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summer jobs for college students
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21 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer’s approaching fast and you don’t know what you’ll do or what your kids should be doing during holidays. Summer camps are excellent but not available always and cost some money. As a college student or parent of one, you would wonder what’s best for this summer. Therefore, let me tell you there’re 21 best ... Read more
no experience online jobs
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20 No Experience Online Jobs For Everyone

Whether you’re employed or jobseeker, this is the perfect time to look for no experience online jobs. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and its fallout will most likely have long-term impact on the global economy and industry. Hence, it’s better to apply now for an online job that requires no experience. Why Apply Now? The Coronavirus ... Read more
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20 Most Common Phone Interview Questions with Answer

Days when a phone interview would merely mean somebody calling you to ask a few phone interview questions are over. At least, they’re fairly uncommon, unless you’re applying for some minor position. Nowadays, a phone interview can also involve video conferencing on Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or any other software that can be installed easily on ... Read more
add resume to linkedin
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How to Add Resume to LinkedIn and Use it Like a Pro?

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the best online platforms when it comes to finding or applying for a job. For one, it allows confidentiality of your job application. And secondly, it’s possible to find choicest jobs over LinkedIn. However, most people find it hard to upload and add Resume to LinkedIn and ... Read more
summer jobs for teens
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20 Best Summer Jobs for Teens

As summer approaches, most teenagers wonder about how they’ll spend their spare time. Some would definitely consider a short summer camp while others would be spending time at home or at a dorm. In any case, summer is also an ideal time for every teen to find jobs and make some good money. But making ... Read more

Professional References – Who to use as a reference and Who You Can’t?

Adding professional references is extremely important while applying for a job or creating a profile on a recruitment portal and LinkedIn. These professional references speak volumes about our contacts, work experience and other affiliations. They provide an interviewer or employer, some insights into your overall personality at work and in social life. This brings us ... Read more