40 Easy And Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well

While visiting an art store, I came across a fairly simple poster but with some rather meaningful words. It said: “God, bless my hustle, halve my stress and double my income.”

These words made me wonder: how many of us wish that we have jobs where stress levels are low while the pay is higher? Surely, most of us do.

low stress jobs

But, when we say low stress jobs, what does the term actually mean? Most of us are blissfully unaware what low stress jobs are. In fact, the work we’re doing now could also be low stress, without our realizing so.

In this article, I will discuss the definition of low stress jobs while providing details about 40 such jobs that anyone can take.

Let’s start by understanding what low stress jobs actually mean.

Understanding Job Stress

The term job stress arises from a lots of factors. It is one of the main reasons for depression among people, even when things seem to be going perfectly fine in every sphere of their life.

Some stressors that cause job stress include:

  • Taking a job that doesn’t interest the person.
  • Long commutes that leave little or no time for quality family and social life.
  • Working on salaries or wages that aren’t enough to pay debts and have a decent life.
  • The need to stay alert at work due to hostile colleagues or seniors.
  • Insufficient educational qualifications to work on a specific job.
  • Lack of experience to work on given tasks.
  • Absence of training programs to upgrade skills necessary to work efficiently.
  • Poor physical wellness due to shortage of time caused by stressful job.
  • Addictions that distract a worker’s mind from the tasks at hand.
  • Lack of appreciation at workplace leading to overall feeling of dissatisfaction with job.

The list can be much longer but I’m mentioning only some of the main reasons why people suffer from job stress.

Evil Effects of Job Stress

Actually, there’re two kinds of job stress. Both these have a major effect our overall lives.

· Positive Stress

Positive stress is also known as Eustress by psychologist and psychiatrists. It drives people to work harder to achieve a specific goal or target and gives a sense of satisfaction when the objectives are met.

Eustress brings out the best in a person. For example, if you’re preparing to host a party, you’ll exert extra effort and enjoy it at the same time.

When the party ends, you’re satisfied that everything according to plans and expectations.

· Negative Stress

On the other hand, negative stress has severe evil effects on a person’s overall physical and mental health. Ancient Arab physician Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna had found out as early as 1000 AD there exists a strong and undeniable link between physical and mental health.

Meaning, people who are mentally fit enjoy better physical wellness while those who are mentally stressed have a poor quality of life. And when a person suffers from poor physical health, they also suffer mentally.

Modern science proves for sure that stress, a mental condition, affects mental and physical health. 

A person experiencing job stress is prone to depression, addiction as well as physical diseases such as heart problem, insomnia, digestive disorders, obesity and diabetes, among others.

40 Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well

I’m not trying to frighten you with the above descriptions of job stress and the havoc it can wreak on your mental and physical health. Instead, understanding them can help you to find reasons to take low stress job that pays well.

And here’s my list of low stress high paying jobs.

I’m listing these low stress jobs according to various industries for easier reference.

· Medical Jobs

All medical jobs require you hold a proper degree and get the necessary licenses from the state or other authorities. You might not believe there’re stress free medical jobs, but here’re some of them.

1. Radiologist (Median Pay: $63,120/ year)

A radiologist takes X-rays, Computer Tomography or CT scan, ultrasound and other such diagnostic tests.

This is a low stress job because a radiologist simply looks for what a physician or surgeon is asking while sending a patient for the test.

Upon taking an X-ray, CT scan or ultrasound among others, a radiologist doesn’t have to bother about diagnosis. They simply print or forward the test results and images to the physician or surgeon.

2. Microbiologist (Median Pay: $71,928/ year)

A microbiologist’s work is also quite stress free. Similar to radiologists, they don’t have to worry about providing a diagnosis to any patient.

Instead, they test samples such as body fluids to find out the presence of microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and amoeba among others or detect hormone levels.

They simply test the sample using chemicals and a microscope and give their findings to a surgeon or doctor treating a patient.

3. Optometrist (Median Pay: $111,790/ year)

Have you ever had glasses made to see things properly and clearly? Then you’ve surely been to an optometrist.

These low stress jobs involves giving eye tests to patients to check their vision, using various instruments to detect vision problems and prescribing glasses.

These processes are very quick and fairly simple for any person who holds the right degree and training.

With all of us spending more time on computers, smartphones and TV, the demand for optometrists and their services is growing rapidly.

4. Physical Therapist (Median Pay: $87, 930/ year)

A physical therapist treats people that’re suffering from chronic pains due to surgery, accidents or age and helps them to move their hands and legs freely through a series of exercises.

In most cases, surgeons and physicians recommend a physical therapist to their patients. This means, you needn’t look for work.

Most physical therapists enjoy happy relationships with their recovering patients. They create exercise and fitness schedules for patients too.

5. Non-Clinical Registered Nurse (Median Pay: $77,460)

Non-clinical registered nurses or NCRNIs work on advisor desks, research projects and labs only. They don’t have to take care of patients, worry about diagnosis, timely medication or other things that directly involve medical care.

Instead, they guide visitors on various diagnostic tests, advise on healthcare methods, assist in research projects and help in labs, among other duties. These low stress nursing jobs also requires a proper degree and license.

6.  Registered Phlebotomist (Median Pay: $71,185/ year)

A registered phlebotomist works for diagnostic labs, medical clinics and hospitals. Their job is merely to collect blood samples from patients, affix appropriate labels and assign it to the proper department for testing and other purposes.

Finding the right vein and drawing the minimum amount of blood necessary for the test without paining the patient is a skill they have to master. With the right degree and license, this is also a fairly stress free job.

· Engineering Jobs

Did anyone imagine that certain engineering jobs are also low stress jobs that pay well? Maybe not. Therefore, I’ll write about some such relatively stress free engineering jobs that you can take if you’ve the right qualifications.

7. Environment Engineer (Median Pay: $98,880/ year)

We know the importance of green living and the need to control environmental damage. That’s exactly what environment engineers do.

They find ways and means to reduce use of material that would harm the environment while finding greener options. And they also look for new stuff that can help make projects more environment friendly.

Environment engineers also study how humans can live in harmony with the nature with new projects and developments.

8. Technical Writer (Median Pay: $76,869)

No, a technical writer is not exactly an author or journalist. They’re engineers from every field such as electrical, mechanical, civil, metallurgy and others. They have one main task.

To write standard operating procedures and operation manuals for various things. The instruction manual that you find with electronics is also written by an engineer working as technical writer.

And so are the car maintenance guidelines and other such literature that comes with all sorts of stuff. This is one of the best low stress jobs for those who enjoy writing.

9. Marine Engineer (Median Pay: $82,190/ year)

There’re two kinds of marine engineering job- onshore and onboard. Meaning, they work for shipping companies at ports or on large cargo carriers and cruise liners.

A marine engineer usually checks all sorts of meters and gauges, takes readings and sets schedules for maintenance such as painting and repair works.

They check engines and equipment on board a ship to ensure they’re working properly.

10. Safety Engineer (Median Pay: $93,764/ year)

A safety engineer can be from any engineering stream. Creating standard operating procedures for ensuring that employees don’t suffer from work-related sickness and accidents is their only concern.

They look at ways and means to reduce workplace hazards that can affect workers at sites and projects. They’re also responsible for writing safety and emergency manuals for a project or worksite.

11.  Automotive Engineer (Median Pay: $73,612/ year)

If you love designing cars that’re fun to drive and safe to use, then this is the perfect job for you.

Automotive engineers play with various designs and engines to create that ideal car which would make their employer and themselves rich and famous.

Though stress levels on this job are lower, it requires a lot of passion for making automobiles that people would love. You also get to test drive a lot of new cars before people even know they’re being developed.

12. Agriculture Engineer (Median Pay: $98,290/ year)

Agriculture and engineering may sound like an odd or strange mix. But it isn’t. Agriculture engineers help improve the way farming for food grains, fruits and vegetables is done by providing valuable information on watering systems that can be used for growing more produce, creating reports on soil nutrition and using engineering to prevent loss of crops and other farm produce.

It’s a relaxing job usually found in farming areas of the country.

· Software Jobs

The Covid-19 pandemic that’s scourging the world has definitely increased our dependence on software of all kinds. We require video conferencing software for work to banking applications to manage our money.

Here’re some relatively stress free jobs in the software industry you could try, if you have necessary qualifications and experience.

13. Video Games Designer (Median Pay: $90,270/ year)

Designing a video game is fun and gives wings to your personal creativity and to a great extent, your fantasies too. What’s more: it is a low stress jobs that pays well too.

A video games designer has an enjoyable and stress free job. They go about creating that perfect gaming experience that people of various ages love to play.

They also play a lot of video games to learn about various elements, for creating something that’s unique and will find customers fast.

14. Mobile App Designer (Median Pay: $93,661/ year)

Also for software developers and software engineers, a low stress job is that of a mobile applications designer.  Generally, the customer will provide the specifications and feature they want on the app.

Your job as a software expert is to create such an app, send it for testing through various websites, read reviews and make any changes on the app, if necessary.

This job is very stress free because lots of software experts create apps during their spare time, as a side gig to make extra money.

15. Artificial Intelligence Programmers (Median Pay: $151,959/ year)

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important in various fields of our lives such as customer relations, investment advice, entertainment, hospitality and healthcare, to name a few.

An Artificial Intelligence Programmer creates these programs that interact with people and reduce the need for human skills and intelligence to perform a simple task. They create AI solutions according to specifications and needs of a customer.

· Travel & Tourism Jobs

Most of us love to travel don’t we? If you’re bitten by the travel bug, try any of these fabulous low stress jobs that not only pay well but could also take you on exciting journeys around the world to see distant lands and their cultures.

16. Flight Attendant (Median Pay: $76,809/ year)

If you’re a high school graduate, enjoy making people happy and love to travel, work as a flight attendant. This is a low stress job unless your aircraft gets into some emergency.

A flight attendant helps people find seats, serves food and drinks and ensures that passengers have a pleasant journey.

They also rest at various foreign and domestic destinations where necessary. This job is available for both women and men.

17. Ship Musician (Median Pay: $51,477/ year)

Ship musicians work either solo or as part of a band on swanky cruise liners that take passengers to various exotic islands and ports around the world.

Usually, you’ll find them performing at restaurants and diners on board a cruise ship. They not only get paid for their work but also enjoy shore excursions when the ship docks at a port.

Furthermore, generous guests also offer them fabulous tips for playing their favorite tune.

18.  Cruise Director (Median Pay: 77,295/ year)

A cruise director also doesn’t require much educational qualifications as it is one of the low stress jobs that pay well without a degree.

While a high school degree would prove adequate, a Bachelor in hospitality management would prove very handy.

This is a superb job if you’re good at organizing things. A cruise director supervises everything from meals to entertainment and shore trips for all passengers.

They’re very important for a cruise company to make every trip successful. Work is available with some of the giant cruise companies of the world such as Disney, P&O, Carnival and others.

19. Travel Consultant (Median Pay: $63,965/ year)

Travel consultants work with large travel companies and often cater to specific customers only.

You can become a travel consultant if you’re a high school graduate and compete a certification course from International Air Transport Association (IATA), Switzerland.

As travel consultant, you’ll be guiding customers on best airlines to travel, hotels to stay, cruises to book and other elements such as car rentals, among others.

You also get to travel to foreign countries occasionally when some airline or hotel chain conducts familiarization trips.

20. Tour Guide (Median Pay: 38,411/ year)

The work of a tour guide involves almost no hassles, if you ask any veteran one. They take tourists to see various attractions in town, wine and dine them at finest places and take them shopping.

While they get a pay from the employer, tour guides also get tips from travelers. And at some destinations, they get commissions for the money that travelers spend on restaurants and shopping too.

Their job is simply to provide info about a tourist attraction and keep travelers happy during the tour.

· Logistics & Transport

The logistics and transport trade is very complex since it involves moving goods by air, sea, land and rail while providing warehousing facilities in between.

Despite the intricate nature of this industry, there’re quite a few low stress jobs available here.

21. Shipping Clerk (Median Pay: $43,100/ year)

Days when shipping clerks needed to scribble documents and hand them over to people booking cargo while mailing copies to shippers across the world are now extinct.

Nowadays, shipping clerks do it in a matter of minutes on a computer with an Internet connection.

The work involves listing number of packages, booking part of full container loads and issuing Bills of Lading for the freight. This job doesn’t involve any major hassles.

22. Delivery Driver (Median Pay: $42,600/ year)

Anyone with good health, driving license and accident free record qualifies as a delivery driver. This isn’t a stressful job at all.

It simply involves picking up a package or parcel or even a truck load of goods from one location and delivering it to the receiver.

Over the last few years, delivery driver jobs have become favorite among people that want a profitable side gig during their spare time. This is a fulltime and part-time job, depending on how you want to work.

23. Urban & Rural Mail Carrier (Median Pay: $55,210)

Mailpersons also come under the broad category of transport and logistics because they deliver mail and parcels to individuals and businesses.

The United States Postal Service hires thousands of mail carriers for urban and rural parts of the country.

This is a respectable Federal job that you can find anywhere in the US. The only stress you’ll ever have is weather and pet dogs when you go to deliver mail. Otherwise, this is a superb job.

24. Couriers & Onboard Couriers (Median Pay: $32,719/ year)

Working as a courier and onboard courier is possible for anyone that’s completed secondary school education. A courier’s job doesn’t really require much skills or involve much bother.

Similar to mailpersons, you’ll be delivering mail and packages to receivers on behalf of your employer. Onboard couriers have slightly different responsibilities.

They carry stuff such as live donor organs, expensive stuff and lifesaving medicines on person, from one place to another.

And sometimes to foreign lands too. Onboard couriers are taught Customs and Immigration formalities for conducting their work.

· Teaching Jobs

Should you have superb knowledge about a field and know how to teach students of all ages, you’re really lucky.

Because there’re lots of hassle free and low stress teaching jobs that you could consider. In fact, hundreds of tutors are now millionaires around the world.

25. Online Tutor (Median Pay: $43,914/ year)

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid waste of an academic year. Concerned parents and educational institutions are now moving to online tutoring to reduce the impact of this scourge on education and future of children.

Therefore, the job of online tutors is very much in demand and doesn’t involve much stress too.

You can record the lessons and provide them to e-learning platforms or conduct classes live for school subjects such as English, Math and Science among others.

26. Online Fitness Instructor (Median Pay: $44,105/ year)

Also a superb teaching job that’s fun and doesn’t have much stress, online fitness instructors are also in great demand as more and more people stay indoors for prolonged periods due to the pandemic.

If you hold a fitness instructor certification from any good institute, you’ll definitely find this job as pleasurable because people learn fitness very happily.

Most students also enjoy happy personal relationships with their fitness instructors and have fun too.

· General Low Stress Jobs for All

And now we come to general low stress jobs that almost anyone can take, if you have the necessary qualifications or even an interest in doing them. Usually, pay for such low stress jobs varies according to your experience and skills.

27. Translator (Median Pay: $49,930/ year)

For native speakers of different languages and English can find wonderful jobs as online and offline translators. These are low stress high paying jobs that pay superb salaries as well as the potential to work on hourly basis as a side-gig.

While general translators that can provide translations of speeches, books, literature and other documents earn very well, lawyers and legal experts that know English and a foreign language with native fluency can earn more than $100,000 per year.

The only stress you’ll have on this job is ensuring accuracy of your translations, right grammar and punctuation.

28. Security Guard (Median Pay: $32,791/ year)

A security guard’s job is a best low stress job if you’re physically strong and have a pleasant personality.

The low stress job for women and men requires only a watchful eye and alert mind to ensure there’s no problems or crime committed at your workplace.

You’ll require basic training in handling metal detectors or explosive sniffer dogs and looking for telltale or suspicious movements. This job doesn’t require to take any stress back home such as unfinished deadlines and targets.

29. Astronomer (Median Pay: $122,270)

If you love to reach for the stars, look no further. The job of an astronomer will definitely tempt you. It involves gazing into the sky with high power telescopes to see interstellar movements and cosmic events.

If lucky, you might spot an odd UFO on a clear, starry night that could be the sign of alien life from another galaxy.

Astronomers help in lots of things such as space study, looking for alien life and research into formation of the Earth and other planet.

30. Weatherperson (Median Pay: $56,988/ year)

A weatherperson is also known as Meteorologist. It means keeping an eye upon weather and making proper forecasts. This is a low stress job but not one that just anybody can do.

Meteorology is a specialized field and involves studying the Earth’s atmosphere, satellite imagery of clouds and weather systems prevailing on the planet and projecting their anticipated movements.

It also involves creating warnings of rough weather for people in various parts of the world.

These low stress jobs are available from airport administrations, government organizations, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, military, news channels and met offices.

31. Radio Jockey (Median Pay:$50,035/ year)

And if you love to speak about music and entertain people with stories and songs, uplift their mood and spread cheer all around, working as radio jockey is just for you.

This job doesn’t come with burdens of yesterday and worries of the future. At the radio station, you’re the boss who understands people’s moods and plays music accordingly.

You can also crack jokes and make a few witty remarks that bring smiles to faces every day. Overall, this is a very enjoyable job too.

32. News Anchor (Median Pay: $96,385/ year)

Any woman or man with pleasing personality and that style of presenting news to a wide audience over TV can work as a news anchor.

While a journalism degree would help in this job, there’re countless news anchors worldwide who use own skills to present news and information during the TV show.

You’ll require a superb voice and an understanding on how to use it to express different human emotions while presenting different types of news during a single broadcast.

33. Geographers (Median Pay: $81,970)

Geography remains an interesting subject for everyone, despite our latest advances in mapping the world with satellite imagery and the ability to remote sense soil and climate in different parts of this planet.

A geographer does just these things. They study various features of the Earth and places around the globe, effects of climate and other elements that are of interest to overall human development.

Geographers also help in making all sorts of maps alongside cartographers or people who actually prepare them.

34. Historian (Median Pay: $117,810/ year)

If you have a nose to dig up the past of anyone, the job of a historian would definitely interest you. It involves finding the past of some ancient and now extinct civilization or even modern day history.

This is a research job where you don’t need to take any stress. Instead, you’ll be studying interesting artefacts from past civilizations or recording events happening in our generation to preserve their memories for the future.

Lots of historians also travel abroad to look into ancient stuff of those countries.

35. Pharmacist (Median Pay: $128,000/ year)

A pharmacist’s job definitely requires a matching degree and in many cases, a license from the Food & Drug Administration, among others.

This isn’t a boring or stressful job at all. Instead, it involves knowing existing medicines, finding new ones, researching into all kinds of treatments and finding superior alternatives where possible.

Pharmacists also work at medicine stores, apothecaries, clinics and hospitals and Federal jobs where someone who has proper knowledge of medicines is necessary.

36. School Bus Driver (Median Pay: $34,696/ year)

Ability to drive slow and safe and a caring attitude towards children of all ages will earn you this easy and stress-free job as school driver. You’ll be driving a school bus during the morning and afternoon school runs.

The only hassle that might come your way is an occasional rash driver who cuts lanes or bad weather that slows down the school bus on its way to the educational institute or home.

An accident free record is very important and school drivers also should not have any criminal history.

37. Sales Assistant (Median Pay: $42,848/ year)

Sales assistant’s job is offline and involves working at boutiques and other specialized stores. They generally help the salesperson in convincing a prospective buyer about something or the other.

Often, sales assistants also double up as personal shopping advisors or personal shopping assistants. This means, they walk a customer through the store, suggesting what would suit their needs better.

There’s nothing to bother about on this job as long as you know how to engage in glib talk and convince somebody.

38. Janitor (Median Pay: $30,700/ year)

Working as a janitor is possible for anyone who doesn’t have a specialized degree and doesn’t hesitate in doing cleaning and repair tasks. This is also considered as a low stress jobs that pay well without a degree. Janitors usually work for large companies and corporations and even very wealthy families.

They maintain and look after the upkeep of a building or large residence and fix minor things daily to ensure everything works well.

Take this job of you don’t want any major stresses in your life and would love to enjoy a modest lifestyle.

39. Librarian (Median Pay: $61,595)

A degree in library sciences or administration can come very handy if you wish to work as a librarian. But overall, it’s not necessary if you have good organizational skills. Managing a library nowadays is almost hassle free.

You’ll have computerized data of books and their location, borrowings and returns right on your desktop PC or laptop.

Other than keeping records and maintaining books, there’s nothing major you’ll have to do. Instead, as librarian, you can enjoy your reading hobby too.

40. Cabbie (Median Pay: $43,878/ year)

No, I’m not talking about working for Uber, Lyft or other taxi aggregators in America. Instead, this is all about operating your own taxi by working as a cabbie.

The only messy part of this job is regular maintenance of your vehicle and driving in dense traffic or bad weather. Yet, as the vehicle owner and cabbie, you’re your own boss.

Or you can also work for a fleet of taxis as independent contractor, on specific routes and during specific hours. As you might know, working part-time as cabbie is also a big draw as many people do this a side-gig for extra income.

They wouldn’t go for a stressful side-gig. Hence, you can be assured there’s very little stress as this is one of the best low stress jobs.

Tips to Find Low Stress Jobs

As you can see, there’re at least 40 low stress jobs that’re available for people with or without special qualifications. While such low stress high paying jobs can be easily found on the Internet, here’re some tips.

  • Find whether you’ll really love doing that job lifelong.
  • Ask if you’d like to change careers midway in life.
  • Make sure the stress-free or low-stress job is sustainable and has enough future scope.
  • Look at career growth and salary raise potentials in stress-free jobs.
  • Low stress jobs also depend on your capabilities to handle stress.

Wrap Up

This complete guide on low stress jobs that pay well would provide some insights for anyone that wants to launch a career, either as fresher or for midway career change.

As I’ve clearly highlighted in this article, stress can ruin the life of a perfectly fine person by causing severe mental and physical health conditions that require long term and expensive treatment.

This guide could help you overcome or at least circumvent such hassles, leading to a happier life.

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