10 Best Jobs For Lazy People

jobs for lazy people

Countless people ask me this question: “Which are the best jobs for lazy people?” And my response is simple. I ask them, how lazy are they to begin with. That’s because nobody is really lazy, if we examine the term in its truest sense.

Actually, ‘Lazy’ is a relative term that we apply rather loosely to couch potatoes, persons that’re unwilling to exert much effort, late risers, work shirkers, untidy or unkempt people and lots more.

Before I discuss the 10 best jobs for lazy people, let’s comprehend what the term ‘Lazy’ actually means.

Definitions of Lazy

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has two definitions of the word ‘Lazy’, which is an adjective. It defines ‘lazy’ as: “Disinclined to activity or exertionnot energetic or vigorous.”

The other definition is: “Encouraging inactivity or indolence.”

Both these definitions are also found in other dictionaries, albeit in different words. However, one main characteristic that is seen from all these definitions about ‘Lazy’ is that it’s a person who doesn’t like or want to do much activity for any reason.

Moreover, many times it is seen that lazy people are depressed or stressed hence, they look for a job that is made for people with anxiety issues.

10 Best Jobs for Lazy People

This brings us to the million Dollar question: “Can anyone be truly lazy?” Actually, it’s impossible for every human to be truly lazy. All of us have to care for our personal hygiene and meet the three basic needs of life- food, clothing and shelter. Even a lazy person has to eat, dress and sleep somewhere.

Therefore, nobody is really lazy, as we can see. Instead, it’s just a relative term to describe persons that’re averse to activities.

If you’re a lazy person and meet the above definitions, here’s my curated list of 10 best lazy jobs. You can select any of these that meets your needs for money and lifestyle.

1. Sleep Tester

Sleep tester is a good job for every lazy person. Because, as the title suggests, this job requires you to sleep and sleep. In fact, manufacturers of mattresses and other sleeping products as well as some top hotels want to test the comfort levels of their stuff.

Hotels want to test whether their room is comfortable enough and would afford enough, restful sleep to guests. Therefore, they hire sleep testers.

Nowadays, we have something known as ‘sleep clinics.’ Basically, these are medical clinics that aim at helping people with sleep disorders to get enough rest. Hence, they also test their facilities by hiring sleep testers.

These aren’t permanent jobs by any yardstick. However, you can earn a lot of money as a professional hotel sleep tester and get paid for sleeping only.

2. Food Tester

Restaurants and food companies require food tasters to check their quality and taste. Therefore, they hire food tasters. You needn’t hold a degree in culinary sciences or be a cook or some expert to work as a food tester. In fact, restaurants and food companies want ordinary people to give their opinions on their products.

All lazy people need to eat. And that’s true for you as well, if you fall in the description of a ‘lazy’ human. Therefore, sign-up on any website or at a restaurant that wants food testers.

Generally, you’ll be testing food and food products before they’re ready for the market. All you need to do is provide a brief and honest review about the food you taste. That helps companies and restaurants to alter the recipe or make any changes to the menu, where necessary.

3. Professional Cuddler

Did you know that you can get paid a lot of money simply for cuddling people? And that too without striking any intimate or romantic relationships with them? Yes, it’s true. You can indeed get paid a lot for merely cuddling people. And these people would be perfect strangers of all ages.

Cuddling is known to have its own psychological benefits on persons suffering from anxiety and stress. Hence, they hire professional cuddlers. And this is yet another perfect lazy job if you’re lazy and wish to make money doing almost nothing except cuddling.

There’re websites such as Cuddle Comfort where you can register as a professional cuddler. Upon successful registration and sometimes, background checks, they’ll send you to customers that only want you to cuddle them. And they’ll pay a lot too, though your paycheck will come from the company where you enlist.

4. Sugar Baby

jobs that pay well

If you’re a cute looking young woman but lazy, work as a sugar baby. This is yet another job where you get paid a lot of money and gifts for doing absolutely nothing. Being a sugar baby is an amazing high paying job for every lazy person.

Meaning, the only thing that you need to do is provide some lonely, rich person your company. And these persons will shower you with pricey gifts, board you at chic hotels, take you out for fine dining and expensive entertainment.

There’re several websites where you can sign-up to work as a sugar baby. These are legit websites and there’re no laws in the US that ban you from working as a sugar baby. However, you need to always remain well-groomed and look very stylish for your sugar daddies.

5. Netflix Reviewer

If you’re a couch potato and glued to your TV set to watch Netflix, you’re in luck. As a lazy person, you could land a job as Netflix reviewer. That’s because Netflix wants you to view as much of their content as possible and provide them honest reviews.

Your reviews help Netflix to change its programming or introduce new programs and events. That’s the reason they hire couch potatoes that binge-watch TV to work for them and create reviews. And they pay well too.

So, the next time you think about watching TV and Netflix, try looking for a job as Netflix reviewer. You could make enough money by simply watching shows at home and doing nothing else.

6. PSO

PSO means Phone Sex Operator. Actually, this is a side-gig for women. However, lazy women can also take this job and make a lot of money without leaving the comfort of their couch or beds. There’re several agencies that hire PSOs and you could register with one of them.

Generally, your employer will provide an anonymous phone number and assign you a fake name. All you need to do is entertain calls from men and give them some steamy talk. In fact, thousands of women working as PSOs are making enough money every week to afford a superb lifestyle.

This job is risk free since the caller doesn’t get to know you personally or even find your name and location. All you need to do is talk with these customers, without the need for any physical activity. Also, you can use a hands-free headset to save the hassles of lifting a handset.

7. Movie and TV Extras

Movie and TV serial producers require people that don’t need to do anything except linger around somewhere in the background of a scene. This work is done by movie and TV extras. You also needn’t be a star or know acting to work as a movie or TV extra.

All that you need to do is sit at a particular place or stroll around when a scene for a movie or a tele-serial is being shot. In some cases, the producer of the movie or TV show might give you credits under the ‘Extras’ section at the end.

And for just doing nothing except sitting, standing or strolling, movie producers will pay you some money as a TV or movie extra. This job is also good for lazy people, though it involves moving outside the comfort zone of your home.

8. Dog Walker

best jobs for lazy people

There’re several apps such as Rover and Wag, among others, where you can find jobs as a dog walker almost instantly. Once you successfully register, these apps will provide you with details of the dogs that you need to walk daily and the address of their owners.

You can walk one or more dogs. The more pets you walk, higher your pay. These apps pay you by the hour per every pet. And all you need to do is carry a toilet roll to pick after the pets, if necessary.

This job doesn’t require much physical activity. Instead, it involves only a stroll in your neighborhood to walk pets and give them some fresh air daily. Registering on these apps is free of cost and you’ll be paid twice weekly. This kind of job is for people who don’t want to work.

9. Lingerie Seller

Another superb job for lazy women is that of a lingerie seller. And this job is for really lazy ones because it does away with the needs for you to wash your bra, panties and other lingerie. Instead, you will be selling them unwashed to countless buyers in America and around the world.

Now you might wonder who would buy your unwashed and dirty lingerie? Well, actually there’re several websites that specialize in this trade. A lot of men want lingerie that women have just taken off because they carry feminine scents.

Here again, your name and location remain anonymous. You’re free to quote own price for a bra, panty or pair of stockings, among other lingerie. Some women testify they make as much as $500 per week simply by selling dirty panties. You can make more by selling dirty bras and other lingerie items too.

10. Professional Friend

careers for lazy people

Did you know that you can make a lot of money by doing nothing except selling your friendship? There’re some websites such as Rent-a-Friend, Rent-a-Cyber-Friend and Rent-a-Local-Friend that you can find if you Google these keywords. And these websites allow you to actually sell your friendship.

Normally, people that are visiting your town or city and are lonely will buy your friendship. And they’ll take you for dining out, shopping and sightseeing. Sometimes, businesspersons also buy friendship because they want to feel safe moving around town with a local.

This job too is ideal for lazy women and men. That’s because you needn’t do anything except just accompany the person that buys your friendship and enjoy at their expense. Cyber friendship involves only chatting over WhatsApp and Facebook among other platforms, with others for a fee.

In Conclusion

There’s nothing known as a job for lazy people who aren’t willing to exert at least some minimal effort. All these jobs that I’ve listed require you to do at least some basic functions to make money. And all of these jobs that pay well.

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