25 Best Medical Transcription Jobs from Home

Medical transcriptions are some of the easiest jobs anyone of legal working age can do. In fact, thousands of students, single-moms and stay-at-home moms, seniors as well as people looking at working online from home take best medical transcription jobs.

25 Best Medical Transcription Jobs From Home

Reasons to do Online Medical Transcriptions

Since early 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc worldwide, including in the US. As a result, the dependence on medical transcriptions in America has grown manifold, though empirical figures aren’t available while writing this article.

The need for social distancing and self-isolation also makes it important for us to find online jobs where we can work from home. 

The higher demand for medical transcriptions means it’s possible for everyone to find such jobs, either at the beginner or even expert level. 

Hence, if you’re considering a career from home or wish to make money from a side-gig, I would suggest you try your hand at online medical transcriptions from home.

Qualifications & Equipment for Online Medical Transcription 

There’re some basic requirements such as educational qualifications and equipment that you’ll require for doing online medical transcriptions from home.

  • Persons over 18 years of age can generally become online medical transcriptionists at beginner levels.
  • Usually, online medical transcription providers prefer persons that’ve completed their high school or have higher education.
  • Nurses, paramedics, and doctors stand to gain much more money from medical transcriptions due to their knowledge about medicine.
  • In most cases, medical transcriptionists are native English speakers.
  • You should have perfect hearing and an eye to detect important details in the raw recordings or written data.
  • Medical transcriptionists have superb typing speeds. This is essential to complete transcriptions before the set deadlines.
  • A superb PC or laptop with a high quality sound card, a good set of headphones or earphones, pedal and transcription software are some of the equipment you’ll need.
  • Additionally, medical transcriptionists require high-speed and reliable Internet connections.
  • Not as a rule, but it’s better to have a silent area within your home where you can do medical transcriptions since most of it depends upon your hearing.
  • You should be available for work at flexible hours because medical transcriptions can be required at any time of the day.

Job Role & Median Pay

Fulltime medical transcriptionists in USA make about $40,000 per year.

The median pay differs according to your level of expertise and nature of work. Part time and freelance medical transcriptionists can expect anything between $15.65 per hour to $75 per hour.

However, the higher pay bracket usually applies to qualified doctors and nurses who can transcribe very complex data about equally complex medical cases and understand medical terms easily.

PayScale.com says that medical transcriptionist salaries also depend upon the roles they play.

Types of Medical Transcriptions in USA

The roles of a medical transcriptionist usually differ with every service provider. Your educational qualifications also come into play while applying for a medical transcriptionist’s job.

Some of the types of medical transcriptions that’re common in America include:

  • General medical transcriptions: These roles are open to almost everyone with a high school degree at entry level. They include listening to short conversations between a patient and a medical practitioner.
  • Surgery Room transcriptions: Since surgery can last several hours, this is a very complex type of transcription. It involves listening to a chat between various surgeons and other medical staff and creating a concise summary.
  • EMS transcriptions: This role is best suited for retired or practicing paramedics and 911 operators. Here, you’ll be listening to radio communications recordings between an emergency room and EMS staff as well as disaster relief agencies such as fire department or police, among others.
  • Specialized transcriptions: This role is best suited for nurses and doctors or medical students. This involves transcription of audio and other raw data of consultation between a patient and a medical specialist.
  • Medico-legal transcription: Also known in some cases as forensic transcriptions, it involves listening to audio and other data collected during autopsies of crime victims, among others. This role too requires specialized skills.

Types of Data for Medical Transcriptions

Broadly speaking, medical transcriptionists are given three kinds of raw data for transcriptions.

  • Audio or Audio-Visual Recordings: These are the most common nowadays. You have to listen to the conversation and collect relevant data for a summary.
  • Written Data: Though rare, some clinics still have that old practice of a nurse or medical attendant taking notes while a physician is speaking with a patient either in the Outpatients Department or hospital. You’ll have to search for relevant data and compile it in the right order.
  • Live Transcriptions: Telemedicine or online medicine which has now become a major player due to the Covid-19 pandemic makes it necessary to have live transcriptions. This means you’ll be watching a live CCTV feed with audio and transcribing simultaneously. Due to the complex nature of this job, the pay is higher.

Therefore, when you’re looking for work from home job as a medical transcriptionist, make sure the above conditions are met.

25 Best Medical Transcription Jobs in USA

And if the above facts convince you to work either as a fulltime, part-time, or freelance medical transcriptionist, there’re 25 best places to find such work in America.

The pay scales may differ according to your location, educational qualifications, proficiency, and experience. 

However, you can apply for any of these best 25 medical transcription jobs.

1. Indeed

Indeed is one of the largest job boards in the world. Though Indeed isn’t a website that specializes in providing medical transcriptionist jobs, you’ll find several listings here.

That’s because reputed medical clinics across the world look for American medical transcriptionists through this website.

2. Upwork

If you’re considering taking best medical transcription jobs on a part-time basis, I would suggest you create a free profile on Upwork. It is a marketplace where freelance talent meets buyers.

Generally, medical transcriptionist freelance work here is of short durations or for specific projects. Upwork charges between five percent and 20 percent of your earnings as their service fee and commission. 

3. FlexJob.com

Also a superb freelancing portal, FlexJobs.com has several medical transcriptionist assignments on offer. You’ll have to register with a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.

I would recommend this website for medical professionals, especially retirees who wish to make some money during their golden years.

You’ll come across a lot of American and foreign medical clinics that require specialized medical transcriptions on this portal.

4. Glassdoor.com

My favorite job website Glassdoor.com nowadays lists over a hundred full-time medical transcriptionist jobs at any point of time.

This could possibly due to the exponential increase in the number of medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies that’re looking for medical transcriptions of data garnered from Covid-19 patients and clinical trials of various medicines.

However, you’ll find some top recruiters looking for medical transcriptionists on this website.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn claims that at least one job seeker gets hired every 10 seconds from its portal. This holds for medical transcriptionists too, regardless of whether you’re looking at full-time, part-time, or freelance work.

To find jobs as a medical transcriptionist on LinkedIn, create a suitable profile and indicate you’re open to offers.

Or you can apply directly for medical transcription jobs when there’s a vacancy from a clinic or physician. LinkedIn is a superb resource for skilled medical transcriptionists to find jobs.

6. Toptal.com

Toptal.com is not for a fresher or persons with high school degrees or other qualifications. Apply here for highly specialized medical transcription jobs that might also require a second opinion and diagnosis from topmost clinics around the world.

These transcriptions are given to US-educated physicians since doctors elsewhere want expert opinions from specialties that aren’t available within their region or country.

Here, a qualified physician or medical specialist can earn as much as $500 per transcription, diagnosis, and second opinion.

7. Freelancer.com

A very popular job market for freelancers, this website is for people who wish to take medical transcriptions as a side-gig, full-time or part-time to earn extra money.

You’ll find all kinds of postings here, from entry-level medical transcriptionists to highly specialized ones. However, the majority of work is for entry and intermediate level transcriptionists.

Freelancer.com is a good website for medical, nursing, and paramedical students to find part-time work and gain some good knowledge about their fields while making money.

8. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a specialized medical transcriptions provider that’s popular in the US and abroad. They have vacancies at all times for online, home-based medical transcriptionists.

GMR doesn’t disclose its pay scales. Because they decide your salaries depending on your level of expertise, education, speed, and other qualifications.

Try GMR if you’ve some experience in the field. They also hire fresher candidates at several locations.

 9. 1888typeitup.com

1888typeitup.com offers transcription jobs in various industries. At any point of time, they require medical transcriptionists that can work online from home.

While the pay scales for medical transcriptionists aren’t clear, this website pays up to $1 per minute of a good, error-free transcription, according to various online reviews I’ve read.

Jobs are available for native English speakers only and the company hires medical transcriptionists only in the US.

10. Ubiqus.com

Ubiqus.com is a good website to launch your work from home online medical transcription career if you’re fluent in any foreign language.

They operate across the US and have vacancies for every kind of transcriptionist including business, legal, entertainment, finance, and medical.

They don’t disclose their pay scales but you can expect between $25 and $35 per hour, depending on your speed and educational qualifications. Usually, work here is of medical transcriptions and translations.

11. Athreon.com

Like most other transcription services provide, Athereon.com also welcomes medical transcriptionists looking for online jobs from home.

They have entry to expert level online and home-based medical transcription posts that are available on a full-time and part-time basis. Athereon.com also provides basic transcription training before you join, if you’re a fresher.

12. Rev.com

A superb place for stay-at-home moms of all kinds Rev has almost every kind of transcription job, including medical transcriptions.

This is a very professional website but they also welcome a fresher that’s willing to exert extra efforts to strike it big as a medical transcriptionist.

They get all sorts of medical transcription jobs. This website is also suitable for medical students to find transcription jobs as fresher applicants.

13. Transchamp.com

Transchamp.com is a top online medical and other transcription services provider from India. In fact, they offer medical transcriptions in more than 20 different Asian and European languages as well as US English.

This is an excellent website for foreign students studying medicine in America or those proficient in English and another language. The pay depends upon your region, specialty, and experience, among other factors.

14. Ascend Healthcare

Large number of hospitals and clinics across America outsource their requirements from Ascend Healthcare. 

They also offer medical transcription services on a full-time basis on telecommuting or remote or work from home basis. Ascend makes its own equipment for medical transcriptions too. This is a fabulous company to work with.

15. Fast Chart Global

Fast Chart claims to have 96.5 percent accuracy of its medical transcriptions. This proves the professionalism of the company. It ranks among the best medical transcription providers in America too.

Fast Chart is a superb website where retired medical practitioners and other healthcare providers can find jobs. This is also an ideal website for doctors who wish to have a side income since lots of their transcriptions also involve providing a diagnosis.

16. Eight Crossing Transcriptions

Eight Crossings Transcriptions provides services for almost every industry that requires transcriptions. Hence, they have transcriptionist vacancies around the year.

You can find all levels of medical transcriptionist work from home online jobs here. You might have to take a skills test to qualify as a medical transcriptionist at Eight Crossings. That’s because they hire only those who’re serious about making a career as a transcriptionist.

17. iMed-X

iMed-X is a company that creates medical transcriptions using both human and Artificial Intelligence. Their transcription work also involves editing by a human. Hence, you get excellent opportunities to earn more money.

iMed-X is one of the largest companies in this field. They usually welcome intermediate to expert level medical transcriptionists. You can apply directly through their careers section or send an inquiry for such vacancies through their website.

18. Nuance Transcriptions

You can find superb online medical transcriptionist jobs at Nuance Transcriptions. This is a company is based in the US and hires medical transcriptionists worldwide.

You can find vacancies for home-based online medical transcriptionists either directly from their website or through job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.com among others.

Working with Nuance Transcriptions can help you make a superb career as a medical transcriptionist.

19. Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine has operations across America. You can search for superb online medical transcriptionist jobs near your home through their web portal. Again, this isn’t a portal for a novice or fresher.

NM requires highly qualified medical professionals or expert transcriptionists with unbeatable experience to work on their team. The company offers full-time vacancies only.

20. Precision Transcription Services

Also a specialized transcription services provider, it’s possible for medical students, professionals, paramedics, and nurses to find work easily as medical transcriptionists here.

Precious Transcription Services advertises its vacancies from its own website or through popular job boards. In any case, they offer full-time placements only, regardless of whether you’re working from home or their centers.

21. Terra Nova Transcription

Terra Nova Transcriptions operates in the US and Canada to offer medical transcriptions to a large spectrum of the healthcare industry.

You can look-up their current vacancies on their website or apply from any job board. They offer full-time placements for work from home online transcriptionists. 

The company prides itself on meeting the strict deadlines of hospitals and healthcare providers.

22. Perry Johnson & Associates

Perry Johnson & Associates, better known as PJ&A has been around for over 30 years. The company provides highly specialized medical transcription services that are known for their accuracy. 

PJ&A also prides itself on the speed at which it delivers complex medical transcriptions to clients.

You can apply with PJ&A as an online medical transcriptionist at any time. You’ll be notified if your application suits their requirements and standards.

23. N Thrive Global Solutions

This company operates in the US and India. N Thrive specializes in medical coding and medical transcriptions in both countries.

They have distinct job portals for careers in the US for medical transcriptionists and medical coders.

They also hire candidates who’re fluent in foreign languages for translating and coding medical transcriptions. Pay scales at this company for medical transcriptionists and medical coders depends upon your expertise in the field.

24. Medvoice Inc.

Complete and submit the online form if you’re interested in working with Medvoice Inc, one of the large medical transcriptions, coding and translation providers in the US.

This company doesn’t really ask anyone and everyone to send in their resume to apply for the job of an online medical transcriptionist.

Therefore, apply only if you qualify. You can find that out by visiting the website and learning about the highly specialized medical transcriptions and other services they provide.

25. Christus Health

And another top-notch company to find wonderful jobs as a medical transcriptionist is Christus Health of US.

Though they’re based in Texas, you can still find remote online medical transcription jobs at this specialized service provider.

To apply, you’ll have to complete and submit their online questionnaire. This is again a very specialized and professional medical transcriptions provider. Therefore, get to know your job role before applying here.

In Conclusion

Before concluding, I suggest that you read the terms and conditions of all online medical transcription service providers where you wish to work.

Almost all medical transcription has shifted to online and remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, competition for jobs as an online, home-based medical transcriptionist is also very high.

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