15 Best Websites to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

Are you a beginner? Don’t know how to become a Virtual Assistant and get paid for it? Here I show you the best virtual assistant jobs you can do online, part time, full time, freelance, remotely or from home

A virtual assistant is a person who assists businesses and individuals virtually from a remote location such as a home.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Their workload may vary from company to company. A VA must be prepared to work with whatever comes his/her way. A good VA must have knowledge of cloud-based communication technologies like Skype, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. 

Post pandemic, the demand for virtual assistants has gone up considerably. Online businesses and entrepreneurs want to hire VAs who can work for them remotely.

Hence there is no shortage of virtual assistant jobs.

First I will show you the 15 most common virtual assistant jobs available for you and then I will show the 15 best websites to find these jobs for virtual assistants.

15+ Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

Here are some of the most common types of virtual assistant jobs available in North America and Europe.

1. Social Media Management


As a social media virtual assistant, you will be responsible for managing various social media accounts on the behalf of your clients.

You keep track of all the posts, comments, tweets made by the company on various social media platforms. You will also moderate comments, manage threads and delete inappropriate comments.

You can easily earn $12 – $15 an hour.

2. General Research Work


You will be asked to do general research like completing surveys, joining polls, watching videos, testing newly launched websites and apps, browsing the internet etc.

You will be paid for each task you complete.  

3. Scheduling Appointments, Managing Calendars, Email Handling


You will assist your clients with basic tasks like scheduling appointments, managing calendars, handling emails, organizing files and sorting data etc.  

You are basically a personal assistant working from your home. 

4. Bookkeeping Tasks


Bookkeeping virtual assistants are usually employed by an accounting firm or may work as a freelancer for multiple clients.

You are going to be one of the members of a remote team. Bookkeeper specializes in keeping accurate records and supporting finance teams.

5. Personal Customized Tasks


You will be asked to do tasks like booking airline tickets, searching for discount coupons on shopping websites, posting positive feedback on various rating sites, registering yourself on multiple websites etc.

6. Customer Service – Inbound and Outbound Calling


Customer service virtual assistant will handle all the customer related queries and questions via phone calls, chatting, email support and even Zoom.

You have to attend calls as well as make calls to customers to assist them and resolve their issues.

You can easily earn $10 – $12 an hour.

7. Computer and Tech Support


Here you handle queries that are more technical in nature and require a trained person to resolve such issues.

You resolve issues like repairing computers, installing new software, fixing software bugs, protecting their network etc.

Computer virtual assistants have a deeper skill level than a regular customer service virtual assistant.

8. Blog Virtual Assistant


To be honest, I worked as a blog virtual assistant. You will assist bloggers with content generation, proofreading, commenting and other technical aspects of blogging. I used to write posts as a guest blogger.

You can absolutely work remotely and help bloggers as a virtual assistant.

9. Digital marketing Tasks


Some of the most common digital marketing tasks are SEO, Social media, email marketing, ad management etc.

You will be asked to administer Facebook and Google ads. How the ads are performing, Daily budget, ROI etc.

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10. Writing, Proofreading, Editing


As you know, freelancing writing and editing is one of the most popular freelance work. Therefore, freelance writers need assistants who can do basic research, proofread and edit their articles and even write drafts.

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11. Data Entry

Data entry virtual assistants perform tasks like converting image files into word documents, entering data into Excel spreadsheet, sorting data, formatting and filling forms etc.

Before you enroll, the company will provide with some kind of in-house training.  

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12. Ecommerce and Shopping


Ecommerce virtual assistants monitor all the items a shopper has placed into their shopping cart through an affiliate link. They ensure none of the items get lost while shopping.

You will also manage product lists on Ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy etc.

13. Graphic Design Virtual Assistant


Graphic design VA assists designers with logo design and layout, website design, product illustrations etc.

Although you just assist the designer but you must be familiar with tools like Photoshop or InDesign. 

14. Real Estate Assistant


You will help real estate agents with paperwork, documentation, showing properties, collecting checks, scheduling appointments, talking to landlords and renters etc.

To become a good real estate VA, you have to improve your interpersonal skills.  

15. Consulting


You can assist a Human Resource Consultant with tasks like posting ads online and offline, communicating with fresher looking for a job, managing the hiring process etc. 

16. Project management


To become a project management virtual assistant, you need some prior work experience. You will assist a project manager with planning, monitoring, controlling and finishing various projects.

These were some of the best virtual assistant jobs for beginners.

15 Best Websites to find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Let us look at some of the best websites where you can find a genuine virtual assistant job.

1. Flexjobs


Companies from around the world post remote job offers on Flexjobs. Just type “virtual assistant jobs” in their search bar and you can select some of the best jobs from the search result.  

2. Zip Recruiter


Zip Recruiter is one of the best options for American virtual assistant job seekers. They offer over 30 different job categories. You can find a job that pays between $10 and $20 an hour.

3. Fiverr


Fiverr is very popular among freelancers who want to work independently with clients. You get maximum exposure on this platform and set your own rates.  

4. Upwork


Upwork is another great site for people wanting to work as a freelance virtual assistant. A beginner can find a job that pays at a rate $7 – $15 an hour. 

5. Task Rabbit


At Task Rabbit, virtual assistants can charge up to $20 an hour for their services. Clients will select virtual assistants depending upon reviews they get, skills they have and their rates.

6. 99 Dollar Social


99 Dollar Social is really great for social media virtual assistants. People who are passionate about social media and research must visit 99 Dollar Social for finding jobs.

7. Zirtual


The hiring process for virtual assistants at Zirtual is more rigorous than other platforms mentioned in the list. People applying for the VA jobs also require a college degree.

8. Fancy Hands


Virtual assistants can find jobs at Fancy Hands that allow them to set their own working hours.

You will be paid between $3 and $7 per task on a weekly basis.

9. Timeetc


Time Etc is a UK based company providing remote virtual assistant services to businesses in UK and US.

Customer service virtual assistants like telecallers must apply for jobs at Time Etc. 

10. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Their clients are located all over the world. Hence virtual assistants who are fluent in another language must apply at this site.

Depending on your skills you can expect to earn $10 – $12 per hour.

11. Remote


Remote is really good for people who are looking for virtual assistants jobs for Digital Marketing. At remote you can search for different virtual assistant positions across multiple companies.

12. Guru


At Guru, the job types range from temporary contract positions to full time opportunities. You can easily find a virtual assistant job across different categories.

13. Boldly


If you are looking for long-term contractual positions, then go to Boldly. You are most likely to be assigned a one to two-year contract. Some of well known companies at Boldly are Google, Apple and Facebook.

14. Belay Solutions


Belay Solutions offers virtual assistant jobs across different categories like bookkeepers, social media, website testing etc.

They post independent contractor openings.

15. LinkedIn


Last but not the least is LinkedIn. Although LinkedIn is not a job board but you can find many virtual assistant jobs if you stay connected with the right people in the industry.

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These were 15+ virtual assistant jobs and websites for the beginners. Choose anyone of them and just stick to it.

I would also suggest you to do a thorough background check of a company before being getting hired.

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