China Online Store: 15 Best & Cheapest Chinese Shopping Sites

Whenever we think of inexpensive products or clones or cheapest shopping, the first thing that comes to our mind are things made in China. I won’t say that everything made in China is cheap or made with low quality material.

Indeed, China is an industrial powerhouse. Hence, you can buy excellent Chinese made products like clothes, electronics and other for low prices online.

The question therefore arises, which are the top Chines stores for online shopping? And what does one get on these online shopping websites.

Top 15 Online Chinese Stores

chine online shopping

Therefore, I’m providing a curated list of top 15 online shopping websites in China that ship internationally.

1. Ali Express

Ma Yun, better known as Jack Ma is the founder of Ali Express, the largest and topmost online shopping website from China.

Ali Express can rightly be called the Orient’s answer to America’s Amazon. You can buy everything from pins and soap to high-end smartphones and electronics and food items on Ali Express.

Written as, this website lists more than six million products, most of them made in China. They have Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer and Consumer-to-Consumer trade. Part of Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group, was founded in April 2010.

2. Alibaba is the flagship company of Alibaba Group founded by Jack Ma. This online shopping website is popular among millions of dropshippers around the world.

It has over one million verified suppliers that include manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of various products made in China. In 2019, Alibaba Group had revenues of CNY 376.8 million that came from Ali Express and

Though strictly for bulk buyers, it’s also possible for individuals to buy from That’s because the website by itself doesn’t sell anything. Instead, it lists over a million sellers whom buyers can contact directly and place orders.

More than 30 million products ranging from industrial supplies to consumer goods are found on

3. Amazon China

Amazon, the world’s single largest online store has an independent online shopping website for China too. Offered exclusively in Putonghua or Mandarin Chinese language, lists almost every product that you could find on any other Amazon website.

However, as policy of the People’s Republic of China, they sell only Chinese products and imported ones are prohibited.

Though Amazon China is very popular, here’re some facts you should know. doesn’t list Western books and movies on its website. Only books and movies that have passed stringent Chinese censorship can be sold on

And sometimes, they’re unable to ship your order outside China due to international regulations and tariffs. It lists close to 20 million China-made products mainly.

4. Sunsky Online

Sunsky Online is a superb online shopping website from China if you’re looking at buying stuff at wholesale rate directly from Shenzhen industrial hub.

In fact, you can get superb models of leading Chinese brands of smartphones including Huawei, Mi, Xiaomi and OnePlus among others at very low prices. Household goods, clothing, electronics and home appliances and millions of other products from Chinese brands feature on this website.

This website is very popular among Western shoppers that wish to buy directly from China. Sunsky Online is a very user friendly website. All its listings are in English and prices are available in US Dollars instead of Chinese Yuan.

And they deliver pretty fast to addresses worldwide, despite their Shenzhen business hub. If you’re buying from Sunsky Direct, check Customs duties and other tariffs you may have to pay while receiving your order.


Also popular among international shoppers is China’s popular online store, They have frequent sales and special offers and compare very well with American and Asian online retailers.

Additionally, they also deliver to addresses worldwide either for a small shipping fee or free, depending upon your order. has 37 fulfillment centers or warehouses worldwide for speedy deliveries of orders. They also have tie-ups with large logistics companies including DHL, Logistics Post of India, UPS an others.

You can buy anything from clothing and dress accessories to high-end smartphones and electronics on this online shopping site from China.

6. calls itself the most economical online shopping site in China. They have everything from cosmetics to clothing, watches, jewelry, sports goods, tools and the entire range of smartphones and electronics from leading Chinese brands. is very popular for its fitness and outdoor equipment from reputed Chinese manufacturers.

With five global warehouses for faster order fulfillment and cross border sales, is one of the topmost Chinese online stores. They also sell within China.

Additionally, also offers affiliate marketing program worldwide. Sales of goods through is however limited to Chinese companies and businesses only.

7. DH Gate

DH Gate claims it sells a product every 1.3 seconds through more than 2.2 million sellers around the world. They also have 26 million buyers from over 200 countries.

Additionally, DH Gate provides services in different languages including in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Korean and Turkish, states their website.

This website is very popular among foreign expatriates residing in China since it offers multilingual services and also features a few products from foreign vendors. However, there’s some restrictions about the type of goods you can order for international deliveries, due to trade and tariff related issues.


If you’re looking for excellent, in-fashion and yet inexpensive clothing for children, women and men, visit It’s the largest garments and dress accessories online shopping website in China that serves over 200 foreign markets too. 

In many ways, Shein is giving stiff competition to online stores from US, Europe, India and Japan because of their competitive pricing and free shopping policies.

9. Light in the Box

Based in Beijing, this online store gets its name Light in the Box from an ancient Chinese tradition that signifies good fortune and prosperity. It ranks among the fastest growing online stores in China that caters to the Chinese and international market. is primarily a clothing store for women, though in recent years they’ve added lines for men, dress accessories, smartphones and a few other categories too. also has operations in America.

10. Yes Style

Yes Style is popularizing Chinese fashion brands since 2006. This online store from China is popular within the country, Far East and South East Asia as well as the western world. They primarily sell haute couture, formal and casual clothing for children, women and men.

Over the years, Yes Style has diversified into other products including lifestyle goods, travel requirements, body and beauty products among others. has close to a million followers across the world on its Instagram page and countless online shoppers worldwide.

Other Top Online Shopping Sites in China

In addition to these top 10 online shopping sites, there’re quite a few others too. However, these aren’t popular around the world.

That’s because they’re primarily in Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese), the official language of China. And they might not be shipping internationally.

However, I’ll list them just in case you’re interested in seeing what Chinese people buy.

  1. Sells clothing, cellphones, electronics and other motley stuff.
  2. A local website for China, is owned by Alibaba Group.
  3. Chinese online store for local goods.
  4. Popular online store in China for casualwear and other clothing.
  5. This firm is listed on US stock exchanges and sells consumer goods in China.

Buying from China & Problems

Though every top online shopping site in China sells to international customers, you might face some problems getting deliveries. One of them is import duties that most countries levy on foreign goods. Other thing is getting replacements, which can take considerable time.

The third is foreign exchange rates between US Dollar and other currencies against the Chines Yuan. That’s because the Chinese currency is highly regulated and hence, you may end up paying more money due to currency conversion.

And the fourth problem relates to child labor. Some countries ban specific goods that’re suspected to be made by child labor or slave labor in China.

Additionally, there’re also reports of some Chinese companies manufacturing products with materials that are considered as harmful to human health. These also includes non-consumables such as toys and clothes.

In Conclusion

Before you order anything from any online shopping store in China, confirm with your local post office whether it’s legit. The Covid-19 pandemic that began in early 2020s has seen China’s foreign relations with most countries taking a severe nosedive. Therefore, some or all products from China could be banned in your country or you may have to pay stiff charges to get it.

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