15 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women Near You

There are many best jobs for preganant women near you. You can find temporary jobs, work from home jobs, online jobs, pregnant friendly office jobs. Here I suggest you 15 such jobs.

Over the years, lots of people have asked me which are the best jobs for pregnant women. Actually, I would say that most jobs nowadays are suitable for pregnant women.

That’s because all good employers provide safe working areas for women, especially pregnant ladies.

Therefore, to answer your question, we’ll begin by finding out what’re the specific requirements of a pregnant woman.

This would help you better understand the good-paying jobs and why I recommend them for pregnant women.

jobs for pregnant women

Working Conditions for Pregnant Women

Best jobs for pregnant women have a lot to do with their working conditions. That’s because pregnant women are generally emotionally frail and can suffer health problems due to the slightest reason.

Here’re some of the workplace requirements that a pregnant woman should look for if she’s applying for a job.

These requirements are only a guideline. As a pregnant woman, you too might have personal and unique needs at the workplace.

Overall, here’re some things that a pregnant woman should look for when applying for a job.

  • Stress free working environment
  • Quick access to medical facilities, in case of an emergency
  • Flexible working hours
  • No contact with hazardous material such as industrial chemicals
  • Injury free work area
  • Facilities to rest and relax during breaks
  • No need for commutes
  • Medical benefits, if any, available from the employer during pregnancy
  • Jobs without physical exertion
  • Proper seating arrangements

As we can see, these are very simple requirements. Actually, most employers will be able to meet these needs of pregnant women employees.

At the same time, you too need to be aware of workplace conditions, if you’re a pregnant woman and want to find a job.

Other than these, you might have certain specific requirements too. If that’s the case, you could speak with your employer and find out if they can provide any more facilities.

15 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Armed with these requirements and your specific ones, you’re now ready to look for the best 15 jobs for pregnant women. There’re quite a lot of jobs that pregnant women can perform. Therefore, this article will discuss the 15 top jobs for pregnant women in the USA.

1. Content Writer

This is the best pregnant-friendly job for every pregnant woman. If you have excellent writing skills and a nose for research, you can work as a content writer. In fact, lots of content writers also freelance.

This allows you to work from home on flexible hours and take little or no stress. Website owners, bloggers, social media managers, and advertising companies always need fresh content. Therefore, your skills are always in demand.

2. Social Media Manager

Social Media

If you love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, then working as a social media manager is something you’ll definitely enjoy. This is a job you can do with flexible hours. And, it’s relatively simple too.

You’ll have to upload posts on your employer’s Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts and send appropriate Tweets. You’ll monitor comments and respond accordingly.

3. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant or VA is like a remote secretary. This means you will be working for some top executive or high-net-worth individual as their secretary. The only difference is that you’ll be working online from home, with flexible work hours.

Your tasks are mainly to check emails, respond to them after consulting the employer, manage their social media, fix appointments, keep a check on finances, and other similar secretarial functions that you’d otherwise do at an office.

4. Online Bookkeeper

Online Bookkeeper

Online bookkeepers are people who keep accounts on behalf of employers. Such employers are usually busy businesspersons, high-net-worth individuals, senior citizens, or those who wish to keep their finances a secret from others.

Your tasks are to keep an account of every dollar that comes in and goes out. You also have to ensure that all bank accounts are properly maintained and there’re no frauds or unauthorized transactions.

5. Online Tutor

Countless online tutors have become millionaires. The reason is simple. There’re millions of students across the globe that wish to learn subjects from the American school curriculum.

That’s why they’re as many as 25 different websites where you can sign up as an online tutor and make a lot of money.

To work as an online tutor, you’ll require a degree in teaching and excellent skills. Of course, you’ll also need superb knowledge of the subject you’re teaching.

6. Online Proofreading


For some reason, there’re fewer women in this lovely profession of proofreading, compared over men. Proofreading is an exciting job. You get to read manuscripts of books and other exciting stuff even before it goes for printing.

Your job is to detect any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation flaws, and typos and correct the same. You can also work with flexible hours online as a proofreader. There’re several websites that actually look for women who can do this job.

7. Graphic Designer

If you have that creative streak and know how to use designing software, you’re in for some good luck. There’s a massive demand for online graphic designers.

All sorts of businesses require online graphic designers for creating logos, promotional material, and other stuff.

You can also join a crowdsourcing platform and find work as an online graphic designer. Additionally, it’s also possible to work as a freelancer in this profession and make a lot of money. If you hold a graphic designing degree, you stand better chances of success in this field.

8. Video Editor

Video Editor

For some reason, many film and documentary producers and YouTubers prefer female video editors. The reason could be their quick reflexes and astute judgment in editing videos because women know what the audience would like. This job doesn’t require any special qualifications.

However, you will require excellent working knowledge of video editing software and should be able to sit long hours before a screen to complete an editing project for the employer. You can also work as a freelancer.

9. Online Transcriptionist

There’re many types of transcription jobs available for pregnant women in the USA. For example, there are medical transcription jobs, legal, business, technical and educational, or even entertainment transcriptions. However, the most common among these is medical transcriptions.

You can find a job as an online medical transcriptionist reasonably quickly. Your task is to listen to raw audio files, get the relevant data, and create a digital file containing the information. This information is mainly based on talks between a doctor and their patient.

10. Online Customer Care

Customer Care

Did you believe that all customer care executives that handle your calls to companies such as Amazon actually work from the office? Then think again.

Most of them work from home, online. They’re equipped with a computer and phone to make and take customer calls.

Additionally, such customer care executives are given training on phone etiquette and company policies on handling complaints, returns, and other stuff. This job allows flexible hours. And, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home too.

11. Fleet Tracker

A fleet tracker works for logistics companies. They are responsible for keeping a watch on trucks and containers and making accurate reports about their positions and movements.

These reports help fleet managers estimate delivery timings, assign trucks for deliveries, and help customers track their consignments.

Since freight is always on the move, the job of a fleet tracker is also available on flexible hours. All you require is a computer connected to the Internet and a phone for this work.

12. Search Engine Optimizer

Search Engine Optimizer

Search Engine Optimizers or SEOs are people that help increase the ranking of a website so that it tops the list of Google searches. They create something known as backlinks and help insert proper keywords in content that would catch the attention of Google algorithms.

However, to work as an SEO, you’ll require a comprehensive course in digital marketing from any reputed academy. You could do such a course online too. Usually, these are short courses of about six to eight months duration only.

13. Blogger

Blogging isn’t exactly a job. Instead, it’s like a homegrown business. Anyone with a passion for something, the will to express it to the world through writing, and a nose for research can become a blogger. This is ideal for pregnant women because blogging is very relaxing too.

Simply write amazing content and upload it on your own website. Nowadays, an own website costs as low as $9.99 per month in the USA. Then, we also have websites where you can open a blog for free. Y

You can monetize a blog in different ways, such as Google AdSense, selling ad space, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and teaching about blogging.

14. Webmaster


A webmaster keeps an eye on one or more websites of their employer. They ensure that the website is secure against hacking and other cyberattacks, check it for accuracy of the information, suggest updates where necessary, and do all other functions necessary for the smooth working of the website.

This is a job where you can easily work with flexible hours. However, you’ll require specialized skills to maintain the website as a webmaster.

15. Model


This might come as a surprise. However, lots of clinics, hospitals, medical companies, baby product manufacturers, garment makers for pregnant women, everyone wants superb pictures of pregnant women. They will use these photos for their ads and other promotional material.

By using your photos as their models, they wish to drive home the point that their products are safe during pregnancy or valuable during that period. This is a temporary job while pregnant but it’s a very safe job, and you can earn money as a model.

Wrap Up

You can select any of these 15 best jobs for pregnant women. These jobs conform to all safety requirements during pregnancy. And, they pay well too.

This means you don’t have to settle for fewer salaries. Working from home and online dramatically reduces the risk of injuries and pregnancy-related accidents.

They also eliminate the need for lengthy and tiring, stressful commutes, which aren’t good for a pregnant woman’s health. Working from home also protects a pregnant woman and her fetus from the evil effects of pollution.

Therefore, try any of these best 15 jobs for pregnant women. You can find them on job boards and LinkedIn.

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