27 Best Paying Gig Economy Jobs

Do you want to be a part of the booming gig economy? If your answer is ‘yes’, then this article is just for you. Because I will be discussing the top 27 and best gig economy jobs here. I will start by explaining what exactly the term ‘gig economy’ means and why you should become a part of it right now.

Understanding Gig Economy

In simplest terms ‘gig economy’ means working outside the regular, office-going workforce. It means you’re not working for any fixed company and drawing a specific salary.

Instead, you’ll be working for one or more buyers of your service. In that sense, you’re the contractor providing specific services and the buyer takes your services for their benefit.

The word ‘gig’ means a one-time job that you’ll perform for a buyer for a specific amount of money. However, the word gig also has another meaning. It means you’re working on your own, without a fixed employer on one or several jobs for one or more employers.

Actually, a ‘gig’ also implies a job that you’re not doing as your main source of income. Instead you’ll have several buyers for your services and income.

Why Join Gig Economy?

With a growing number of Americans preferring to have a side-income in addition to their regular salaries, the gig economy of the US is witnessing a boom.

And more and more Americans are also opting to work independently, as freelancers, giving a boost to the gig economy and are opting for gig economy jobs.

US citizens are even focusing on side hustles to earn that extra income which they cannot make from their regular jobs. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and other global consultancies, the American gig economy is expected to cross the $445 billion mark by 2027.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic is speeding up the growth of gig economy at a speed never seen before.Projections are that the US gig economy will continue to grow with more and more Americans preferring independent working arrangements such as freelancing.

There’re already about 50 million Americans working as freelancers. This figure could rise to some 67 million over the next four years or by 2025.

Hence, now is the right time for you to join the US gig economy and make more money than ever before.


Top 27 Gig Economy Jobs

Now that you have a clearer picture about gig economy jobs and reasons to become a part of it, we will discuss about the 27 best paying gig economy jobs. You can select any of these depending upon your needs, experience, educational qualifications, locations and other details.

1. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a program from the largest online retailer in the world- Amazon. You’ll have to deliver packages on behalf of Amazon, under various categories such as Prime, Fresh and others. This is one of the best gig economy jobs and the demand for slots is very high.

To join, you’ve to download the Amazon Flex app and register yourself. You’ll require own vehicle and an excellent driving record. Amazon checks all your details before accepting you as a member of Amazon Flex member.

You can earn up to $25 per hour or even more from Amazon plus tips from customers. You get paid every week. You can select the slots that are of four hours each, to deliver for Amazon. They pay you every week.

2. Airbnb

Do you own a large house and have at least one vacant room? Then rent it out to visitors through Airbnb.com and become a host. You have to decide the price per night for your room.

You can earn more money if you’re living in an area that’s popular among leisure travelers and businesspersons. Registering on Airbnb is very simple.

You’ll have to provide pictures of the property, list all the amenities you’re providing such as complimentary breakfast, parking area, air conditioning and others.

Usually, Airbnb will curate your place to ensure it matches their standards and specifications. This is one of the easiest gg job you can do.

3. Uber

Becoming a cabbie or taxi driver on Uber is fairly simple and can fetch you anything from $9 to $14 per hour. You’ll need your own car, an accident free driving record and of course, a valid driving license to join Uber as a cabbie.

They also conduct tests and background checks in some cases to make sure there’re no wrong hires.They have various categories such as airport to home or hotel transfers, limousine and ordinary cabs.

This depends upon the type of car you own. You cannot use a rented car for joining Uber. Instead, you’ll have to use own vehicle which is in top condition. However, thousands of Americans are making money from this side hustle. and most of the gig workers are choosing Uber as their gig job.

4. Postmates.com

Postmates.com is a website and app where you can find delivery jobs. If you qualify, you’ll become part of the Postmates.com fleet fleet. You’ll have to deliver anything from a pizza to liquor and food from regular to top notch restaurants to hungry customers.

This is an ideal company to join since you can make up to $30 per delivery, depending on the nature of the food order and location. Normally, Postmates.com delivery agents also get tips from customers.

Delivery jobs are high demand gig economy jobs as people find it easy to join it. These tips help raise your income. You get paid every week through PayPal and debit card transfers.

5. Toptal.com

Toptal.com gets its name from two English words ‘Top’ and ‘Talent’. And true to its name, this website enrols only three percent of all the topmost talent in any field or industry.

Toptal.com is a freelancing platform. Meaning, you can find fantastic freelancing jobs on this website. Because you’ve superb skills, pay from freelance work through Toptal.com is also very high.

Generally, Toptal.com looks for product managers, finance experts, designers, developers and project managers. They don’t charge you a joining fee.

Instead, they take a small percentage of your income as their commission for using the Toptal.com platform to find freelance assignments. You can use this platform to even search for other gig work for you.

6. Fiverr/ Fiverr Pro

Fiverr and Fiverr Pro are actually two different websites. While Fiverr is for beginners in freelancing, Fiverr Pro is for professionals, as the name suggests. On Fiverr you can look for small gigs that pay $5 each.

However, you can offer extra work for more money through Fiverr for a client.Once you complete a specific number of freelance assignments on Fiverr, you will be invited to join Fiverr Pro.

Here you can price your services higher than $5 and also offer add-on skills for more price. If you’re planning on joining the gig economy jobs, Fiverr is a website which you can’t simply afford to miss.

7. Upwork

Upwork takes a lot of pride in calling itself one of the best freelancer website. Indeed, it is one of the best websites too. They hire all sorts of freelancers through their website.

You can find some amazing freelance assignments that match your skills and educational qualifications. They take part of your earnings as their commission- between five and 20 percent of what you earn. Registering on Upwork is pretty complicated.

You’ll have to create that killer profile listing all your skills and certifications, provide details of any projects you’ve completed in your field and show clients what you can offer.

Also, you have to bid for freelance work that’s posted by buyers on Upwork. Upwork is also available on mobile app that means you can find relevant gig apps as well to be start one of your gig economy jobs.

8. Freelancer.com

To join the gig economy, you can also register yourself on Freelancer.com. They have all sorts of freelance assignments for all kinds of skills. However, if you wish to join the gig economy, look for high demand skills and select your niche.

They charge you commissions from your earnings from freelance work.The best way to join Freelancer.com is by also creating a superb LinkedIn profile.

That’s because all prospective buyers of your work will look for details such as your work experience, employment history, skills and references, among others. If you’re a beginner in freelancing this website can prove to be the ideal one.

9. LinkedIn

Talking about LinkedIn, this is a vital resource that you can use to find freelance work too. In fact, LinkedIn claims that at least one person gets hired through its professionals networking website every six seconds. Isn’t it sound like the best platform to find perfect gig economy jobs?

This includes fulltime employees as well as freelance and part-time workers. Creating a wonderful profile on LinkedIn is not an easy job. You’ll have to put a lot of thought and effort in creating one.

LinkedIn also allows you to share a lot of details about yourself and your work skills, experience and other stuff. You can also look for jobs on LinkedIn.

It’s possible to catch the eye of topmost employers of freelance talent by creating regular posts about your industry with your expertise. These posts are seen around the world by employers and could land you several assignments in the gig economy.

10. Task Rabbit

Performing simple tasks such as helping out someone with moving house, gardening or walking pets are available on Taskrabbit.com. They offer both offline and online jobs.

You’ll need to download the Task Rabbit app on your smartphone to join the gig economy and do such tasks. The app is available for both, Android-based smartphones, iPhones and iPads.

The buyer of your service will pay your wages to Task Rabbit. They do not take any commissions from you. Instead, they charge the customer. You can get your money twice every week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And some generous and happy customers of your services also add a good tip, which helps you earn more.

11. Gigwalker.com

Actually, Gigwalker.com is a website where you can register and download their app. You can find countless side-gigs during any time of the day on their app. To use the Gigwalker.com app, you’ll need to keep location service switched on over your smartphone.

That’s because Gigwalker.com will display gigs near your location, regardless where you are. If you’re free, you can take the tasks during the spare time and earn extra money.

You can specify your skills such as handyman services on Gigwalker.com app or leave the area blank for getting all sorts of tasks. The customer of your service will not pay you directly.

Instead, they will pay the company which in turn pays you. You get the payoff twice a week. You can specify your hourly wages on Gigwalker.com app or accept the rates given by the customer, which will display on the app.

12. DoorDash.com

DoorDash.com is all about food. I mean, delivering food to single customers, families or even small parties. The food will be prepared by restaurants and exclusive diners in your locality according to orders placed by the customer.

All you need to do is drive to the restaurant and pick up the packages to deliver.To join DoorDash.com, fill up and submit their online form. You’ll have to provide your name, location and ZIP code as well as your mobile phone number.

They also have an app, which you’ll have to download on your phone. You’ll get alerts about food delivery on this app and if you wish, you can click to accept the task. You can also get tips. Typically they pay $10 to $25 per delivery.

13. Grub Hub

Grub Hub is also about food, food and more food. In fact, it is one of the topmost food delivery website and app in the world. By joining Grub Hub, you can work anytime you need extra cash or for a regular income.

They pay between $10 to $30 per delivery depending upon the size of the package and location.You’ll require own vehicle, either a motorbike or car and a valid driving license.

Submit the online form by giving your name and ZIP code and contact details. Grub Hub uses its own app where you’ll receive alerts about food deliveries near your location. And if you’re free, you can click on the app to take the work and get money.

14. Lyft

You can use your own car or request for one to become a driver or cabbie with Lyft. You can earn up to $100 per week with them or even more, depending on the type of vehicle you drive and service you’ll provide such as airport transfers, sightseeing, full-day rides and more.

Tens of thousands of Americans are successfully making a lot of money as a cabbie with Lyft.There are certain rules and regulations that you’ll have to comply with while signing-up with Lyft.

They could also conduct a background check on you when you apply as a cabbie. That’s because Lyft wants to ensure that their cabbies don’t have any bad record or are offenders of the law. Driving at night and odd hours fetches you more money with Lyft.

15. Instacart.com

Instacart.com is a superb app in the sense that you can make money and enjoy at the same time. You can shop for others at Instacart stores and deliver the stuff to customers to earn double income.

Or you can simply shop and not deliver or you can deliver and not shop. You are your own boss with Instacart.You can work fulltime or part-time for Instacart, depending on how much money you need for your family and you.

Joining Instacart is easy but check whether they operate at your location. Also read their terms and conditions before signing up. However, this is a wonderful website for joining the gig economy with almost no skills.

16. Rover

Are you fond of pets? And want to make some money with your love for dogs? Then Rover is just for you. It is an app from where you can find side gigs to walk and play with pet dogs.

They pay very well and you can also quote your price, where possible. It’s possible to take for walk and play with several dogs at the same time. That’s because Rover pays you per pet and not on the number of hours or fixed wages.

To join, you have to create an account with Rover.com online. You’ll have to provide your name, ZIP code and contact details to find such work. They have an app where you will get alerts of such tasks in your area.

You will become a proud ‘pet parent’ with Rover. Generally, all canines that you’ll care for with Rover are friendly and owned by singles or families.

17. Bellhop

Bellhop is all about packing and moving. Meaning, you’ll be helping people that’re moving house in the same city or at a distant to pack their stuff properly for moving.

This relocation company mainly hires freelancers for the job, though they might send a supervisor to ensure that packing and moving goes on smoothly.

For joining Bellhop, submit their online form by providing your name, mobile number and email address. They will inform whether your application is successful within 24 hours on weekdays. You can make a good amount of money by helping people move homes with Bellhop.

18. Dolly

Dolly offers two types of side hustles to join the gig economy. You can earn $30 per hour as helper or $15 per hour as a handyman. The tasks they offer are picking up or delivering packages of all sizes from businesses to helping people move house.

You can work with Dolly every day or take tasks when you require some extra money.You can join Dolly by clicking on their website to become a helper or hand.

Provide your name, location, ZIP code, email and phone number to join. Dolly’s helpers and hands are in great demand. They operate in 25 cities across USA.

19. Shipt.com

Maybe you’ve already heard about Shipt.com or have used their services some time. In fact, Shipt.com is a company owned by one of the largest chains of superstores in the US- Target.

And Target provides home delivery service to its shoppers at a price. You can join Shipt.com and download their app. And deliver stuff to online and offline shoppers to their location.You can also become a shopper on Shipt.com.

Meaning, you’ll get orders from people in your area for stuff they require from Target superstores. You have to physically visit the Target store and buy the stuff to deliver. You can make more than $30 per hour with Shipt.com. You will require a vehicle to do the deliveries or travel with a Target van.

20. Taskeasy.com

If you have the proverbial ‘green hands’, apply to become an independent contractor at Taskeasy.com. This website is all about mowing lawns, gardening, planting and similar tasks. So if you’re good at gardening and love nature, Taskeasy.com is something you’ll simply love.

Taskeasy.com doesn’t provide leads to you. Instead, they give you absolutely legit and confirmed contracts for lawn mowing and other tasks. As a contractor Taskeasy.com, you’ll have to download their app. The app is essential to get tasks and take them. You can also download the app and apply from it.

21. VIPKid.com

VIPKid.com is a website for English teachers. If you’re a teacher and would love to have a side hustle, join VIPKids.com. To join, you’ll have to be a native English speaker, have a university degree in English language and some experience as a teacher.

They pay $15 per hour or more, depending on whether you’re teaching a single student or a group.You can teach on flexible hours and select the level of English language you wish to teach.

These can be for primary school students or secondary. Generally, all students are from foreign countries, mainly China and India who wish to learn excellent English the way Americans speak the language. Hence you’ll also require a good command over grammar.

22. Udemy.com

Udemy.com ranks as the single largest e-learning portal in the world where people come looking for online courses on various subjects.

These can be anything from primary school subjects to complex engineering related topics, cooking ethnic cuisine to management. You are free to price the course and get paid.

Creating an excellent course from your academic qualifications, work experience and skills takes time but it’s worthwhile. Several good tutors have become millionaires by selling courses on Udemy.com.

Often, some tutors offer a free sample course that attracts learners to buy the full course. You’ll find lots of free resources on Udemy.com that would help you create a course using audio, video and text.

23. 99Designs.com

99Designs.com is for graphic designers and artists. This is a crowdsourcing platform. Meaning, you will be usually working with a team of other graphic designers and artists on large projects from very big companies. This helps you gain a lot of experience and exchange ideas with others in the field too.

This crowdsourcing platform is all about designing logos, insignias, web and app designing, business and advertising as well as designs for clothing and merchandise. You’ll have to be a professional and qualified graphic designer to join 99Designs.com. And payment is very high since projects are from large businesses.

24. Handy

Handy.com is a website which enables you to join the gig economy by offering handyman services. These tasks include moving and assembling furniture, plumbing, electrician works and lots more. They pay well too.

And you could get some generous tips from your customer which adds to your income.To join Handy.com, all you require to do is fill up your name and ZIP code on their online form.

You’ll get alerts from Handy.com whenever there’s a job that matches your skills and expertise in your area. The minimum pay you get from Handy.com is $22 per hour with highest pay going up to $1,000 per week.

25. Guru

Guru.com is a wonderful freelancing website. Any beginner without much experience and skills can join Guru.com and find work there. The company has paid more than $250 million to freelancers worldwide since its foundation.

They have some 800,000 employees worldwide. Create a wonderful profile as freelancer on Guru.com by highlighting your skills and educational qualifications.

Having a superb LinkedIn profile and excellent references also helps you find jobs on Guru.com. Generally, all jobs you’ll find on Guru.com are online and require high level of skills. 

26. Turo.com

Turo.com is a website with a difference. Here you can rent your car to others for a fee and earn as much as $1,000 per month. However, your income depends on the make of your car and its features.

Joining Turo.com is simple but you should own a car that meets their specifications because the company is very conscious about quality service.You can join Turo.com using your Facebook, Google or Apple account or create one using another email and password.

The car you plan to rent out should be less than 12 years old and should not have been driven for more than 120,000km. It should have full insurance coverage though Turo.com provides customers with vehicle with insurance from Liberty Mutual.

27. FlexJobs.com

FlexJobs.com is also a leader in the world of freelancing. They don’t charge commissions or fees from you. However, you need to buy a one-month, three-month or annual membership with them to create a profile and get freelance work.

FlexJobs.com is also one of the most famous websites among buyers of freelance work. Signing up is easy on FlexJobs.com. You can start creating a profile and later, pay the membership fees for your profile to go live on their website.

FlexJobs.com boasts itself as the No-1 website in the world to find freelance work. It is indeed one of the best places to get freelance work.

More Best Paying Gig Economy Jobs

In addition to these 27 top gig economy jobs, there’re a few more you could find. Here I will write in brief about three of these.

  1. Blogger: If you’re passionate about something or have excellent knowledge in a particular field, open own blog. You can become a millionaire if you do it the right way.
  2. Vlogger: A vlogger is someone who makes video blogs. You can open a free YouTube channel and post superb videos made by yourself on any niche. PewDiePie is the richest vlogger in the world with net worth of $20 million.
  3. MLM Associate: MLM stands for Multilevel Marketing. There’re several top MLM companies in the US. You can easily join them as an associate and make a lot of money. You’ll be promoting products of MLM companies to your friends and others.

Wrap Up

These are the 30 high paying and best paying gig economy that you can consider. These websites and jobs they offer are all legit. So you can apply with confidence. Once again, I’ll repeat, go through the terms and conditions of each website carefully before signing up.

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