How To Reschedule An Interview? (With Best Email Templates)

In this article, you will learn how to reschedule an interview, write a reschedul interview email and navigate unexpected situations seamlessly. Also, find here the best reschedule interview email templates.
How To Reschedule An Interview? (With Best Email Templates)

Are you looking for a job and find yourself in a situation where you have to change the interview date?

Life can be unpredictable; sometimes, things require us to adjust our plans. It’s important to understand why you might need to reschedule an interview and know how to handle it professionally to make a good impression on potential employers.

This article provides a helpful guide for job seekers on rescheduling interviews. We’ll show you how to handle the situation effectively, whether it’s because of illness, family emergencies, transportation problems, or work conflicts.

We’ll share some sample email templates to help you communicate professionally and respectfully.

If you need to change your interview and want to do it confidently and professionally, this article is for you.

how to reschedule an interview

Understand Why You Might Need to Reschedule

Sometimes unexpected things happen that can disrupt your plans, including job interviews. It’s important to understand that these situations can come up and that it’s okay to reschedule when necessary. Handling it professionally is key.

Rescheduling an interview is not a decision to be taken lightly. You need to realize that it can affect the hiring process and the time the interviewer has put into preparing for your meeting.

By understanding the need to reschedule and approaching it professionally, you can navigate these challenges while still showing commitment to the opportunity.

Reasons to Change Interview Date

There are various valid reasons why you need to change your interview date. Life can throw unexpected curveballs, and handling these situations professionally and communicating effectively with the hiring manager is essential.

Here are some common reasons for rescheduling:

  • Feeling Sick or Health Issues: If you’re not feeling well or have a contagious illness, it’s considerate to reschedule the interview to avoid getting others sick and to ensure you can present yourself at your best.
  • Family Emergency or Personal Obligations: Sometimes, unforeseen events like a family member getting sick or a personal emergency may require your immediate attention. Rescheduling the interview shows that you prioritize caring for your loved ones and your responsibilities.
  • Transportation Problems or Delays: Unexpected issues like car trouble or public transportation delays can make it impossible for you to arrive on time for the interview. In such cases, rescheduling is a reasonable choice.
  • Conflict with Work Schedule: If you’re currently working, there might be situations where your job responsibilities clash with the interview time. Rescheduling allows you to focus on the interview without neglecting your current job.

How to Reschedule an Interview?

Let’s talk about how you can reschedule your interview smoothly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Contacting the Interviewer Promptly

Contacting the Interviewer Promptly

When you realize you need to change the interview time, contact the interviewer. Time is of the essence, and it shows respect for their schedule.

Clearly Stating the Need to Reschedule

Be direct when explaining that you need to reschedule the interview. Keep your message concise and to the point.

Providing a Valid and Concise Reason (if Comfortable)

Valid and Concise Reason

If you feel comfortable, please briefly explain the reason behind the rescheduling. However, remember that personal details are optional, and it’s okay to keep it simple.

Expressing Continued Interest and Enthusiasm for the Opportunity

Let the interviewer know that despite the need to reschedule, you’re still excited about the job opportunity. Show them that your enthusiasm has remained strong.

Suggesting Alternative Dates and Times

Be flexible and propose alternative dates and times for the rescheduled interview. This makes it easier for the interviewer to find a suitable slot.

Apologizing for Any Inconvenience Caused


Acknowledge any inconvenience caused by rescheduling and offer a sincere apology. It demonstrates your professionalism and consideration.

Thanking the Interviewer for Their Understanding

Wrap up your message by expressing gratitude for their understanding. Show appreciation for their time and consideration.

How To Write a Reschedule Interview Email

Here’s a simple guide to help you write an email that explains your need to reschedule while sounding professional:

  • Start with a polite and friendly greeting: Begin the email by saying “Dear [Interviewer’s Name]” to show respect.
  • State the reason for rescheduling and express regret: Explain why you must change the interview date. ApologizeApologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused.
  • Offer alternative dates and times for the interview: Give a few options for new dates and times when you’re available. This shows flexibility and your eagerness to find a new meeting time.
  • Reiterate your excitement for the position: EmphasizeEmphasize your enthusiasm for the job and mention how much you look forward to discussing it further.
  • Apologize for any inconvenience caused: Show understanding and apologies for any disruption caused by rescheduling.
  • Conclude the email with a professional closing: End the email with a polite finish like “Thank you for your understanding” or “I appreciate your flexibility.” Sign off with your name and any contact details if needed.

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Best Reschedule Interview Email Templates

Template 1:

Subject: Request to Reschedule Interview
Dear [Interviewer’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. Due to [reason], I cannot attend the interview scheduled for [date and time]. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I am still very interested in the opportunity to join [Company Name] and would greatly appreciate it if we reschedule the interview. I am available on [alternative dates and times] and am open to finding a time that suits your schedule.

Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Template 2:

Subject: Rescheduling Interview Request
Hello [Interviewer’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to inform you that due to [reason], I need to request a rescheduling of our interview that was originally planned for [date and time].

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and truly appreciate your understanding. I remain enthusiastic about the opportunity to join [Company Name]. I am available on [alternative dates and times] and more than willing to adjust to your preferred schedule.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Warm regards,
[Your Name]

In Conclusion

Rescheduling a job interview is sometimes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. By approaching the situation professionally and following the proper etiquette, you can navigate this challenge while still showcasing your commitment to the opportunity.

Remember to communicate promptly, provide a valid reason, and express continued interest. Best of luck with your rescheduled interview!

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