20 Best Internship Websites to Start Your Internship in the USA

Internship websites are the most convenient approach to finding internships. Now you don’t need to worry about how to find internships? Here is the list of the best internship sites to start your career.

An internship is actually a stepping stone to your career. A superb internship can give you a lot more than just a mere certificate.

In fact, it could even set you on the right course to study in a specific field and specialize in that for your career.

Therefore, if you’re doing a technical or professional course or just about any higher studies, I would suggest that you find a superb internship. 

Actually, there’re different ways and means of finding the best internship that suits your interest. In this article, I will be discussing the best ways to find an internship.

Also, I will be listing the 20 best internship websites for finding an internship in the USA.

Let’s start with some facts and figures about internships in the USA.

Best Internship Websites

Facts and Figures of Internships in the USA

Anything between 300,000 and 500,000 persons applies for internships in the US every year. A majority of these are students from professional, technical and vocational institutes that require on-the-job training.

These include medical and nursing as well as engineering and management students, among others. Others are college graduates in streams such as finance and arts or science.

About 70 per cent of all interns are hired by the companies where they do their internships, according to various news reports. The average pay of an intern in the US is $20.82 per hour.

However, there’s also a major problem with internships in the USA. Some 40 per cent of interns aren’t paid by the companies or employers. Instead, they work for free to gain some experience and skills.

What Does This Mean?

If we see these facts and figures, it’s clear that internships can actually provide you with the first-ever job in your life.

That directly translates as opening doors to your career. In fact, some of the largest corporations in the USA in almost every field of work offer internships.

The 70 per cent of all interns that get jobs at the same company are usually their employers of choice as well. That’s the reason students choose to do their internships at these companies.

The remaining 30 per cent that doesn’t get jobs are the ones that either reject the offer, are foreign students and have to leave the USA or can’t work legally due to visa limitations or those who get job offers from other employers in the country, upon completion of their internship elsewhere.

If we look at these figures as well, it is clear that almost 100 per cent of all interns that qualify find their first job immediately during the internship period or graduation. 

This means you don’t have to look for jobs as soon as you graduate. Also, a paid internship could help you to pay off the student debt faster and help life progress in many ways.

Just in case you’re unaware, unpaid student debt can retard your life by as many as seven years, if not more.

Furthermore, an internship prepares you for the job market because you would learn excellent skills and fine-tune them.

And you get some superb contacts and references in the industry or field of your choice, which you can use for future jobs or professional networking too.

20 Best Internship Websites to Start Your Internship

If you wish to get all these benefits that I mention above, it’s important to find a superb internship. Therefore, I will list the 20 best internship websites to start internships in the USA.

You can apply for an internship at one or more of these websites.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn best internship website

LinkedIn is one of the best internship sites where you can find a superb internship. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn lists about 75,000 internship opportunities around the world on any given day.

Of these, nearly 10 per cent are fresh internship opportunities in the USA. 

This means you have a wide option of some 7,500 openings for interns within American companies of all sizes and businesses, located across the USA.

To find the best internship on LinkedIn, you will require an amazing profile, complete with references, details of your education, upload a resume and any projects you did while studying.

You can post something daily on your profile to get the attention of employers. A short write-up of about 75 words will work wonders for your career.

2. Glassdoor.com


Glassdoor.com is a job board. It is one of the top job boards in the US and the best place to find internships.

Most large organizations where you would wish to do an internship usually post their internship vacancies on Glassdoor.com. Create an account on Glassdoor.com, to get started.

There’re several things that you have to do to get started to find internships through Glassdoor.com. The first step is to write a killer resume and keep it ready in PDF format.

The second is to write a standard application letter and convert it to PDF format. Once you have these, create an account using your valid email ID and working mobile number.

Fill in their online form, upload your resume and application letter, choose the industry of your choice and complete the registration.

You will get regular updates by email about all internship vacancies in your area from Glassdoor.com. Downloading their app allows you to apply instantly from your mobile phone too.

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3. Facebook


Yes, your personal Facebook account is also a gateway to find the best internship opportunities in your city and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, not many people that use Facebook are aware of this amazing feature from the single-largest social media website in the world.

To find internships in the USA, the first thing to do is find the Facebook pages of the companies where you wish to work, and ‘like’ these pages.

Once done, you will get posts from these organizations on your Facebook. Often, you will find calls for internships in the posts of these organizations.

Facebook doesn’t have any links where you can apply for the internship. However, the company or organization that advertises internship vacancies will provide either a phone number, email ID or a link to their recruitment portal to apply.

4. Indeed.com


Yet another amazing internship website to find and apply for superb internships is Indeed.com. This website ranks among the top five job boards in the USA.

Hence, it’s obvious that they would carry internship listings too. As with every job board, you’ll have to register and create an account using basic details such as an email ID and a password.

Upload your Resume and application letter. Complete the online form and register.

Download their app for instant applications to internships of your choice. You will also receive email alerts as soon as fresh internship positions are announced by any employer.

5. Internships.com


As the name suggests, this website is only for internships. You can find thousands of internships across the US in most fields here.

In fact, you will come across internships at smaller organizations too, including your local restaurant or bakery or a small family-run business. 

Internships.com accepts applications from high-school students and graduates as well as college and university students.

To apply, you should be of legal working age of 16 years and above. Create an account using your email ID and give basic details such as your interests, name and address to activate the account.

You can look at existing internship vacancies on Internships.com or upload a Resume and wait for employers to notice you.

However, most students do both- apply to open internships while waiting for employers to notice. That way, they stand a better chance of finding an internship quickly.

6. InternQueen.com


InternQueen.com is a website that operates especially for teenagers and college students that wish to work as interns.

They have superb blogs on everything from how to look for internships to writing a Resume and calculating your pay. 

Regardless of whether you’re a high school graduate or college student, it’s easy to find some best internship opportunities at InternQueen.com.

Registration is free and easy, with your email ID. Complete and register with their online form. You can apply for existing vacancies or await employers to notice and call you for an internship interview.

7. JournalismJobs.com


JournalismJobs.com isn’t a website for all kinds of interns. Instead, it caters specifically to journalists and those aspiring to join the electronic, digital or print news media in the US.

To qualify to apply as an intern through JournalismJobs.com, you should be journalism, advertising or mass communications student at some college or university in the US.

Registration is free and you can do that with your email ID. Upload your Resume and complete their online form. Here, it’s important to select the areas where you wish to work and the nature of the internship that you’re looking for. That way, you can get clear search results to apply for media internships.

Thousands of small and large news organizations in the US post their internship positions over JournalismJobs.com. You can also subscribe to their email alerts for new internship calls and apply.

In fact, JournalismJobs.com is the only website where you can find remote internships too. That’s because news media outlets also hire correspondents and reporters from remote locations.

8. US State Department

US State Department

Interested in representing American interests at home and abroad? Apply for Federal internships from the US Department of State.

These are some of the best internships funded by the US government, sometimes, in collaboration with top American organizations where necessary.

The US Department of State welcomes undergraduates from all colleges in the US as well as graduates. In fact, they also have some collaborations with educational institutions in the USA for providing internships to their students.

Only US citizens can apply for internships from this website. Proof of US citizenship is necessary to create an account and apply for internships here.

9. USAJobs.com


USAJobs.com is another amazing website for graduates and undergraduates from American colleges and universities to find internships. 

They have a program known as Pathways, which is sponsored by the US government. In fact, Pathways helps American students to find superb internship opportunities to become Federal employees in various departments and organizations of the US government.

However, this website too is strictly for US citizens. You will have to provide proof of your US citizenship and other details while applying for an internship through this state-owned portal.

10. US-EPA


For engineers and those interested in making a career in environment protection and related fields, applying for internships with the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) can prove worthwhile.

This is an American government website and department. This means you can look forward to becoming a Federal employee with an internship at US-EPA.

They welcome graduates and undergraduates in various fields from American universities. However, these internships are only for US citizens.

11. Central Intelligence Agency

 Central Intelligence Agency

Ever dream of playing the proverbial cloak-and-dagger game as it’s called? If you’re the adventurous type and patriotic, there’re some amazing internships available at the Central Intelligence Agency CIA.

I’m sure you’re aware that the CIA is one of the topmost so-called ‘spy’ organizations in the world. Of course, the CIA is operated by none other than the US government and the US military.

The most famous CIA director is perhaps George HW Bush who went on to become the 41st President of the US.

Of course, all internships and jobs at the CIA aren’t about adventure and espionage. They also offer jobs in logistics, admin and various other fields. 

You can apply directly from their website. All CIA internships are open only to US citizens and proof of identity and nationality is compulsory. You would also have to pass their strict background checks.

12. Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security

For American citizens that take pride in their nationality internships at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is the best option.

You would be aware that the DHS was formed after the 9-11 terror attacks on the US. The primary function of the DHS is to ensure the safety and security of the US and its people.

Applying for internships at the Department of Homeland Security is open only to US citizens. You will require proof of citizenship and have to undergo a background check while applying for all internships at the DHS.

They have very stringent screening processes because DHS is one of the most important departments of the US government and involves law and order as well as military operations indirectly.

13. Monster.com


Monster.com is also one of the top five job boards worldwide. It has amazing lists of all kinds of job vacancies and internships in the US and elsewhere in the world.

Monster.com also ranks among the oldest such job boards in the world. Hence, it’s a very reliable and superb website for finding internship in the US.

As with every job board, you will have to create an account for free, using your email ID and other similar common credentials.

Upload your Resume and application letter and complete their online form to create an account. Download the Monster.com app to get instant alerts and for quick applications to internship posts.

14. Boeing


Engineering undergraduates and graduates can find superb paid internships at the largest civilian, military and aerospace company in the world, Boeing. This company has headquarters in Seattle, Illinois but operates with offices in different parts of the US.

As a matter of fact, Boeing is one of the best payers in the US. They pay their interns on a very good scale compared to several other businesses.

It’s also one of the employers of choice in the world and in the US. For those interested in a career in the aviation and aerospace industries, Boeing internships offer an excellent opportunity and a doorway to a wonderful career.

15. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Anyone looking for jumpstarting their career in the large American banking and finance industry could consider an internship at Wells Fargo.

They offer internship opportunities to students of finance and economy as well as science and forensics. That’s because Wells Fargo has several operations in the banking and finance sector and not only banks as such.

Wells Fargo also holds internship fairs at various colleges across America. They look at providing internships to deserving students that would graduate soon as well as those in the final years of their studies.

However, there’s some uncertainty over the pay scales of Wells Fargo for interns. You could check out these facts from the organization itself, before applying.

16. McDonald’s


Undergraduates, graduates as well as high school students looking for internship opportunities for a career in the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and the food and beverage industry can seek a 10-week internship from McDonald’s University. 

Actually, McDonald’s University isn’t a university but the internship program of Mcdonald’s Corporation. These internships will usually be at your local McDonald’s restaurant or their city office in your area.

At McDonald’s University, you can put all your knowledge to practical tests. McDonald’s requires all sorts of graduates and undergraduates as well as high school grads.

They have operations in every area of business- from logistics to manpower, food handling to nutrition, customer care to environment safety.

For those who’re unaware, McDonald’s is the single-largest fast-food chain in the world with close to 40,000 restaurants in over 100 countries.

17. Ford Motors

Ford Motors

You can also look for 10 weeks to 12 weeks summer internships at Ford Motors if cars and automobiles are your passion.

Ford Motors is one of the biggest car makers in the US and the world. It is also one of the oldest in the industry and hence, highly respected. Ford Motors declares that it pays all interns according to the company’s compensation scale.

It’s worth knowing that Ford Motors is also an employer of choice in the USA and in countries where they operate due to their liberal salaries and perks systems. You can apply directly for internships through their official portal.

18. Walmart


Obviously, the largest offline retailer and chain of superstores in the US will offer internships. Walmart offers a 10-week comprehensive internship program for undergraduates every summer.

They also hire successful interns for the company. These internships are open to US citizens and foreign students from all colleges and universities in the US.

As you would know, Walmart operates from over 5,000 stores located in all the 50 states of the USA. Therefore, you can find an internship right at your neighbourhood Walmart store or their offices in your city.

19. HerCampus.com


As the name of this website suggests, HerCampus.com is a website that caters exclusively to women at colleges doing graduate and undergraduate courses.

At any point of time, HerCampus.com has at least 25,000 listings of internship positions at all sorts of organizations, from healthcare to retail. 

Opening an account on HerCampus.com is simple and easy. All you require is a valid email ID and a working mobile number.

Upload your Resume and application letter. You can look for open internship vacancies and apply or await some employer to see your profile and hire you as an intern.

20. Intern Abroad

Intern Abroad

Intern Abroad is a division of GoAbroad.com. However, this isn’t surely a website where you can expect a paid internship. In most cases, you will be paying your own airfare and living costs to do an internship in some foreign country.

There’re a few internship opportunities in foreign countries where you might get a stipend. However, that wouldn’t be enough to meet your airfare and living costs.

While paying for an internship might sound strange or even ridiculous, I will assure you that these are very popular.

That’s because of two reasons. The first is that you can add a foreign experience and internship certificate to the Resume. And secondly, you can choose the duration of the internship or switch them while abroad, if necessary. This flexibility makes Interns Abroad a choice for many students.

Other Websites for Internships

Often, websites of colleges and universities also announce internship opportunities for students. Check if your college has any such a service while you’re studying.

The internships on college websites aren’t usually announced anywhere else. That happens because a college can have internship ties with a specific organization or local business.

In such cases, these deals are exclusive and done only for a specific course of the college. Normally, these colleges will provide a recommendation to their students applying for internships.

Yet, it is worth knowing that every organization can accept only a limited number of interns. Therefore, remember to apply in time to prevent any disappointments due to fewer vacancies.

Wrap Up

Applying for internships isn’t an easy task by any chance. You need to have the necessary skills that an organization looks for while giving paid or even free internships.

No organization wants an intern to cause waste of time of their staff or become an obstacle to their daily work. You can select from any of these 20 websites while applying for an internship of your choice.

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