25 Best Jobs for High School Students Near Me

There are many part time, weekend, and summer jobs available for high school students. 25 best high-paying jobs for highschool students near to your place. No experience

The system of high school students working part-time, during weekends or summer holidays isn’t something new. In fact, it’s prevailed for several decades.

Because such jobs allow pre-teens and teenagers to make some money and develop various personality traits that are useful throughout their lives.

However, the problem that most high school students face is finding the right jobs to work part-time, during weekends or summer vacations. If that’s your case, there’s continue reading further.

In this article, I will tell you about the 25 best jobs you could find as a high schooler. These jobs are available either part-time, during weekends, or also during your summer vacations.

Let’s start with some basic information about laws that permit high school students to work part-time, during weekends and summer holidays. Understanding these rules in the USA is important because you definitely would like to find legit work.

Jobs for high school students

Rules for High School Students to Work

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act of the USA, the employment of teenagers below the working age of 14 is not allowed. However, the FLSA also makes some exceptions to these clauses, allowing teenagers and pre-teens to work at select jobs and earn some money.

Broadly speaking, if you’re a teenager or highschooler, you’re allowed to take non-hazardous jobs. This means you can take jobs where there’s no risk of physical injury or mental trauma.

At the same time, toddlers and kids up to 13 years of age can take jobs as models for ads and actors in movies.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a job and are below the FLSA set age limits, it’s better to check whether the employer has a permit to hire underage workers. In most cases, such a permit from the Department of Labor is necessary.

Furthermore, teenagers are also required to file income tax returns if they’re working. Understandably, your income might be below the taxation mark. Yet, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stipulates that you file your returns annually.

25 Best Jobs for High School Students

These 25 best jobs for high school students that I’m listing now are available for online and offline work.

Depending on your personal interests, location, choice of career, pay, and other criteria, you can select one. You can look for these jobs on top job boards, LinkedIn, and Facebook Jobs.

1. Blogging

Blogging is the best part-time work that you can do during summer holidays, weekends, or even part-time. Actually, this is part-time work.

You can open a blog for free or buy a good domain name and hosting. Monetize your blog from Google AdSense and sell ad space.

2. Vlogging


Maybe you’re unaware, but it’s free to open a YouTube channel. Make unique, interesting, and relevant videos and upload them on your channel. You can make money by subscribing to Google AdSense or promoting merchandise for others.

3. Proof Reading

There’re countless companies in the USA that hire fresher proofreaders who’re high school students. That’s because they train you in the field to launch a career as a proofreader. You’ll be reading simple documents online for typos, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes.

4. Social Media Assistant

Social Media

A social media assistant helps the social media managers maintain the employer’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. They’re responsible for uploading fresh posts and monitoring comments from followers.

5. Micro Tasking

Have you ever heard of Amazon Mechanical Turk? It’s a service from Amazon for its sellers. You’ll have to detect duplicate or wrong images, check product descriptions for accuracy and do similar micro tasks to get paid.

6. App Tester

Most app developers and companies want ordinary people to test their apps before being released for public use.

That’s why they hire app testing companies. Work for these companies, test their apps, and give your honest opinion to get paid.

7. Website Tester

Website tester

Companies and website developers allow a select number of people to test their websites and provide good reviews about their ease of use and features. You can sign up as a website tester and write such reviews to get paid.

8. Games Tester

Are you fond of playing games on computers or mobiles? Then this is the perfect job for you. Companies that develop new games also toss them to the public to get their opinion. They do so before releasing it to the public for sale. And they pay every reviewer too.

9. Handyperson

A handyperson is someone that does odd tasks for people. These can include fetching things from a store for a neighbor, helping move house, or even working with a plumber or carpenter on non-hazardous jobs. These jobs pay very well.

10. Delivery Agent

Delivery Agent

You can easily find local delivery jobs for stores, bakeries, and restaurants in your area. These businesses will pay you some salary, either fixed or on an hourly basis. And you could get some tips from happy customers for your service.

11. Cake Decoration

Cake decoration is an exciting job if you’re creative. You can work at a patisserie or bakery that makes cakes for seasons and occasions. You’ll get the necessary training from a senior at the bakery for decorating cakes.

12. Bakery Assistant

Store Assistant

A bakery assistant helps arrange cookies, bread, and other stuff for sale at counters and shelves. This is a simple and non-hazardous job that any teenager can find easily.

These jobs can be found in summer vacations, on weekends, or even daily, as part-time work.

13. Store Assistant

A store assistant helps arrange goods for sale, keeps an eye on customers, helps buyers by leading them to the right aisle, and keeps checking whether any shelf needs to be restocked.

This is a job for very active high school students during summers, weekends, and even daily.

14. Gift Wrapping Crew

If you’re creative and can wrap gifts for customers, you’ll definitely find a job as a gift-wrapping crew at any large store.

All you need to do is measure the correct size of a gift wrap and make an attractive package with ribbons and other stuff.

15. Pet Walking

Pet Walking

For teenagers that love pets, the job of walking dogs or feeding cats is ideal. You can easily find these jobs on apps such as Rover and Woof.

Register on these apps, and you can walk pets daily to earn a lot of money. You get paid for every pet you walk.

16. Bar Counter Helper

Bars counters generally get very busy during holidays, weekends, and in the evenings. Therefore, you can find a good job as a bar counter helper. The tasks include filling ice buckets, drying glasses, and taking orders for the bartender.

17. Kitchen Helper

Kitchen helpers perform simple tasks such as wiping the counters, disposing of kitchen waste in appropriate bins, and helping arrange crockery and cutlery for use by cooks and other staff. This job involves some manual labor and is fit for active teenagers only.

18. Storefront Mascot

Storefront Mascot

Dance, sing, entertain, chat with people but attract them as customers to the store or restaurant. That’s what storefront mascots do.

This is a part-time job that you could find easily during holidays and weekends. You’ll wear a costume and entertain pedestrians.

19. Content Writer

High school students who are good at writing and are interested in something can quickly become content writers. Other than excellent writing skills, you’ll also require a nose for research and the ability to convince people about a topic.

20. Sports Coach

Sports Coach

Do you play a sport well and know all the rules and nitty-gritties? If yes, then become a sports coach. Several teenagers would love to learn a sport and are willing to pay. This is online or offline work, and you can choose the way to become a sports coach.

21. Online Tutor

Here, I’m not talking about tutoring students as a teaching professional. That’s not possible because online tutoring companies only hire qualified teachers. Instead, you can conduct online classes on your favorite subjects for juniors and make money.

22. Hobby Trainer

A hobby trainer is someone that trains others on the correct ways to follow their passion. It could be something as simple as collecting stamps and coins or a complex hobby such as Amateur Radio. You can train people part-time and make a lot of money from your passion.

23. Customer Care Agent

Customer Care Agent

Large companies don’t hire staff to work on their premises. Instead, they outsource customer care agents to work from home.

You’ll get the necessary training in handling customers on online chat or even telephone, from the employer.

24. Online Transcriptions

You could try online transcriptions job as part-time, summer, or weekend work. There’re many types of transcriptions.

However, medical transcriptions are the most common and are always in high demand. Sign up with a company for this job.

25. Data Entry Operator

Data Entry

And finally, the job of a data entry operator. This can be done part-time or full-time during weekends and summer vacations.

It’s a simple job where you have to go through raw data provided by the employer and key in vital details on a template.

In Conclusion

Generally speaking, all these above jobs can be found online from good job boards such as Indeed.com, Glassdoor.com, and ZipRecruiter.com, among others. You can also check classifieds on Craigslist for some such jobs.

Furthermore, a lot of these jobs for high school students can also be found offline, through ads in local newspapers or notices on shopfronts. You could also ask parents, friends, relatives, or neighbors to find one such an excellent job for you and start earning money right away.

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