15 Latest Part Time Delivery Jobs Near Me ($15-$30 Per Hour)

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, part time delivery jobs are becoming very popular.

That’s because majority of Americans now prefer shopping online due to the need for social distancing and self-isolation as well as reluctance among stores to let in large number of shoppers.

If you wish to join the ever growing number of part time delivery crew, here’s my list of the best jobs in the market.

Delivery Jobs

Best Delivery Jobs Near You

Most delivery jobs pay you between $15 and $30 per hour. The pay depends upon what you deliver, location and delivery speed, day of the week and other factors.

Some happy customers will readily give you a tip for delivering a meal or parcel.

If this sounds good, here’re the top 10 delivery jobs that you can take.

1. Amazon Delivery Jobs

There’s no other delivery jobs in America that’s as popular as Amazon Flex. There’re several people that make more than $100 per day only by delivering packages for Amazon.

Since its launch in 2015, Amazon Flex has outshone every other part time delivery platform. Amazon Flex operates across America.

In fact, you might have to join a waiting list to start amazon delivery jobs.

Joining Amazon Flex is very simple. Download their app from Amazon Flex official website. You can earn between $18 and $25 per hour, depending upon the nature of delivery and location.

Women and men above the age of 18 years are welcome to join Amazon Flex. You’ll require a valid driving license and a vehicle that’s acceptable to Amazon.

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2. United Parcel Service

Better known as UPS, this company ranks 43 on the Fortune-500 list. United Parcel Service requires thousands of delivery drivers across America and in foreign countries too.

Depending upon location and types of deliveries, UPS delivery jobs pays between $14 and $38 per hour. This is a very prestigious company to work for. UPS also extends some of the benefits of fulltime staff to its part-time delivery crew.

Other than package delivery drivers with flexible schedules, UPS delivery jobs has other part time delivery jobs too. Check out their careers portal to find the delivery job nearest to you and apply.

UPS is an Equal Opportunities Employer and women can also apply. You might have to pass the Employee Background Screening to join UPS delivery jobs as delivery driver on flexible schedule.

3. DHL

DHL Deutsche Post ranks 111 on the Fortune-500 list and is renowned as one of the most respected courier companies of the world. They hire delivery staff all over the US and the world.

You can apply for these positions from the DHL careers portal online. These are high-demand jobs, meaning there’ll be countless applicants for the same post.

Further, you need to meet DHL’s specifications and qualifications to be considered for the job.

To apply, visit the DHL careers page from the link given above. Select ‘Drivers, Couriers & Warehouse’ option and set your country as United States.

Fine tune the search settings to Part Time and you’ll see the vacancies that are currently open. DHL is a top class employer and pays between $13.12 and $21.67 per hour, says recruitment portal Indeed.com

4. FedEx

Ranking 70 on the Fortune-500 list of the biggest and richest companies of the world is FedEx, which was formerly known as Federal Express.

With over 40,000 fulltime employees around the world, it is also one of the biggest courier and freight companies in the US.

FedEx also hires part time delivery agents. Hourly wages for FedEx delivery jobs begin from $13 onwards.

To apply for FedEx delivery jobs, visit the FedEx career portal. If they have an immediate or urgent opening for part time delivery crew, it will be listed as ‘Critical Job’.

Else you can search the entire FedEx Group for part time delivery jobs near you. FedEx delivery jobs also offers opportunities to join as fulltime delivery crew. In some cases, they also offer relocation assistance.

5. Postmates.com

It’s possible to work anywhere in the US as delivery agent, thanks to Postmates.com.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, economic downturn and widespread unemployment affecting America, your application to join the Postmates.com fleet can be put on waitlist.

To join, visit the Postmates.com portal and sign up. Actually, Postmates.com delivers food and alcohol from restaurants and stores to hungry customers.

Working with Postmates.co is very flexible. You don’t have to commit any part of the day. The delivery fleet works through apps. Upon successful registration, you can download the app, which shows upcoming deliveries in your area.

Should you wish to do this delivery, click on the relevant post, and proceed to the restaurant or store to pick up the food parcels for deliveries? Postmates.com delivery agents make average $22 per hour.

6. DoorDash.com

DoorDash.com allows you the unique facility of choosing and starting deliveries whenever you want to earn extra money. It is available in over 4,000 cities in 50 states.

DoorDash delivery job also allows people having side-gig with other delivery companies such as Postmates.com and Amazon Flex, among others, to join its delivery crew. Another advantage is they also allow rideshare users to join their fleet.

On average, you can earn about $25 per hour by delivering with DoorDash.com. Some delivery agents peg as much as $1,000 per week by working an extra four to five hours on deliveries.

The money is paid once a week to your bank account. Just in case you’re wondering, DoorDash.com mainly deliver food parcels and in some instances, assorted goods too.

7. Uber Eats

As the name suggests, Uber Eats is a division of the global cabs aggregator, Uber. The company provides Uber Eats, a food delivery service at locations where it also operates the taxi services.

That allows cabbies as well as people like us to make some extra money by delivering part time for Uber Eats. Becoming an Uber Eats delivery crew is fairly simple. Download their app and submit your application.

You have the flexibility to use the vehicle you want, provided it has the necessary and valid papers and insurance.

The money for your deliveries is paid by Uber. You can request a payout from Uber Eats from Monday to Friday. The money goes to your PayPal or bank account.

8. InstaCart Shopper

InstaCart Shopper is a very simple delivery network. You pick up and deliver what customers want and get paid for the service.

All you need to do is download their app and register. Upon successful registration, you’ll get alerts of stuff that shoppers in your vicinity want urgently. Pick up the stuff from the store they mention and deliver.

On average, InstaCart shopper delivery agents make about $20 per hour or even more. They pay you twice a week.

You can request money to go to your PayPal or bank accounts. There’s no obligation to work for a specific number of hours or complete certain number of deliveries to work with InstaCart delivery jobs.

9. Shipt

Shipt is a grocery delivery service that operates across America. The enroll anyone above the age of 18 to join their part time delivery service.

However, you may have to prove that you can lift at least 20kg weight, because their deliveries include food grains, fresh produce and other household goods. Shipt pays you about $22 per hour.

Once you download and successfully register with the Shipt app, you can see various grocery delivery jobs in your area. The app requires you keep the location finder on your mobile phone switched on.

If you’re within that area, drive to the store indicted on the app, pick up the grocery packages and deliver to the given address.

10. Favor

Favor is a food delivery app where you can choose delivery timing to earn between $18 and $24 per hour within your city.

Favor is expanding its delivery network to cover more and more locations in America. Hence, if you’re living in a region where they’ve no coverage, there’re better chance of getting more and more delivery opportunities.

Their delivery app jobs are very simple and user friendly. At the same time, there’re a few flipsides with Favor. They’re expanding the network of restaurants from where people can order food.

Therefore, you might have to ride a bit longer in your city or town to pick the food order and deliver. However, the pay package is worth it.

11. Try Caviar

Try Caviar serves about 30 cities in America and is a rapidly expanding service. You can earn about $20 per hour delivering food and alcohol with Try Caviar.

Check whether Try Caviar operates at your location. You’ll need to carry proof of age and identity when picking up liquor for delivery.

12. Deliv

Deliv has two services. Deliv itself delivers anything from readymade garments to stationery and grocery items from various retailers and wholesalers. Deliv RX delivers medicines and medical supplies.

Both these services help you to earn about $19 per hour. However, the amount can be higher since you’ll be covering a delivery area of about 20 sq.km.

These deliveries are best done with cars and trucks since they’re heavy and bulky or require more care.

13. Eaze

With increasing number of states relaxing rules for recreational uses of Marijuana, the demand for home supplies is also rising.

Eaze is the first and only app in America that delivers weed at home. The job is very challenging since weed carriers are prone to fall victims to crime.

They pay you $30 per hour and operate in certain parts of California only. Minimum age to join Eaze is 21 years.

14.  Saucey

Saucey is all about alcohol delivery. Hence, you’ll have to be over the age of 21 years to apply for part time delivery jobs with them.

Currently, they operate only in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, Dallas, Jacksonville and Washington, DC areas.

You’ll make about $21 per hour working on part time liquor deliveries with this company.

15.  USPS

The United States Postal Service occasionally hires Rural Mail Carriers and Rural Mail Assistants through its website.

The pay is fairly good since USPS offers $25 per hour for delivery of mail, postal services and other essentials in rural America. However, vacancies aren’t available round the year. Instead, it goes by seasonal demand only.

Onboard Courier Jobs

If you hold a valid passport and are willing to fly long hours at short notice, check for part time jobs as onboard couriers. These jobs pay you up to $100 per assignment and other perks.

Onboard couriers carry life-saving medicines, live donor organs, pricey jewelry and extremely important documents on person and ensure they reach the intended person only.

The company pays for your flight, stay and food at the destination, till you get the return flight home.

If you’re lucky, you might find onboard courier delivery driver jobs that takes you to foreign countries as well. Companies that specialize in carrying goods such as the ones I mention above require onboard couriers.

They’ll train you on completing Customs formalities at point of departure and arrival. A lot of people work as onboard courier delivery driver jobs only because it helps them make enough money to meet their monthly expenses.

Wrap Up

The 15 delivery jobs near you can be taken anytime, unless you’re applying with one of the gigantic courier companies. Part time delivery app jobs are an excellent way to make some extra money during free time.

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