Best Website Testing Jobs with 15 User Testing Websites

Did you know that you can earn money by testing websites? I have shared 12 legitimate companies that will pay you to be a website tester from home

The very fact that you’re reading this article proves that you’re connected to the Internet and have some skills in using websites. As a matter of fact, you can make this skill into a money-spinning part-time profession or even hobby.

How’s that, you would wonder? The answer is fairly simple. There’re lots of companies that offer you part-time work and pay you for testing various websites.

That’s right, they offer such work to people such as you and me because they don’t really need professionals to test these websites (even for testing apps).

That’s because website owners already have professionals to do the necessary testing. Yet, they want feedback from common users about their websites, and that’s where we come in.

And, as I mention earlier, these companies are also willing to pay us some money for our efforts.

If this sounds interesting and you would love to earn some extra cash this way, here’re my curated list of the 15 best website testing jobs in America.

website testing jobs

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Top 15 Website Testing Jobs

To apply for these jobs, you’ll have to visit the websites of companies that offer them. The remaining process is equally simple. All you have to do is signup as a website tester.

Whenever these companies require your assistance, they will send an email with details of the website you can test. Or, they will direct you to a link on their website. Clicking this link will take you to the website that you can test.

So, here’s my list of the 15 best website tester jobs in the USA.


Userlytics offers website testing, app testing as well as online game testing jobs. Usually, each task takes between 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on what they ask you to test.

They pay anything between $1 and $20 per website that you test. There’re no limits to the number of websites you can test in a day. However, your reports and reviews have to be honest.


You can make anything from $5 to $100 per day from If you have some experience in website design or other skills, you can earn more too. works on a simple principle: you test, they pay.

This is a no-frills website where anyone can find website tester jobs with fair ease. Register on their website by giving the necessary details. They send an email when your application is successful.

3. Tester Work

If you want to test some of the topmost websites in the world including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others, you could join Tester Work. They offer website testing jobs to everyone, though in most cases, they welcome people with some experience.

Tester Work also provides testing for gadgets and other stuff. Your earnings for testing a website would range between $1 and $10 per task. However, you can test some websites that offer higher pay also, if you’re a pro in this field.

4. Testing Time

TestingTime is based in Switzerland. They pay a whopping Euro 50 per task of testing a website, which works to nearly $75 at the current exchange rate.

However, they require high quality reviews and reports from your tests of any website. Once you register with Testing Time, you can expect two emails per week, which inform you of the assignments for testing a website.

Testing Time pays you twice a month, though you have the choice of the monthly payment if you wish.

5. User Feel allows you to test websites and apps to make some money. However, they’re very strict about onboarding website testers.

In this sense, they expect only persons with the necessary website testing skills to register. That’s why they have an online skills test. You have to pass this online test before your application as a website tester can be considered.

This is a superb website to join if you have the necessary experience. You can easily earn up to $500 per month by testing websites during your spare time.

6. IntelliZoomPanel


Now, IntelliZoomPanel works more differently than other companies. Firstly, you have to answer their three questions when applying as a website tester.

They will register you only if your answers are satisfactory enough to convince them that you can do the job. Once your application is successful, you’ll have to download the IntelliZoomPanel dashboard on your computer.

It works on both Windows and Apple systems. Your user testing of a website is recorded live by this company. They pay $2 per test, though you can expect some more money for a complex review.

7. TryMyUI

TryMyUI also records your voice and captures your screen live when you’re testing a website. They do that to ensure that you’re doing the task according to their requirements.

This website pays you anything from $1 to $5 per website that you test. They usually have simple user testing type of tests for people because they don’t need the help of professionals in the field.

You can apply for TryMyUI website user testing jobs. You can expect two to three such jobs every week, depending on your location.



If you’re a beginner in the field of website testing, I would suggest that you enrol with That’s because here, you can test apps of all kinds, online payment systems, and also some simpler websites.

They welcome novices and freshers in the trade because they want your honest opinion from a website or app test. Additionally, you can earn more money by referring friends and relatives to join


Also, for beginners and novices in the field of website testing, offers rather simple tasks. You have to simply browse the entire website by going through all its pages and sections.

You can also test apps in a similar way. They pay between $2 and $10 per test, depending on the complexity of the review they want.

However, they don’t really expect the very professional type of reviews because they’re aware it’s common for people doing such tests on their apps and websites.

10. Enroll

Enroll is an app and not a website. Here, you can test a few other apps, gadgets, and other stuff for which they want reviews.

Often, you can keep the gadget that you test, since they will not pay you for the effort. Instead, the gadget is your reward. They test apps and websites for others using these gadgets.

Basically, they wish to test how a website or app functions on any new gadget. They pay between $0.10 to $1 per test, depending on its complexity.

11. TestIO


If you’re interested in making money immediately, join TestIO because this wonderful website offers you instant tasks. Upon completing these tasks, they credit some money to your account with them.

You can cash out when you have at least $20 in your account. TestIO allows you to test online games and apps as well as websites of all kinds.

Generally, these tests are very simple. However, TestIO can record your tests in real-time for their reference.

12. User Crowd

Join if you’re a creative person and can give some superb reviews on the design of a website and the quality of graphics. Because that’s the only thing they’re looking for the overall appearance and beauty of a website instead of its functioning.

User Crowd pays $0.20 per test. However, these tests aren’t available daily. Therefore, you may have to wait some time to reach the minimum payout of $20. They will send you cash through PayPal.


The best part of is that they allow you to test and review existing apps and websites. This means you might actually get a chance to review a website that you already visit or know, or even use.

They provide a wide range of testing opportunities for everyone. You can access these tests after registering on their website and when your application as a website tester is successful.

14. Loop11


Loop11 welcomes people like us who have no specific qualifications in website testing. Generally, all tests on Loop11 are of five to 10 minutes duration only.

Here, you can test apps, websites as well as some online games before they go for release. This is a no-frills website where it’s simple to register and earn some money during your spare time.

You will get paid to test websites between $0.10 and $0.50 per test. However, they expect honest and good reviews from your user testing experiences.

15. LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t really a company where you can make money by testing apps. However, if you’re connected on LinkedIn, you can find several user-testing jobs for various companies that wish to have their websites tested by non-professionals.

That’s because a lot of companies don’t want to approach specialized companies and pay large amounts. Instead, they want only ordinary people to test and are willing to pay for your efforts.

Wrap Up

Actually, website testing is a huge worldwide business. That’s because every website owner wants to ensure that their website is the best.

Therefore, they’re willing to pay us for our reviews. If you’re one of those who love to test websites and can give an honest review, I suggest you join any of these 15 companies right now.

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