10 Best Jobs that Don’t Drug Test for Hiring

Jobs That Don't Drug Test

As recreational and medical use of Cannabis or Marijuana becomes legit in several states across the US, one of the common questions that jobseekers ask is: “Where can I find regular jobs that don’t drug test for hiring?” or “What jobs don’t drug test?” 

Actually, there’re no definite answers to this question. That’s because some employers make drug tests compulsory for all prospective hires while others don’t. Basically, it depends on various factors such as the nature of your job and type of employer.

There’re various reasons why employers ask you to do a drug test. Here I’ll explain these reasons briefly, so that you could assess whether you’ll require one to get a job. Again, this would solely depend upon your employer and the nature of your job in general.

Reasons Employers Do Drug Testing

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The vast majority of employers in America have no legal or government obligations to check incumbent or current employees for drug testing.

However, a report by Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that anything between 40 percent and 60 percent of all employers do have some drug testing in place, especially for sensitive jobs or those requiring handling of machinery and driving.

Broadly speaking, employers might require you to pass a drug test because they wish to ensure that you wouldn’t pose a danger to coworkers in any way by working under the influence of drugs at workplace.

Further, they’re also concerned about your productivity at work. Organizations that do drug testing to avoid any lawsuits that might arise because of workplace injuries to you and other workers due to working under the influence.

Furthermore, Federal laws make it compulsory for certain industries such as defense, law enforcement, healthcare and transportation to screen their prospective and current employees for both, drugs and alcohol use.

And in some American states, companies can get discounts on the premiums they pay for worker’s insurance, if they have drug tests in place for current and incumbent employees.  

The competitive sports, education, and medical care sectors also conduct drug tests to create a positive public image of their organizations.

Drug Testing in Certain States

Then we also have state-specific laws or even company regulations for drug tests. For example, several healthcare facilities in Texas require their employees be non-smokers and also conduct nicotine tests on their prospective hires.

Furthermore, in states such as Colorado, where using Marijuana for recreational and medical purposes is now legit, some companies require strict drug tests.

That’s because they’re concerned about relaxed regulations on Marijuana use could lead to employees using the drug commonly and it could also enter workplaces.

All Federal jobs also require drug testing, because their workplaces are designated as drug and sometimes, smoke-free places. However, this rule doesn’t apply to all Federal jobs.

It would cover only sensitive jobs, those in transportation, aerospace, aviation and other similar sectors. Drug testing for Federal jobs depends according to the agency and the nature of the work at your position. However, you might have to undergo alcohol screening in some cases.

10 Good Jobs that Don’t Drug Test

Now that you’re aware of the industries and jobs that would require drug testing, let’s look at the top 10 good and regular jobs that don’t drug test.

However, I’ll emphasize that drug testing depends upon an employer’s Human Resources policies. Therefore, even for some of these jobs, they could require you to undergo a drugs test.

1. Writer

The term ‘writer’ covers a broad range of jobs. These include content writers, travel writers, copywriters, technical writers, feature writers, columnists, reviewers and so on.

Usually, most writers work remote or as freelancers and you can easily find content writing jobs on various websites. Hence, there’re slim chances of any employer or buyer of freelance work would require you to undergo drug, alcohol or nicotine tests.

At the same time, writers working for some organizations where drug tests are compulsory might have to undergo one. That’s because media outlets want to maintain a clean image when it comes to drugs, alcohol and also keep their offices and other premises smoke and alcohol free.

2. Graphic Designers

Graphic designers generally are exempt from drug tests, regardless whether they work for an organization or are freelancers. That’s because their job is mainly non-hazardous and doesn’t require handling machinery of any sorts.

Instead, they require a high level of creativity for their work and hence, employers impose few or almost nil restrictions on this post.

Often, graphic designers are able to perform better under the influence of a recreational drug or alcohol or nicotine. That’s because they feel relaxed and the mild level of inebriation can bring out the best of their creativity.

Furthermore, they work alone and hence, there’re no threats of a graphic designer harming anyone at workplaces.

3. Video Games Developer

Companies that offer video games depend on a large team of developers to create the best ones for the market. Therefore, they’ve to foster a sense of camaraderie in their teams. As a result, they don’t do drug tests for prospective and current employers.

Also, work ambience at video game companies is full of fun. And employers don’t wish to spoil that by preventing superb video game developers that use recreational drugs or consume moderate quantities of alcohol occasionally by subjecting them to drugs or alcohol tests.

A video games developer gets very high salaries too. And this role also involves a lot of creativity since you’ll have to create games that people would love to play and spend on them. That’s also the reason video game companies are very liberal with their drug and alcohol use policies.

4. Video Editors

good jobs that don't drug test

Mostly, video editors work solo and are often required to keep late nights to complete an assignment or project. And generally, they don’t pose a security threat or face injury risks at workplaces due to recreational drug or alcohol use. Hence, this is one more job that doesn’t drug test for hiring and pays well too.

Video editors work in a lot of industries such as cinema, TV channels, editing firms and also freelance. And drug tests are pretty rare in all these industries, unless there’s some role that requires operating machinery or driving. Therefore, you if you’re a recreational drug or alcohol user, you could work as a video editor for some good employer.

5. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agencies or realtors as a sort of unspoken rule, don’t do drug tests on their prospective or current employees.

One of the main reasons for this is that real estate agents work on their own and guide property buyers through the long processes of buying a home or lot or industrial premises. And this job doesn’t expose them to any hazardous work that could be affected by the influence of drugs.

This is also a well-paying job since real estate agents get a salary and commissions on any sales of properties or leasing premises. They also operate solo, despite working for a realtor or real estate company.

As a result, they don’t pose threats to any coworkers or clients for real estate. And real estate companies find it useless to spend on drug tests that can be fairly expensive in some cases.

6. Fashion Designer

careers that don't drug test

Another superb and high-paying job that doesn’t require drugs testing is of a fashion designer. That’s because fashion companies let designers work alone in order to enable them to create the best of fashion, using their creativity. They don’t wish to restrict their employees by preventing drug or alcohol use, albeit not at workplaces.

If you’re a casual user of Marijuana or alcohol for recreational purposes, this is one job you could try since it doesn’t involve drug tests. And often, fashion designers also work from home or are freelancers. Hence, the question of subjecting them to drug tests and other such examinations doesn’t really arise and isn’t worth the expense.

7. Beautician

A beautician is someone that trims your hair, does manicure, pedicure, facials and other beauty treatments. Therefore, the BLS and other agencies deem the job of a beautician as non-hazardous.

Obviously, working as a beautician requires superb interpersonal skills too. But generally, a beautician doesn’t pose a risk to anyone’s life or causes willful injury to their clients.

Hence, if you choose to work as a beautician either as a freelancer, with own business or even for a beauty salon or beauty parlor, you can be assured there would be no drug tests.

And most beauty salons are small businesses that wouldn’t want to lose a superb beautician that uses drugs or alcohol occasionally for recreation. They also don’t want to spend on a drug test.

8. Nutritionist

what jobs don't drug test

Nutritionists work at labs and kitchens. Their main work involves testing various kinds of foods for their nutritional content. This is a rather harmless job and nutritionists require proper qualifications too. Hence, their employers don’t insist on a drug test. 

However, if you’ll be working as a nutritionist for Federal agency or defense or inland security and other law enforcement departments, you might have to undergo a compulsory drug test.

In such cases, the drug test would only be to ensure you’re not a regular user of drugs and alcohol and consume them only occasionally for recreational purposes. Even then, they’ll allow only Marijuana users in states where it’s legit, to work at these roles.

9. Floral Designer

Floral designers work at florists, gift stores and megamarkets. And as the term suggests, their main job is to make designs such as amazing bouquets and wreaths, among others, with flowers, leaves and other materials.

That’s a generally harmless job and the only hazardous equipment they would handle is a pair of scissors or trimmers. Hence, working as a floral designer is a job that doesn’t require a drug test.

And speaking about expenses, few florists or gift stores and megamarkets want to lose a good floral designer because they’re recreational drug users.

They find the expense on a drug test isn’t really worth it because the job is harmless and floral designers are creative, docile persons, broadly speaking. Hence, this job also doesn’t need drug testing before joining.

10. Interior Decorator

regular jobs that don't drug test

And finally, the job of an interior decorator. Most interior decorators are freelancers or work for top consultancies. They don’t mingle with many people while planning interior décor for homes and offices.

And this job also doesn’t need them to deal with any hazardous situations or materials and machinery. Therefore, if you’re an interior decorator planning on joining a good company, you could be assured there would be no drug tests.

And if you’re working as a freelancer or consultant, it’s obvious the question of a drug test doesn’t arise in very first place. This is also a job that pays superb incomes.

However, you would definitely require certifications to work as an interior decorator such as a degree in architecture and fine arts, among others.

How Drug Testing Works?

A total of 33 American states had legalized the use of Marijuana or Cannabis for recreational and medical use by March 2020.

Additionally, other states including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, California, Nevada, Alaska, Maine, Michigan, Vermont, and Massachusetts, as well as the District of Columbia have made it legit to use Marijuana or Cannabis for recreational uses.

However, here’s something important. Drug test policies depend according to an organization’s policy. And often organizations don’t take into account the state laws regarding legit use of Marijuana.

Generally, drug tests involve urine analysis. While some drugs such as Cocaine and MDMA can remain in your urine for a maximum of 48 hours to 96 hours, Cannabis or Marijuana metabolites can be detected in your urine for as long as 60 days to 90 days after your last use.

Furthermore, the Federal Controlled Substances Act classifies Marijuana as a Schedule-1 drug. This gives enough reasons for an employer to screen you and if you’re an existing employee, terminate your services for drug use.

There’re some laws to protect employees and would-be hires from losing their jobs or being disqualified for Cannabis use in some states. That’s if you’ve been prescribed Marijuana by a medical practitioner on health grounds.

However, here too, the employer can have the last say and claim they have a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs, regardless of the circumstances.

In Conclusion

Generally, these top 10 best jobs that don’t drug test that I mention above don’t really require you to pass a drug test. Again, this would differ on whether you’re using only Cannabis, which is also called Marijuana or some other drug.

While employers might hire you if you’re using Marijuana that’s legit in the state, they reserve the right to disqualify you for a job if your test proves you’ve been taking other drugs deemed as illegal. As I mention earlier, each company has their own laws on drug test.

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