10 Best Jobs for Right-Brained People

Are you a right-brained person or a left-brained person? Surely, this is a very difficult question for all of us to answer.

However, when it comes to looking for jobs or doing business, this question becomes very important. That’s because of certain qualities that right-brained people have, which can prove useful at work and in life.

Who’re Right-Brained People?

right-brained people

Broadly speaking, we know that the normal human brain contains three parts- the Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and Brainstem.

Of course, there’re several other smaller parts too embedded within these three, which are responsible for various functions, as a group. Therefore, nobody can actually tell whether you’re a right-brained or left-brained person.

In 1981 though, Roger Sperry won a Nobel prize for his theory on the left brain versus the right brain. Since there’re several debates and arguments about whether a normal human can have a “stronger” right or left brain. 

After a lot of research in this subject, during my days in Human Resources Management, I personally find that there are no definite ways to identify whether an existing employee or jobseeker is right-brained or left-brained.

However, there’re some qualities that right-brained people are said to have.

Qualities of Right-Brained People

Psychologists and some experts in the field of brain anatomy and functioning have an opinion that right-brained people have some desirable qualities.

These qualities make them suitable for specific types of jobs. However, it’s worth remembering that almost everyone can possess these qualities, without getting into the debate of whether you’re right-brained or left-brained.

Here’re some qualities that could be stronger among right-brained people.

  • Creativity
  • Higher Level of Emotional Intelligence
  • Out of the Box Thinking
  • Ability to Handle More Stress
  • Introvert Personality
  • Keen Sense of Research
  • Stronger Communication Skills
  • Thinking on a Broader Canvas

But, as I mentioned earlier, these qualities don’t instantly qualify you as a right-brained person or left-brained for that matter. These are merely vague references since most people would have these qualities. While these qualities aren’t seen in some, they are more visible in right-brained people, they say.

10 Best Jobs for Right-Brained People

If you consider yourself as right-brained and have these qualities, there’re some jobs that might suit your personality and likes. All these 10 best jobs for right-brained people come with high pay. In some cases, you might require specific skills or certifications to work at these jobs. 

1. Psychologist


Working as a psychologist requires a high level of Emotional Intelligence (EI), strong communications skills, and the ability to think about the broader picture. It also requires out-of-the-box thinking.

As a psychologist, the qualities of a right-brained person would definitely prove useful. You’ll be providing various solutions to people that seek your help in solving problems they face, especially emotional issues. This job requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from a reputed university.

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2. Counselor


We have counselors at schools, colleges, and universities, community and family counselors, educational and medical counselors as well as counselors in prisons and correctional facilities. The job of a counselor is very stressful.

That’s because they always need to patiently hear the problems of people and guide them on the right path to sort out these issues. Counselors often study a lot during their spare time, which requires a high level of concentration and a keen sense of research. This job also requires a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Psychology or, any other related field.

3. Content Writer

Content Writer

Content writing isn’t an easy task, by any yardstick. That’s because content has to be relevant to readers as well as interesting. This is where qualities such as creativity, a keen sense of research, strong communication skills and thinking on a broader canvas are important.

Content writers are always under pressure to create better copies for websites and blogs. Therefore, most of them tend to also be introverts and prefer working alone.

You can look for the job of a content writer for any organization or even become a freelancer in this field. There’s always a demand for high-quality content from website owners and bloggers.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Unless a person is creative, has out-of-the-box thinking, can handle stress and have strong communication skills, it’s not possible to make superb graphic designs.

If we observe closely, almost every graphic designer in the world has these qualities, which makes them successful. Should you have a high level of creativity and would like to put it to work, look for jobs as a graphic designer.

Understandably, this job requires a degree in design and fine arts, because employers look for such qualifications while hiring graphic designers. However, you can also do a good course online to learn graphic designing and apply.

5. Musician


Musicians are usually introverts despite the fact they make a lot of public appearances. They usually compose and practice their music alone. Writing a new song requires a lot of creativity as well as a high sense of Emotional Intelligence.

Musicians also face a lot of stress because they want to ensure that each of their song or music is liked by people and becomes a hit.

If you’re already playing some musical instrument or writing songs, working as a musician could be the perfect job for you. This is a well-paying job and you also have the chance to become a celebrity.

6. Caregiver


A caregiver is a woman or man that attends to seniors, differently-abled persons and patients at hospitals. Their task requires a lot of patience and attention because they’re responsible for feeding, cleaning and giving medicines on time to the person they’re caring for.

All this requires a high level of Emotional Intelligence too because caregivers have to be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of their patients. You can do a short course to qualify as a caregiver. There’s no shortage of people looking for superb caregivers for themselves, family members or kids.

7. Interior Designer

Interior Designer

You would surely have visited some office, home, restaurant, store, or any other place and fallen in love with the overall ambiance. This ambiance didn’t come there by itself. Instead, it is the work of a good interior designer.

Working as an interior designer definitely needs a degree in fine arts and certifications from certain organizations. Moreover, it’s a superb profession for women that believe they’re right-brained. If you’re a student, you could consider doing higher studies in fine arts and interior design to make a career in this field.

8. Chef


It always amazes me why most of the famous chefs in the world are men. Though there’re are celebrity women chefs too, the number of men in this profession seems higher for some reason.

Regardless, working as a chef requires a degree in hospitality and culinary sciences. This itself requires complete dedication, outside-the-box thinking, creativity, a nose for research, and lots of other qualities that belong to right-brained people.

Making lovely dishes patiently for guests or even family isn’t exactly a stressless job. However, chefs at top hotels and restaurants earn a mini fortune.

9. Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

This job of a Human Resources Manager definitely requires every quality that I mention above. I can’t say if I’m right-brained or not, but definitely, the above qualities do matter a lot in this profession, because you have to take decisions that can affect a lot of people.

It requires Emotional Intelligence, outside-the-box thinking, seeing the broader picture, the ability to cope with severe stress, and much more. You could do a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources Management and work in this position. This is a very respectable job and comes with a superb pay package.

10. General Physician

General Physician

A general physician or GP is often known as the “family doctor” and other similar terms. That’s because we rush to them whenever someone in the family or we fall sick and need medical attention.

Successful family doctors or GPs are those with a high level of Emotional Intelligence and can communicate at ease with everyone, from kids to the elderly.

They also need to do research into the latest trends in family medicine and stay informed about various newer diseases that are emerging around the world. A family physician plays a very vital role in society’s wellness and hence, they face a lot of stress too.

Wrap Up

Before concluding, I’ll add that there’re no scientifically proven methods to show that only right-brained persons can do such jobs efficiently. However, the qualities I mentioned can play a major role in defining your success at any of the top 10 jobs. The jobs I mention above can serve only as a guide.

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