12 Best Entry Level Hospital Jobs Near Me with No Experience

Explore these 12 hospital jobs near you that require no experience. These are the best and easy jobs for medical college students or graduates (18 years & above) or entry-level professionals looking for a healthcare career.

Are you among those people that prefer working in shifts instead of having a typical nine-to-five office job? If you’re one, then I strongly recommend that you read this article fully.

That’s because hospitals in the USA offer such jobs, even if you have no experience in the healthcare industry.

Surely, this would come as a surprise to many. However, there’s nothing really to be surprised about.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people actually prefer working at hospitals because of the benefits they get from the employer. Furthermore, hospitals and medical clinics also pay well.

I will be writing about the 12 best & easy hospital jobs in the USA that require no experience. Some of these entry-level jobs are available to high school graduates.

However, the others would require you to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in science or any other field.

Sounds interesting? Let’s proceed.

12 Entry Level Hospital Jobs with No Experience

All these jobs are easily available through job boards. Here’s something that you should know. Usually, hospitals and clinics won’t advertise their jobs much. And in most cases, they will have only a single vacancy for any position.

They hope to fill up the vacancy quickly. Therefore, apply immediately when you come across a post or ad for a hospital job in these 12 types that I will write about now.

1. Hospital Security


Almost every hospital requires some level of security, depending on the nature of medical services they provide, size and location.

Therefore, you can easily find jobs as a Security Agent for a good hospital. These jobs are in shifts and hence, you have the flexibility to choose the work hours that suit your needs.

In fact, hospitals require both women and men to work as Security Agents since there’re lots of female visitors and patients too. The job is fairly relaxing and with low-stress levels. This is a perfect hospital job for 18 year olds.

2. Lab Technician

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree in any science subject, it’s possible to find this wonderful job as a Lab Technician. Usually, your tasks would be to test samples from patients and make a brief report for the doctors to refer.

Understandably, you might require some initial training to work as a Lab Technician due to a lack of skills. Therefore, the senior in the department will provide this training.

This is also a low stress job that pays well. And Lab Technicians also work in different shifts because hospitals function round the clock.

3. Patient Relations Executive


Have you ever been to a hospital? If so, you might have come across a woman or man who took all your details such as your name, address, contact number, and more.

Actually, these are Patient Relations Executives. They work in shifts. Their main job is to collect general information about the patient, including nearest kin or friends in cases of emergencies.

They aren’t medical staff and hence will never ask you for medical records. If you have any complaints about the hospital, it’s generally the Patient Relations Executive that resolves the issues.

4. Pharmacy Technician

Usually, hospitals prefer graduates in Pharmacy to fill these posts. However, Science graduates can also apply. A Pharmacy Technician keeps records of all medicines and medical equipment in stock at the Pharmacy.

They’re responsible for restocking and placing orders for fresh supplies from various companies. This is not a job where you can work in shifts because Pharmacy Technicians aren’t required all day.

However, this is a simple and stress-free healthcare job at hospitals that you can consider if you aren’t a medical or Pharmacy graduate.

5. Medical Biller & Coder


Nowadays, most hospitals don’t maintain long records of their patients. Instead, they use codes. Therefore, they need Medical Billers and Coders. These are people that will create codes from patient data and maintain them for easy access later.

They also help in maintaining records of patient billing and often prepare the final bills for the insurers and patients. You will require a short course to get these skills to work as a Medical Biller and Coder.

6. Phlebotomist


A Phlebotomist might sound like something very specialized. It’s not. Instead, the job of Phlebotomists can be done by almost anyone. However, hospitals prefer persons holding a Bachelor’s degree for this role.

Your task is to collect blood and other samples from the patients and hand them over for testing to the lab. For this, you will require skills to detect the right veins of a patient and extract blood painlessly.

Phlebotomists also work at blood banks at hospitals. They insert and remove the intravenous needles from a blood donor’s arms.

7. Medical Receptionist

Normally, the first person you would meet at any hospital is the Medical Receptionist. They’re the people that will allow you to visit a patient or connect calls between a patient and their contacts and relatives.

This healthcare ob is open mainly for women applicants of 18 years and above. While a college degree isn’t necessary for this role, hospitals usually prefer someone with a very pleasing personality.

To qualify for this hospital job, you will also need a proper way to handle patients, their families, and visitors. This job as a Medical Receptionist is for people that have superb interpersonal skills.

8. Medical Accountant


Every patient requires several kinds of medicines. They also undergo different tests and therapies. The task of maintaining records of these medicines, tests, and treatment done by doctors is done by a Medical Accountant.

They are aware of the various medicines, tests, and treatments and hence will keep tabs on how much money has to come from a patient.

They also help in admin duties such as placing orders for fresh supplies of medical equipment and products as well as medicines. Another task is to coordinate with insurance companies to collect the money due from patients.

9. Caregiver


A Caregiver is simply a woman or man who takes care of a patient, which can include everyone from a newborn to a senior citizen.

They help the patient maintain personal hygiene and clean them when necessary. Caregivers are also responsible for feeding the patients and giving them medicines on time.

They coordinate with doctors and nurses on various issues such as a patient’s diet, medication, and other issues. Usually, hospitals hire high school graduates that hold a certificate in care giving for this position.

10. Dietician

This is a very specialized healthcare job and requires you to hold a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and diet. That’s because a hospital usually has patients that can’t consume regular food.

Instead, they require a special diet to match their ailment. For example, a diabetic patient needs a low sugar diet.

The task of a Dietician is to find details of the medical conditions of every patient and suggest or even help in preparing proper meals. They have to ensure that each patient gets proper nutrition from their meals, despite their medical conditions.

11. EMS Technicians


Emergency Medical Services or EMS require a lot of technicians. As a matter of fact, EMS Technicians are often the first responders to a medical emergency caused by some disease or a disaster.

They assist paramedics in carrying out their jobs and giving medical assistance to victims or patients.

This task includes fixing Oxygen masks, monitoring blood pressure and other vital signs of the patient as well as ensuring that the paramedic gets the necessary help when attending to any victim. This is a very important hospital job where you can also work on shifts.

12. Medical Advisors or Medical Counsellor

A Medical Advisor isn’t a qualified doctor. Instead, they are graduates in any field that have a flair for dealing with people.

Their primary task is to familiarize patients and their families with the medical condition and treatment methods. They also have to analyze and sometimes, quote the cost of medical treatment.

They serve as the first point of contact for people that require medical treatment, such as surgeries at the hospital. Medical Advisors work in coordination with doctors to counsel a patient.

Closing Thoughts

As we can see, some of these jobs don’t really require you to hold a degree in medicine or nursing. Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree or even a high school certificate will qualify.

However, hospitals hire only people that’s sensitive to others and will ensure that a patient finds the proper care they need.

You can look for these hospital jobs from job boards or even approach a nearby hospital to check if they have any open positions right now.

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