23 Best Websites for Online Tutoring Jobs (Earn $50/Hour)

Best Websites for Online Tutoring Jobs

If you are looking for online tutoring jobs in the US, then this article is for you .

Online tutoring in the United States offer career prospects and flexible working conditions. They also provide a great opportunity to earn income online. Interested online tutors can work from home, making money by teaching students online via voice or video chat.

The online tutoring industry in America is growing at an astronomical rate with many schools and universities offering online courses along with traditional classroom courses.

Online Tutoring Explained

Online tutoring can broadly be defined as imparting one or more skills to learners of all age groups over the Internet.

  • The biggest market for online tutoring is K-12 or Kindergarten to Grade-12.
  • A tutor can be located anywhere in the US or even any part of the world. They use the Internet to give lessons to students who log-in on a specific website.
  • Online tutoring classes range between 25 minutes to 45 minutes duration, depending upon the subject and age of students.
  • Subjects in demand include English, Mandarin Chinese, Maths, Biology and lessons to crack Scholastic Aptitude Test and American College Test.
  • In 2016, the American market for online tutoring stood at $63.57 billion.
  • The market for online tutoring will grow by 12.75 percent per year up to 2021.

Online tutoring market in the US is expected to cross the $120.67 billion mark by 2021, says a study conducted by Technovia– a London based technology market research firm.

Best Websites for Online Tutoring Jobs

So, if you have excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of subject matter, read on to find out about 23 best websites that will help you find online tutoring jobs in the United States online.

1: Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning has been providing online tutoring programs for online students and online tutors in the US.

Sylvan Learning has online tutors available at night, on weekends and even overnight to provide online tutoring jobs for online students who need assistance after regular school hours.

Employees of Sylvan can work from their homes without any office formalities or transportation troubles.

Earnings depend on your teaching style and qualification, with an average of $20 per hour . You also get paid immediately via PayPal.

2: Tutor.com

Tutor.com is another website that provides online tutoring jobs in the US along with online courses that you can take to improve your skills as an online tutor.

The company has enrichment programs for students, providing them with learning management tools designed specifically to meet the needs of online students . As an online tutor, you will earn up to $20 per hour, based on your qualifications and experience .

3: WyzAnt

WyzAnt is a website that has online courses as well as online tutoring for students who are looking for someone to help them with their coursework.

You can also find online tutoring jobs at WyzAnt, where you get paid $20 per hour . However, the company charges 6% of your earnings in fees .

4: TutorVillage

TutorVillage is a global online education company that has an online presence in 40 countries and more than 200 locations worldwide . It connects online students with online tutors working from home.

As an online tutor, you will be assigned to work on one student at a time. You will earn between $15-$30 hour based on your qualifications and experience.

5: Tutor.com – BetterLesson Partnership

Tutor.com – BetterLesson partnership is a unique opportunity that allows its tutors to provide face-to-face lessons via video chat . This website also enables existing teachers of BetterLesson to earn money by teaching their students online through this platform . You can earn $40 per online tutoring class.

6: Udemy

Udemy is an online platform where online students can take online courses for free or at a cost . It also allows online tutors to sign up here and make online tutoring jobs along with online courses you need to take to improve your skills as an online tutor. You can also advertise your services on the site and make money out of it . The average earnings are about $20/hour based on qualifications and experience.

7: Languagenut

Languagenut provides online English language lessons for foreign students who want to learn English grammar online through video lectures, exercises, quizzes etc . You will be paid $14-$16 per online class through Payoneer .


Join VIPKID if you can provide American education on a one-on-one basis to school students in China. You can make $14-22 per hour if you perform well in demo lesson. You get paid on 10th or 15th of each payment.

09. Transtutors

You can earn $5,000 or more every month as an online tutor with this website. Transtutors enrols online tutors for very specialised courses only. Humanities, writing, economics sciences, and management are some of these specialised courses that tutors can offer through Transtutors. You need to pass an online test before becoming a tutor on this site.

10: Cheeky Tutors

Cheeky Tutors has online courses for online students along with online tutoring jobs, which you can take up for online classes in your spare time. As an online tutor, you will be paid $15-$20/hour based on your qualifications and experience .

11. Skooli

Skooli is all about family. It has a special feature for parents. At Skooli, parents can select the time for online tutoring for their children. Parents also get an opportunity to chat live with online tutors regarding problems in studies their children face.

12: Chegg Tutors

Chegg, formerly known as InstaEDU, has tutoring jobs for online students who need help with their homework online. The online tutoring jobs for this website are provided on a part-time and full-time basis . As an online tutor, you will be paid $40 per hour on average .

13: Live Mojo

Live Mojo is another online platform that brings online tutors and online students together on one platform . You can sign up here and make money by taking up online classes and courses along with getting paid to share your knowledge with other people. The company also pays you Paypal or cheque on a weekly basis .

14: Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is an online platform in which you can take up online courses and tutoring jobs in order to improve your skills in a certain subject. Based on your qualifications and experience, you will be paid $30-$40 per hour online .

15 EduWizards

EduWizards is an online platform where you can sign up as online tutor and get paid for online courses or online tutoring jobs. You are required to have a graduate degree in the subject along with significant online teaching experience .

16: Verbling

Verbling is another website that has online courses and online tutoring jobs at its platform, which you can take up to improve your skills. This company provides online classes through video chat . However, it pays its teachers per course completed on its website, unlike other websites that pay their teachers hourly.

17 eTeacherGroup

eTeacherGroup doesn’t only provide online courses but also has online tutoring jobs for individuals who want to work online. The online tutoring jobs for this company are available in a wide range of subjects .

18: MasterClass

MasterClass is another website that provides online courses and online tutoring jobs to individuals who want to be instructors here . You have the choice of teaching different types of courses including cooking, sports, music etc at MasterClass .

19 Gengo | Language Experts

Gengo | Language Experts doesn’t only provide English language lessons but also has online tutoring jobs in order to teach foreign students English. This company requires you to have a degree in the field you wish to teach .

20. SuperPROF

This firm has extensive operations in several countries. You can teach almost any skill from the American education system. SuperPROF also welcomes online tutors from other countries. This company provides online tutoring to crack entrance exams, music and various other subjects.

21. MagicEars

MagicEars provides fun, interactive and efficient online English learning experiences to children in China aged between four and 12 years. They hire online tutors from USA and Canada holding Bachelor degree or above.

22. Edmentum

Anyone with skills in speciality subjects including family and consumer sciences, music appreciation and technology education, among others, can register at Edmentum.com to become an online tutor. Since these are very specialized subjects, you can expect really excellent pay for part-time online work.

23. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is all about tutoring students online to crack tough competitive exams such as MSAT, LSAT, GRE and GMAT among others to get admissions to some of the best universities in the US. It also trains its online tutors. This helps you deliver courses with confidence. Additionally, you can make more money by proctoring students- or monitoring time they take to complete a mock entrance exam.

Online Tutor Qualifications

If you are planning to work with a populoar online tutoring website, it’s necessary to have a degree from a good college. Some experience in teaching is something that most employers will look for, before offering a job of online tutor.

Additionally, these jobs also require you to have patience and knack to relate with foreign students. This skill is very handy if you will be taking 1-on-1 lessons.

Difference between American culture and foreign ones can be rather difficult to understand at times. It is good to have some knowledge about a foreign culture if you will be teaching students in that country or from their community.

Ability to prepare study material is an added advantage. Reputed online tutorial companies will pay you extra for this effort. When looking for online tutor jobs, find if the company already has set study material or you need to create them.

Your teaching skills will be tested when applying for online tutor jobs. Therefore, it is best to prepare a lesson that is entertaining for students while delivering the right knowledge.

Wrap Up

Finding online tutoring jobs is very easy, provided you know where to look. Additionally, you can also inquire with a local school, college or university if they need online tutors. There are several reputed academies that offer online tutor jobs.

The reason is simple: there is a huge market demand and every organization wants to get the largest slice of this proverbial pie.

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