15+ Amazing 6 Figure Jobs for You

Nowadays, getting a six-figure salary jobs isn’t all that difficult. However, to land such a job, it’s obvious that you’ll require some high qualifications.

Some of these jobs also enable you to work from home. That’s because of the new normal that we’re witnessing in 2021, which makes remote working almost compulsory for most persons.

In this article, I will discuss 15+ amazing six figure jobs that you could find and which also allow the facility of working from home.

6 Figure Jobs

Reasons to Work from Home

I’m emphasizing on work from home jobs because working at office is almost non-existent nowadays, due to the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. And the new normal is here to stay, at least for the next foreseeable future.

Avoiding the Covid-19 contagion is the need of the hour. Hence, most offices remain closed while their employees work from home. Secondly, it’s best to avoid public transport to commute between the home and office and risk getting infected.

Furthermore, recent studies prove that remote work is actually resulting in higher productivity among employees. That’s because remote workers have flexible hours and more leisure time, leading to happier lifestyles.

Work from home also saves an organization that provides such facilities, the loss of man-hours due to long commutes and stress that such daily travel invariably brings.

And, there’re over 15 jobs that make six figures salary by working from home too.

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15+ Amazing 6 Figure Jobs

Therefore, here’s my list of these 15 plus amazing jobs that would pay you a six-figure income. I’ll highlight the fact that these highest paying jobs require specialized qualifications and matching skills, if you wish to earn that dream six-figure income.

 1. Senior Consultant

Median Annual Income: $101,297 per year

Senior consultants provide advise and assistance to organizations in various sectors. Some of these sectors include banking, finance, stocks, investments, insurance, marketing, hospitality, retail business, IT, real estate and overseas operations, to name a few.

This is a very coveted position and you could also work from home as a senior consultant.

Generally, senior consultants hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in their respective fields. And they also have enough work experience at different levels that qualifies them to provide business related advice to organizations. Senior consultants are either on the payroll of an organization or operate as freelancers too.

 2. IT Security Specialist

Median Annual Income: $106,023 per year

The main task of an IT security specialist is to secure the computer networks, blockchains and Internet based systems of an organization against hacker, ransomware and malware attacks while preventing data leaks. This is a very responsible position and hence qualifies for a six-figure income. Work from home is also possible for IT security specialists.

Furthermore, they also identify vulnerabilities in the computer systems or organizations and try to prevent breaches due to internal and external reasons.

To work as an IT security specialist, you will require a Bachelor’s degree of Master’s degree in Information Technology with specialization in Internet security. And of course, adequate work experience to back your degree.

 3. Product Manager

Median Annual Income: $106,480 per year

A product manager’s job is to develop a whole new range of products and services for the company to offer to their customers, thereby increasing its business and profits.

Therefore, they coordinate with various departments to find the demand for such products, market feasibility and other things before coming up with something that people would love to purchase.

Product managers work in almost every industry on this planet. This is a job that requires a lot of market research, creativity as well as astute sense of economics.

Therefore, to work as a product manager, you will require a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in product managements or related fields such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a reputed university. Generally, this isn’t a work from home job but the new normal makes it necessary for product managers to do remote working.

 4. Senior Web Developer

Median Average Income: $107,196 per year

A senior web developer is responsible for creating, maintaining and upgrading websites of their employers. They can also create apps and other Internet-based resources by using different coding languages, according to the needs of the company. A senior web developer coordinates with a team of juniors to work on such projects for their fast completion.

To hold this position, you will require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT, web development, software development or other related fields.

And you’ll also need several years of experience working in the field as a junior level and middle level web developer to get the position as a senior web developer. This position allows you to work from home or from an office, depending upon the employer.

5.  Front-End Developer

Median Annual Income: $109,657 per year

Front-end developers are experts in coding languages. They use their skills to develop various visible parts of a website or an app that helps people interact with an organization or it’s marketing and customer care teams. These include components such as pop-ups, website layout and chatbots, among others.  

As a front-end developer, you would have to coordinate your work with a team of back-end and full-stack developers to create various code strings, test websites and apps and rectify any errors of glitches before the website or app is released for the public.

Generally, this position requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer programming and web development. A Diploma holder with enough experience can also qualify for this position.

6. Auditor

Median Annual Income: $110,408 per year

An auditor holds an extremely responsible position where they work. Generally, large corporations, banks and financial services companies, government departments and stock exchanges employ auditors, because this role has everything to do with money. And there’s practically no room for errors at this position.

Auditors have to ensure that their employer complies with all practices, laws and rules of the company or organization as well as those stipulated by the government. They also have to detect and investigate frauds or cheating, if there’re such cases.  

One of their tasks is also to help in making budgets for the organization for a year while implementing cost saving measures. Generally, auditors hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in finance, accounting and business management.

 7. Technical Lead

Median Annual Income: $112,297 per year

Working as a technical lead is something very prestigious too. The job involves managing a team of IT technologists within an organization.

Generally, tasks at this position involve coordinating with a technical team on new websites, computer programs, software developments, IT projects and daily management of IT systems, in coordination with the team.

You’ll require a Diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in IT, computer engineering, computer programming or computer science. Additionally, you will require several years of experience in a technical team at various levels to become a technical lead. This role also requires leadership skills.

8. Actuary

Median Annual Income: $113,777 per year

The job role of an actuary is to identify various risks to investments and spending and try to find ways and means to reduce financial liabilities on a company or government organization.

They take into consideration factors such workplace injuries, lawsuits and litigations, destruction or loss of business and infrastructure due to natural disasters and other circumstances. Hence, they work closely with their employers and payouts to any affected persons through insurance claims.

To work as an actuary, you will need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree statistics, economics, mathematics or business finance. You will also require certifications as an actuary by passing tests and exams conducted by various industry organizations.

Additionally, this role requires superb experience at junior positions such as assistant actuary, for several years. The post of an actuary is very critical to a company and hence you’ll have to also prepare reports for company executives to review and implement.

9. Medical Writer

Median Annual Income: $113,959 per year

The role of a medical writer involves writing medical reports, creating informative literature on various medical stuff, user manuals, training manuals, articles for healthcare magazines and lots more.

Basically, this is a writing job. Therefore, you’ll need superb writing skills and full knowledge of medical terms and phrases. Furthermore, you’ll also have to check and edit articles written by medical experts for factual errors and reader-friendliness, among other factors.

Medical writers are either doctors or nurses by qualifications. However, you can qualify as a medical writer if you hold a Bachelor’s of Master’s degree in English, journalism and communications.

Additionally, you will require certification from the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). Furthermore, you should have superb writing and editing skills with expert level knowledge of English grammar and various writing styles, to qualify for this position.

 10. Senior Marketing Manager

Median Annual Pay: $120,286 per year

Senior marketing managers lead the marketing department of an organization. They’re responsible for projecting how various products and services would fare in the market, creating new marketing strategies, supporting the sales manager, recruiting new staff and making advertising campaigns, among others.

They also work closely with brand managers for maintaining and improving the brand image of their employer.

Generally, an MBA degree would be enough to work as a senior marketing manager, along with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in marketing, communications, advertising or digital marketing.

This position requires a minimum of five to 10 experience at various levels in marketing and marketing management. And it needs a willingness to travel to explore new markets for the organization.

11. Product Marketing Manager

Median Annual Income: $121,518 per year

As a product marketing manager, your tasks include supervising and leading a team of professionals to market a company’s products, services and further it’s brand image among the target clientele.  Other tasks are market research, analyzing data from ongoing product campaigns and adapting them where needed to meet the set objectives.

This job role requires a minimum of MBA with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with specializations in marketing and marketing communications, communications, business or advertising. Additionally, you will need between five years and 10 years of experience in the product marketing field to qualify for this job.

12. Data Scientist

Median Annual Income: $122,596 per year

A data scientist is a very critical role for every organization that hires one. They’re responsible for recovering, tracking and organizing data from various online sources to keep tabs on how a business or department is functioning in every respect. That’s also the reason why data scientists have enough knowledge of coding in addition to business and mathematical skill.

They create various algorithms to track the progress of a business or campaign and analyze a lot of data for their employer. All data scientists are required to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in data analytics, web development, software and computer programming and related fields. Also, they should have enough experience working as a data analyst for an organization and have a proven track record.

13. Back-End Developer

Median Annual Income: $127,751 per year

Back-end developers are responsible for coding the servers of various websites or web applications. They have to coordinate their work with front-end developers to create and update websites as well as solve problems in websites and web-based applications as well as mobile apps.

This job requires back-end developers to hold a Diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in web development, computer programming and IT with some knowledge of coding. They can also get certifications from various agencies as a back-end developer to boost their qualifications.

This is one of the highest paid jobs in the world and hence, you would require at least five to seven years of experience as a junior back-end programmer to qualify.

14. User Experience Researcher

Median Annual Income: $133,700 per year

User experience researchers have one main responsibility. And that is to keep a track of various reactions from customers about the products and services offered by their employer or their brand.  To do so, they’ve to coordinate efforts with the product development department, marketing and sales departments too.

Their basic function is to provide insights into behavior of customers and suggest any alterations to a marketing and sales plan, where necessary

User Experience Researchers also known as UX Researchers are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in fields such as computer programming, computer science, psychology, marketing, advertising or economics. They should also hold about five to 10 years of minimum experience in a related field before applying for the job of a full-fledged UX Researcher.

15. Corporate Counsel

Median Average Income: $135,821 per year

Basically, corporate counsels are lawyers that specialize in company and labor laws as well as taxation laws. They’re responsible for providing legal counsel and assistance to a company to ensure that the organization is compliant with existing laws, rules and regulations of the industry and the government. Nowadays, they also specialize in environmental laws to ensure compliance.

Corporate counsels generally hold a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree with specialization in laws. And they should have enough experience in working in a team of corporate lawyers before qualifying for this rather high and independent position. That’s because one of their main tasks also includes preventing any lawsuits and litigations against their employers.

More Jobs that Pay 6 Figures salary

In addition to these 15 jobs, here’re some more that can fetch you a six-figure income. All these jobs require very specialized skills and enough experience to qualify. If you have those educational qualifications and the necessary experience with skills, try for these jobs.

16. Geologist

 Median Annual Income: $107,386

A geologist is someone that studies the geography and soil samples in various parts of the country or even the world. Their main task is to detect any rare earths and minerals and especially, petroleum and natural gas reserves. This job requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in geology.

17. Blogger

Median Annual Income: Unlimited

Yes, a blogger can also earn six-figure income through their online work and you can do this even without a degree. However, to become a successful blogger, you’ll require a superb niche, excellent writing skills and a high level of digital marketing skills.

Since a blogger doesn’t really work for anyone, it’s not necessary to hold a college degree or other high qualifications.

18. Commercial Airline Pilot

Median Annual Income: $180,616

Commercial airline pilots also earn six-figure salaries. And this is one of the most sought-after jobs because of the prestige that goes that’s involved in working as a commercial airline pilot. Some airlines also offer pay scales in excess of $200,000.

To work as a commercial airline pilot, you will require a certification as Commercial Pilot from any good flying school. You can also graduate from the US Air Force as a pilot and later, work for an airline as commercial pilot.

In Conclusion

These 15+ amazing 6 figure jobs for you are available for almost everyone as long as you’ve the necessary qualifications and work experience. Often, you could get these pay scales when an employer promotes you to a higher post due to your superb work record and skills. Else, you can apply to these jobs.

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