Best 15 jobs for introverts in 2021

Most employers nowadays look for excellent communications skills while hiring people for any role. However, this puts millions of introverts across America and elsewhere at a disadvantage.

Because introverts generally avoid interacting with people. Overall, they’re known as shy people who keep to themselves. Thus, jobs for introverts are a tough deal.

However, being an introvert is nothing to worry about. There’re as many as 15 best jobs for introverts that you could easily find.

Also, if you’re an introvert, remember you’re not alone. Here’re some facts and figures about various kinds of introverts. These facts and figures would give you enough confidence to start looking for jobs.

Understanding Introversion & Introverts

To begin with: anything between one-third to one-half of all Americans are introverts, a research indicates. That’s why I mention earlier that you’re not the only introvert or a rare species of humans in America or the world who is having introversion.

Furthermore, introverts aren’t women or men that hate mingling with others. Instead, they’re comfortable talking with one or two people instead of a whole crowd. Generally, introverts are very intelligent and think a lot. They wish to do everything to perfection.

Additionally, introverts are known to be harmless folks unless provoked. Their feelings are intense and hence, they could prove dangerous as enemies. However, they never believe in actually harming someone.

At best, they might cut off their relations with you. A person who has an Introvert personality generally just believes in cutting away broken relationships instead of mending them.

The words ‘introvert’ and it’s opposite, ‘extrovert’ were created by renowned psychologist, Carl Jung about 100 years ago, in 1920, as part of his research to describe human personalities.

Regardless, here’s my list of 15 best jobs for introverts. You could select any according to your skills and educational qualifications. All these jobs require minimum level of interaction with people. And some of these jobs can be taken even if you have no college or university degree.

jobs for introverts

Top 15 Jobs for Introverts

These top 15 jobs for introverts are available across America and even elsewhere in the world, if you wish to be alone in some foreign country. At the same time, they pay very well. these introvert careers are among the easiest job you can do as an introvert.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert because with my list of best 15 jobs, you would also be able to make a superb career and earn lucrative income for self and family.

Introvert careers can be difficult to you but these are some good jobs for introverts which can help you in long run.Surely, this sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So stay with me as I guide you to top 15 jobs that any introvert can take and make an amazing career.

1. Content Writer

This is the topmost job that I would recommend to any introvert. It pays well as you can see above. And this job doesn’t require you to interact with many people.

Actually, it’s also possible to work from home or from some solitary place, if you prefer.The median pay for content writers in America is $46,415 per year.

Content writers work on freelance basis or for a blogger, companies that own blogs and websites and other organizations. The job involves extensive research, especially online and from highly reliable websites.

To work as a content writer, you’ll require excellent, expert level fluency in written English, intelligence to research and fantastic writing skills to present your content in a manner that’s reader friendly. Content writing can be recommended as one of the most favored introvert jobs.

2. Graphic Designer

Psychological research on introverts proves they’re highly creative people. If you’re among those creative introverts, work as a graphic designer. This is a superb online job and you’ll be working alone on almost every project.

At best, you’ll have to interact with one or two people who would be your clients, to know their needs and ideas.Graphic designers earn a median salary of $45,111 per year.

You could kick-start your graphic designing career by joining any superb crowdsourcing website such as or others. This allows you to work with almost complete privacy.

Actually, you’ll be working on large graphic designing projects with other remote team members. However, your interaction with such team members would mainly be on video calls only. You can kick start your introvert career by just putting your creativity on the table.

You get to learn a lot from the remote team which helps to fine-tune own skills and gain vital insights into prevailing graphic design trends. This is also an ideal job for all introverts.

3. Proofreader

A proofreader is yet another one of the most fabulous careers for introverts. This again is an online job. You can apply for an online proofreader’s job at any of the top websites.

A proofreader’s task is to check documents, draft copies of books and manuscripts and other text material for all kinds of errors and correct them. On average, a proofreader in USA makes up to $49,969 per month.

4. Truck Driver

A trucker or truck driver is a job where you wouldn’t meet anyone except maybe a co-driver on long, interstate trips, the sender of the shipment and its receiver. That makes it a great job for introverts.

And what’s better? You don’t require much educational qualifications to become a trucker. Instead, you will need a valid license to drive heavy vehicles and some experience in handling trailers.

5. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is home-based job. You’ll be working as a remote secretary for some high net worth individual or businessperson.

All you need to do is send and receive emails, fix appointments, update social media and sometimes, keep accounts for the client. This is mainly a secretarial job and you might also have to maintain files for your client.

6. Online Bookkeeper

Speaking about keeping accounts, an online bookkeeper does exactly that. Usually, online bookkeepers work for high net worth individuals, businesspersons and senior citizens.

Their main task is maintaining proper records of whatever money comes in and where it goes. This is a job that requires excellent math skills as well as some talent in maintaining accounts.

However, it involves minimal interaction with people. The only person you’ll have to speak with sometimes are your clients. Hence, it is also one of the minimal interaction jobs for introverts.

7. Website Designer

Nowadays, there’s a great demand for website designers in the US and from abroad. That’s because most businesses are moving online in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s aftermath.

Due to the need for social distancing and other precautions necessary after 2020, brick-and-mortar stores are also moving a lot of their operations online. And to succeed, they require an amazing website that’s easy to use. This is a wonderful job for introverts because you can use all your creative talent and earn a lot of money.

8. On Board Courier

Do you love flying solo to distant locations and avoid talking to many people? Then apply for a job as on board courier. It provides you with an opportunity to see the world alone.

Generally, on board couriers work for large logistics companies. Your role includes carrying precious packages or life-saving materials from one place to another by air. The only persons you’ll come in contact with are your employer, receiver of the package and Customs and Immigration officials at airport.

9. Jeweler

A jeweler usually works alone, crafting fantastic designs of various pieces of jewelry, with platinum, gold, silver and other precious metals as well as gemstones.

This is one job that would offer you near total privacy. You’ll only have to talk with your clients or the owners of the jewelry stores to get designs or make any alterations.

Since this job involves handling of intricate pieces of gemstones and handcrafting the precious metals, you’ll be working alone for most of the day. Nobody disturbs a jeweler at work. And this job also helps bring out your creativity that introverts are gifted with.

10. Librarian

As you definitely know, people have to maintain pin-drop silence at libraries. Nobody speaks or strikes a conversation with the librarian except while asking for a specific book or returning one.

This makes it the one of the perfect jobs for introverts. Having a degree in Library Sciences is useful but not always necessary. You can find work a librarian at colleges, schools, universities and the government.

Pay is good and you will enjoy the job because it allows you to research into various books. It also includes maintaining records of books and checking whether the library requires any new ones.

11. Forensic Scientist

A forensic scientist plays the key role in solving various kinds of crimes. They work solo at the labs and analyze evidence that can provide clues to find the criminals and determine the cases of accidents.

This is an all-solo job. The boss will hand over the material, audio or videos and other material that requires forensic testing.

Your task is to analyze the material or data and write a detailed report that could be useful to investigators and law enforcement agencies. You’ll have almost no contact with the outside world, except your direct boss.

12. Perfumer

Surely you use fragrances and perfumes. These could be anything from the scent of your daily soap to makeup or expensive fragrances. And the person responsible for that wonderful scent is the perfumer.

They test various kinds of fragrances, ranging from those of flowers and spices to various woods and other natural elements. Based on these, they create superb fragrances.

The nature of their job allows them to work solo. They also have least interaction with people because it helps keep their sense of smell very sharp. Working as a perfumer is very prestigious. It pays close to $100,000 and more in some cases, depending on your skills.

13. Author

You could write some superb stories based on facts or fiction and work as an author. This work means you’ll be alone for most of the day. Talking or meeting others will be very limited and in most cases, would be your very close family members only.

You can also become a ghostwriter, which means writing novels for others, who will take the credit for the book by buying your copyrights. Any author can easily publish their book nowadays thanks to Amazon Desktop Publishing and other resources.

You will get royalties per every book sold. In fact, this work can make you very rich and famous too, even though you’re an introvert.

14. Microbiologist

The work of a microbiologist involves working with bacteria, viruses and other harmful as well as harmless microbes. Hence, nobody usually goes near a microbiologist at work.

That’s because they fear infections. And this job is mainly at labs where access is very restricted. You have to analyze all sorts of samples, check for various kinds of microbes and file a report.

This could be for any purposes such as food testing to healthcare and medical requirements. To work as a microbiologist, a university degree in this field is absolutely necessary.

15. Fashion Designer

I’m sure you’ve heard about haute couture or high fashion dresses, especially for women. These are made by fashion designers who spend long hours thinking about how to design a superb dress or wedding gown.

They put their ideas on paper and then go about with the necessary material to create that dream dress for a woman. You can become a fashion designer and launch own business or work with an haute couture firm. In both cases, you will not have to meet many people daily.

That’s because being solo gives you enough time and the opportunity to dream up and create that amazing dress with materials that you are thinking about. This work can establish you as a brand too.

In fact, famous women such as Coco Chanel and Estee Lauder never held degrees in fashion designing. They merely used own creativities to create amazing styles that everyone likes till now.

More Jobs for Introverts

As an introvert, you could also try some other jobs that would be easily available at your location. Check the requirement of skills before applying.

  • Lab Technician.
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Researcher
  • Astronomer
  • Archeologist

These jobs also pay well and will require some skills and various kinds of educational qualifications to qualify for the work. You could try them if you have the necessary degrees.

In Conclusion

These top 15 plus other five jobs are suitable for all introverts. There’re other jobs you can take as well, if you search on LinkedIn or top job boards. Working as a freelancer is also a superb option available to introverts nowadays. Try that too.

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