10 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services 

In this article, find the list of the ten best paying jobs in consumer services and information regarding average salary, educational qualification and duties.

Are you interested in a job where you will help people to get what they want and need? If Yes, Look at the consumer services field, which includes banking, finance, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, tourism, and retail, among many others.

But what are the consumer services jobs that pay the most? Let’s look at the best-paying jobs in consumer service that might surprise you.

From the high-flying world of a Flight Attendant to the creative and organized skills needed for Event Planning, there are many options for people who want to work in consumer services and get paid well for it. Read the article to know more about all the ten best paying jobs in consumer services.

best paying jobs in consumer services

What are the Consumer Services?

The term “consumer services” is used to describe a wide variety of offerings aimed squarely at satisfying end-users wants and needs. Businesses often charge customers a fee for providing customers with these services, which may or may not involve the delivery of a tangible good.

Services in banking, finance, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, tourism, and retail are all examples of consumer services.

10 Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services 

1. Flight Attendant Job:

Flight Attendant

Salary: $61,640 per year, making it one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required for this job.

Duties: Flight attendants ensure passenger safety and comfort during commercial flights. They participate in preflight briefings, conduct safety inspections, serve beverages and snacks, take care of passengers with special needs, administer emergency medical care, and direct passengers during emergencies.

Flight attendant jobs are projected to grow by 21% from 2021-2031, much faster than the average for other occupations. 

2. Event Planner:

Event Planner

Salary: $49,470 per year or $23.79 per hour

Education: Bachelor’s degree required

Duties: As an event planner, your duties will include meeting with clients, planning the scope of the event, soliciting bids from vendors, coordinating event services like transportation and food, monitoring event activities to ensure satisfaction, reviewing bills and approving payments, etc.

If you have strong organizational skills and a creative flair, event planning could be a rewarding career with excellent job security and growth potential.

Event planning is a field that’s on the rise, with an expected job growth rate of 18% from 2021 to 2031. This growth will add around 22,900 new jobs in the field, making it an excellent career choice for those interested in this line of work. 

3. Receptionist:


Salary: A receptionist typically earns f $29,950 per year or $14.40 per hour with benefits like health insurance and paid time off.

Education: You need a high school diploma or something equivalent for this job.

Duties: Receptionists’ jobs include answering the phone, making appointments, greeting visitors, checking them in, and showing them where to go.

As a receptionist, you may also have to enter customer information into databases, handle mail, and keep track of paper or digital documents. There are always jobs available because there are more than 1 million in fields like healthcare, legal services, and hospitality.

4. Computer Support Specialists:

Computer Support Specialists

Salary: Computer Support Specialists earn an average salary of $57,910 and an hourly rate of $27.84.

Education: Education requirements for computer support specialists vary depending on the job. Some computer knowledge is required for computer user support specialist jobs, but not necessarily a college degree. For computer network support specialists, employers may accept applicants with an associate’s degree, although some prefer a bachelor’s degree.

Duties: Computer support specialists analyze and troubleshoot computer network problems. They perform regular maintenance, test and evaluate existing network systems, and troubleshoot local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and internet systems. They also assist computer users through phone, email, or in-person visits.

5. Customer Service Representatives:

Customer Service Representatives

Salary: Customer Service Representatives earn an average of $36,920 annually or $17.75 per hour.

Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is typically the minimum requirement for entry-level positions. On-the-job training is provided for new hires.

Duties: Customer Service Representatives listen to customers’ questions and concerns, provide information about products and services, process billing and payments, handle complaints and returns, and maintain detailed records of customer interactions.

According to the statistics, Service Representatives’ jobs are expected to decline by 4% between 2021-31. 

6. Retail Store Manager:

Retail Store Manager

Salary: The average salary for a Retail Store Manager in the United States is $74,594, ranging between $61,612 and $95,301.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field is usually required, though experience in the retail industry and a high school diploma may be sufficient.

Duties: Retail Store Managers manage inventory, oversee employees, and ensure customers have a positive shopping experience. Retail store managers also develop marketing plans to increase sales and profitability.

Other Information:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 5% increase in Retail Store Manager positions through 2028 due to new stores opening and expansions of existing stores.

7. Call Center Director:

Call Center Director

Salary: A Contact Center Director’s average salary in the USA is $171,325, according to Salary.com.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or a related field is typically required to become a call centre director.

Duties: A Contact Center Director directs all aspects of an organization’s contact centre policies, objectives, operations, and initiatives. They establish operational targets, best practices, and training programs that support service, quality, and efficiency standards.

Other information: Becoming a Contact Center Director typically requires 5+ years of managerial experience, deep knowledge of the managed sub-function, and a solid understanding of the overall departmental function. They operate a departmental sub-function within a broader departmental function and create functional strategies and specific objectives for the sub-function.

8. Concierge:


Salary: According to Salary.com, the average salary for a Concierge in the USA is $35,260.

Education: While no formal education is required, having a certificate or degree in a hospitality-related field may be preferred by some employers. On-the-job training is often offered.

Duties: Concierges are responsible for tasks such as maintaining knowledge of company assets, greeting guests, providing excellent customer service, maintaining positive relationships, multitasking to meet customer needs, and representing the company with integrity and dedication.

Other Information: Maintaining high ethical standards and professionalism is crucial. Becoming a Concierge can be a great way to start a fulfilling and financially rewarding career in consumer services.

9. Account Director:

Account Director

Salary: An Account Director in the consumer services field earns an average salary of $97,413.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, business administration, or a related field is typically required, with at least five years of experience in a management or supervisory role in an advertising agency or similar organization. However, a college degree is only sometimes necessary.

Duties: Account directors have a variety of responsibilities, including managing client relationships and creating plans to keep customers happy. They make sure the business offers satisfying services.

Other Information: Job seekers interested in the advertising industry should consider account directors as a career because demand for them is predicted to increase by 8% by 2031. To succeed in this field, aspiring account directors must have a solid understanding of the advertising industry, including its history, present trends, and future outlook.

10. Social and Community Service Managers:

Salary: Social and community service managers earn a median annual salary of $74,000, with an hourly rate of $35.58.

Education: For this role, a bachelor’s degree and less than five years of related work experience are typically required.

Duties: Social and community service managers work with stakeholders to identify necessary programs and services, oversee program administration, analyze program effectiveness, suggest and implement improvements, and plan outreach activities.

Other information: The social and community service manager field is expected to expand at a much faster-than-average rate of 12% from 2021-2031, creating an estimated 20,400 new positions. 


It is evident that several lucrative careers are available in the consumer services sector. With the proper education, certifications and qualifications, you can join a profession that rewards hard work and dedication with a high income.

The consumer services industry offers many exciting opportunities for those who want to make a difference in their customers’ lives while getting compensated for their efforts.

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