10 Best Paying Jobs In Technology In 2022 & Beyond

There is a huge need for technology experts in all industries with increasing dependency on technology. If you are looking for a career in technology, there are many highest paying tech jobs in every sector. Learn more about the best paying jobs in technology.

The dependence on technology is much higher today than at any time earlier in the history of the world. As a matter of fact, our dependence on technologies of all kinds is growing by the day too. We require tech for even simple things such as shopping for groceries or paying our bills, which wasn’t the case about two decades before.

Therefore, it’s natural that technology companies, or tech companies as they’re known, will require more and more employees as we become more dependent on technology.

After all, there’s a race between everyone from small and new startups to tech giants as well as other organizations to offer the best, technology-based solutions to people.

In fact, any company or business that lags in providing the latest technology-based solutions can expect to lose customers quite quickly. Automatically, this translates to more jobs in the technology sector.

best paying jobs in technology

What Are Best Paying Jobs in Technology?

To understand what’re the best paying jobs, we have to consider the average median salary per year in the USA. According to the topmost job board, Indeed.com, and other reliable sources, the average annual pay in the USA for 2021 was $51,916.27.

However, the median annual pay in the USA for the year is $34.24.45. The same pay scales continue in 2022, and any new ups and downs during the calendar year 2022 will be known only around mid-2023.

By this calculation, the best pay in the USA has to be higher than these average and median wages.

In the technology sector, most jobs can earn you more than $75,000 every year, before taxes.

Therefore, these 10 best paying jobs that I will be writing about are those where you could earn at least $75,000 every year. Of course, this will also depend on your educational qualifications, experience, and the industry where you’re working.

Now, I will describe what technology jobs actually mean. If you’re a student or planning to change careers, this guide would help you make the right choice.

Understanding Technology Jobs

In simple words, technology jobs are the ones where you use your education, skills, and experience to develop, create or upgrade products and services that help your employer and customers or stakeholders of the company.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion over technology jobs because people commonly believe that it’s related only to the Information Technology (IT) industry.

The IT industry, which includes software, data analysis, and other related businesses activities would account for 33 percent of the $1.8 trillion in 2022, to the US national economy.

However, there’re other industries too where tech professionals are in high demand. These include jobs in finance, transportation, retail, healthcare, and entertainment, to name a few.

Therefore, you can safely assume that it’s possible to get one of these 10 best-paying jobs in technology with several organizations.

10 Best Paying Jobs In Technology

Now, let’s move to learn a bit about these top 10 best-paying jobs in technology. If you’re a student and wish to study for engineering or other technical degrees, this information might prove useful.

1. Artificial Intelligence Architect

Artificial Intelligence Architect

Ranking at No-1 on my list is the job of an artificial intelligence architect or AI architect. It is one of the highest paying jobs in world. AI is basically programming computers with software that can provide human-like responses or perform tasks that would otherwise require a lot of manpower.

For example, banks and financial institutions now have chatbots and Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) systems that try and help a customer, before they can actually contact a customer care executive.

They’re paid well because this job is very complex. They earn about $165,976 per year, says Glassdoor.com, the recruitment portal.

2. Electric Automotive Engineer

Electric Automotive Engineer

At $140,000 a year before taxes, working as an electric automotive engineer ranks among the top of the 10 best-paying jobs in technology in the USA. It is one of the low-stress jobs that pay well.

As most of us would know, automobile makers are now trying to develop electric vehicles such as Tesla. However, engineers that can actually design such working vehicles are few.

There’s actually stiff competition among automakers to launch a cheap electric car that everyone can afford easily.

3. Master Level Telecom Engineer

Master Level Telecom Engineer

Salary.com reports that a Master Level Telecommunications Engineer in the USA can earn up to $127,192 as of February 2022. This makes it the second-best paying job in technology.

These high salaries are possible since our dependence on telecommunications, especially mobile data and mobile telephony is on the rise, especially since the 2019 global Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, a lot of telecoms around the world and in the USA are planning on launching Fifth Generation or 5G mobile services. This automatically implies that the demand for telecom engineers with a high level of skills and educational qualifications would be in high demand.

4. Automotive Engineer

Automotive Engineer

Traffic authorities in USA record about 14.91 million new vehicle registrations every year, according to data from the European statistics portal, Statista.

This makes the US, the second-largest automobile market in the world. American and foreign automakers are always competing with one another to get a lion’s share of the market.

Hence, they introduce newer models often. For this purpose, they hire automotive engineers. The average pay per year of an automotive engineer stands at some $114,000.

5. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

A data scientist is someone that analyzes data from the servers of a company and its website. They analyze the data to find crucial information about an organization’s performance.

For example, they will find details such as the density of consumers in an area, buying patterns, spending habits, and other relevant information, through such analysis.

This is a very complex job as it involves lots of complex processes to get the necessary information. On average, a data scientist in the USA earns about $121.853 per year, before taxes, says Indeed.com.

6. IT Security Specialist

IT Security Specialist

Hackers are always attempting to attack networks of small and large companies and organizations, including government departments.

In fact, nowadays a lot of hackers are sponsored by countries that are enemies with the USA and the free world. Hence, they try and disrupt life in the USA and elsewhere using various technologies. They also try and steal information or plant ransomware to hijack our data and demand money.

This is where an IT security specialist comes from. They secure their employer’s systems against cyber attacks and identify potential threats in advance before they strike.

They also manage data recovery if a system is attacked. You can earn a six-figure income from this job.

7. Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer manages the cloud-based systems of an organization. Their job is to keep the cloud secure and ensure that the all-important data of their employer is safe. If there’s a breakdown in the main systems, they ensure that people can continue working through the cloud.

Additionally, they collaborate with IT security experts and others to safeguard the cloud systems. On average, a cloud engineer earns about $108,000 per year.

8. Network Admin

Network Admin

A Network Admin or Network Administrator can earn anything between $75,000 per year to $100,000 per year, depending on the size of the computer networks, servers, and cloud systems they manage. This is a job where you’ve to be on your toes always because it’s very high-pressure and high-stress.

Your task is to ensure that none of the systems crash due to any negligence and work or processes of any sort aren’t disrupted. It’s also a very complex job since it involves coordinating with cloud engineers and IT security managers.

9. Design Engineer

Design Engineer

A design engineer gets a salary of about $100,000 per year because it’s a complex job. A design engineer can work in any field, but their main task is to use their creativity and engineering skills to create new and innovative products for the market.

For example, the latest model of a car is designed by a design engineer and would usually include advanced aerodynamics and safety systems while ensuring passenger safety and riding comfort, among other features.

10. Mobile Technology Engineer

Mobile Technology Engineer

And finally, the last of the 10 best paying jobs in technology is that of a mobile tech engineer. However, the term mobile technology engineer might sound confusing and imply that they develop only new smartphones.

While creating new and innovative smartphones with several features is one of the tasks, they also work on mobile networks to ensure that they provide seamless connectivity and are not disrupted.

Their job is to ensure that mobile services are available to people across the country, without interruption. That’s because a mobile phone is now an integral part of the lives of most people in the world.

They earn between $87,911 per year to $121,658 per year, depending on their role and company.

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Wrap Up

As I mention earlier, the computer and IT fields are the biggest employers where you can find some of the 10 best paying jobs in technology. However, there’re other jobs too, that you can easily find in this field if you have the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience.

If you’re a student looking for a wonderful career, consider any of these top 10 best paying jobs in technology and do a proper course. That’s because all these jobs require special qualifications.

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