15 Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs Near Me that Pay $15 Per Hour

Are you thinking about kickstarting a career as a data analyst? These 15 Entry-level data analyst jobs that you do as part-time, remote, or from home.
Data Analyst Jobs

During the pandemic COVID-2019, millions of people across the country have lost their jobs. Now they are unable to work full time from their offices and have to work from home.

This has forced more and more people to look out for jobs which they can do from their homes but at the same time earn more than $15 an hour. 

The good news is there are jobs available in the country which you can do from home and easily earn $15 an hour. 

One such field is entry level data analyst. In this article, we look at 15 entry level data analyst jobs near you that pay $15 per hour. 

15 Entry Level Data Analyst Jobs

Here are 15 jobs as entry level data analysts that pay at least $15 for an hour. You can read the details about these jobs and the places to find such jobs.

1. Data Analyst

The most common entry level data analyst job that you can find in this country is Data Analyst itself. Data analyst plays an important role in the organization they work.

Their primary responsibilities involve:

  • Extract, Verify, transform and standardize data from disparate data sets. 
  • Determining data quality by creating and monitoring reports.
  • Identifying trends and opportunities by following up right parties. 
  • Analyzing new set of data to kick start new business initiatives.
  • Communicate your key research work with other team members. 

As a data analyst, you are required to have great technical skills like proficiency in MS Office, Access, SQL, etc. 

You also must have knowledge of working with relational databases. Apart from this, a data analyst must have great communication skills and be able to work in a team. 

A bachelor’s degree is required and entry-level data analysts can expect $18 – $20 an hour.    

2. Data Analytics Associate 

Broadly, the responsibility of a Data Analytics Associate can be divided into 3 domains – Portfolio Analytics, Operations Analytics, and Cross-Functional.  

Some of their work includes 

  • Designing and developing analytical tools to monitor portfolio performance 
  • Developing pricing models and extracting analytical insights from portfolio data 
  • Developing Metrics to monitor and improve effectiveness
  • Taking actions to lower the delinquency rates and losses
  • Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of collector activities.
  • Leveraging analytics to develop better operational process and bringing cutting edge innovation

Bachelor’s degree in finance or mathematics is a must but you should also have knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

Data Analytics Associate can earn $12 – $15 an hour. 

3. Jr. Data Analyst 


If a data analyst job is not your cup of tea, then you can apply for a Jr. Data Analyst who has lesser responsibilities. 

Jr. Data Analyst responsibilities involve

  • Searching, collecting and verifying data for companies. 
  • Resolving data interpretation issues.
  • Complying with established work process standards
  • Updating internal documents for performance monitoring 
  • Maintaining papers and electronic files 

A degree in business, economics, accounting, or finance is needed. Knowledge of MS office is also important. You also have to work under tight deadlines and be willing to work beyond traditional working hours. 

On average Jr. Data Analyst earns $14 – $16 an hour.  

4. Business Data Analyst 


After learning various data analyst positions let us learn about business data analyst jobs.

As a business data analyst, you are responsible for 

  • Ascertaining the requirements of business users by conducting team meeting. Ensuring client satisfaction by delivering demos of system changes under development.  
  • Preparing detailed documentation for all functional and non-functional requirements. Also developing performance reports. 
  • Supporting analysis, developing user interface prototypes, modeling and other quantitative techniques 

Of course, a bachelor’s degree is required with an understanding of business and IT processes. Other attributes you may require are strong analytical skills, problem-solving, proficiency with MS office suite and good communication skills.    

Business data analysts are in great demand and companies are ready to pay up to $20 per hour. 

5. Business Information Data Analyst 

Business Information data analyst job is great for individuals who are not college graduates or hold bachelor’s degrees. 

Some of the primary responsibilities are 

  • Extract structured and unstructured data into meaningful information.
  • Testing hypothesis regarding strategic business ideas. 
  • Writing queries using multiple software and data visualization tools like SQL, Tableau etc. 
  • Creating and publishing analytical reports and collaborating with IT department for generating interactive reports. 
  • Performing thorough research and resolving defects and error in reports. 
  • You also have to maintain consistency and quality of data definition
  • Ready to participate in projects and provide training and support to others. 

To get a business information data analyst position, you need a high school degree and a lot of attributes like analytical skills, problem-solving, sound judgment, and teamwork. 

Normally companies are paying $12 – $14 per hour. 

6. Financial Data Analyst 


Financial data analyst is another position that is in great demand in the market. The financial analyst job is pretty simple, you will be working with a wide range of customers to identify opportunities for income growth, increase productivity and reduce costs. 

You also perform data mining, create data visualization using tools like SQL, MS Excel, etc. and streamline daily analysis and reports. 

To become a financial analyst you need to have a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics or Data Science. Some of the qualities you need are proficiency in MS Excel, great communication skills, teamwork, and critical thinking.  

You can expect $14 – $16 an hour. 

7. Data Research Analyst 

The data research analyst job is a lot simpler than other data analyst jobs mentioned in the list. 

An entry-level data research analyst is required to perform the following tasks. 

  • Mining through complex data for capturing business opportunities. 
  • Regaining lost revenue and purchasing feeds. 
  • Streamlining business process. 

You must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with advanced knowledge of MS Excel and pivot tables. A good data research analyst must have strong quantitative and analytical skills. 

For an entry level data research analyst, companies are ready to pay $12 – $14 an hour, but for experienced candidates, they are willing to pay more. 

8. Digital Data Analyst


Digital data analyst is relatively a new position in the field of a data analyst. But it has got a lot of potential in coming future. 

A digital data analyst’s role involves 

  • Continued growth of the data department for the organization you are working for. 
  • Query large data sets using tools like MS-SQL, BigQuery, Tableau and develop insights. 
  • Foresee insights from the data and present it to clients. 
  • Learning the products and services of the company and communicate about them with clients.  

You must be a college graduate with knowledge of MS Office and database software like MS SQL, Google BigQuery, etc. You also need soft skills like detail-oriented, multi-tasker, problem solver, etc.  

Digital Data Analyst can expect $12 – $14 an hour. 

9. Data Capture Analyst 

The best part of entry level data capture analyst is it is also available on part time basis. A data capture analyst job is pretty simple, enter data at a high speed but with great accuracy. You have to meet both quantity and quality requirements. 

You also have to read a lot of documents especially related to mortgages and enter data. You have to work under a tight deadline and in a fast paced environment.  

You need a high school diploma with strong PC skills like typing. 

Data Capture analyst can expect $10 – $12 an hour.  

10. Data Visualization Analyst 


The task of a data visualization analyst is a bit demanding. Here are some of the responsibilities that you might have to take 

  • Ensuring data quality and accuracy in databases
  • Design and develop reporting solutions. Evaluating reporting solutions and collaborating with program manager to implement changes
  • Automate and standardize report delivery to client’s need. 
  • Troubleshoot accuracy problems and deliver work on time within budget. 

Bachelor’s degree in computer science is a must. You also need knowledge of Power BI or Tableau, cloud computing, and other business intelligence tools. 

Data Visualization analysts are paid $15 – $18 per hour.  

11. Quantitative Data Analyst 


Entry-level Quantitative data analysts are very much in demand by many companies in the country. The job is for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science. 

The quantitative data analyst will grow business lines within the incubator or company’s environment. 

You’ll also design and implement marketing programs, analyze metrics and make use of insights to drive growth. 

A quantitative data analyst got to be obsessive about data. You must be analytical-minded and detail-oriented at the same time. 

$15 an hour is normal for quantitative data analysts.  

12. Data Quality Analyst

Data quality analyst helps a company by eliminating their routine document review work so they can focus on higher-value tasks. 

The job of a data quality analyst includes reviewing data from contracts and other business documents plus being able to complete tasks and projects on time with a high degree of accuracy. 

You have to spot inaccuracies in the data and correct it. You must have a college degree in computer science, data science, or linguistics. 

Data quality analysts are paid $15 – $16 an hour. 

13. Data System Analyst (Entry Level)


The data system analyst job is very technical and requires a lot of responsibility from your side. 

Entry level data system analyst’s routine job involves analyzing clients’ business data and systems, you will work on in-house projects to set up workflows using software like Salesforce and HubSpot. 

You will have to integrate data into new systems, ensure data cleanliness and work in different languages like Python, HTML, Javascript and CSS. 

You must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science and have knowledge of different databases and file structures. 

You can expect $14 – $16 an hour. 

14. Jr. IT Data Analyst 

Jr. IT data analyst job is quite different than other data analyst jobs mentioned in the list. Here you need a lot of technical knowledge about software, coding, and various systems. 

Jr. IT data analyst job involves writing scripts, learning languages, understanding of software development cycle, identifying patterns, etc. 

You must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and easily expect $14 – $16 an hour. 

15. Environmental Data Analyst 


There are few data mining companies in the country that are looking for environmental data analysts. But their job is pretty similar to any other data analyst. 

Their job involves doing things like 

  • Managing environmental data using a particular software
  • Manipulate and transform data 
  • Create reports and run queries for data extraction 

You need a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or chemistry, knowledge of MS office and enterprise database software like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, etc. 

An entry-level environmental data analyst can earn $14 – $16 an hour.


After going through this article, I’m sure you will be able to explore your options. Choose a job that suits you the most (educational qualification wise and interest wise), wait for the job opening, and when the opportunity comes, apply for the position. 

These jobs are available all across American cities. You just have to go to websites like 

  1. Indeed.com
  2. Glassdoor.com
  3. Simplyhired.com
  4. Careerbuilder.com
  5. Ziprecruiter.com
  6. Linkedin.com

and search for 15 entry-level data analyst positions given below. 

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