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Why did you leave your last job
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How to Answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job

Even as you’re reading this article, people around the world are leaving their jobs for various reasons. At the same time, some are appearing for an interview while others are seeking new employment opportunities. Maybe you’re one among them. Regardless which above categories you fit in, be prepared to respond properly to the question: “Why ... Read more
Thank You Letter After Interview
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Thank You Letter After Interview: Samples and Writing Tips

Should you write a thank you letter after an interview? Actually, there’re lots of differences in opinion over this practice. While some employers believe a thank you letter signifies superb corporate etiquette, others consider it a waste of time. By my personal opinion, it’s an individual choice. As jobseeker, it’s your decision whether or not ... Read more
high paying jobs without degree
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50 High Paying Jobs Without a Degree or Experience

Having a college or university works wonders for getting a job. But what happens if you don’t have a degree? Of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll remain jobless or have to find some work that pays small wages and salaries. There’re ways to compensate for not having a superb college or university degrees. And that’s ... Read more
How To Reach Out To A Recruiter On LinkedIn
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How To Reach Out To A Recruiter On LinkedIn (Sample Messages)

With some 800 million users spread across 200 countries, LinkedIn is the largest networking portal for professionals and organizations. The company claims that at one person gets hired through LinkedIn every eight seconds. According to LinkedIn figures, some 25 million professionals find jobs through the portal while two million companies choose LinkedIn as their recruitment ... Read more
How Long Should A Resume Be
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How Long Should a Resume Be Based Upon Different Factors

One of the toughest questions every jobseeker has to face: how long should a Resume be? Honestly, there’re no specific answers to this query. However, I’ll try and answer this complex question ‘how many pages should a resume be’ in detail. Before proceeding to answer this question, let’s comprehend what the term Resume actually means. ... Read more