How Much Does A Medical Sales Rep Make?

In this article, learn more about medical sales representatives, their job role, medical sales rep salary and job scope in future

Are you interested in a career in the healthcare industry but not necessarily in a clinical role? If so, consider becoming a medical sales representative.

Do you know about medical sales representatives and How much medical sales representatives make? No, then don’t worry.

Here I will explain what a medical sales representative, their roles, and the current medical sales rep salary in the USA is. This information will definitely help you decide whether you want to become a medical sales rep. 

medical sales rep salary

Understand Medical Sales Representative

Medical sales representatives promote and sell medical products to healthcare facilities. They ensure that medical facilities have the necessary supplies to serve their patients. To succeed in this role, you need excellent communication and sales skills and a bachelor’s degree or relevant experience in the healthcare industry. Research different companies and their requirements to get a better sense of what’s expected.

Role of a Medical Sales Representative

  • Promote and sell medical products to healthcare facilities.
  • Work for pharmaceutical or medical supply companies
  • Ensure that medical facilities have the supplies they need to operate effectively and provide top-quality care to their patients.
  • Strong communication and sales skills required
  • Establish relationships with healthcare professionals.
  • Demonstrate how their products can benefit patients.
  • Provide educational materials or training sessions to healthcare professionals.
  • Monitor market trends and competition.
  • Develop and execute sales strategies.
  • Maintain accurate records of sales activities.
  • Ensuring that medical facilities have access to the latest products and technologies that can improve patient outcomes.

Medical Sales Rep Salary

When we talk about medical sales rep salary, various factors can influence it. says the average medical sales rep salary as of March 28, 2023, is $84,201. There are various factors that affect the medical sales representative salary.

Some of them are education level, certifications, additional skills, and years of professional experience. Medical sales reps with more education, certifications, and experience earn more money.

The other most important factor is your company and the location of the job, which can also greatly impact the salary. Some companies may pay more competitively than others, and certain regions of the country pay more than others.

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Medical Sales Representative Job Scope

According to the research, medical sales representative jobs offer promising career opportunities. Medical sales rep salaries have increased by 10% in the last 5 years, indicating growing service demand.

Currently, over 137,653 medical sales reps are employed in the United States, with 206,149 active job openings based on job postings. The projected job growth for medical sales reps is expected to be 2% from 2018-2028, and expected that this would continue to grow in the coming years.

With an average salary of $74,079, medical sales rep jobs are in demand and offer a promising career path for individuals with the right skills.


Medical sales representatives are an essential part of the healthcare industry. If you are interested in a career that combines healthcare and sales, becoming a medical sales representative may be a fulfilling and financially rewarding choice.

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