. This amount is largely indicative since most personal financial advisors make more than $100,000 per year, due to commissions and incentives from companies they represent.

Anyone with any university degree can become a personal financial advisor, provided you hold certifications and licenses from Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the two regulators in America.

3. Content Writer

For more than a decade, content writing ranks among topmost skill for freelancers, both as fulltime career or side-gig. Research clearly indicates that content writing industry worldwide will grow to $269.24billion between 2020 and 2024.

That’s fairly understandable as increasing number of businesses and other organizations consolidate their online presence as a direct fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

Content writing is a job that doesn’t require any specific qualifications, unless you wish to specialize in a particular field. Making a career as content writer can be fairly easy if you have superb writing skills, a nose for details and patience for research.

There’s no shortage of freelance and fulltime content writing jobs anywhere in the world. This is a career where you can give wings to your passion for any hobby or even profession.

4. Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)

Maybe you’re wondering why certain websites rank on top of Google searches when you look for something online.

The answer is simple: Search Engine Optimization- a complex yet simple digital marketing process that majority of website and blog owners utilize for various purposes. Making a career as SEO is fairly easy.

And you don’t need any special or high educational qualifications to work as SEO.

SEO is a recession-proof and lockdown-proof career. Meaning, it’s never going to lose significance nor is the demand likely to drop.

On the contrary, economic downturns and pandemics will lead to a surge in demand for SEOs.

Making a fulltime or freelance career as SEO is fairly easy if you learn the skill from any reputed digital marketing institute. Additionally, you can also launch own start-up venture to offer SEO and related services.

5. AI Developer

As companies worldwide cut costs on call centers and trim payrolls, there’s a growing dependence on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace some of these human functions.

AI helps people to get complex information at the click of the mouse or a smartphone keypad.

Though a lot of organizations are adopting AI rather rapidly for their various processes, the AI industry is expected to boom to $202.57billion by 2026 and is already showing a growth of 33 percent per annum.

Hence, another wonderful career you can make in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns is that of an AI Developer. Obviously, this is a very complex job and requires specific skills.

However, it’s easy to acquire skills as AI Developer from any superb online course. At the same time, AI Developer is a remote job too and allows you to work from home either solo or with a team of telecommute colleagues.

6. Social Media Manager

This might sound fabulous, but LinkedIn reports an exponential growth in the number of job postings for social media managers, while Microsoft projects that demand for this skill is growing at seven to nine percent annually.

The lockdown and consequent dependence on social media as customer outreach resource is driving this growth, say various reports.

Social Media Management is a wonderful career after lockdown for several reasons. Smaller businesses that bore brunt of the lockdown are increasingly taking to social media for advertising and promotion.

A social media manager also works from home and gets fabulous pay between $86,119 and $124,119 per year, says various industry reports.

7. App Developer

Ecommerce has definitely grown during the Covid-19 pandemic. And this trend is here to stay.

Major online stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Giant, among others, recorded unprecedented sale as a locked down America took increasingly to shopping on the Internet.

However, smaller businesses that had limited or no online presence were topmost losers as social distancing and other norms caused shortage of customers.

Millions of smaller businesses are now stepping up their online presence to overcome challenges arising from the lockdown and its impact.

One of the best ways to make presence felt and grab a slice of the business is through apps. Hence, everyone- from healthcare providers to online retailers are now scrambling to get own apps.

This translates directly as excellent career opportunities after the lockdown, especially for software developers.

8. Micro-Influencers

Whether it was promoting personal hygiene or healthy food habits, micro-influencers around the world were at the forefront of the war against Covid-19 pandemic.

They also promoted products such as hand-wash, sanitizers and promoted use of gloves and masks among people.

Therefore, micro-influencers will continue to play a great role in prevention of second wave of the pandemic and preventing further contagions.

Your personal skills matter a lot if you wish to become a micro-influencer. This career doesn’t depend upon educational qualifications, age, gender or location and other factors.

A little bit of self-study and practice can help you develop a career as micro-influencer after lockdown. There’re no limits to how much money micro-influencers can make.

9. Blogger

With conflicting and often confusing news reports in the conventional media during Covid-19 outbreak, millions of people worldwide took to reading blogs to get a clearer picture of the world.

Others read blogs for information, to learn something new, find out about various products and services or even as pastime. Indeed, the pandemic has taken blogging to an entirely new and higher dimension.

Just in case you’re unaware, blogging isn’t merely a hobby. In fact, it’s an enjoyable way to write on something you’re passionate about and make a lot of money. Understandably, it takes some time to make money from a blog.

You can read online tutorial on how to start own blog and start making money. This is a career that opens doors to unlimited income from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

10. Online Journalist

Countless journalists fell victim to Covid-19 while covering the pandemic and other news events worldwide. As a result, news organizations now limit the number of frontline reporter and photographers to cover events that aren’t very significant.

Instead, they depend upon local correspondents to provide news that doesn’t require a fulltime staffer.

Though journalism is a highly specialized field that requires certain qualifications, almost anyone with a nose for news can become an online journalist.

You can provide news reports online to any good newspaper, portal or channel. There’re countless other online jobs in journalism such as editing, proofreading, feature writing and photo and video editing too.

Look for these at websites that specialize in journalistic vacancies. You can begin as fresher or trainee and move up the echelons with experience.

Closing Thoughts

The above curated list of 10 best jobs and careers post covid-19 will provide excellent income and provide job security too. These 10 careers are almost recession proof, pandemic proof and can be taken at any age. Understandably, you might need special skills for some of these careers. Those can be learned online too.

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