How Many Jobs Are Available in Public Utilities?

If you’re looking for a career with job security, competitive pay, and opportunities for career growth, then public utilities may be the right choice for you. In this article, you will learn how many jobs are available in public utilities and Growth opportunities.

Are you considering a stable and rewarding career? Then nothing is better than the utility sector, where essential services like electricity, water, and gas are provided to millions of Americans every day.

With an array of opportunities ranging from electricians to environmental specialists, the utility industry offers competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and job security.

Dive into this article to explore the diverse roles and responsibilities in the utility sector, current employment trends, and the best utility jobs that could be your ticket to a fulfilling career.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Public Utilities?

What are Utility Jobs?

Utility jobs in the USA are positions that provide essential services to the public, such as electricity, water, gas, and telecommunications. Common roles include linemen, electricians, plumbers, and gas service technicians.

Utility jobs require specialized training and certification and offer competitive pay and benefits packages. Working in the utility industry provides stability and job security, with opportunities for career growth.

Utility Job Responsibilities

  • Following instructions from managers and maintenance officers.
  • Cleaning and maintaining work areas inside and outside the property.
  • Conducting basic landscaping duties.
  • Ordering and maintaining cleaning supplies and maintenance equipment.
  • Conducting basic repairs on equipment.
  • Ensuring safe handling and storage of hazardous materials.
  • Ensuring completed and signed-off utility projects.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities?

According to the data provided by Workforce Statistics, the utility industry employed approximately 556,000 people in November 2022. This figure fell to 552,100 in February 2023, a drop of 3,900 jobs over the course of the year.

The employment data for public utilities indicates that there are opportunities in the industry. Seasonal changes, economic conditions, and other factors can cause industry employment fluctuations.

The data also shows that the utility industry has a low unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in the industry was 2.8% in February 2023, rising from 1.3% in November 2022.

The unemployment rate in the utility sector is impacted by the same economic factors that affected other industries, which is another crucial point to keep in mind.

According to the Workforce Statistics data, there is a decrease in production and nonsupervisory employees in the utility industry.

The industry employed 438,800 production and nonsupervisory workers in February 2023, down from 442,200 in November 2022. These figures do not include supervisory personnel.

List of the Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities:

  1. Electrician
  2. Journey Lineman
  3. Meter Reader
  4. Solar Energy Systems Installer
  5. Power Systems Engineer
  6. Electrical Engineer
  7. Project manager
  8. Radiation Engineer
  9. Water Superintendent
  10. Control Room Supporter
  11. Chemical Engineer
  12. Asset Protection Specialist
  13. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  14. Human Resources Specialist
  15. Communications Specialist
  16. Information Technology Specialist
  17. Maintenance Specialist
  18. Operations Specialist
  19. Safety Specialist
  20. Environmental Specialist

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Utility jobs offer stability, competitive pay, and diverse opportunities in essential service sectors. Despite minor employment fluctuations, the industry remains an attractive option for those seeking job security and career growth. Explore the wide range of roles available and propel your career in the indispensable world of utility jobs.

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