How to Make Money on Facebook Ads?

How to Make Money on Facebook Ads?

With over 2.80 billion users worldwide, Facebook ranks as the single-largest social media platform in the world. Therefore, it’s obvious there would be enough ways to make money with Facebook Or rather, Facebook Ads.

As a matter of fact, Facebook marketing is one of the biggest resources that digital marketers, companies and bloggers deploy for self-branding.

At the same time, laypersons like us can also make some money from Facebook Ads, if we know the way.

Therefore, if you’re among those laypersons that would live to benefit and make some money from Facebook ads, here’re six superb ways for “How to Make Money on Facebook Ads ?”  

But before you start making money from Facebook Ads, here’re some things you’ll need to do.

Steps for Monetizing Facebook Ads

There’re some requirements that you’ll have to fulfill before you get the answer for “How to make money on Facebook Ads?” These are fairly simple and you could do them easily.

Set Your Profile to Public

Considering you already have a Facebook account, if you want to make money with Facebook Ads the first step to take is change the ‘Privacy’ settings of your profile to ‘Public’. That way, everyone around the world can view your profile. 

Normally, most of us tend to set our Privacy settings on ‘Friends Only’ mode. This means that only people on our Friends list would be able to see what we post. Instead, setting the Privacy on ‘Public’ allows you to reach a very wide audience.

Grow your Friends List

The second step you need to take is grow your Friends and Followers on your Facebook account. This can prove a bit difficult if you don’t know many people. However, it’s fairly easy to grow your Facebook Friends list.

Simply become member of any interest group or organization that’s of your interest. 

When you post or comment actively on these interest groups, other members will know you. You could send them Friend Requests and grow your Friends list. The other way is to send Friend Requests to friends of friends.

This is generally the fastest way of growing your Friend’s list on Facebook.

And to get followers that’re not among your friends, simply post amazing content or stuff that’s interesting and relevant. That way people will begin following you even without being ‘Friends’ on Facebook. You can send them Friend Requests later.

 Set Up Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a free resource. If you have a Facebook account, setting up a Facebook Marketplace is very simple. All you need to do is register using your Facebook app or on a computer. 

As a matter of fact, Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell stuff within a specific range of area- around 100km from your location. You can buy and sell products and services through Facebook marketplace, which makes it important if you’re planning on making money from Facebook Ads.

How to Make Money on Facebook Ads in 6 Ways

Once you complete all the steps that I mention above, you’re all set to make money with these ideas that you could try.  

1. Sell Through Facebook Ads

If you’ve an online marketplace on Shopify, Etsy or Amazon or any other platform, it’s easy to create and sell the stuff by using Facebook Ads.

To create Facebook Ads, you’ll have to practice with various free software including Canva, Adobe and others. These platforms have excellent resources to make free Facebook ads, including templates, graphics, logos and color palettes.

You can also sell products and services through Facebook Marketplace, a free resource and create amazing ads to promote your products. Facebook Marketplace comes with one small flipside: it will get you enquiries and customers from areas near your location only.

But if you wish to reach more customers with your Facebook Ads, try using Facebook Business, which is a paid service.

2. Promote Courses with Facebook Ads

If you’re an online trainer or coach, it’s possible to promote your courses and make money with Facebook Ads. In fact, tens of thousands of persons offering online and offline courses are doing this already.

To make money this way, you should either have courses on an e-learning platform or be willing to offer one live to your learners.

You can make amazing Facebook ads- both stills and videos- and upload them. That way, you can attract more and more learners for your online course.

A lot of trainers use videos because it helps them to promote their courses properly. However, videos on Facebook ads are very short- of 15 seconds to 30 seconds duration only. Yet, they can attract learners if you pitch them properly.

3. Teach How to Make Facebook Ads

Another fabulous way to make money with Facebook Ads is to teach people how to make them in the first place. This is a course that’s very much in demand. However, you’ll require superb skills to make such a course and present it to learners.

The interest in making Facebook Ads is very high. In fact, social media marketers use multiple kinds of apps for their employers and clients. Digital marketers aspiring to become social media marketers will definitely be interested in such a course.

Once you’re proficient in making Facebook Ads, you can provide such a course on how to earn money from Facebook Ads.

4. Design Facebook Ads

If you’re an expert at making Facebook Ads, there’s a lot of money to be made too. You can work as a social media marketer and get a superb salary. Or become a freelancer to offer Facebook Ads creation services.

Both these services pay well. There’s no median pay scales to indicate how much money you can make. However, considering that Facebook Ads are in demand worldwide, you could fork in a lot of money.

To become a Facebook Ads designer, you’ll require expect level skills on Canva, Adobe Illustrator and other such software. You might also require some levels of copywriting skills to make such ads.

Generally, smaller businesses that don’t have an in-house designer on their payroll would hire you or enlist your services as a freelancer.

5. Recruit Anonymously with Facebook Ads

A lot of local recruiters wish to remain anonymous for any reason. Therefore, they ask you to post job ads on Facebook Jobs on your name.

This way, the applicant sends their CV or Resume and application to you first. And you’ve to forward them to the employer.

For this service, employers are willing to pay you some money. This depends on the number of ads you’ll run on Facebook Jobs for them. It also depends on who would make the Facebook Ad. If you’re providing such a service, you stand to make more money too.

6. Post Other’s Ads on Your Facebook

Do you use a Facebook Cover picture? If so, it could be one way to make money from Facebook Ads. Companies, small businesses, NGOs and other organizations are willing to pay you some money for using their ads as your Facebook Cover.

These Facebook Covers can either be videos or still pictures. Now you might be wondering about how to make money advertising on Facebook?

This is quite easy. You can make a lot of money by posting Facebook Ads on your Facebook page. There’re lots of businesses that look for people that’ve high number of followers and ‘Friends’ to promote their products and services or to create brand awareness among the people.

In any case, this is the simplest way to get paid for Facebook ads, without exerting much efforts.

In Conclusion

Before concluding I’ll add that Facebook is now a vital marketing resource among individuals such as political figures, cine stars and celebrities as well as businesses of all sizes.

And most of them use Facebook Ads to stay in the news and for publicity. As the number of Facebook users worldwide continues to grow, we can expect an exponential growth in the number of Facebook Ads and related services.

Therefore, the best time to make money with Facebook Ads and provide related services is right now.

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