Top 15 Earn While You Learn Jobs ($20-$50 Per Hour)

When we talk about earn and learn jobs, the first thing that comes to our mind are various kinds of work that students from all streams can take. Indeed, they’re also earn while you learn jobs.

Earn While You Learn

At the same time, there’re other jobs where you can actually get apprenticeships, internships and traineeships just within a few months into your study course.

Unfortunately, we barely hear about such jobs because almost nobody mentions them.

This might make you think, why would some course require apprenticeships, internships and traineeships, almost immediately after starting studies?

Reasons for Apprenticeship, Internship & Traineeship

As most of us are familiar with, majority of students begin apprenticeship, internship or traineeship only when they’re about to complete the course.

That’s because they study theory and perform projects and practical training during two, three or four years of study. And later, they put their knowledge and skills to test.

However, there’re quite a lot of high-paying careers where merely studying theories or doing some practical work isn’t enough. These courses require on-hands training almost as soon as you join and gain some knowledge.

Additionally, there’s always a shortage of skills and hence, organizations require people urgently.

They’re willing to hire you as apprentice, intern or trainee and provide opportunities to put your knowledge and skills to test while learning from professionals.

It helps them save hiring costs.

The US Apprentice website lists the following professions in 2019, as high demand and hence, you can get superb earn as you learn opportunities in these careers.

  • Nursing, Child & Elderly Care
  • Software & IT Experts
  • Health Technologists & Health Technicians
  • Nutritionists & Dieticians
  • Construction Specialists & Non-Specialized Workers
  • Maintenance Crew from Various Vocations
  • Logisticians
  • Emergency Medical Staff/ Paramedics

If you’re studying for any of these courses, there’re superb earn while you learn job opportunities that’re up for grabs.

Therefore, let’s look at how much you can earn as you learn these courses by working as apprentice, intern or trainee.

Top 15 Earn As You Learn Jobs

As you can see from my above list, there’re eight different careers where you’ll get excellent earning while learning opportunities. And above that, you’ll also acquire rather advanced skills necessary for your career.

Upon completion of internships, traineeships and apprenticeships, you can easily expect jobs that pay at least $60,000 per year. Or maybe more, if you’re really good with your skills.

1. Caregiver for Seniors (Median Pay: $12.44/ hour)

Nursing students, both female and male can apply as caregiver for seniors through any agency or even their college.

This helps them put their nursing and patient care skills to test in a real-world environment. Sometimes, you might find live-in caregiver Sjobs with a senior, which helps save accommodation expenses while studying.

Such work as interns or apprentice are available from caregiver agencies, senior homes and also clinics.

Sometimes, you could get a private client that requires services only for a short period during the day. You could also look up on good job boards for such jobs.

2. Babysitters for Infants (Median Pay: $14.45/ hour)

Also for students studying nursing that wish to specialize in neonatal and infant care, there’re several opportunities available as babysitters for infants.

That’s because lots of mothers suffer from weakness, postpartum depression or other problems due to which they might be unable to take care of their newborn baby.

This job requires nursing students because babysitting for an invalid mom isn’t the proverbial child’s play. It requires special skills that you would learn at a nursing school.

And above all, you’ll need to have that gentle way of handling neonates and very young infants. It requires patience and skills. The experience comes handy if you’ll work for a maternity center of a hospital or clinic.

3. Nursing Intern (Median Pay:$20.95/ hour)

Working as nursing intern is a very responsible job. And it can prove very stressful too, unless you’re fully geared to meet the challenges of working at a clinic or hospital.

I wouldn’t recommend taking this job within the first year of your course because you might not possess the necessary knowledge or skills.

However, from the second year onwards, you could put all the theories, knowledge, experience and skills to practical use at a large hospital.

Since nursing interns have to work at different departments, you’ll gain excellent and vital experience to make a superb career. And nursing interns get $20.95 per hour or even more.

4. Engineering Interns (Median Pay:$50/ hour)

Large companies hire engineering interns. These jobs allow you to join some of the biggest companies of the world.

There’re two ways to get these internships: one is through campus hire drives that companies conduct. The other is by applying directly from their websites.

Regardless of your specialization as engineer, there’re definitely several large organizations and multinational companies that’re interested in hiring you as intern or apprentice.

Not only are these internships a great way to earn and learn but also to chart a future course for your career in the chosen field.

5. Plumbing Apprentice (Median Pay: $25/ hour)

Anyone would tell you that plumbers across America are much in demand and get superb pay too. And if you’re planning or doing a vocational course in plumbing, it’s necessary to work as an apprentice.

That’s because real-world experience matters the most. You can work as domestic or industrial plumber, depending on your course and choice.

Though plumbing courses involve some theory, most of the knowledge that you’ll gain is by working as apprentice.

While you’ll earn up to $25 per hour as an apprentice plumber, the experience and skills you gain can help open own business or take independent contracts.

You ca also find jobs with the company where you’re doing apprenticeship.

6. Aviation & Aerospace Internships (Median Pay: Variable)

Internships in the aviation and aerospace industry are among the highest paying. Some companies not only pay you a superb stipend, they also provide assistance for your college fees and other expenses.

These internships aren’t merely to earn while you learn. Instead, they’re specifically for students that’re serious about working in the booming aviation and aerospace sector.

There’re two ways to get these paid internships as student: when a company hires on your campus and by applying directly through their careers portal.

7. Assistant Photographer/ Videographer (Median Pay: $35/ hour)

Fine Arts students specializing in photography and videography can readily find such high paid jobs while learning.

Photography and videography are skills that don’t really depend upon the equipment: instead, they depend upon your personal creativity and astute judgments.

When you earn and learn as assistant photographer or videographer alongside professionals, it’s possible to gain a lot of real world experience on lighting conditions, use of various lenses, film and digital formats of pictures and videos, Photoshop and lots of others that can propel you as a professional.

8. Banking & Finance Internships (Median Pay: Variable)

Doing a Certified Financial Analyst or similar courses that have everything to do with money? Then look for banking and finance internships with some of the largest corporations in America.

They have excellent paid internship programs that also open doors for your career in that particular financial organization.

These organizations pay a superb stipend, usually on monthly or weekly basis. And they also help in defraying some costs of your education or provide financial assistance for higher studies.

That’s because they look at developing a talent pool that’ll help the financial organizations to grow.

9. Carpentry Apprentice (Median Pay: $19.95/ hour)

Carpentry might not sound like much when it comes to an apprenticeship. Therefore, let me assure you, it’s one of the high demand skills in America and elsewhere too.

That’s because people’s tastes are moving rapidly from the typical, run-off-the-mill, Do-It-Yourself readymade furniture to more sophisticated ones.

While a carpentry course by itself is very complex since it involves studying designs and different kinds of material, nothing beats the experience you can get while working as a carpentry apprentice.

Consider such an apprenticeship at your nearest carpentry workshop to earn as you learn. The skills will prove very vital for career building.

10. Junior Artist (Median Pay: $50 to $500 per shoot)

Junior artists aren’t really studying to become actors or models. Instead, they’ve this skill for acting. A classic example is Daniel Radcliffe, the first actor to work as the legendary Harry Potter.

And if you believe you’ve the necessary skills to become a junior artist, contact any good casting agency to give you an opportunity.

A lot of artists end up burying their skills because they don’t know whom to approach. You can work as junior artists even while studying. In fact, it’s one of those work that students of any age can take.

Because it comes broadly under the category of non-hazardous work and child as well as teenage artists are always in demand.

11. Cub Reporter (Median Pay: $12/ hour)

Regardless whether you’re doing a journalism degree or not, it’s always possible to earn and learn as cub reporter. Actually, the term signifies trainee reporters.

It involves providing news and news leads to newspapers, magazines, newswires, news portals and TV channels. This can be a fairly exciting earn as you learn job provided you have the necessary skills.

It’s not exactly as a rule, but most newspapers and media companies are willing to hire students interested in making a career as journalist.

Therefore, they allow college students to work as trainees and pay some stipend or allowances. You could try any local newspaper or news channel for such traineeships.

12. Medical Transcriptions (Median Pay: $30.55/ hour)

Generally, medical transcriptionist jobs are taken by beginners without any specific qualifications.

It’s broadly considered a simple, work-from-home online job that millions of people worldwide do as side-gig or sometimes, as main source of income. However, in such cases, the pay doesn’t exceed more than $13 to $15 per hour.

But if you’re a paramedic student, of doing a course as health technician, among others, it’s possible to make double that amount.

Why? Because lots of medical transcription agencies require qualified personnel who comprehend and know the job for specialized medical fields.

This means, you can use the knowledge as student and use it for a earn while learning opportunity.

13. Blogger (Median Pay: Variable)

A blogger doesn’t really relate with any course or field of study. At the same time, it’s an excellent way to earn as you learn.

Opening a blog isn’t that difficult as long as you read an excellent tutorial or watch videos that teach you how to blog. Buy a good domain name and basic hosting from any good seller to launch own blogsite.

A student can blog about anything: the studies, campus, hobbies, events or just any topic under the Sun. You can make a decent income through affiliate marketing, accepting paid posts and subscribing to Google AdSense.

One more thing you gain as blogger: you develop a good network of contacts are job market ready by the time of graduation.

14. Vlogger (Median Pay: Variable)

A vlogger is someone that blogs through videos. One such famous vlogger is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg who’s better known as PewDiePie after his eponymous YouTube channel.

And he’s worth $20 million at least, having started off several years earlier as the youngest self-made millionaire in the world. You can also open a vlog on YouTube to earn as you learn.

Opening a YouTube channel is free. And make short but interesting videos using the camera on your cellphone.

Here too Google AdSense pays you some money for displaying ads on your channel. Vlogging is also one superb way to have a passive income while you’re at school or college.

15. Assistant Lab Technician (Median Pay: $20.35/ hour)

Microbiology students can earn a decent living by working as assistant lab technicians.

The position is also open to students from various science streams including physics, chemistry and biology. That’s because all science studies and researches require laboratories.

In fact, you can become part of a large, multinational research team and gain accolades for work too or find mention on their reports. The work pays you about $20 per hour.

However, it presents you with infinite opportunities to learn a lot more of the chosen field of science than what others who typically attend lectures would learn.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, some of these 15 jobs to earn as you learn are quite unique. I suggest taking a job that matches your study course. This helps gain a head-start over peers when you eventually enter the job market. You can learn vital skills and make a lot of money too.

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