10 Apps to Find Odd Jobs Near Me: Make $250 a Day

Are you looking for some odd jobs? There are websites and apps to find the best paying jobs in miscellaneous. Find these unusual and odd jobs near you to make money

We’re living in the new normal caused by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Therefore, most of us would be feeling the need for some extra money, from time to time. In such cases, it’s always best to have a second or even a third source of income.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t even aware of finding a second or third source of income. And above all, most of us falsely believe that we have no extra time to earn that extra money.

If that’s your case, there’s nothing to worry about it. There’re many ways but, in this article, you will know how to find odd jobs near you through these ten beautiful apps to help earn those few extra dollars daily.

Should this sound interesting, stay tuned. I’ll be writing about the 10 best apps to find odd jobs near you.

Odd Jobs

10 Best Apps to Find Odd Jobs Nearby

All these apps that I’m writing about are legit. You can make as much as $250 per day from some of them if you get the right kind of work. Overall, these apps can get you some good money as a side income.

1. Amazon Flex

amazon flex

As the name suggests, Amazon Flex comes from Amazon, the single largest online retailer globally. Amazon Flex is an app that you can download and find many delivery jobs for Amazon.

They pay $25 per hour or more, depending on the type of delivery. You can also get tips from happy customers. So you can easily make $250 a day from this unusual and odd job.

Once you download the app and register for the Amazon Flex program successfully, the app will display delivery slots during the day. Each slot is of four hours duration, during which you need to do deliveries for Amazon to its customers.

You’ll require your own vehicle and comply with Amazon terms and conditions to get this odd job.

2. Postmates


Another delivery job that pays you lots of money is from Postmates. As a matter of fact, Postmates claims to be the most prominent app and service of its kind that delivers food packages across America, from restaurants to hungry customers.

All you need is a vehicle to carry these food packages and deliver them.

Download the Postmates app and register. Provide details such as your vehicle make and type, driver’s permit number, and other necessary details.

Once your application is successful, you can deliver food parcels as part of the broader Postmates Fleet. You can make up to $50 per hour or even more.

3. Instacart


Instacart is an amazing app that allows almost everyone to earn some money as a side gig. There’re two distinct ways to earn money from Instacart, doing miscellaneous jobs. The first is by delivering groceries to the doorsteps of a customer.

You get $5 per delivery. The other is by doing both- buying groceries and delivery. You get $10 for this service.

In fact, Instacart is now very popular as people isolate themselves at homes for protection against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, they simply place orders with Instacart and prefer home delivery rather than venturing out themselves. Mostly, orders nowadays are for the entire service.

4. Rover


And, if you’re fond of pets, try Rover. This is a fabulous app that works across America. With this app near you, you can get jobs of walking pet dogs. The best part of this app is that you can get these pet walking jobs instantly in your area.

That’s because many senior citizens and busy people don’t have the time or ability to take their canines out for a walk.

Actually, there’s no limit to the number of pets you can take for a walk. You can take as many as a dozen if you’re capable of handling them carefully.

You get paid on a per-pet basis. That means the more pets you walk, the higher your income. Also, you can work with flexible hours daily.

5. TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit is yet another superb app where you can find almost instant jobs near you as a handyperson.

These jobs can involve something as simple as running an errand to fetch or deliver something as complex as helping with plumbing, moving, or electrical works. Task Rabbit provides work at the exact location where you are at that moment.

Once you download the TaskRabbit app, register yourself. Upon successful registration, you’ll see a wide range of odd jobs near you.

For this, keep the location services on your mobile switched on at all times. The app shows odd jobs at the location where you are located at any moment.

6. Fiverr


Fiverr is an app for freelancers. Now, let’s get this clear. With Fiverr, you can get long-term freelancing jobs instead of simple side gigs.

This means you can sell your professional services such as graphic designing, content writing, editing, and so on through Fiverr. The minimum amount of pay is $5 per task.

This app charges you between five percent to 20 percent of your income as their service charges. However, the expense is worth the value since you can get countless jobs in your skills on this app.

This is the best app to make money online. You’ll have to create a profile while registering on Fiverr to show your skills to hundreds of buyers of freelance work.

7. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands

The Fancy Hands app helps you find jobs in your area as a Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant is like a remote or online secretary for those who don’t know.

You’ll have to perform all kinds of secretarial work such as filing papers, sending and responding to emails, making phone calls, and keeping accounts for your clients.

Once you download the Fancy Hands app, create an amazing profile to showcase your skills as an efficient secretary.

You can also fix your price on an hourly basis to work as a Virtual Assistant. Whenever there’s a vacancy, the app will alert you, and you can apply through the app itself.

8. Woof


Woof is a popular app among pet owners. This app can help you find various jobs related to pets. These include bathing pets, taking them to a vet, pet sitting, and pet walking. The pay levels depend on the nature of work.

In fact, you can take any number of jobs through Woof, as long as they’re related to pets and you have some experience in these tasks.

Upon successful registration, the app will display pet-related tasks near your house. You can select any job by simply clicking on the ‘Accept’ button.

You have to reach the location of the job quickly. Your customer must confirm that you’re on the job and pay through the app. The app pays you twice weekly.

9. Swagbucks


Doing online surveys, playing video games or writing reviews for Swagbucks won’t make you wealthy overnight. However, doing these activities can help you slice off a few Dollars from your weekly and monthly grocery bills and other purchases.

That’s because Swagbucks is the single largest app and online paid survey community globally.

There’re several options to make money with odd jobs on Swagbucks. The app is most famous for its online paid surveys.

However, they have also added sections such as online games, writing product reviews, and watching ads for their community in recent years.

Doing these activities gets you points, which are redeemable for cash or free shopping vouchers.

10. Gig Walker


And finally, Gig Walker. This is an app where you can make a lot of money doing simple online and offline tasks. The simplest tasks include shopping for someone else or even mailing a letter.

The complex ones involve testing apps or websites or new video games. There’s no end to the number of odd jobs that you can find on Gig Walker.

Upon downloading the app, register. Mention the areas of interest where you can perform odd jobs. You can also select the hours when you like to work as a Gig Walker, as they’re called.

The customer of your work pays the app, which in turn pays your money and tips if any, twice a week.

In Conclusion

All these 10 apps to find unusual and odd jobs near you are legit and have a good track record. Meaning their companies will pay you the dues and won’t run away with your hard-earned money.

You can use two or even more of these apps to make extra money since some apps might not have odd jobs for you daily.

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