15 Best Jobs that Hire at 15 (Even 14 Years Old) Near You

Are you thinking “what jobs hire at 14 or 15 near me”? Don’t worry, I am going to tell you 15 best jobs that hire at 15 and even 14 years old teens and pay $10 to $25 per hour

Every teenager asks themselves, for how long will they be dependent on their parents?

Well, the answer is they can be financially independent anytime they like because there is no shortage of opportunities around them. There are big companies and small businesses out there looking for young people just like you. 

However, finding a job could be a daunting task, especially if you are a teenager. You have to find a job that is not only near to home but also fits with your school schedule.

But where can you find these jobs? What jobs hire at 15 or 14 years old? That’s why I am writing this article. I have jotted down a list of the jobs hiring 14 and 15 years olds teenagers with no experience and investment.   

List of Jobs that Hire at 15 & 14 Years

Jobs that Hire at 15 or 14 Years Old

1. Fast Food Attendant

Working as a fast food attendant is quite similar to a coffee shop Barista. However, here you work for a fast-food chain like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King Etc. To put it bluntly, your main job is to flip burgers. 

You may work behind the counter, taking orders from customers in the joint or at the drive-thru. You may also have to clean tables, floors, doors, and windows.

Fast food attendant job is quite challenging but very easy to find near your neighborhood. You can earn up to $10 an hour. 

2. Barista


Coffee shops hire Baristas to prepare and serve coffee to their customers. You, as a Barista, will be responsible for brewing and serving coffee to your customers.

You will also help them choose menu items, check customers out using a cash register, and keep work areas and equipment clean and sanitized.

It is a low-skilled job suited for high school graduates. You can easily earn $12 – $14 per hour working as a Barista.

3. Grocery Store Cashier

Grocery Store Cashier

Grocery Store cashier is a tough job, especially for a teenager who is just 14 or 15 years old. Typically retail stores and fast-food restaurants hire cashiers to scan customers’ items, receive cash, bag their products, and return change.

You will also be responsible for stocking shelves and taking inventory. On average, you will be paid around $11 per hour.  

4. Car Wash Attendant

From my experience, I would say a very tough job!

As a car wash attendant, you will clean both the interior and exterior of the car, vacuuming inside of the car, polishing and dry the car.

You will make those wheel center caps shine! In my opinion, this job is best suited for male candidates. On average, a car wash attendant can earn up to $12 per hour.   

5. Caddy


Golf courses and clubs employ Caddies to assist players (or wealthy clients) by carrying their golf kit, cleaning golf balls and putter, holding flags, and consulting players which club to use.

Working as a caddy, you could easily earn $15 per hour. However, the main advantage of working as a caddy is that you can connect with rich and influential people who can help advance your career.

6. Lawn Caretaker

Teenagers who are fit and non-disabled can take up this job. It would help if a lawnmower and other gardening tools didn’t intimate you.

You will mow lawns, spread fertilizer, water plants, trim trees, and clip bushes as a lawn caretaker. You get your hands dirty!

You have to perform any maintenance task asked by your property owner. You can set your working hours and rates. You can easily earn $14 per hour.

7. Pet Sitter

Almost every teenager living in the USA is pretty much qualified for this job. As a pet sitter, you have to take care of pets in the client’s home.

Additionally, you may have to do tasks like taking dogs/cats out for a walking feeding and cleaning them.

You can find a pet sitter job in your neighborhood by going through classified ads. Pet sitters can easily earn more than $15 per hour. 

8. Daycare Assistant

Daycare Assistant

A Daycare assistant takes care of children in a daycare facility. Your job is to assist young children (2 – 5 years old) by playing with them, changing their diapers, feeding them, and engaging them in various activities.

There is no shortage of daycare assistant jobs if you live in a metropolitan city. This job is the best-suited job for teens near you. You can easily earn between $12 and $14 an hour.    

9. Babysitter

As a babysitter, you watch and take care of children while their parents are away. Your daily chore may include tasks like feeding, bathing, grooming, and transporting the child.

To find a babysitter job, you need a solid reference. An excellent way to start is by introducing yourself through family and close friends.

To get certified in CPR, you may have to participate in various courses. The average salary is $16 per hour.

10. Library Assistant

If you love reading books and want a job close to your hobby, you can become a library assistant.

Library assistants assist librarians in taking inventory, shelving books, and digitizing older documents. You also help visitors find books and maintain a record of books being issued to members. As a library assistant, you can earn $13 an hour. 

11. Field Marketer

Field Marketer

You might have seen people standing on a sidewalk holding a giant sign or passing out flyers/pamphlets in a shopping mall. Well! These folks are called field marketers.

As a field marketer, you will spread the word about a business by performing specific simple tasks. You get paid for doing this.

You have to work for just a few hours a day. The national average salary of a field marketer is $12 – $14 per hour.

12. Camp Counselor

Camp counselors coordinate with other counselors to plan activities and engage with campers in the summer.

They ensure campers follow the rules and guidelines, resolving issues between them and cleaning their surroundings. Camp counselors also ensure safe hiking and enjoyable experience.

If you love to work in a team and want to improve your social skills then this job is really great for you. You can easily earn up to $14 an hour.

The following three jobs are highly skilled and not for everyone.

13. Blogger

If you have a passion for writing, playing music, singing, cooking, traveling, etc., you can turn your passion into a blog. Thousands of 14 years and 15 years old, teens are making a good income from blogging.

You share your views and opinions about a particular subject with the world through blog posts. You create high-quality content like articles, video tutorials, infographics, etc.

Once you start getting traffic, you can monetize your blog with an ad platform and generate revenue. On average, bloggers in the USA earn between $300 and $5000 per month.

Refer: How to Start a Blog that Makes Money

14. Web Designer

Web Designer

There are 14 years old teenagers in the USA are making money as Web designers. You write code and design the user interface for your clients.

The job is a bit technical; hence you must have prior knowledge of programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, etc.

However, money is really great! You can easily earn thousands of dollars each month. 

15. English Tutor

Young people from English-speaking countries can teach English to students online via Zoom or Skype.

English tutors are in great demand, and you can offer your services online. You can teach other subjects like Math, Science, and History also. 

You conduct online sessions which are 25 minutes long. You get paid for each session you conduct. Usually, they pay you $15 – $20 per session.

So these were 15 jobs that hire at 15 near you. You can join some other low-skilled jobs like Delivery Driver, Dishwasher, Theatre Usher, House Cleaner, Lifeguard, and Farmer’s Market Helper.

But before you choose any one of the jobs for 14 years and 15 years old and start working, you need to go to your school career center and learn more about local child labor laws.  

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