27 Easy Jobs for Disabled People Near Me

Explore some of the best work from home jobs for disabled people who have physical, mental or learning disabilities. Similarly, disability employment services help them to find good jobs.

What is a disability after all? In my humble and personal opinion, any disability is purely in your mind. That’s because a physical or mental handicap isn’t really something that should stop you from progressing and living a perfectly normal life.

Actually, there’s nothing known as a perfectly normal life too. Even people without disabilities struggle with their own fears and limitations that exist only in their minds. Therefore, a physical handicap is nothing nowadays.

If you believe you have a disability, there’s absolutely nothing that prevents you from taking a super job. As a matter of fact, through all these years in Human Resources Management, I’ve taken several persons with disabilities to work for my employer.

And, most disabled or handicapped people have proven themselves to be excellent workers.

Should my words encourage you to look for a job, create a superb career for yourself, and continue reading? Because in this article, I will be discussing, in brief, the top 27 jobs, especially for disabled people.

You could easily find these jobs near you. They’re available on job boards and classifieds in newspapers in your area. Or, you could also ask a relative or friend to find a job for you.

Easy Jobs for Disabled People

27 Best Jobs for Disabled People

To begin with, I’ll say there’s nothing known as unique jobs for disabled persons. That’s because most persons with disabilities can more or less perform the same tasks as any ordinary human.

The loss of a limb, lack of vision or lack of hearing, and other disabilities don’t really play a significant role in our modern times.

Regardless, keep in mind that the movements of disabled persons are generally limited. Here’re some jobs you could consider and find them nearby.

1. Content Writer

content writer

The job of a content writer ranks among the best for any person with disabilities. All it requires is a knack for writing and some skills for research.

Bloggers, website owners, advertising companies, and some publishers require content. This is also a career you can make as a freelancer.

2. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant or VA involves secretarial work. However, this is slightly different from working as a secretary for someone at an office.

Though your job role remains the same, the difference is that you’ll work from home as a VA and perform various secretarial tasks such as filing, fixing appointments, keeping records, sending and receiving emails as well as answering and making phone calls.

3. Social Media Manager

Social Media Managent

For those who love social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, among others, you could consider working as a social media manager.

The job involves posting content given by your employer on their social media pages. You’ll also have to respond to comments as and when they come.

4. Cake Decorator

Try working as a cake decorator with a bakery or any upmarket pastries shop if you have a creative flair. This is an effortless yet complex job because decorating cakes doesn’t require much effort and requires lots of creativity.

You can learn this skill quickly by working with a baker or doing a short online course with practical training.

5. Telephone Operator

Telephone Operator

The job of a telephone operator doesn’t involve much physical activity. Therefore, it’s ideal for disabled persons with a problem with movements.

You need a pleasant voice to greet callers and transfer the calls to the relevant person. This is an offline job, meaning you’ll have to go to an office to work.

6. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is someone who keeps accounts of money. Bookkeepers are in high demand because high-net-worth individuals and small businesses hire them.

You can find several such jobs online. Working as a bookkeeper will require great math and accounting skills because it involves large sums of money.

7. Blogger

Almost everyone can become a blogger if you have a passion for something and a flair for writing. You can easily open your own blog by buying a domain name and hosting, which costs just about $9.99 per year.

Upload your content and subscribe to Google AdSense to monetize your blog. You can also make money by selling ad space and affiliate marketing.

8. Vlogger

Vlogging is video blogging. Maybe you’re unaware, but you can actually open your own YouTube channel free of cost.

Create videos that people find interesting and relevant and grow the number of your followers. You can monetize your YouTube channel through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

9. Search Engine Optimizer

A Search Engine Optimizer or SEO works for helping websites of different businesses and individuals to gain rankings on Google search results. They do so by using various digital marketing skills and techniques on content.

This is a fantastic job for handicapped people. However, you’ll have to learn these skills from an online or offline course.

10. Email Assistant

Email Assistant

Anyone with an email ID will testify that they receive a lot of junk mail or spam. The same holds true for companies that receive a lot of spam in their official email boxes.

Therefore, they hire email assistants. Your job is to eliminate all the spam and direct useful emails to concerned persons in the organization.

11. Logistics Clerk

A logistics clerk usually prepares bills of lading for shipments by air, sea, land, and rail for both the sender and receiver of the freight. They work for a company that provides cargo and freight services.

This is a relaxed job and doesn’t involve much physical activity. However, this isn’t a work-from-home job and requires working from an office.

12. Online Transcriptionist

Online Transcriptionist

There’re several kinds of transcription jobs available. These include medical, legal, technical, business and educational, or even entertainment transcriptions.

As a transcriptionist, you have to listen to raw audio data and take the relevant information to make digital transcripts. This is a superb work-from-home job for every disabled person.

13. Data Entry

Should you have no specific educational qualifications but want to have a good career, look for jobs in the data entry field. As a data entry operator, your employer will provide raw data such as paper forms.

Your task is to collect the necessary information and feed it on an online template for quick reference by your employer. This is an easy part-time job for every disabled person.

14. Online Proofreading

Proofreaders make a lot of money, for sure. That’s because the job can prove very stressful at times. Proofreaders have to correct manuscripts of books and novels, complex documents, or even simple business cards.

They correct any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, typos, and stuff like that.

15. Online Advise Columnist

Advise Columnist

An online advise columnist is usually a woman. Therefore, this job is suitable for women with disabilities. An online advise columnist is also called an Agony Aunt.

That’s because they provide valuable advice to people who’re facing difficult or stressful situations in life.

You can also get invited by a TV channel, radio station, or publication to work. this is one of the best jobs for physically disabled adults.

 16. Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is a high-demand skill. That’s because individuals and businesses always require excellent designs such as brand logos, insignias, and similar stuff.

Therefore, any disabled person can efficiently work as a graphic designer and make a career. This job doesn’t require you to travel. However, you’ll need a degree in graphic design.

17. Cashier


Another job that doesn’t require much movement at the workplace is that of a cashier. Usually, cashiers work at stores, banks, and other organizations.

Your job is to pay cash, maintain records of cash and ensure that all finances in your care are appropriately accounted for. This job isn’t available for work from home.

18. Online Tutor

There’s no better job than working as an online tutor for disabled people holding a degree in teaching and a Bachelor’s degree in any other subject. As many as 25 companies operate online and are always on the lookout for newer online teachers.

You’ll be teaching American and foreign students on various subjects such as English, Math, and science, among others.

19. Online Customer Care

Large companies such as Amazon have online customer care staff. These staff don’t work from offices, except in a few cases. Instead, they work from home.

Their employers provide them with a computer and phone. You have to answer questions from customers about their orders and do some troubleshooting if the need arises.

20. Telecaller

Telecaller is someone that calls people, such as potential customers, for their employers. They promote a product or service from their employer and respond to buyers’ questions.

Additionally, they inform customers and leads about upcoming special offers and promotions for their products or service.

21. Copywriter


Copywriting is a very lucrative profession anywhere in the world. It involves making copies for advertising companies.

These copies are used for promotional and advertising purposes and hence, need to be very creative and written in a clear language that adequately conveys the message. This is also a high-demand skill.

22. Financial Advisor

Working as a financial advisor is very prestigious. And any person with some disability can easily work as one. However, you’ll need certifications to work as a financial advisor.

You’ll be assisting people in making the right kinds of investments and helping their money grow.

You get paid for your services by clients and some commissions from financial institutions for promoting their products.

23. Meteorologist


A meteorologist also doesn’t need to move much during their work. They pore over maps and satellite imagery to predict weather and climatic systems that can affect any region of the world.

They’re usually trained in meteorology. This is an interesting job for anyone who’s interested in weather and such phenomenon.

24. Online Translator

It doesn’t matter if you have some disability. But if you have native-level fluency in any foreign language and English, you can easily work as an online translator and make a lot of money.

Several companies will readily hire your services to translate documents, books, and other material for their clients.

25. Website Coordinator

Most websites and blogs have a contact page where people can leave their comments. Unfortunately, some people leave fake comments or spam. Therefore, these need to be filtered out fast.

A website coordinator or blog coordinator does this job. They allow only genuine and relevant comments to be published online, on the website, or on the blog.

26. Researcher


The term researcher covers a lot of areas. It could be research into history, geography, scientific subjects, literature, or anything. However, this is an interesting job if you hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in some field.

You’ll have to research certain subjects and write papers for reference by students and experts.

27. Travel Agent

Nowadays, almost every booking of travel, hotels, sightseeing is online. As a result, lots of travel agencies allow their staff to work from home.

You’ll be taking bookings for their customers from the comfort of your home. Usually, the employer will provide the necessary software and other resources necessary to work as their travel agent.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, having a disability is no big deal. There are many jobs that help people who face certain levels of disabilities. And certain employers also reserve some vacancies for people with disabilities as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Therefore, finding a job isn’t a hassle, even if you have disabilities. However, you may require medical clearances before taking certain kinds of jobs. That’s normal because employers don’t want you to face any harm while working for them.

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