Jobs For Teens: 50 First Time Jobs Ideas for Teenagers

50+ jobs for teens near me. Good, easy & high paying first time jobs. You can do it part time / full time.
Jobs For Teens

Finding a job that pays well, as a teenager or college student can prove very difficult at times. Then, there’re also laws that don’t allow teenagers below working age to take employment.

However, if we look around carefully, there’re at least 50 jobs that teens and college students can take. In fact, many of these could be your first job.

In this article, I will be presenting 50 first time job ideas for teens and college students. That means, teenagers from the age of 13 years to 19 years. There’re a variety of jobs available and you can select from any of these first-time job ideas to work.

Let’s begin by first understanding the rules in America for teenagers and college students to work. That would help you to search properly from my curated list of 50 first time job ideas for teenagers and college students.

Rules for Teenagers to Work in USA

The Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA strictly prohibits persons below the age of 18 to take jobs. However, the FLSA also makes such exceptions.

Usually, teenagers between 13 years and 18 years of age can work on jobs that are non-hazardous. This means the work shouldn’t expose them to any physical dangers or cause mental trauma. Such teenagers can take simple jobs, usually during their school and college vacations.

Children below the age of 13 years can also take some jobs such as modeling or acting in movies.

However, in all these cases, the employer needs to take a clearance from the Department of Labor (DOL) for hiring underage teenagers and students. The DOL issues these clearances only when it finds that the child or teenager is not at any risk of injury or mental trauma and that such jobs are safe to take.

50 Best First Jobs for Teens & College Students

Now that you’re aware of the rules that apply to children and teenagers working, let’s see which are the 50 best first jobs that you could find.

Actually, just looking around near your place can help you find a lot of such easy & high paying jobs. Or, you can also search for these best jobs for teenagers and college students online.

I will divide these jobs into various categories. This would make it easier for you to select the best first job idea in the field that you like.

Work from Home Jobs for Teens

Work from Home Jobs for Teens

There’re several work from home or online jobs that you can take as a teenager. The best part of such jobs is that you don’t require any permits from the Department of Labor since they’re all from your home. And, some of these jobs could help you become a millionaire too.

1. Blogger

Blogging isn’t rocket science. All it needs is superb writing skills and a nose for research. You can write about your hobbies and interests, studies, or even personal life and become a blogger. You can start blogging in part time until you start making some cool income

2. Vlogger

Make interesting and engaging videos and upload them on your own YouTube channel. You can make money from advertising from Google AdSense from your YouTube channel very easily.

3. App Tester

Software developers usually ask ordinary people to test their apps, before releasing them to the public. If you love apps, this is the one of the job for you. You can test apps from the comfort of your home.

4. Website Tester

Some website developers also want the opinion of people before it’s available for all. You’ll simply have to go through the full website and check whether various links are working and write a review on its overall appearance.

5. Social Media Assistant

This is yet another WFH job that any teenager can take. It involves posting stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. You’ll be working under a social media manager who will guide you on what to do.

Food Service Jobs for Teens

Food Service Jobs for Teens

The large food industry of the USA, especially restaurants and coffee shops, bakeries and ice cream parlors has a lot of suitable jobs for teens and also pre-teens and teens, they can find such jobs by online just searching online jobs near me for teens. These jobs are available almost all times of the year. This means you needn’t wait for school or college holidays.

6. Dishwasher

The simplest job you could find is the dishwasher. That means you’ll be scrubbing a few plates and bowls, cups and another such crockery clean with soap and water and washing them. This is a fairly simple job that can earn a decent income.

7. Bakery Assistant

A bakery assistant helps the baker with various things. You will learn how to decorate a cake with icing, arrange cookies for sale and pack bread for customers. This can be an exciting job if you’re a foodie.

8. Bar Assistant

As a bar assistant, you’re work includes washing glasses, mixing drinks under the directions of the bartender and managing orders carefully. However, this job is available only if you’re 18 years old and above the legal drinking age in the USA.

9. Sandwich Maker

Another superb job you could get in the food and drinks business is that of a sandwich maker. It’s very simple. You will be given the list of stuff that goes into every kind of sandwich. All you need to do is arrange them accordingly to make a sandwich.

10. Waiter/ Waitress

If you have the personality and love interacting with people, working as a waiter/ waitress is the best job for you. It involves taking orders from hungry customers and delivering them to the diner. In addition to the salary, you also get tips from happy customers.

Retail Jobs for Teens

Retail Jobs for Teens

Basically, retail jobs are the ones where you’ll work for a shop or store. There’re lots of such jobs available during school and college vacations since they come around the time of festivals. You can also get full-time jobs in retail.

11. Sales Associate

As a sales associate, you’ll be helping the sales staff when they assist customers to make a choice. Your role involves getting things from shelves that a customer would like and arranging them back, if necessary.

12. Store Clerk

This can prove to be a complex job and hence, is recommended for slightly older teenagers. It involves keeping detailed accounts of the cash that comes in and goes out and checking the position of stocks, placing orders and much more.

13. Cashier

If you’re good at handling cash, then you’ll find the work of a store cashier very easy job. You simply have to accept payments from customers, either by cash or cards and issue them the bills of their purchase.

14. Pick Up Crew

Generally, stores employ only older teens for this job. You’ll be collecting packages for a store from their suppliers. Often, this job requires a driver’s permit and sometimes, own vehicle too. But you get paid for all these efforts.

15. Store Cleaner

Imagine how stores get dirty every time after the crowd leaves. That’s why all major stores have cleaners to work on their premises. You have to dust and mop the floor when there’re no customers around, clean spillages and keep the space clean.

Care Jobs for Teens

Care Jobs for Teens

Care jobs are for school and college students who’re helpful in nature and can go that extra mile to make someone’s life pleasant. These jobs are usually available from agencies, where you can enroll for one and find work. or you can search online like care jobs for teens or hiring jobs near me teenager.

16. Babysitting

If you love babies and can care for them well, this could be the right job for you. There’re companies that hire babysitters. Meaning, they’ll call you when any family needs a babysitter. This job pays well too.

17. Caregiver

Normally, caregivers are people that care for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. There’re specialized courses for becoming a caregiver. But very often, you can find a job only if you know how to give medicines on time and feed seniors or persons with special needs.

18. Pet Walker

They’re quite a few apps available in the USA that can help you find instant jobs as a pet walker. Rover and Woof are some of these famous apps. You’ll be taking dogs for their daily walk and get paid too.

19. House Sitting

House sitting is like babysitting. Instead of babies, you’ll be taking care of toddlers and growing kids. You’ll have to keep them entertained and happy, till their parents return home. You can enjoy it a lot at this job.

20. Story Teller

If you thought that storytelling is only for kids, think again. In fact, lots of seniors and persons with disabilities also love listening to stories. You’ll be reading stories from books or narrating your own, to keep them happy.

Teaching and Tutoring Jobs for Teens

Teaching and Tutoring Jobs for Teens

Generally, all kinds of teaching and tutoring jobs are available for teenagers and college students easily. In most cases, you won’t require any Federal or state level clearance to work at these jobs. You could find them on campus or even off-campus.

21. Online Tutor

Here, I’m not talking about those professional teachers who make a lot of money online. Instead, I’m talking about you providing online tutoring to peers and junior students through Zoom and other resources, depending on your knowledge of a school or college subject.

22. Sports Coach

For all of you who’s good at playing an indoor or outdoor sport, working as a coach is something you’ll definitely love and enjoy. Actually, there’re lots of kids who want to learn different sports and you can coach them for a fee.

23. Homework Helper

Maybe you know that lots of students lag in homework. That’s where you could help and make some money. If you’re good at any particular school subject, help other students to complete their homework and earn money.

24. Test Preparation Tutor

A test preparation tutor, as the term says, is someone who can help students to revise their lessons and get ready to pass the upcoming test with high scores. To work as one, you’ll require excellent knowledge about one or more school subjects.

24. Math Tutor

Most students fumble at math. Personally, I would hate math as a subject at school. But, if you’re good at math, there’re many students that require your help. You can work as a math tutor either full-time or even part-time.

Outdoor Jobs for Teens

Outdoor Jobs for Teens

Then there’re plenty of outdoor jobs too that can be taken by teenagers, school and college students. These would generally be open only for older teens because of laws in the USA. You can try these if you qualify.

26. Delivery Crew

Getting a job with Amazon Flex and Postmates, among others, is possible if you’re 18 years and older. But if you’re below this age, look for delivery jobs at nearby restaurants that offer home delivery of food, grocery shops and pharmacies. You’ll find one pretty quickly.

27. Storefront Mascot

Dress up like a mascot and entertain pedestrians while attracting them to come to a store. This is a common job in the USA and is generally reserved for younger teens. It doesn’t require much skills or education. All you need is a humor and quick with to play around.

28. Newspaper Delivery

For decades, the job of a newspaper delivery agent is very popular in USA. As the name suggests, you have to deliver the latest newspapers to households and offices in your area. You get a fixed weekly pay or commission on every paper you deliver.

29. Messenger

Businesses usually hire messengers to deliver letters and packages to other offices. Usually, they hire teenagers, school and college students for the purpose. As a messenger, you only have to visit some offices and deliver the letter or package and get its acknowledgment.

30. Amusement Park Assistant

If there’s an amusement park in your area, you can easily find a superb job there as an assistant. At this job, your main task is to assist visitors to enjoy the various attractions and rides or even work as a mascot.

Office Jobs for Teens

Office Jobs for Teens

Surely, your relatives and friends would know someone that works at any large organization, at an office in your area. If so, you’re lucky. You could request them to find an office-based good jobs for you. Here’re some of the common office jobs.

31. Receptionist

 Welcoming staff and visitors to the office, keeping their records is all the work of a receptionist. You’ll also be receiving letters and packages for your employer and handing them over to the right person. This is a superb office-based job but mainly suitable for females.

32. Telephone Operator

A telephone operator’s job is also suitable for female students of schools and colleges. That’s because people calling a company on phone prefer speaking to a female telephone operator and are usually polite.

33. Office Boy

An office boy does motley tasks at the premises such as carrying files and messages from one staff to another. They’re also in charge of maintaining the office neat and clean and arranging everything in the proper place.

34. Email Assistant

Offices get lots of emails daily. However, not all these emails are for work purposes because offices also get a lot of spam. As an email assistant, your job is to delete these spam messages and other unwanted mail while redirecting the others to proper officials and staff.

35. Deputy Clerk

A clerk normally handles a lot of things such as invoices, accounts, administrative documents and so on, on behalf of seniors. A deputy clerk is someone that assists in these functions and helps the office to function smoothly.

Camp Jobs for Teens

Camp Jobs for Teens

Then, there’re some amazing jobs if you are someone that loves camping. These jobs are ideal for teenagers, school and college students that love adventure and the outdoors. You will surely find such thrilling and fun jobs.

36. Camp Nurse

You can expect some kids and teenagers to fall sick or suffer minor scratches and burns during a camp. That’s where you come in as the camp nurse. You’ve to give them first aid and medication and care for these sick campers.

37. Camp Cook

Every camp needs a cook. While other campers also try their hand at cooking, it definitely requires someone with skills to feed all those hungry mouths at a camp. Of course, you will find plenty of eager helpers among other campers too.

38. Camp Guide

The job of a camp guide is to lead other campers on trails and treks. This is a job full of adventure. You’ll be taking along inexperienced kids and teenagers to mountains and other best places to enjoy.

39. Camp Counselor

Obviously, campers will come up with their own problems ranging from homesickness to laziness. As a camp counselor, you have to ensure that none of the campers are unhappy and counsel them if they feel the need to talk to someone.

40. Swimming Instructor

Most campers would love to swim in lakes, ponds and streams. But it’s not necessary that all of them know how to swim. They would like to master the skill at the camp. If you’re good at swimming, work as an instructor and teach other students and teenagers.

Common & Best Jobs for Students

In this section, I will discuss various kinds of best job ideas for school and college students that are common across the USA. As a matter of fact, these jobs are the easiest to find. You could easily land such a job at your location too.

41. Graphic Designing

For those of you with a creative brain, working as a graphic designer can help you to actually launch a career. Create excellent designs and patterns using software and sell them to companies and individuals.

42. Content Writing

If you have superb writing skills and a nose for research, work as a content writer. You can register as a freelance content writer on websites such as Upwork and, among others. Bloggers and website owners usually buy content.

43. Video Editor

Nowadays, a lot of people make videos for YouTube but don’t know how to edit those. You can do that easily by mastering video editing software. This is one of the high paying jobs and you will be the first one to watch such videos.

44. Online Proofreader

Reading advertisements, business and invitation cards and other small documents is the job of a proofreader. There’s no upper or lower age limit for proofreaders since they work online most of the time. You can get such a job from one of the many companies in the USA.

45. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants work as online secretaries. The task doesn’t really involve much complex work. All you have to do is update your employer’s social media page, detect duplicate content on their website and if necessary, take phone calls.

46. Bookkeeper

Online bookkeepers are ordinary people such as students that are good at keeping accounts. Usually, high-income individuals and seniors require online bookkeepers. You have to keep tabs on how much money came in and where it went while giving an account to the employer.

47. Lifeguard

The job of a lifeguard is usually for older teenagers. If you’re 18 and above, you can try this job. It involves keeping a watch at swimming pools, lakes and rivers, or seafronts where people go for a swim. You have to rush to rescue them from drowning if the need arises.

48. Webmaster

This is a job for teenagers, school and college students that know how to maintain a website for any organization or individual.  Your job as a webmaster is to secure the website against hackers, moderate comments and ensure its overall content is the latest.

49. Courier

A courier company hires teenagers for delivering letters and packages within a specific area. This job is for those 18 years older and above. You might require a driver’s permit to work as a courier. This is also a best paying job.

50. Games Coordinator

Working as a game coordinator, you’ll spend a lot of time with kids at amusement parks and other places. This is a fun job that keeps you on your toes always. There’s no way you would feel bored at this job.

In Conclusion

All these best, first job ideas for teenagers, school and college students can earn you a lot of money. And all of these are legit, meaning you can take these without fear. These jobs also teach you vital life skills that you won’t usually learn elsewhere. Taking up a job as a teenager, while you’re studying at a school or college has lots of benefits too. While you definitely earn some money, a job of this kind could also help you select the right career. Therefore, select from any of these best first job ideas and make your mark in your family.

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